K, so I got this idea and I was like "I gotta write it down." And so here we are! I don't know how on earth I thought this up…it's one of those things that you just HAVE to do because if you don't, you'll go crazy.

This will more than likely end up in my *new* story A Raven and a Writing Desk, but how can I help it? In that story, Mirana's hair is actually brown (getting darker and turning to black, eventually) because she isn't yet the White Queen. Just telling you that because this one shot says she has black hair.

I was really inspired by the picture on DeviantArt by SierryBerry called AIW Missing Her. It was probably drawn for Hatter/Alice, but my twisted mind is turning it into Hatter/Mirana ;) very short, but oh well…


Marvelous Mirana

"Tarrant, come here," she called to me. She ran down the castle halls with my hat on her little head. I kept chasing her and chasing her and chasing her but I never got closer than a few inches. When I was in touching distance, she was suddenly ten yards ahead of me. Each time it happened, I cried out in exasperation. She was so close- and yet so far. I begged my legs to move faster- and they did- but I couldn't be fast enough. This was such a terrible situation. All I wanted was for her to slow down so I can get my hat and tell her that I loved- wait…what?

I gasped and my eyes snapped open. I was panting for air and clutching my sheets with more strength than I thought I could possibly possess. I caught my breath and sat straight up, crossing my legs. My blanket fell around me, exposing my bare chest. I held my forehead in one hand and let the other hold onto the blanket so I didn't hold onto something important…like my hair or my hat. I closed my eyes and replayed that…that nightmare in my head. Was my mind so sick and twisted that it had to torture me like this to get me to realize I love Mirana?

I should have told her, tonight at the ball. I should've told her when I first saw her dressed up in that beautiful way- two strands of hair pulled back, holding the others in place. When her dress fit her body in just the right way. When her eyes were the lightest color brown I could ever imagine. When the moment was just right, dancing around the ballroom, holding her close to my body. When she didn't object as I held her just a bit tighter and just a bit longer than necessary.

But it's too late now, you fool. You were fired- remember? I do remember…damned pins. Leave one in her majesty's hat and you've lost your job to your own brother! I can never see her again…at least until someone else is the White Queen. Until then, I'll be stuck here like I am now- full of regrets, ifs, and buts. I'd give anything to talk to her one more time...to here her voice again…to give her one last hug.

I got out of bed- I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep- and walked over to my writing desk. On the way there, I made some comparisons.

Mirana had beautiful, straight, black hair…like a raven, in a way.

I was stubborn as a writing desk…sometimes.


How is a raven like a writing desk?