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No. The whole Church didn't turn around and excommunicate Clare Edwards. In fact, due to the chants of Praise be to the Lord's, her loud moan became a near muffled noise in comparison. Sure, there were a few elderly couples who turned around at the different sound and made disgusted faces after assessing that the two teenagers were taking part of a different type of experience than religious. Snooty 70-something-year-olds tended to mind their own business besides passing judgment on any creature that crossed their paths.

Clare was not, by any means, in a happy disposition. A scowl replaced the normal smile on her face and she was pretending as if Eli did not exist.

Her body disagreed with her disposition, though. She was flushed and still feeling the side effects of the amazing orgasm Eli had given her. This fact probably upset her more than what he had done considering where he did it.

She was undoubtedly going to have to forgive him. How ironic it was with how fast their attitudes had exchanged from less than an hour ago. She had previously been the triumphant and he the defeated. Now, he was brimming from ear to ear and she wanted nothing more than to get a considerable amount of payback. Clare strongly believed in reciprocity in all matters, sexual and emotional. And Elijah Goldsworthy was waging a war of both.

The reading part of the Mass was over, so thus began the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Clare kneeled on the kneelers that extended from the bottom of the pew in front of them. Eli decided it was best to play along with this Church charade, at least until she stopped glaring.

He liked the idea of her on her knees. It was certainly one of his favorite places to have her. Too bad he wasn't standing up to complete his, small brief fantasy. There was a definite want to whisper these dirty thoughts into her ear, but he figured she'd had enough, for now. After all, she did say that youth group or whatever was another 2 hours after this, which gave him plenty of time for friendly games.

As soon they started praying in unison again, it causes Eli to make a distorted face of amusement. The Body and Blood of Christ? This sounds like cannibalism. At least Eli saw more of a point in that.

Little circular bread wafers are not human flesh no matter hard someone plays pretend. He sat on the pew as Clare went up to receive Communion. He smirked when he saw her take the wine. No wonder that was the only reason she was inclined to drink when they did get drunk together. She was quite the gem tipsy. He smiled smugly remembering the quirks of her drunken behavior and how touchy she got when she was. He was so deep into thought he didn't notice when she slid into the pew next to him. "What's so funny?" She whispered as she went to kneel again. "Oh, nothing." He said extending the vowels causing a tone of sneakiness to be easily picked up. She abruptly turned her head straight forward, curls bouncing and bowed her head in a saintly manner.

He smiled again. God, he loved her. Six months felt like nothing and he was constantly learning more of her day by day. He continued to stare in an adoring way until she gave him a look of frustration. "Stop staring." She pouted at him and he had to restrain himself from tending to those moist pink lips.

Everyone stood again. Words were met with responses and then the acoustic music began again. The altar servers and priest proceeded out and soon after people from the congregation took their leave. Once Clare exited the pew, she genuflected again. Eli waited until she finished so he could get out. It felt much better to be free of that pew oddly enough.

They exited the main part of the Church and walked back out to the big circular area which was no longer empty. People swarmed in this now tiny location and waited to go up to talk to the priest. Clare entered the line of such people and Eli audibly grunted.

"Stop being a baby, Eli." She turned to him with her hand on her hip, her tone slightly annoyed from his complaint.

"I am not. This is unbearable. There are so many other ways we could spend wasting time that both you and I can enjoy."

She didn't for one second miss the innuendo that always seemed to be in his dialogue.

"Oh, do tell? Because I'm sure I know at least ten more ways where I'd have a ball."

"Not here."

She knew what he meant while amongst tons of people in line to greet the priest. But it was currently her time to mess with him.

"Why not? You thought earlier was a perfect time. I think now would be the perfect time to tell me loud and clear how you intend to ravage me and make me scream your name repeatedly as you get off on that," She said this in a way that sounded like she was naming vegetables off a grocery list, "Don't you agree?"

His eyes widened in how she took the words he sometimes whispered into her ear in an erotic manner and turned it into something you'd hear out of a decrepit old person who doesn't understand vocal intonation.

"Clare. Enough."

She was just about to open her mouth to carrying on making him uncomfortable when she finally reached the priest and turned her attention away from Eli.

"Hello, Father. That was a great service, as always."

Eli smirked at the change in her demeanor. He mentally noted that he serviced her better, of course, whether she would deny it or not.

