a/n: here goes another hit-and-run story. we'll see if i continue this or not.

"There's a new carnival in town, wanna go?"
White was reading the newspaper when a flashy advertisement caught her eye.
The swirling colors of the ad.
The bright eye-catching words.
And if White didn't know that this was just a newspaper ad she would've sworn the stars in the picture were sparkling.
Beckoning her.
'Kcalb Carnival' just drew all her attention from the rest of the gray, unappealing background.
"Don't we have some work to finish?"
White shook herself out of her trance as the familiar voice pierced her thoughts.
Black looked up from his book.
That 'You've got to be kidding me' look.
"We still have Araragi's assignment to do you know."
She was not to be persuaded.
Pouting, White mumbled something about being a killjoy.
"Come on Black, that's not even due until Tuesday. You've been studying for two days straight now.
"You deserve a break."
And with her hand on Black's collar, she dragged him out.

Upon arrival, there was surprisingly little people around.
And by little, it meant one or two families wandering around.
Just talking.
The place was far gloomier and darker, compared to the bedazzling ad.
White blinked.
This can't be the place.
...Can it?
"So this is it?"
She heard Black snort out a laugh.
"Shut up, we're going to have some fun, whether this sucks or not.
Or else."
Stomping up to the booth, she bought both tickets and entered the lonely carnival.
An eerie music was playing somewhere, but from what source White couldn't tell.
It sounded like it was from everywhere.
A few stands were open, containing the usual toss the ring, test your strength..
But everything seemed lifeless and, well...
"This is boring."
"Oh Black, why can't you ever have some fun?"
"Because this is seriously boring."
"Don't be such a wet blanket."
"Yes my darlings, why must you put a dampa' on things? "
A new voice had interrupted their conversation.
Black could've sworn it sounded like death.
He and White whirled around, totally surprised.
He didn't expect what he saw.
Someone in cheerful attire standing there, painted in an array of palettes.
He wore a colorful hat with various expressions on it, from smiling to anger.
A cape, patched with so many different patterns, yet so perfectly in sync it was like each and every one belonged there.
Yet there was an air of darkness sweeping around him.

It didn't fit the man's appearance at all.

Or was it just Black's imagination?
He looked classy and clean, yet he wore such an expression it was hard be sure if he was of any class.
And his hairstyle was vaguely familiar, Black noted.
Except he didn't know where it was from.
When the extravagant man spoke, he did it in a singsong voice.
A strange and familiar melody.
"I'm Mister Kcalb, spelt K-C-A-L-B,
But please, call me K, it's easier you see.
I'm in charge, the ringmaster if you will,
And I honestly hope my fair can bring you thrills."
And with this, he swept his hat off and bowed.
White clapped earnestly, her face glowing with excitement.
"Oh goodness, your attire is terrific!" she crowed.
"It's such an honor to meet the ringmaster!"
K smiled, and took her hand.
"Mademoiselle, your skin is so white,
To receive a compliment from you is simply a delight."
He kissed it and straightened up again.
Out of nowhere, he fashioned her a balloon animal.
As White squealed in delight, K looked straight at Black.
Bowing in a gentlemanly fashion, he sang;
"Dear boy, it seems that I do not please you,
Dare I ask, may I ask, a simple and truthful review?"
Black stood there, quite stunned at this seemingly sparkling man.
It took him a few seconds to collect himself.
"Uh..." he stuttered.
"Well..." he muttered.
Black looked around.
"Well, it seems a little inactive. Not enough fun."
"As if you know anything about fun" nudged White.
"Shut up."
"It's really grayish too, Mister K. If you colorfied it like yourself, maybe it will do better."
K sighed.
"Alas! I was afraid of that you see,
Everything is still a bit tad wonky.
We are actually still in-the-works;
Without our props, you will miss out most of our quirks.
The paper had published our ad far too soon,
'What a misfortune!' our crew had crooned.
But you know, the show must go on,
please come back anytime my dears, here is a coupon."

He held out two colorful tickets, tinted black.

"Is that it?" White skipped around. "Then that's no problem, we'll come back as soon as everything is done!"
Black accepted K's coupons without complaint.
He couldn't refuse this offer now, could he?
"Thanks.." he mumbled.
"No, thank you my boy;
Running a fair is my one true joy.
Thank you very for your insights,
Please don't forget my invites!"
And he waved them off.
They didn't see his smiling face and his narrowed eyes as they left.
Black turned around, but K was no longer there.

As they walked away, White was chattering endlessly about Mister Kcalb.
Handsome this, gentlemanly that, blah blah blah, This balloon is soooo cute!, etc.
However, Black couldn't shake off something.
An ominous feeling.
A familiar feeling.
No matter what reason he tried to give himself, it just wouldn't go.
The feeling of already seeing this person before...