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Chapter 4:


"All aboard who's going aboard!"

Today was the day! Harry and Aden were going to Hogwarts!

Aden couldn't contain his excitement, he marveled at the train as he and his parents walked through the stone pillar to get through. It was just like his father had told him it was and he couldn't wait to get on!

"Dad! Dad, can we go on now?" He asked excited.

"Of course Aden but me and your mother wont be getting on, there are a few things me and your mother need to take care of. You will see us at school though." He told Aden.

James and Lilly were professors at Hogwarts this year. They wanted to stay close to Aden. Lilly was the charms professor, and James was the defense against the dark arts teacher. Well one of them anyway, he demanded to be the teacher but professor Quirinus Quirrell was the teacher this year. To please James Dumbledore allowed there to be two teachers. Quirrell would teach the ravenclaw and hufflepuff students, while James would teach the Gryffindor and slytherin students.

"Why don't you go on aboard and look for Ron?" Lilly suggested .

"Ok"! He hugged his parents and boarded the train egger to see his best friend.

James smiled and started to walk of with Lilly when he noticed Harry standing there.

"Uh! Harry why aren't you on board?" He said nervously. Lilly looked down at Harry and frowned, she thought he already boarded?

Harry looked up at his parents, his face was void of any emotion.

"See you later father, he nodded, mother. He nodded to her as well. Then he turned toward the train and got on without looking back.

Both James and Lilly stared at him as he boarded feeling slightly guilty about something….but they weren't sure why?


Harry looked around the train car as he boarded. Seeing the other students searching for empty seats. He was suddenly pulled by to the side by his brother.

"Listen from here on out you stay away from me got it?" Aden said glaring at Harry.

Harry just smirked at his brother and shrugged off his hand. "don't worry ill give you all the space you need brother." He drawled.

"Annoyed by Harry's tone, Aden was about to give a snippy remark but then he saw his friend Ron and let it go….for now at least.

"Whatever, just don't follow me alright?"

"Fine." Harry said and went past his brother to find an empty compartment. Aden just glared at his brother as he past him and went in the opposite direction toward Ron.

"Hey mate! Who was that you were talking to?" Ron greeted and asked.

"Humph~ no one important." Aden said. He and Ron walked of in search of an empty compartment as well.


Harry was still trying to find an empty compartment, until finally he found one with only one other student in it. Giving up hope to sit alone he went in and sat down on the opposite side of the other boy inside.

"What do you think your doing? Those seats are reserved. "The other boy said annoyed.

Looking up Harry saw that the boy was a few inches taller than him and had platinum blonde hair and grayish blue eyes. He seemed familiar but he wasn't sure why.

"Reserved for whom?" Harry calmly asked.

"My friends." The boy said through gritted teethe.

"Well when they come I'll make room for them to sit down, now please be silent your voice is very loud." Harry smiled sweetly mocking the arrogant boy.

"How dare you? Do you know who I am?"

"Sigh~ No but I have a feeling your going to tell me~" Harry huffed. This boy was starting to get annoying.

"Hmm~ Well my name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy!" The boy proudly boasted.

Harry perked up at the last name surprised to hear it. "Malfoy?" He asked.

"Yes Malfoy." Draco smirked.

Ah! It made sense now. The sheer arrogance in his tone of voice. The demand for respect, and the thought of others being below him. So this was his son~ he never told me he had a son. Harry thought.

"Well then that's different, I wish to become friends with you." Harry said kindly and smiled.

"Wh….what!" Draco asked now very confused by this boys actions. Who was this strange/confusing boy?

"I said I wish for us to be friends." Harry stated again, reaching out his hand in hope to shake the others.

Draco looked down at Harry's hand, he sill thought he was a strange boy but his mysterious smile and bright emerald eyes caught his interest. He took Harry's hand and shook it firmly.

"Alright then friends." Draco smirked. "Wait you never said what your name was." Draco said interested.

