Keldeo And His Pancakes

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Keldeo's a pony. I like ponies. Not like that, you freakazoids. And likely no one has written about him, at least at the time of this fanfic originally, so here you go. Also probably because someone from /vp/ requested it, so here ya go. Now with his International name. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Everything belong to their owners.

One beautiful day in a place that was extremely similar to Seaside Hill but not exactly Seaside Hill, the legendary male, horse like Pokemon Keldeo was having pancakes. They were good pancakes, because liked his pancakes that way. Anyway, was about to eat his pancakes when his persistent neighbor, Aria Meloetta, the icing loving freak, came by, smirking as usual.

"Hello, Keldeo," Aria Meloetta introduced as she learned over the door, giggling.

Keldeo sighed as he turned to face, replying to her in a monotone voice, "Hello, Meloetta."

Meloetta giggled as she glanced at the delicious pancakes, and then looked up at Keldeo, "I noticed that you were having some pretty yummy pancakes for breakfast today. Perhaps you want to share some with me, yes?"

Keldeo eyed suspiciously as he replied, "Actually, no. I was just going to have these... by myself... alone." Silence. "In my own comfort and privacy." Meloetta continued staring at him. Keldeo growled as he glared at her. "Without you here."

Meloetta frowned as she tilted her head to the right. "Ohhhh... don't be like that," She then entered into the house as she approached, attempting to seduce him, "Why, if it wasn't for little old me, you wouldn't be in this here house, now would you?"

Keldeo sighed as he glanced at the pancakes and then at Meloetta, replying to her as he shook his head, "Look, Meloetta, just please go. Make like a tree and get out of here." He waved his right front hoof as he continued shaking his head. "I don't have time to chat with you. I want to eat my fluffy pancakes."

Meloetta pouted as she folded her arms, storming out of the house as she shouted, "You... miserable horse! I hope those pancakes do you in!" She then slammed the door, causing some glass to fall on the floor.

Keldeo sighed of relief, happy that was gone as he shrugged, telling himself, "What a whacko... I can't believe I actually allowed her to lease me this house." He then shook his head as he waved his hoofs, reassuring himself, "But hey, it's the price I have to make for getting a place on my own." He then got out of his chair and went to get the maple syrup, coming back to the table, in his horror, to see the delicious, golden, fluffy pancakes missing. "What the!"