"Oh, Clare Edwards, Who's this you've brought along with you?"

The priest pointed to Eli, and Eli gave an awkward glare at the priest for being pointed at.

"Oh, this is Elijah Goldsworthy. He's a close friend." Clare glanced over at him, with a small smile curling her lips up.

Eli's jaw dropped.

Not only had she used his full name in front of a figure he most detested, but she had just denied him the privilege of being her rightful boyfriend in all public situations.

FRIEND? What? She did not just say he was a close friend. If he was a close friend he'd have to assume her and KC were practically karma sutra buddies before Eli came into the picture. Or at the very least that'd she'd ravished Wesley…which was already not too entirely far from the truth.

"Clare, you're such a saint. Always evangelizing and bringing people to God through that amazing dedication you have to your faith."

Eli let out a chuckle and she whipped around to glare at him. Then turned back again with the same cheerful smile.

"Awe, why thank you, Father. Now we must be on our way to youth group. Have a nice rest of the day!" She nodded throughout her bouncy discussion. She shook the priest's hand one last time before leaving the line to allow the people behind them to greet the priest.

She was so sweet it sickened him. Whenever she managed to return to that innocent façade she had up for so much of her life, he immediately wanted to tear it down again.

The area of growing less crowded of the elderly couples and adults alike, and Clare found a group of young teenagers who she started to converse with about the message of the Mass. Eli smiled when it was her turn to add a comment and she was only able to stutter how she thought the homily was very moving. The only thing that was moving during that Mass was Eli's hands.

An older man soon announced to the congregated group of teens that youth group would begin in 10 short minutes in the room across the once darkened hallway he had previously pulled Clare into.

The group dispersed. Some went off to the bathroom together while others went off to the meditation chapel across the way. Eli went off to the bathroom to wash his hands and thought about old sweaty men. Being around Clare the whole time after making her break character kept him at a decent state of arousal.

He eventually returned. The lights started to dim around multiple areas and they just stood in silence. Eli was leaned up against a cubic supporting beam. It wasn't so comfortable, but she seemed deep in thought about one thing or another.

Clare now looked over to Eli who had been patiently waiting for her attention to be returned to him.

"I think," he began, raising his eyebrows and adding a momentary pause as he took a few steps closer to her, "that we shouldn't go to youth group."

Clare sighed, slightly annoyed.

"Are you still on this topic?" She rolled her eyes at him. He had such a one-track mind at times for being so intellectually diverse.

"I'd rather be on top of you, but you seem to be against that idea currently…so, yes." His eyes were alight with mischief and bad intentions.

"Honestly, sometimes I think you're just a smidge too cocky. You don't know everything. And you especially don't know everything about me. I bet I know more about you."

"Clare Edwards…is that a challenge I sense?" He drew hand to his chest in a similar fashion as to that of saying the pledge. His face mocked a look of shock.

She shifted her weight to her right leg; eyes still narrowed.

"No." She bit her lip, she knew no matter what she said after this, she was doomed. "But I'd win it if it was."

"Ohhhh, little Saint Clare." He said in a feral way, starting to walk directly in a circle around her, as if he were a tiger stalking his prey.

"You do realize you have just voluntarily given up youth group in order to settle this?" He finally had reached her in his spiral path of striding. "There's something I like about you more in such a 'holy' atmosphere. You really do come alive…but I want to bring you a step towards death…just temporarily. You game?"

She shivered slightly at his proximity. This was even more effective on her than his normal propositions. It was so much more dark and promising.

She felt frozen to the spot she was at. He took her silence as a yes and gently took her hand in his and led her over to the part of the Church that was now dark, except two spotlights that shone on the altar and crucifix. Once he had brought her near these areas, he let her hand go and stepped back, giving her a once over for the fifth time that day.

"So, about you teaching me a thing or two." His eye brows shot up; their gazes locked. You could hear their breathing interrupting the silence with every exhalation. Their eyes bore into each other's. The tension was so palpable; a mere wave of the hand would cut it. He loosened his tie in careless manner. She gulped, watching his hands' intensity in even the smallest of matters. He awaited her next move. She hesitantly dropped the bag she had over her shoulders. He smirked and their stationary spots were no more.

