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Naruto's Pregnancy

Chapter 13

Iruka and Kakashi's apartment: three am.

The cries of baby Ai were heard through the apartment. Naruto wake up and gets up from the bed he's been using at the apartment.

Ai needed another diaper change and Naruto groans. This was the worst part about being a parent was the changing of the diapers.

The boy holds his breathe and started his work as a parent...

Iruka wakes up at seven that morning and sees Naruto snoozing on the couch with baby Ai in his arms, sleeping soundly.

The scarred-face man walks over to Naruto and gently shakes his shoulder.

"Naruto...Naruto wake up."

Naruto wakes up and yawns, still holding Ai in his arms. "Oh...morning Iruka."

"How long have yoy been here?" Iruka asks while easing the baby in his arms.

"Uh...since like...three in the morning." He says, getting up and stretching.

Iruka was dumbfounded. "You need your rest."

"My daughter comes first. Always and forever." Naruto says and heads to the kitchen. "Man I'm hungry."

Iruka sighs and looks at the baby in his arms. She was adorable and with Naruto as her mother, she was going to need all the help she can get.

Naruto was back at the academy.

For Naruto, it seemed strange to be back in the academy because it felt like nothing had happened.

"You Naruto, I heard you were back." Kiba says, slapping Naruto in the back as he greeted him.

Naruto gritted his teeth. "Yeah, nice to be back." He says with a nervous smiled.

The dog boy sits right next to him. "So what happened to ya man? You've been gone for months, Everyone thought that you dropped out."

"Nah are you kidding?" Naruto says in his old self. "I'm going to be hokage one day, believe. I just had to some things and it took longer then expected to handle." He says.

"Really like what?" Kiba asks.


"Class back in session." Iruka cutted in and he started his lesson.

Kakashi was baby-sitting Ai for the day since he didn't have any missions and Naruto still couldn't get her off his mind.

For Naruto, this would be a long day...

Baby Ai, age: one month

"Oh Ai, you got it all over the place!" Naruto says as he wipes off his daughter's mouth with a towelitte.

He was back in his apartment and now well adjusted to his daily routine. Sure Iruka and Kakashi helped out but hey, he was glad for it, and those nights he managed to get some sleep.

Baby Ai, age: two months

Babies are better listeners. So Naruto thought about singing to his baby girl.

"Ra-men, Ra-men, Ra-men, Ra-men, Ramen is the best food ever!~" He sings it in the rythym of the song 'Dango Daikazoku.'

The baby, who was laying in her crib, stares at him with big blue eyes and a paifire in her mouth. Looking un-impressed.

"I guess you didn't like that didn't you?" Naruto says, talking to his baby daughter. He sighs and tucks her in a little more. "What do you like?" He asks randomly.

When he didn't get a response he sighs. "Maybe there's something on the radio for us then."

He walks over and turns on the radio, finding a station and the song 'Never Gonna Be Alone,' by Nickelback was on.

He lowers the volume some and goes back to his baby who was asleep now. He raised a brow and started to think that maybe it was only a one-time thing.

Baby Ai, age: thee months

Ai was on her blanket on the ground and Naruto was playing with her. He was cooking some ramen at the time and when he hears the timer he set, he gets up and puts his food in his bowl.

The phone starts to ring and he looks over and answers it.

"Hello...Oh hey Iruka Sensei...yeah she's good..." As Naruto was talking, baby Ai looks at the counter where his food was cooling off. She blinks twice and the bowl vanished and was soon right by the baby.

"Hey I gotta go, my food's getting cold...of course it's ramen, what else would I eat? Bye." Naruto hangs up and looks over at the counter where he swears he left his food there.

"Huh that's strange."

He looks over and sees his baby trying to reach in the bowl that was now on he ground.

"AH! No Ai! Not a toy! That's hot!" Naruto shouts and dives on the ground, meeting the bowl of ramen face first as he slid across the ground and crashes into his bedside.

Ai giggles innocently and started to clap some.

Naruto lifts his head up and his face was red from the ramen. "Now...that's hot."

Baby Ai, age: four months

Naruto has a determined face on and he was getting pumped up.

"Alright, we've been training this for a while now...now say it!"

Ai blinks and only giggles at the funny expression on Naruto's face.

Iruka and Kakashi, who were over at the time, stare at him strangely.

"Naruto...I doubt she'll begin talking if you're going to make faces like that." Kakashi comments.