"It's Harry….he trailed off not sure if he should tell Draco his last name.

"Ok? Anything else, like a last name?"

Harry thought about but it but in the end stuck with his first answer. "No…..its just Harry."

On that note the door opened reviling four first years, three boys and one girl.

"Draco! We've been looking everywhere for you! You could of told us were you sitting~" the girl exclaimed.

"Uh~ sorry guys~" Draco grimaced.

The students walked inside and closed the door behind them. They were about to sit down but then they noticed Harry.

"Who's that Draco?" The dark skinned boy asked with interest, Draco would never allow a stranger to sit with him unless he found them interesting.

"Oh! This is Harry." He gestured to Harry then turned to introduce his friends.

"Harry this is Vincent Crabbe," he pointed toward a short, chubby boy who just smiled and said he preferred to just be called Crabbe.

Next Draco pointed to a tall boy and said that his name was Gregory Goyle, who in turn said that he would like to just be called Goyle.

Draco then pointed to the dark skinned boy and was about to introduce him until the boy interrupted him so he could introduce himself.

"My name is Blaise Zabini pleasure to meet you." Blaise bowed.

"Blaise! don't interrupt me!" Draco complained.

"Well I'm sorry Draco but you were taking forever with the introductions~" Blaise drawled.

Harry just smiled at there antics.

"Uh! Hello I haven't been introduced yet." the girl piped up annoyed about being ignored.

"Sorry pans~" Draco apologized.

Humph! The name is pansy Parkinson. She smiled confidently.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Harry smiled.

They all took a seat, Blaise and pansy next to Draco and Crabbe and Goyle next to Harry.

"So have you heard the news! It seems Aden potter is going to Hogwarts." Pansy gossiped.

"Oh really, and here I thought Dumbledore would have him trained all by himself." Blaise scoffed..

Harry wasn't so into the conversation sense it was about his brother. He decide to tune it out.

"Who cares! I hear he's friends with a weasley!" Crabbe bellowed.

"A weasley?" Pansy asked.

"Yeah, me and Goyle passed by their cart, he had a weasley in their as well as a mud blood! Also the little prat was boasting about himself every chance he got."

Harry perked up at this, he loved hearing people bashing his brother. The only other people who did it were himself of course and his friend tom.

"Humph! Of course he would boast, he's a spoiled little brat~" Draco scowled.

"Well it takes one to no one Draco." Pansy smirked.

"Shut up pansy!" Draco glared at the girl.

"Yes pansy you know that Draco is at least a bit more mature than potter.

Blaise smirked.

"that's for sure." Goyle added.

Everyone laughed as Draco pouted, surprisingly Harry laughed as well. He never felt comfortable with expressing his emotions to others beside tom, but Draco and his friends made him feel happy to be around. It was the first time he made friends his own age….and it felt great.


They talked about many things and made many jokes about how spoiled Aden was. Harry jumped in from time to time and made excellent jokes about Aden that made everyone laugh.

When the train stopped they all got off and followed a giant man yelling first years this way! The giant man led them to a lake with small boats waiting by the bank.

"Come on Harry you can ride with us!" Pansy said happily.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah come on." Pansy took Harry's hand and got in a boat with Draco. Blaise rode with Crabbe and Goyle.

During the ride pansy talked and Harry and Draco listened. They all laughed when they saw everyone's awed and shocked faces as the castle appeared.

When the ride was over they grouped together and went into to the castle. The group of six snickered as they saw the dumbfounded looks on their future class mates.

A women came out next and introduced herself as professor McGonagall. She led them to a huge door and told them to wait until they were ready for them.

As she left Draco spotted Aden and of course being a Malfoy decide to cause some trouble.

"So the rumors are true, Aden potter is attending Hogwarts." He smirked. All the students gasped and started to whisper, Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Yes, and who would you be?" Aden asked.

"You don't want to know him mate, he's from the Malfoy family I was telling you about." Ron said beside Aden glaring at Draco.