The time it took them to be close as humanly possible was less than a 10th of a second.

They were in such a captivatingly wild embrace. Fierce roaming hands met with hungry noises of need. He grabbed her by the back of the thighs and hoisted her up and she immediately latched her legs around his waist while his left hand squeezed her ass mercilessly. Her hands were messing up his dark tresses and participating in the occasional clawing of the back of his neck. There wasn't nothing innocent taking place, nor would there be until they had sated their urgent desires.

He took her bottom lip between his teeth and softly nibbled on it, then sucked on it in an aggressive fashion before plunging his tongue into her waiting mouth.

She eagerly greeted his tongue with hers and searched new destinations in his mouth she had not yet found. This was one of the times she was actually glad she had such a big-mouthed boyfriend. His tongue was certainly a trained muscle with such articulation and perfection in every syllable he pronounced. It was no wonder his kisses were simply mind-blowing, breath-taking.

She shifted to begin to slide down the sleeves of her cardigan, and he quickly assisted her in harshly removing the rest of it to be thrown on the altar itself. Her hands nimbly worked on his buttons—managing to never break the kiss with the expertise she had acquired. His hand moved to small of her back, and began walking close to the altar. She was too caught up in the kiss to even notice this was happening, but it became quite clear to her when he began laying her on her back in a hurried way.

She was able to prop herself up on her forearms to her sides. He broke the kiss to undo the rest of his buttons Clare had missed from lack of access. He took both sides and tugged the shirt open, and then it was no longer shielding his torso from Clare's eyes. His hand went to remove the tie as well, but stopped when Clare let out a shriek.

"STOP….keep the tie…on."

He gave her a puzzled expression, but then just smirked and decided it's just better to give into her needy kink.

Examining her dress, he slid down his hands over her bare shoulders slowly, contrasting their fast ones seconds ago. He slid his hands down the sides of her figure. Enjoying the change her curves allowed for his hands to feel. When he got to the end of the dress, he gripped it firmly and then pulled on it, tugging it off her body. Her strapless bra almost fell off with the dress too, but not quite. He dropped the fabric at his feet and looked over her. The only slight coverage she had was that bra which was already exposing the top of her breasts and nipples quite clearly. He leaned over her and went directly to wrap his arms around her back and undid the clasp of her bra. He let it lay underneath her as it simply fell off her body now that there was no longer a securing device in place.

He then tenderly kissed her on the lips in a way that seemed uncharacteristic of a man who wanted to fuck the woman before him to oblivion. She gave in less quickly than she did before, but soon she began kissing him back. She tried to gain access to his mouth, but he denied her that, and instead began moving his lips elsewhere, to the tip of her nose, and then each eyelid. He gently swept her bangs aside to place another feather light kiss on her forehead. His lips now trailed down her cheek bone and to the side of her jaw.

Clare was so tensed up after these simple kisses. Each one sent her so many chills down her spine, that by the time he reached her neck, she had forgotten to take a breath or five.

He didn't stop there, though. Instead of going straight to her chest after her neck like she expected, he moved onto her shoulders, leaving open-mouthed kisses there. She let out a moan, in near shock.

Since when were shoulders an erogenous zone? He moved down her upper arm, treating it in a similar fashion until he reached her pulse at the mid length of her arm. He snaked his tongue out, preparing the area. He then began to suck so hard on her sensitive pale skin; she had to bite her lip to suppress the noises that so desperately were begging to escape. Now was not the time for screaming. This barely qualified as foreplay even. He slid the underside of his tongue down the rest of her arm until he reached her wrist. He bit down on her delicate wrist, earning a gasp from her. He shift across her body until he reached her chest, where he blew lightly across her breasts, watching her nipples harden and her back arch slightly off the altar, and all without any physical touching.

He looked at her to gauge her reaction. Clare's eyes were closed tight. The breathing that she exhibited was nothing of a normal caliber. He smirked in approval.

Her eyes finally opened when it registered that he was no longer touching her even though she could still feel his hands on her. And more importantly, she realized she wanted them in even more locations.

She finally came around and gained her composure again. She shook her head, messing up her hair even more. Eli had to admit she had the best sex hair he had ever encountered in his life and internet search experiences.