The blonde points at him. "She will talk! Just as I will become hokage!" He says and looks back at his daughter. He gets in her face.

"Say it...come on baby...say it...say 'dada'."

Ai opens her mouth, getting Naruto psyched when she suddenly grabs his nose and giggles once again.

Kakashi and Iruka laugh. "She got your nose."

Baby Ai, age: five months

Baby was crawling around and reaches up for something shiny on the table. She had grown up so much since she was a newborn.

"No baby!" Irua says, lifting her up from behind.

Ai started to cry as Iruka sets her up to hold her properly.

"No no, don't cry." Iruka says to the baby. "It's okay Ai."

Naruto looks over and hears Ai crying. He gets up and gently takes her from Iruka. "There there Ai." Naruto says and she stops crying. Naruto smiles and Ai rests her head on her 'mama's' chest.

Iruka sits down on the couch. "You're doing really well Naruto...but why do you smell like paint?" Iruka asks, noticing the smell of paint.

Naruto sweatdrops. "Well you see.-"

Kakashi poofs into the room. "Someone defaced the hokage mountain...again." Kakashi says, holding a empty paint-can found on the scene.

Iruka raises a brow at Naruto, making him laugh nervously. "I wonder who can do such an awful thing," he says, laughing nervously.

Baby Ai, age: six months

The hokage smiles brightly at the baby in the bassinet. She was wrapped in her light orange blankie tightly with her hands at her head, the usually position she always has them and smiled at the old man.

"She sure has grown." He comments. "I had my doubts but this child is doing well."

Kakashi and the hokage were at Naruto's apartment and Naruto had (finally) graduated from the ninja academy. He was still there but knew Kakashi was watching her till he dropped her off at the daycare like always.

"Ai is a very good baby." Kakashi says, smiling behind his mask and looking down at the girl.

The hokage studies the baby, noting her whiskers and her blonde hair and blue eyes. The baby Naruto clone.

"Kakashi, has Naruto ever mentioned who Ai's father is?" He asks.

Kakashi looks at the old hokage. "No sir, not one word. I personally think that he doesn't even think about it anymore, it's too painful for him and if he did...he might start rejecting his daughter." Kakashi says, letting his hand go into the bassinet and baby Ai taking one of his fingers.

"I understand that Kakashi, it's just that Naruto is a genin and he won't be around his baby like he used to, since he'll be on missions soon." He says.

"He'll be fine, after all, I'm his sensei after all."

Baby Ai, age: seven months

At her daycare...Ai was in a playpen when she crawls over to a teddy bear. However one of the other children sees it and takes it before she could get her hand on it.

As the child was crawling off innocently, Ai started to cry and the bear was suddenly from the boys hand to Ai's and she smiles.

But she was unaware that someone had seen her do that little orbing trick.

Baby Ai, age: eight months

Ai was sleeping soundly in her crib. Her arms were thrown back in their usual position and with a binki in her mouth. Naruto covers her up with her blanket and kisses her forehead gently. She was such a tiny and innocent being. He loves her so much even if she can be a pain to deal with sometimes.

He wonders who his parents were sometimes but he focuses on his baby Ai.

He hums softly to her to the song, 'Never Gonna Be Alone.'

Baby Ai, age: nine months

Ai has a doctor appointment again and so did Naruto. He gets her baby bag ready, filling it with diapers, bottles of milk, some baby food, anything really that she may need.

Iruka was going to come by and pck her up while he goes and meets with Kakashi and his teammates, Sasuke and Sakura.

His teammates didn't even know he has a child and they had been a team for about a few months now.

Ai makes 'eh' sounds now but usually she was a quiet baby.

Naruto dresses her in a nice summer dress that was orange and she has a small orange bow in her hair.

"Come on Ai, Uncle Iruka will be here any minute now." He says to her in a baby voice.

The door knocks and Naruto answers it, seeing Iruka. "Oh hey Iruka, just on time." Naruto says and hands him the baby gently. He also hands him Ai's baby bag.

"Naruto, you have to hurry okay, I already told Kakashi about the appointment but remind him and hurry back."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'll be quick." Naruto says, adjusting his headband. The two leave the apartment and Naruto locks the door.

"I'll see ya soon!" Naruto shouts, running into the distance.

Iruka smiles some and looks at the baby. "You're mother sure is something huh Ai." Iruka says and he starts to walk toward the hospital. "It make me wonder how you will grow up and what you will accomplish even though your mother is still growing up...you both have a lot to learn but I'm sure, you'll learn together."

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