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Naruto's Pregnancy

Chapter 6

For a moment, Naruto felt like he was floating, like he was little as a feather, drifting in the breeze.

"Naruto? Can you hear me?" A voice breaks through but it sounded like he was underwater.

Before long, he couldn't hear anything and continued to drift and sinking deeper and deeper to the unconscious world.

Dr. Renshi moves a flash light in Naruto's eyes.

"Those meds are sure taking an effect." She says and pulls away.

Iruka was sitting right by his bed and keeping an eye on him.

It was scary when they found out that Naruto was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions already. Naruto had actually passed out in Iruka's arms before he even reached the emergency room from the pain and fever.

"He'll be out the entire night by the looks of it. The baby is doing well as well." Renshi informs Iruka.

He nods, acknowledging the doctor's words and stays with the blond child throughout the night.

That next morning...

Naruto began to wake up and he automatic knows that he's back in the hospital.

Normally, he would demand why he was here or try to escape but he couldn't.

He body still ached and he couldn't even move as fast due to his pregnancy.

"Looks like someone's awake."

This voice was unfamiliar to the boy and looks over to where the voice was coming from; the window.

He blinks and asks, "Who are you?"

"I'm Kakashi Hatake." He says and comes through the window which was already open.

"Well...Kakashi...what are you doing here?" Naruto asks.

"You'll be living with him and Iruka from now on." Renshi says from the door way. She walks up to the bed.

"So soon?" Naruto asks.

"Yes Naruto. You need someone to watch over you." Renshi says to him.

And that is how Naruto began secretly living with Iruka and Kakashi.

It has been like this for a few months and now Naruto is already at his sixth month of pregnancy.

It was the middle of June and it was getting hot.

This is why Naruto was trying to put his head in an ice box.

Kakashi walks into the kitchen and sees the boy standing on a chair and leaning into the top part of the refrigerator

Kakashi shook his head and goes over to him. "Naruto, stop." He says and pulls the eleven year olds head out.

Naruto, now with a bigger belly, crossed his arms. "It's HOT!"

Kakashi couldn't believe this kid.

"So, get some ice water or something. Don't put your head in the ice box Naruto." Kakashi scowled at him.

"Oh what the worst that cou- ACHOO!" Naruto sneezed.

"That. You could catch a cold and you know that you won't be the only one who suffers from it." Kakashi says.

Naruto crossed his arms and started to pout. "Where's Iruka sensei?" Naruto asks, liking him better them Kakashi.

"He's getting some things at the store now come with me." Kakashi says and Naruto wobbles behind him.

Kakashi takes Naruto to the living room and has him sit on the couch.

He does a hand sign and Naruto's stomach returned to normal, putting the genjustu up.

"Hey Kakashi, what gives?" Naruto asks.

"Well, since you're having trouble with your assignments, Iruka and I decided to get you a tutor. It took a lot of talking, but he finally decided to help you to the best of his abilities." Kakashi says.

"Okay so who is it?" Naruto asks.

The front door opens and Iruka enters.

"Right through here Sasuke." Iruka says and Sasuke Uchiha walks in after Iruka.

Naruto's eye twitch in annoyance. "Please don't tell me...he's my tutor." Naruto says.

"He is." Kakashi replies.

Naruto turns to Kakashi and slowly says. "I hate you so much right now."

Iruka goes up to Naruto. "Naruto, behave and please calm down. For me?"

"Sure Iruka sensei, for you." Naruto says.

In the room Naruto was sleeping in while he stayed with Kakashi and Iruka...

Sasuke was tutoring Naruto...or would be if Naruto would pay attention.

"Pay attention Dobe." Sasuke growled at the blonde boy who was staring at the window.

"I am paying attention." Naruto says to him.

"You were staring at the window." Sasuke says to him.

"That's cause every time I see your face I get sick to my stomach." Naruto says when in reality, every time he saw Sasuke, he sees...that man's face. His rapist's.

"Alright dobe, I have to ask you a few questions." Sasuke asks.

"Ask away." Naruto waved his hand.

"Alright. Why are you using a genjutsu?" Sasuke asks.

Naruto eyes widen a bit but he turns to Sasuke. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I can sense it do-"

"IRUKA SENSEI! SASUKE'S AN AWFUL TUTOR!" Naruto shouted loudly.

Sasuke was dumbfounded.

Iruka opens the door and walks in.

"What's going on in here?" Iruka asks.

"Sasuke's making up stuff!" Naruto pointed at Sasuke, acting childish.

"Wait no I'm not!" Sasuke says.

Iruka just looks at Naruto questionably and looks over at the clock. "Whoa, it's about time for you to go home now Sasuke." Iruka says.

Sasuke looks over and sees that it's after 5. "I guess it is, I'll be going." He says and gets up from where he was sitting, collecting his things.

"Thank you very much for tutoring Naruto, Sasuke." Iruka says to him in gratitude.

"It was nothing sensei." Sasuke says and leaves the apartment.

Iruka looks over at Naruto who had his arms around his stomach.

"What were you yelling about Naruto?" Iruka asks.

"Sasuke sensed that I was using a genjutsu." Naruto says.

"Oh...well he didn't see anything did he?" Iruka asks.

"I don't think so." Naruto replies.

"Good." Iruka says gently. "Now let's get something to eat for you and the baby shall we?"

"You bet!" Naruto says like his old self.

Later at night...when Naruto was in bed...

He was trying to get some sleep when he started to feel something move around inside him.

His blue eyes narrow down to his stomach.

"Was...that..." Naruto trails off when he feels more of the little flutters in his tummy.

He puts his hand on his stomach and feels the movements inside him. He started to tear up with joy now that he could feel his child within him.

"My baby..." He whispers.

In the village...

The lights were on and every villager was getting ready for the summer festival which was held every year.

Someone was eating at Ichiraku Ramen, eating some delicious ramen.

"Ichiraku Ramen is so delicious." A sweet, gentle voice says.

A hand moves to the lips of the girl's mouth as she wipes the ramen juice off some.

"I'm glad you like miss...Oh I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." The ramen chef says in embarrassment.

"It's Otsuka. Ai Otsuka." The girl says.

Okay I bet your wondering, why is Ai Otsuka in this story.

Well...if you recall from Ai Uzumaki. The song, 'Planetarium' was mentioned and used as a song baby Ai would listen to when she was asleep.

Not to mention, it's kinda how she got her name.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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