"Not so much teaching you as telling you, Goldsworthy." She said with an excessive amount of confidence in her voice. It felt almost normal to be completely uncovered in front of him by now. So she didn't see a reason to even try to shield her assets.

"Telling me what? I'm pretty sure I know everything about me...and I certainly know enough sexual things to make your pretty little head be sent into a tizzy of unrecoverable means."

"Oh? I bet you don't realize this fact about yourself. It's so instinctive you've probably never thought twice about it…or even at all."

"And that is what exactly, Edwards?" He was growing increasingly impatient. She was displayed on the altar simply waiting for him to take her multiple times if time allowed. And now she's talking in riddles?

"Well," She placed a hand at her collar bone and began sliding it down her chest, letting her nails gently graze over her skin, "I am most certain," Her hand continued down until it reached the peak of her breast. She let her eyes drift halfway closed and the side of her mouth turned up into a smirk.

Her left hand joined the right's activities and squeezed hard enough to make a slight moan escape, "that you can't handle the idea of anyone besides yourself touching me..." Her hands started drifting down her smooth stomach and his mouth became dry. Her fingers hover at her lower abdomen before letting them carry on caressing herself. She moaned uninhibitedly and opened her eyes a bit more to look at him, "I even think that this right now is driving you insane." His adam's apple bobbed in his throat, hoping moisture would return to his mouth.

He and Clare had done a few kinky things over the past few months they had been having sex. But she had never touched herself in front of him, even when he asked her to on multiple occasions. The innocent blush would appear and she would shake her head. But now she was doing just the opposite of acting bashful and shy. All inhibitions were clearly gone as she was splayed out for him to see in all her gorgeous entirety.

Her words sunk in moments later, and she was right. He never felt a greater jealously in his life than he had felt for her hands right now. He knew that was his rightful position, and no matter how much of a turn on it was to see her pleasure herself on top of one of the most sacred places in her religion. His hands began to shake from the weight of it all. He wanted to grab her hands away and show her how it's properly done, but at the same time she seemed to know awfully well in what she was doing. The continuous mewling and the occasional "Oh, God's" were enough for it to be permanently etched into his memory, vivid detail and all.

Her fingers began to thoroughly massage her clit whilst her left hand groped her breast in a careless way. She entered her tight cunt with two fingers, pumping in and out at a fast pace from the very start. His tongue started to lick his upper lip in a predatory way. She was making him so hard and she was feet away from him.

She was so perfect. He couldn't have thought of a girl like her in a million years. She was all he could ever want or wish for. That's when he realized he did have a religion, and its name was Clare Edwards. And he wanted to praise his deity every moment of every day.

Her hips started to raise clear off the altar to start into a wild rhythm and hoping to sate her rampant hormones. Just as she was trailing her left hand to assist her right, his eyes widened and rushed over to stop her. He might have just been done there and then if such a sight came into the eyes as someone as visual as Eli was. He grabbed her by the wrist in a possessive manner. She whined from the loss and tried to fight against him to no avail.

He brought one of her hands close to his face, and then leaned down to envelop her index and middle fingers in his mouth, sucking them clean. He then pinned each arm at her side so her hands were by her shoulders with her elbows bent in a normal fashion. He leaned over her to look closer at her. Her eyes were so glazed over in a lustful sex fog and that arrogant smile was plastered so tightly to her face that he knew that this would be one of the most enjoyable times in wiping her quirky look off her face.

"I. won." She giggled, a bit deliriously aroused.

"I supposed you'll be wanting a prize then…What do you want Edwards?" He honestly expected her to say 'ice cream'.

"You," she moaned, trying to wrap her legs around him again to get some sort of alleviation, "I want you right here and now."

He would have worn a look of surprised, but the way her legs tightened around him made him only concentrate on the feeling of her against him.

Eli lowered his head to the crook of her neck and kissed his way heatedly up and down her neck. He nipped and sucked until he was rewarded with a moan loud enough for him to smirk, and then bit down so hard that he drew blood. He lapped his tongue along the area and lightly kissed it. He pulled back to face her. His tongue would dart back out to catch any remnants of the metallic fluid. He really was taking this religious worship to Clare seriously. He had to consume "The body and blood" of his savior. Never did he think it would be so mouth-watering.