Draco glared back but then smirked, "red hair, a face full of freckles and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a weasley~" he drawled.

"Yeah what of it?" Ron glared more fiercely

Draco's smirk widened, "oh~ nothing, its just that my father told me that weasley's are so poor and yet they have more children than they can afford." Draco bluntly said.

Ron's face got so red it matched the color of his hair. "Why you…!" He tried to throw a punch but was stooped as it hit someone else's palm. With a shocked face both Ron and Draco were surprised to see Harry standing in between them. Of course Aden was surprised at first but then he began to glare at Harry.

"Now, now we shouldn't fight. School hasn't even started yet. Harry smiled coldly. Which made Ron shiver, it wasn't a real smile and he could tell.

"What do you think your doing?" Aden asked annoyed by his brother.

"Well I'm stopping your friend here from hurting mine~" Harry drawled. He let go of Ron's hand, who walked back over to Aden. Harry smiled at Draco and told him that being a Malfoy means that one doesn't start childish fights. Draco was even more shocked and even blushed a little out of embarrassment.

"Ugh! You know what I mean! didn't I tell you to stay away!" Aden yelled at Harry furious.

"You know potter, Harry?" Draco asked. Harry just said yes and then turned to his brother.

"don't be so selfish Aden, I was just trying to help my new friend here. Besides the more you act like a prat, the worst your image looks~" Harry sneered.

"How dare you!" Aden yelled.

"What on earth is going on here?" Professor McGonagall demanded.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and faced her. She looked at them skeptically and then sighed.

"Come on then follow me". she told them. She led them inside the great dinning hall where the older dents were waiting. Harry heard a girl talking about how the ceiling looked a sky, he rolled his eyes with distain. Then he spotted his parents sitting with others at the head table. A few of the teachers were glaring daggers at them. They didn't appreciate the way James demanded being the DADA teacher or the fact that Dumbledore allowed it!

Professor McGonagall led them to the front where they stopped in front of a moldy old hat that began to move and speak to them.

Introduced as the sorting hat, it was going to see which house they belonged to. McGonagall stood next to it and pulled out a scroll. She started to say names of students who went up and sat down on a stool. The sorting hat was placed on their heads and it yelled the name of the house they were placed into. All the houses clapped or either cheered. Gryffindor was the rowdiest, while slytherin was the most well mannered.

Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy were put in slytherin. Draco didn't even have the hat touch his head for him to be put into slytherin. Harry heard Ron say that only bad wizards are put into slytherin. Harry scoffed and just rolled his eyes. their friend Hermione was put into Gryffindor.

A few more names and then it was pansy's turn, of course she was put into slytherin as well. Next was Aden, as she called his name a wave of sound erupted in the great hall. Everyone gossiped about Aden, James and Lilly smiled, while Aden smirked as he sat down.

The hat took no time at all to yell the name Gryffindor. The table cheered and many students shook his hand as he sat down. Fred and George didn't smile at all they really didn't like Aden, they were the only ones at the table not happy to have him in their house.

After a few minutes everyone quieted down and waited for the sorting to be over but they were very surprised to hear the name potter called again.

"Harry potter!" McGonagall called out.

More gossip was heard but it was said in whispers, everyone was generally surprised to know that the potters had a second child.

Blaise stood next to Harry and was shocked when he saw Harry walk toward the sorting hat. He looked toward the slytherin table and saw that Draco, pansy, Crabbe and Goyle were al shocked to see him go up as well. This whole time they were being friendly with a potter! It made no sense, he acted nothing like a potter!

Draco was even more confused than Blaise. How was it that a Malfoy like himself became friends with a potter so easily?

Harry walked up to the stool and sat down, he felt the hat being put on his head and then heard the hat's voice in side his head.

My, my you're a dark one aren't you?

Why I don't know what you mean? Harry asked sweetly as he giggled in his head.

