Keldeo busted out of his house, looking around frantically for his delicious, golden, fluffy pancakes, which recently went missing. He screamed in agony as he ran around his house several times, trying to calm down as he fired off several bubbles in frustration. A lone female Purrlion noticed this approaching Keldeo, who kept running around.

"Hey mister. Hey... mister...! Hey! Hey you, pony boy!" The female Purrlion shouted as she tried catching his attention. "Hey!" She sighed as she rolled his eyes. "It always has to be these types of Pokemon, huh?" She dashed into Keldeo, using Fake Out on him.

Keldeo panted rapidly as his eyes shrunk, looking around frantically as all of his limbs shook. "Where are they? Where are my pancakes?"

Purrlion looked oddly at Keldeo. "You're having a panic attack over pancakes?"

"NOT JUST ANY PANCAKES!" Keldeo exclaimed in Purrlion's face, knocking her back as he placed his front hooves on his face. "My prized pancakes... my fluffy, sweet flattened dough... missing!" He screamed as he fired a Water Pusle at the clear blue sky, shaking his entire body. "My wonderful breakfast is missing, and I have no idea where it has gone!"

Purrlion got back on all four of her limbs, walking over to Keldeo and patting him on the head with her right front paw. "Calm down, Horn Boy. I'm sure you'll find your pancakes soon."

"Soon?" Keldeo exclaimed as he shook Purrlion violently. "I can't wait that long! I must find them!" He then stopped, sniffing the air as his eyes returned to normal size. "Wait... that smell... maple syrup!" He exclaimed, looking towards the northern direction. "My pancakes must be there!"

"Hold on there, water horse." Purrlion commented as she climbed onto Keldeo's back. "You need someone to keep you calm. You're a bit unstable."

"Don't say that kind of word around me, pussy," Keldeo growled as he shook his head, looking northward. "Anyway, enough talk. Time to rescue my pancakes!" He took off, running around at the speed of sound as Purrlion held onto Keldeo's back tightly, trying not to fall off.