Black and White's dialogue

Day 1:
"...I wonder if they're finished yet."
Day 2:
"Carnival! Yeahh!"
"Give it a rest, they won't be able to build everything up in just two days.
Day 3:
"Can we go today?"
Day 4:
"How about today, the carnival?"
"I have work."
Day 5:
"Today's the day, right?"
"White, I have an exam coming up."
Day 6:
"Tomorrow then, since I know you just had your exam."
"No way, I want to relax."
Day 7:
"Black, you're so difficult! You're coming with me TODAY whether you like it or not!"

So exactly a week later, Black found himself in the same position as last week.
Directly front of the carnival gates yet again.
White, giddy and excited, was next to him, presenting their free pass coupons.
The Ticketmaster lazily nodded his head.
Easy access was admitted.
Black groaned.
He was hoping those coupons were faulty.
Or something along the lines of 'No Admittance'
He sulked as he followed White's feet, walking with his eyes on the ground.
How can any little decor change such a bland carnival?
It was just...

White's sudden silence made Black look up from his feet.
Then he realized he had been contradicted within three seconds of his argument.
The fully decorated carnival was brilliant.
And perhaps...
Damn it.
Everywhere he looked, there was activity.
The sky had balloons here and there
The stands were filled with people.
A fun house was not far away, and a lineup was occupying the entire space around it.
Only the eerie song from their first visit didn't change, although Black suspected it was Mister K's taste in carnival music.
"Look at all these people!" White crowed.
"Hey, Black, let's check out the lucky raffle bags~"
"HELL no. I've had bad luck with those."
He glared at White.
She shrugged and dragged him to the stand anyway.
Black looked away in a huff.
"Three pokédollars please." said the vendor.
White fumbled with her wallet. "Aw man, I can't believe I didn't bring enough coins today!"
Her coupon fluttered out as she reached for the silver coins.
The vendor picked it up and took a long look at it.
"...Hey, you've got an all-free pass. Looks like you won't have to pay miss."
There was no macro for what White's face looked like.
Black rolled his eyes. Things can't get any worse than this.
An all-free pass? Why am I even here anymore? She'll just spend an entire day here and refuse to miss out on anything with that pass.
White kicked at his shins in dismay as if she could hear Black's thoughts.
"Black, I swear, you are being ridiculous."
She brought him down to crouching level, and glared at him.
"If you don't have any fun today, I will kill you when we get back." she hissed.
Black managed to nod ever so slightly.
White dropped him and stood up straight, choosing a raffle bag from the load of other raffle bags identically alike.
Each one was decorated, in a vibrant purple and orange striped bag, with blue to red ribbons tied to the strap and a sign that screamed 'CHOOSE ME' on them.
She took her time choosing.
Black tried his very best not to groan or yawn in any way that would upset White to the point that it would cause his untimely death.

Just when Black was about to choose a bag for her, a voice rang out from behind.
"Dazzles and shatters, what's the matter?"
It was Kcalb, in yet another bright and colorful outfit.
Today his hat seemed to be in a very happy mood.
But hats can't have moods, can they?
That's just silly.
Black struggled with his near-ending sanity while White clasped her hands together and smiled ever so brightly.
"Oh! Mister K, you're here!" she gurgled. "Omigosh, you've done such a great job finalizing this place! It was so stunning I couldn't believe it was the empty carnival from last week!"
"So glad you approved!
But the boy doesn't seem amused..."
In his regular singsong voice, Kcalb frowned at Black.
"Oh, I know Mister K! He's no fun to come to places like this." White sighed.
"Nevermind him for now, could you help me choose a bag?"
"With pleasure."
Kcalb pointed at a bag down to the far right, decorated in red ribbons.
White reached over and plucked the bag from the rest, but before she could open it, Kcalb switched her bag with another one out of nowhere.
It happened so fast Black couldn't tell if it actually happened or not.
"I must be going nuts." he muttered.
...wait. Was the bag always striped vertically?
Black wanted to check, but Kcalb was blocking his view. Either on purpose or purely by coincidence, he couldn't tell.
In the meantime, White opened the false bag, and her face deflated.
She drew out a pair of keys, both decorated with a rather strange face in black.
"Aw, just some keys?" she groaned.
"Ahhhh, not just any keys!" sang Kcalb. "These are the keys to the secret room in Cherry Daisies!"
White's face immediately brightened up again.
She jumped up and down, cheering like a madwoman.
"What the hell is 'Cherry Daisies'?" Black asked.
"Only the most amazing funhouse ever here!" screeched White, flailing her arms.
"Let's GOOOO!"
She skipped her way to the funhouse, singing and dancing with glee.
As Black and Kcalb followed, Black glanced at the raffle bags.
They were striped horizontally.

