Prompt #56: Post-it

Warren/Freeze Girl

Word Count: 309

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language

She had yellow squares all over the inside of her locker door.

Most of them had lists.



Important Dates.

The fact that his name was under the 'To-Do' list made his jeans tighten in a completely inappropriate way.

Drawing in close behind her he tapped a finger to the note. She slammed the metal door shut and turned to a blast of body heat and arms caging her against the door.

"Really?" He asked.

Dolores smirked and wrapped her fingers under the leather of his belt, craning her face upwards and tilting her hips forward.

Her eyes scanned the emptied out hallways.

"Pick me up."

Warren raised his face up at the expression she wore.


She let go of his belt and took his hands and placed them on her hips.

Her fingers were cold against the skin of his shoulders that his shirt didn't cover.

He pressed her closer to the locker as she jumped and wrapped her weight across his hips and abdomen.

"I don't think I can cross you off my to-do list just yet but I can cross this off my fantasy list."

"Yeah which fantasy is this?"

"The making out in an abandoned school hallway fantasy."

She pressed a cold kiss to the underside of his jaw and dragged her lips up to his and blew a breath at him.

"Don't gimme that hot little pout."

"Ah," he smiled and undulated his pelvis into hers.

"That's right, it's not my hot little pout that will help you with your list."

Her cheeks pinked from the heat of him so close and she rolled her shoulders back and her chest forward.

"What will help me with my list?"

He growled his response while he dragged his teeth down the skin of her ear and neck.

"My hot. big. cock."

"Dirty talk, check."