I love Harry potter fan fiction and wanted to give it a try. I really love Draco/Harry fiction the best!

Summary: Harry's brother I proclaimed the boy who lived and because of that he grows up being ignored, I know this sounds like most Harry potter fiction but wait there's more! On his eighth birthday he tries to run away from home and is found by voldemort (insert evil laugh here) Voldemort tricks Harry and tells him that he would be his best friend if Harry helps him out with a few things. ( what naïve little kid wouldn't fall for that?) the only question is if Harry really does turn out completely dark or does his bleeding heart get in the way of that?

Disclaimer: wish I owned Harry potter because if I did id be screaming I'm "RICH BITCHES" to all the haters out there! Man that would feel good! (sorry about that but that's how I really feel Hehe~)

Prolog Enjoy!

Misguided darkness

October 31st ,1981 Halloween

Though Halloween all was not cheery with mischief in the air, on the contrary it was dark time in the wizarding world. Which may be invisible to muggle eyes but was as real as you and me.(a bit corny huh?)

A war was going on between light and darkness and in this war many sacrifices were made to try to end it but all they did was add to the sorrow. People were starting to lose hope and believed that the darkness would take over. But there was hope because when things got too bad a prophecy was made about the end of this stupid war….

"Albus what exactly is this about?" Demanded James potter

Being summoned to the order and having to leave his children with some no name baby sitter really got to him and he felt on edge. He couldn't help it but he had the feeling that something terrible was going to happen.

"Yes Albus you said it had something to do with Aden and Harry is something wrong?" Lilly potter asked concerned about her children.

"The twins what about them?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Shouldn't we be worrying about more important issues then babies?"


Everyone quieted down and faced Albus Dumbledore their fearless leader of light.

"Now I will tell you what this is about if you promise to calm yourselves~" Albus said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Go on Albus explain then." Minerva McGonagall encourages him.

"Yes well It has come to my attention upon my research of the current situation that not so long ago a prophesy was made concerning one of your twins."

"A prophecy? What do you mean?" James mood darkened at this news.

"Its exactly as I said a prophecy was made about one of your children stopping you-know-who!"

"The prophecy states: that twin boys will be born in the potter family, one will become the savior of the wizarding world and bring an end to this war by destroying the one that started it."

"don't be ridiculous there's no way a child can bring an end to something we've been trying to stop for years!" Moody proclaimed.

"Its true and it's the only way!" Albus said sternly.

"So….which of my sons is it." Lilly asked

"that's the only thing, the prophecy didn't say~"

"So then how will we know which one it is! James asked exasperated.

At that time the alarms on both James and lily's rings went off and they knew right away that something had happened to the children, so immediately aparated to their home. The members of the order right on their heels…..

What they found was not pretty.

"What happened….Lilly trailed off not knowing exactly what to say.

Their house was in shambles(they lived there instead of in the mansion so none of the death eaters could find them so easily). The door was hanging by the hinges, the windows were shattered and most the houses frame was crumbled and look good to collapse!

"It would seem very dark magic was used….Dumbledore trailed off as well.

At that both Lilly and James rushed inside and noticed that the house was just as bad inside as well maybe even worse, but what caught their attention the most was the sound of a baby crying.

They rushed up stairs with the order behind them and also notice the baby sitter lying on the stairs dead. Carefully avoiding the dead body they rushed into the twins room and were shocked at what the found.

The crib was destroyed and next to it were a pile of black robes that seemed familiar, also on the ground were the twins. Aden was crying and screaming bloody murder, while Harry was sitting on the ground calmly looking at his two parents and the other strange people that followed them.

Lilly went to Aden to calm him down and James picked up Harry as well. Dumbledore inspected the robes on the ground and immediately knew who they belonged to.

"These are Voldemort's." He pointed out everyone gasped at that.

He looked toward the twins and sensed the lingering dark magic coming off of Aden, he couldn't sense anything coming from Harry.

"It would seem That Aden is the boy in the prophecy, Voldemort must have cased the killing curse on him but it back fired on him and his body turned to dust."

"His body?" Someone asked

"Yes unfortunately his soul is still contained in this world, and I have a feeling that in time he will find a way to resurrect his body."

"Then what do we do?" Minerva asked.

"We must protect and train him to be able to destroy Voldemort's body and soul." Dumbledore proclaimed.

Everyone nodded in agreement not knowing what to say, but what they didn't know was that they had just made the biggest mistake the could ever have made especially Dumbledore, who also kept the second part of the prophecy secret. The one who destroys the dark lord will also have their heart surrounded by darkness. He made a vow to make sure to shower Aden with so much attention that darkness will never come into his heart. Not realizing that he just made things worst~

The only person certain of what happened that night was tom riddle aka Voldemort and his body was known to be destroyed for right now or was it?…

Yeah! Did you like it? don't worry its going to get even better!

Main pairing is dmhp or Draco/Harry and there are other pairings my second fav being Sirius/remus yeah!

By the way I didn't put Pettigrew in because I sort of don't like him and he kind of creeps me out, more than voldemort does. Now that hard to do!