Humph! don't mess around with me child, you have a very dark heart so I wont beat around the bush. Though I must say I'm very disappointed with Dumbledore. I cant believe he could make such a stupid mistake, and for that you were forced to suffer. it's a pity really~

I don't need your pity. Harry thought darkly.

Fine, I didn't mean it that way, and don't worry I wont tell anyone about your so called friend~

Just tell me what house I'm in already you stupid hat! The mention of tom set him off.

Fine, fine….."SLYTHERIN!"

Everyone gasped, all the teachers were shocked, and James and lily looked horrified. Harry just smirked at them all and went over to the slytherin table who were shocked as well. He smiled at Draco and sat next to him. No one was sure on what to do so McGonagall finished the sorting quickly and allowed Dumbledore to state the rules. Harry and his new friends didn't pay attention , they were to interested in asking Harry questions.

"You're a potter? No wonder you didn't tell me your last name! you tricked me!" Draco said.

"I did not trick you, I just don't like using my last name~ Harry said.

"Why not? Being a potter I would think you would be proud of that?" Goyle asked.

"Well I'm nothing like them, my mother and father forget about me all the time. that's why no ones ever heard about me, they leave me at home all the time." Harry said sadly.

They all felt a little bad after hearing that. "What about Aden?" Blaise asked.

"Aden? Ha! As you can see my brother hates me. He once said that he wished I was never born." Harry laughed sarcastically. Draco and the other's could see the hatred in his eyes as well as the sadness too.

"I guess this means that the potters aren't as perfect as they seem." Draco said.

"Humph! Of course they aren't. The potters are far from being perfect. They just pretend they are." Harry scoffed.

"Why do you say they?" You're a potter to. pansy said.

Harry just laughed and told them that he was never a potter. Sense the day he was born he was all was forgotten so why should he be apart of a family like that~

Draco watched Harry's face as he told about his so called family. He could see the hurt in his eyes and for some reason it hurt inside to know how Harry was treated. He was confused about ether to be friends with Harry or not because of him being a potter, but right now he didn't really care. He just hoped that his father wouldn't mind….


"What is the meaning of this! James yelled as he stormed into Dumbledore's office. He very upset, his son was sorted into that no good sneaky slytherin house. He wasn't going to have that.

"James calm down, I know it was a surprise, I was shocked as well." Dumbledore told him. He was sitting at his desk trying to figure out how Harry was put into slytherin as well as eating some lemon drops.

He smiled at James and offered him one.

"I don't want a bloody lemon drop! I want to know why Harry was put into slytherin!" James exclaimed.

"I would like to know as well!" Lilly asked beside him.

"Well I cant tell you….but you could ask the sorting hat?" Dumbledore gestured to the old hat that was placed on a shelve in the corner.

James ran to it and picked it up, he then threw it on top of Dumbledore's desk.

"Tell me why you sorted Harry into slytherin!" James demanded.

"Oww! I'm fine thanks~" the hat drawled.

"I don't have time for your sarcasm~" James said darkly.

"Humph! No need to get angry, anyway I cant tell you how he was sorted into slytherin or why~" the hat looked away.

"You little….! He pulled out his wand about to hex the old hat but was interrupted by his son Aden.

"Father why does it matter?" Aden asked as he walked in the room.

"Aden? Your suppose to be in your dorm room." Lilly said.

"I know, but I was curious on what you and father were going to do, and honestly I want to know why you care so much?" Aden calmly asked.

"What are you talking about? Your brother was put into slytherin!" James shouted.

"So? Who cares? It fits him perfectly anyway~" Aden drawled.

"What do you mean it fits him Aden?" Dumbledore asked.

Aden smirked, and laughed darkly inside his head. Maybe he could get them to think Harry was evil or something. Hey I was worth a shot~

With a smug face Aden went up to Dumbledore's desk.

"Well think about it? Harry was never a cheerful person to begin with. He never smiles, or laughs. Always keeps to himself, and lately his presence has become quite….dark~" he drawled grinning on the inside.

