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"Rachel Rosalinda Roth, you are one crazy woman. I don't understand why on earth you would dare do something dramatic like this."

Raven wasn't able to make words come out of her mouth. She never knew this was going to happen to her. One moment he was running to her, but gave up and went back to the village, and now he was here standing in front of her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, taking her hand and her suitcase since Raven was still frozen. "Our gate is on the other side of the airport, and we only got five minutes before it leaves without us."

Nothing was able to process in her head. How in Azar did this man get here in less than ten minutes? Someone helped him get here, it wasn't just his powers for he was never able to get anywhere fast enough. Either his arms would start to hurt or he would just get distracted by something.

"See, look, our gate is right here," The man turned around to show her.

Raven blinked and saw she must have drifted off long enough for him to take her suitcase of her hands so it would go to wherever it went in order to get on the airplane. The man who's been guiding her this whole time turned back to hand the man in charge of their gate the tickets and he looked down and smiled as he ripped it in two pieces.

"You two are lucky," The guard said, handing the tickets back to the man who gave it to him. "Another minute and you guys would have been stuck here. You two better hurry before the plane turns on and leaves."

"Thanks man!"

"Have a safe flight back home!"

He and Raven then started to run down the hallway. Raven took her free hand and held onto her backpack strap because she just couldn't do anything else. It was driving her mad how he was here with her. Actually, she couldn't believe he was here.

Finally after running, the two were able to sit in their seats just before the door closed on them. Raven sat near the window and her follower sat right next to her, still holding onto her hand.

"Glad we made it, Rae?"

Raven took a deep breath, knowing that would make her feel better and it had. A smile grew on her face and she nodded her head as she said, "Yes, Beast Boy." She rested her head on his shoulders. "I'm glad."

"I can't believe you wrote that cheesy note about having me stay back," Beast Boy placed his own head on top of hers. "I mean, are you crazy? How would I forget about my home and family?"

"But you were home," Raven corrected, lifting her head to look at him. "With everyone you grew up with and-"

"Raven, just because I grew up with them doesn't make it my family and home," Beast Boy interrupted. "I mean, it does, but my real family and home is now in Jump City with you, Starfire, Cyborg and even Robin." Raven slapped his chest and Beast Boy laughed. "Africa will always have a place in my heart, but it's not as big as the Titans Tower."

Raven rolled her eyes. "And you said I was the cheesy one."

"Let me be cheesy one more time; Africa doesn't have you there with me either."

Raven turned her body sideways and raised her eyebrows to look at him.

Beast Boy only shrugged his shoulders. "I told you, one last time."

"Oh, Beast Boy," Raven lightly slapped his check and Beast Boy laughed again. "Even though that was cheesy, it was nice," she smiled again and placed a hand behind his head to play with his hair. "Jump City wouldn't have been the same without you."

"Aw, Rae, you don't mean that, right?"

"Of course I mean it; why would I say it if I didn't mean it? Besides, who else would heal my heart for, by the way, you haven't finished doing yet."

Beast Boy shook his head, but couldn't help and smile at the same time. "How could I forget that?"

"My, my, my, isn't this a small world."

Raven and Beast Boy looked up at the couple who sat across from them on the other side of the plane. Raven gasped and pointed a finger at the old man.

"Aren't you the man who sat next to me when arriving to Africa?" Raven asked and the old man nodded his head. He got up from his seat and sat over behind Raven and Beast Boy to talk with them closer while his wife still sat in her seat.

"Names Michael and I suppose this is the man whom you went after?" Michael shook a finger at Beast Boy. "Son, do you know how big of a heart attack you gave your girlfriend here when she came after you?"

"No, I actually wasn't informed," Beast Boy said, looking at Raven who started to grow a pink tint on her cheeks from hearing Michael call her his girlfriend. Neither bothered to correct him, for they weren't sure what they were at that moment.

"You can even ask my wife," Michael started again before Raven started to talk and cover up. "She looked like she was going to faint by the way she was sitting right next to me, taking deep breaths and shutting her eyes tight."

"Oh, Raven, you should have told me you didn't like airplanes," Beast Boy took Raven's hand and squeezed it.

"It was actually my first time on a plane alone," Raven admitted, "If it wasn't for Michael, I think I wouldn't have made it to you for even my emotions were going a little crazy."

"Well, just keep in mind," Michael said as he got up from his seat to return to his wife, "If you're traveling again, make sure to have each other or else Raven here will surly pass out for not everyone you meet will be a life saver like me."

"It was great seeing you again, Michael," Raven called out. "I hope we'll meet again."

"Don't worry, dear," Michael said as he walked over to his seat. "I'll be sure to visit you and your friends back in California. Every time I see you on the news, I'll be sure to call you up."

"How did you-"

"I may be old," Michael interrupted, picking up a newspaper, "But that doesn't mean my knowledge is decreasing." He winked before hiding his face behind the newspaper.

"Raven, I promise from now on when we travel, I'll be right by your side," Beast Boy said as soon as he turned to look at Raven again. "I can't believe what you went through alone!"

"Well, it's your fault for making me come by plane when I could have just teleported," Raven crossed her arms and leaned back against the seat. "Apparently, you wanted to spend so much money."

"Salaam owed me money!" Beast Boy defended. "I couldn't figure out some other way to spend it all."

"You could have given it to kids."

"I'm a Green Idiot, what do I know?"

"That you're my Green Idiot," Raven whispered, looking at the frozen look now stuck on Beast Boy's face.

"Aw, Rae," Beast Boy said, leaning his head back against the chair. "You know that was cheesy too?"