Where ever the funhouse entrance was, the line leading inside was blocking it.
"This is going to take forever to go in!" cried an upset White. "What a waste of a great prize."
Kcalb shrugged.
"Honeycomb, have you forgotten who I am?" he sang, twisting and twirling his hat.
"I can get you in quickly and easily my lamb."
He marched straight up to a colored door at the side, and knocked in a manner that can only be described with the sound of rabbit feet thumping on the ground.
The door opened, and he motioned both of them to enter.
The minute they stepped in, the door closed and the room started to turn.
Faster and faster each second.
Everything was a blur.
Black stumbled, and covered his mouth.
"Ugh." was all he could utter.
White laughed, highly amused at the sudden change and at Black's reaction.
Thankfully, the room stopped shortly, and Kcalb, whose hat had flown off, fitted it back on again.
"Welcome to the beginning, I hope this is what you were seeking."
White threw open the door from which they came from, only to find out hundreds of people's faces staring.
Black turned around, and found that the room they were in had disappeared, replaced with the hall leading where the 'fun' in 'funhouse' was.
"Wow, that was so COOL!" White shrieked. She ran down the hall.
"Last one down the hall is a slowpoke!"
And she disappeared.
"Well now, shall we go?" inquired Kcalb.
Black sighed.

Black's POV

White had disappeared.
Mister K had disappeared.
Or maybe I'm lost.
God damn.
Here I was, in a large room full of squiggly mirrors, narrow mirrors...
And not a soul to be seen reflecting in here except me.
This place is like a freakin' maze.
That White, always doing what she pleases.
Drives me insane.
I sat down, and stared at the only window shining light inside.
It's so calm when she isn't around.
Really, that girl...
I close my eyelids.

"Why hello there boy."
My heart stops for a minute.
My eyes fly open.
That voice.
I jolt up and look to where the voice came from.
"Hello Mister K." I greeted him as friendly as I could.
"Did I scare you?"
"Kind of. I didn't hear you at all."
Mister K sweeps by and stands next to where I was sitting.
"Sure am. It's rare to have a quiet time like this, when White isn't around y'know."
"She is a very energetic female, without fail."
"I'll say."

No replies from K made me turn my head to see what he was doing.
Oh, he was gazing into the mirrors.
I shifted my pose to match his and also looked at the mirrors.
"...You have a nice place here. It's impressive." I managed to say, regardless of what White thinks of my ideals.
Mister K just nods.
I shrug.
"Just letting you know."

"...Say, would you switch places with me?"
Mister K's words surprises me. I turn to stare at the ringmaster.
"You serious?"
"Why wouldn't I be?" he replied, still gazing at his reflection.
"I'd love to take a break.
And I'm not intending to offend,
But you see, this gives me a heartache...
I'm smitten with your girlfriend."
Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Back up a couple of steps.
"My girlfriend? Oh no Mister K, you've got it all wrong. She's just a friend."
His tone of voice seemed a tad hopeful.
Man. Guess I'm committed now.
"...And I suppose I could switch places with you." I finished half heartedly.
I glanced back at the mirrors and was surprised to see K's face smiling.
I blinked a couple times.
It was a normal, happy smile.
The lack of fresh air must be going to my head.
"So may I borrow White for the ride?
Or is that not implied? "
"Oh, no. You can take her along, please do."

It wasn't until they had changed clothes that Black realized why it felt familiar when they met Kcalb.
They had the exact same face.