As Keldeo and Purrlion both began their trek across the spring version of the Click Clock Wood to find Keldeo's missing pancakes, or a new batch of pancakes as Purrlion convinced Keldeo somewhat, the strange duo encountered a strange sight on the stump within the middle of the green bramble fields. They both looked on top of the brown platform as they noticed a group of four different colored Piplup all crowding each other as they were trying to get to Mumbo's Hut on the other side, with the pink colored Piplup firing bubbles at the annoying brown colored Whipcrack.

"That's a sight you don't see every day." Purrlion commented as she placed her front paws on her hips, standing up.

Keldeo nodded his head. "Yeah... four Piplup huddling together with red colored vacuums on their back... and three of them completely different colors!" He shook his head as he blinked in astonishment. "I recognize the blue one, but the other three are totally new..."

The main blue colored Piplup tried going over to the strip of land containing Mumbo's Hut, but he was too afraid of landing in the dangerous bramble below. The yellow colored Piplup was crying his eyes out as he trembled about, his flippers on his face. The green colored Piplup fired off an array of different water type attacks at the bramble, following with attempting to suck it into his own Poltergust 5000, with the bramble only growing more as a result.

Keldeo sighed as he shook his head, tapping Purrlion on the right shoulder as he moved upward. "Well, we'll let them deal with their little problem. Right now, we have to go find my pancakes."

"You mean a new batch of pancakes," Purrlion corrected as she followed Keldeo, leaving the group of four Piplup to their own mishaps.