Raven laughed and soon Beast Boy joined along with her.

"California, here we are!" Beast Boy stretched his arms out to his sides when he and Raven finally got off the airplane.

"Jump City, here we are," Raven added, taking Beast Boy's hand when he placed it back down on his side.

"Come on," Beast Boy tugged at Raven's arm, "Let's get our suitcases and find our family."

Raven nodded her head, agreeing with his plan and walking over to the baggage belt and seeing their suitcase side by side as soon as they get there. Beast Boy jogged over and grabbed them right before they went back into the special room and placed them gently on the floor. Raven took her own suitcase and lifted the handle as Beast Boy did the same with his and the two walked out of the airport, lost in their own thoughts.

Beast Boy took a deep breath in. "I missed the city smell," he tried to come up with a topic to have a conversation.

"Same," Raven took a deep breath in too. "It reminds me of the first time I came to Earth."

"Raven, what was it like coming to a new planet?" Beast Boy asked.

"Honestly, it was like a nightmare," Raven sighed, looking down at the sidewalk. "I was dumped into a place I had no clue of and the only thing I knew was my father was going to find me no matter what once I turned 16."

Raven looked up at Beast Boy, seeing the hurt in his face. No person would like being abandoned all alone in a random place.

"But my luck turned upside down when the five of us met," Raven added, remembering the night she appeared from the shadows and saw four teenagers in the streets. She had no idea how close those complete strangers were going to be to her in the future.

"I can't believe how lucky we all were that night," Beast Boy said, looking up at the sky as the memory of them meeting came to his mind now too. "If it wasn't for Starfire to break out of that space ship, we'd probably all still be wondering the Earth alone and confused."

Raven lifted the both of them up, tired of walking and wanting to fly the rest of the way home. She created a black flat surface so they could both sit down and rest. "Yeah, well, it's also good Starfire had escaped from being some trophy."

"That too," Beast Boy agreed with a small smile. "I'm just glad we're all still together like how a family should be."

Raven placed a hand on top of Beast Boy's, noticing the mood change in the air from Beast Boy. He probably remembered the tragic of his parents again, and Raven couldn't help but remember her own mother.

Beast Boy looked up at Raven, seeing the sadness in her eyes. He had to change the topic quick before they both felt something they couldn't get out of. Beast Boy looked ahead and screamed, pointing over to the small island.

"Raven, we're almost home!" Beast Boy yelled, having Raven turned her head and her mood also changed suddenly when seeing the Titans Tower.

"Here we come," Raven said, starting to get excited too.

"Something isn't right," Raven whispered to Beast Boy as the two walked down the hallway to head into the Common Room. "Why are all the lights turned off?"

Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me; maybe Cyborg finally went with my plan about going green."

"Yeah, but they wouldn't have turned off all the lights. Cyborg would have invented a generator or change the light bulbs or something."

Beast Boy shook his head, now he felt something was up too. Raven was right; Cyborg wouldn't have gone this crazy with saving energy.

"Well, if they're in the Common Room, we'll get our answers," Beast Boy said, walking up to the doors and they opened on their own with a swishing noise. At least they were working.

"Great, even the lights are turned off in here," Raven yelled, moving her free hand against the wall to find the switch.

When she felt it, the entire tower turned back on and in every inch of the room, someone jumped up and screamed, "SURPRISE! WELCOME BACK!"

Beast Boy and Raven shrieked before laughing when noticing it was just the members of the Teen Titans. Robin, Starfire and Cyborg walked around from behind the couch to give their two best friends a hug followed by Titans East and then the Honorary Titans from wherever they were in the room.

"I am most glad for your return, friends!" Starfire yelled, clapping her hands as Raven and Beast Boy were still getting hugs from people.

"Yeah, I thought you guys weren't going to come back," Robin added to his girlfriend's statement.

"You know I don't hate you that much leader," Beast Boy joked, having Robin hit him upside of his head.

"Hey, you lay hands off of my boyfriend," Raven caught Robin's action and the Titans gasped.

"Boyfriend?" Everyone asked at the same time.

"Boyfriend?" Even Beast Boy himself asked, but then caught on when seeing the smile on Raven's face. "I mean, yeah, that's right!" He covered up, jabbing a finger in Robin's chest.

"HA!" Aqualad, Hot Spot, Bumblebee, Pantha, Cyborg and Scarlett screamed, turning over to the rest of the Titans. "Pay up!"

"Whoa, was there a bet going on?" Raven asked as she looked at the others fishing money out of their pockets.

"There's always a bet going on," Speedy mumbled as he handed over a ten dollar bill to his girlfriend, Scarlett. She stuck her tongue out as she took the money out of his hands followed by a quick kiss.

Beast Boy and Raven laughed again looking at each other and back to their friends.

"So, how was the trip?" Robin asked as the bet was finished up. "You guys have fun?"

"You have no idea," Raven and Beast Boy answered together, walking into the middle of the room.

"Well, leave the stories for some other time," Cyborg announced. "Come on y'all, it's time to celebrate!"

Please don't let me go

"Here's to us," Beast Boy tapped the glass of soda someone gave to him again Raven's.

I desperately need you

"To us," Raven repeated before giving Beast Boy their first kiss of the relationship.

"I guess I don't have to help you fix your heart?" Beast Boy broke apart to quickly ask.

"Of course not!" Raven slapped his chest and giggled. "Unless you want me to complain about another guy with you now that we're going out."

"No, no, this is fine! This is just perfect actually," Beast Boy said, chuckling as he pulled his new girlfriend into a hug as the others started to dance to the music that started to play.