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How did he get here again? What compelled him to listen to her? Why didn't he just say no? Was there a possible diversion from the imminent torture? He didn't even remember the discussion's beginning, only the actual conclusion being reached. This wasn't fair. He considered himself a skillful debater, with years of practice in arguing with annoying kids and jocks. Surely good enough to persuade someone a year younger than himself. If not persuade to do, persuade to find an alternative. But no, not even that was possible. Compromising was not a term Clare liked to deal on. One thing was certain: Elijah Goldsworthy was not a happy camper. His fate was sealed and there was no escape to be found.

Eli sat in the back seat of Mrs. Edward's car, Clare to his left. She was smiling broadly and her eyes shone brightly in a look of triumph. Eli, on the other hand, had his lips drawn into a tight line andhis eyes narrowed, bitterly accepting his previous defeat. He continually switched between letting a heavy sigh escape, and shifting around to make his discomfort apparent. He was dressed in khakisand a button down pastel blue shirt. "Sunday Best my ass.", he muttered under his breath, yet audible enough for Clare to hear.

The only part that made him not want to jump out of the moving vehicle was his lovely girlfriend in her floral dress and cardigan that didn't manage to hide cleavage or curves in the slightest.

Clare turned to him, smirking. "Oh, stop being such a sour puss. It's only Church. I promise you won't spontaneously combust."

She giggled for a few measures until he slowly turned his head andjust raised an eyebrow, the rest of his demeanor remaining the same.

"Hey,", she started again, "Wasn't if you who said we should spend more time together? Well, here it is, Mr. Goldsworthy. A quality hour, of Church, two hours of youth group and, not to mention, driving time back and forth with yours truly."

His left eyebrow reached the height of his right one.

"Clare. How, in the name of all things scientific, could you think this is what I meant? We won't even be able to talk! How is that 'quality time'?", he said angrily and huffed like a disgruntled child.

"Oh please, Eli. It's not as if we always talk when we spend time together, you know that." She said with a tone of mischief in her voice.

"Then what do you two do? Doesn't homework require talking?", Clare's mother piped up from the front seat.

Both the teenagers' eyes widened and quickly turned to each other trying to devise thefastest response to the mother figure. Eli couldn't even remember how to breath. Luckily, his gift of excuse-making existed even when all other functions failed.

"Video games. Tons and tons of hours spent…playing video games. Mhmmm.", Eli quickly blurted out.

Clare gave a look of relief, Eli finally let out a breath. The car had reached a red light and turned around. "Sweetie, I didn't know you played video games. They better not have any graphic sexually explicit content."

Eli didn't even play video games that much. He was one more for graphic novels.

But the thought that Clare's mother would assume she hadn't so much as played a game with suggestive themes after all the things he'd done to her, made him smirk and his ego inflate a few degrees.

"Of course, mother. I wouldn't play anything like that. You know me, I like simple games…like Pac Man. I always win.", She responded ever so sweetly.

Eli titled his head at her and his smirk grew. How could this vixen to left manage to pull of this innocent front so effortlessly? Just as he was thinking this, she leaned in and scooted up so her lipswere level with his ear, her hand now resting on his upper thigh, and breathily whispered into his ear.

"Eli…you're smiling as if you were having fun."

His smirk fell. Fell so fast that Hermes with his winged shoes wouldn't be able to catch it. And then his eyes once again narrowed as he remembered this is exactly how he got into this situation in the first place. He could never deny any wish or demand when she said it like that. And oh, she knew it.

He let his mind wander back to the few moments before his bittersweet defeat. Her pleading voice combated with his flat out no. Her body pressed perpendicularly against his side as she whispered into his ear, more so a moan than a whisper, in his opinion. Promises of the things she'd do if he complied. He stayed true to his answer, but the no this time took a few milliseconds more to drop from his lips. Her soft, teasing lips trailing down his neck, and her cool, agile fingers down his chest to rest at the top of his belt buckle. He couldn't lose his composure to her, just couldn't. He spoke in a stern voice, telling her that she was not behaving like that of the good Catholic girl she claimed to be. He gave her a look of indifference, but he was visibly shaking as she bit her lip and looked up at him through her eyelashes in a knowing sort of a way. Down to her knees she went, innocent gaze never breaking his own heated one. And his no was soon a yes. Yes a thousand resoundingly loud times over.

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