He hastily undid his belt buckle and the button on his pants. He pulled them down just enough; every second of delayed separation was painful at this point. He grabbed at her hips and raised her ass off the altar and held her in that position. "I hope you know walking is going to be quite difficult after this."

Before Clare could respond, he brought her fully up to him and forcefully plunged into her. They both groaned in unison. She fit him better than any glove ever made, clinging to him in every way. She was made for him. She was in a sensory overload, if she didn't find release in the shortest time possible she'd be sent to a state of frantic hysteria. Her nervous system simply couldn't keep up with him.

Eli gripped her hips aggressively almost bruising, as Clare gripped his waist tighter with her legs. She rested heavily on her forearms for balance. Her neck extended back, and her eyes closed as her mouth parted.

He began thrusting into her at a frantic pace. There was no use starting slow here. Eli and Clare knew dam well what they wanted, and that was not going to come quickly if any more time was wasted.

With the leverage she had from her entire lower half being elevated, she brought her hips to meet his thrusts with equal fervor. "F-fuck, Clare." He wasn't going to last long considering how this angle allowed him total penetration and his dick was buried to the hilt. He had never felt this complete before.

He was now fucking her at such a frenzied pace it became harder for Clare to keep her balance. She was willing to endure the temporarily strenuous position and continued to meet him thrust-for-thrust. She was already seeing stars, her vision started to blur, and she couldn't suppress the expletives moaning and whimpering that occasionally spilled from her lips every other second. "Fuck me harder, Eli." She begged, extending every word and syllable. Cohesive thoughts were not a plausible concept for her right now. Eli smirked, and he complied to her wishes with unexhausted enthusiasm.

His nails dug into her hips and pulled out until only the tip of his head was still in her. The only thing on him she could grab to bring her closer to him, his tie was the most accessible. He briefly looked down at her hands holding his tie like a leash. His primal instincts now went into over drive. He drove back into her so hard she almost slid back on the altar. She held onto the tie for dear life as she felt herself quickly approaching her climax. She also knew he was right around the bend with her. A few violent thrusts later and labored grunts and moans from the two, and Clare screamed so loud he swore that people up the stairs, and down a certain hallway to youth group, probably heard it. Her walls clenched around him driving him over the edge and he cursed under his breath, releasing himself inside of her. They didn't move. They were shaking from such a physically demanding position they had chosen. They both shone with a light glow of sweat. Eli's hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, while hers was just a freshly fucked mess. He scooted her back on the altar to let her regain some safety, and then pulled out of her. Her legs remained in the same position for a while before she dropped them.

"What exactly were we talking about?" She asked breathlessly.

"Not a clue." He threaded his fingers through his damp hair, smirking. "But…" He walked over to her as she hopped down from the altar and swooped down to give her a chaste kiss. "That was amazing. I must say you did teach me a thing or two. And I'll admit it even in my state of post- cotial bliss."

She still couldn't entirely process what she had just done. Her legs were not fully stable and her body was still so electrified from that sac religious monstrosity that had just taken place. She knew that soon after, just like he said, walking would be a hard task to accomplish. But, she didn't regret it for one second.

After they had found all their randomly strewn clothes and had gotten dressed, they sat in one of the front pews and she rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her close and placed repeated kissed on the top of her head. Her mother eventually called saying she'd be there in five minutes. He helped her stand up and they made sure they both looked presentable before being in front of Mrs. Edwards.

Exiting the Church they made their way out to the awaiting car. Clare was glad at the very least she would not have to spend the night with her mother. They worked out an arrangement where she'd stay at Eli's at least three times a week. If she were to stay with her mother, she might notice the different walking pattern Clare had recently acquired from their previous activities. She blushed at the idea of her mother figuring that out. No matter what they did, she was always still herself…just more liberated.

Eli had never tried to change her or anything which is why she knew she wanted him in her life until her very last breath. They walked within two feet of each other. The distance seemed silly, but Eli understood her reasoning completely. He opened the car door for her and she slid in, him soon following to sit next to her. Mrs. Edwards was listening to her pre-recorded motivational tape to getting life back on track.

For the last time that night, Eli leaned in close to her side and said in an unwavering voice said, "Clare Edwards, I will worship you until the day I die and much after."

With that he kissed her on the cheek and went back to a normal sitting position. Her hand went up to touch her now reddened cheek. Church services would probably never be the same.

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