"Dark?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well just this morning he seemed to have no emotion at all." Lilly added.

"Exactly!" Aden smiled in triumph.

"Hmmm? Well maybe Harry is just different, that's all. You shouldn't worry James, I know your upset but your just going to have except the fact that Harry's in slytherin." Dumbledore smiled and popped another lemon drop in his mouth.

"Sigh~ fine…James trailed off.

"WHAT!" Aden exclaimed. You cant be serious! He thought.

"Aden what's wrong?" Lilly asked.

"Nothing~" he said through gritted teeth. He turned and left, leaving his parents and Dumbledore very confused.


"Harry where are you going?" Draco asked. They were on their way to slytherin house but Harry pulled away from the crowed and started to walk the opposite direction.

"Just looking for someone that's all." Harry smiled and left. Draco didn't follow he had a feeling that if he did Harry would probably be annoyed by him, so he left him alone. Harry was such a mystery to him.

Walking down the hallway, Harry turned right and left looking for a certain greasy haired professor. That was until two students(twins?) appeared in front of him.

"What's a little first year doing walking the halls all alone?" One of them asked.

"Yeah lost little guy?" The other asked.

"Humph! I'm not lost just looking for someone that's all~" Harry drawled. He tried to pass them but they stepped in front of him again.

"Heh~ sorry if we're annoying you anyway my name's Fred and this is…..

George. Pleasure to meet you." The other twin finished.

"Pleasure." Harry said coldly but then noticed that they seemed familiar. "Wait, your weasley's aren't you?" He frowned. "Did your brother send you?" He asked them.

"Oh, Ron told us what happened but that's not why we approached you." Fred said.

"Yeah, actually we find you interesting. You're a potter and yet your in slytherin, how come we never heard about you?" George asked.

"Ask my brother, he'll tell you." Harry smirked, as he turned to leave again.

"Well honestly we don't want to ask Aden, he really does annoy us~" George said nonchalantly.

Harry stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. "Oh really?" He asked them now very much interested.

"Yeah, any time he comes over to our house he always manages to get us both in trouble. Because of him mom took away all our prank supplies." Fred said annoyed.

"Pranks?" Harry asked.

"Oh sorry we forgot, weasley's the name…

And pulling pranks is what we do best." George added.

"That sounds….fun." Harry said being honest. He was letting his emotionless mask fall in front of them reviling a starry eyed child who was very interested now. Pulling pranks on people did sound very fun.

"Yeah, that it is." George smiled.

"We were wondering if you would help us pull a prank on the annoying boy who lived?" Fred told him.

Before Harry could answer Severus snape showed up. Walking down the hallway, robe billowing behind him like usual.

"What's going on here? shouldn't you be in your dorm rooms." he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Um…sorry sir we'll be going right away!" Both twins exclaimed. They turned to leave but not without Harry telling them that he would love to work with them. They both smiled and ran away because of Snape's dark look.

"You didn't have to do that. I think they're very entertaining." Harry told him.

"Annoying is more like it~" Severus sneered. "Did you have any trouble?" He asked changing the subject.

"No, no one would dare mess with a member of the potter's. Though I would rather not be one~" Harry sighed.

"I see~ Severus drawled.

"Anyway, you never told me Lucius had son?" Harry smiled slyly.

"You've met Draco…Severus trailed off.

"Yes, they're very much alike. Draco is very funny as well, we've already become good friends." Harry said with a true smile.

"Well….that's nice. Anyway your things are in your dorm, and be sure to send a letter to…him." Severus told Harry. He wasn't sure on what he was suppose to call Voldemort in front of Harry.

Harry grinning much like a snake which surprisingly made Severus flinch out of shook.

In a sing song voice Harry said "don't worry I will~"

Yay! I finished! This was 10 pages long! Anyway sorry for neglecting the story I got re inspired after seeing the new Harry potter movie part 1. It was awesome!

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