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Kingdom Hearts

A Nobodies Truth

On the day it was born, the first thing it saw were the shores of darkness...

"We are all waiting for out Birth by Sleep, even me and, even you"

...The day He arrived the Moon shone in the sky for the first time in years...

"We know so little about the Keyblade War..."

...In the Land of No Moon, he waited...

"I know now I don't need the Keyblade...My Friends are my power!"

...For his Truth to be unveiled...

"What's more real? You're Feelings here or the memories inside your head?"

...But how long must a Nobody wait...

"No, it's the Road to Dawn"

For his Awakening?

Chapter 1 Final Mix! Hell's Gate


"What do you want Marluxia?"

"Is it true what I heard? Are really going through with Vexen's experiment?"


"But why? We could easily use a Dusk or a lower level Nobody."

"...unlike the rest of you Marluxia..., I don't have the memories of when I was human...I want to know what it's like to have a heart..."

"Ellis! Ellllllissss!"

"Hm?" Ellis awoke to find his friend Kevin in his room holding up a box of doughnuts

"Oh come on Ellis don't tell me you forgot? There's a test today!" Kevin said. He was wearing a white button up shirt and blue jeans; he flipped his semi-long black hair out of his face. "Come on lets go we can eat on the way!" he said as he left the room.

Ellis got out of bed and put on a long sleeve black tee dark blue jeans and a white button up, he put on his socks and fetched his shoes from the front door. "Geez I wish I could sleep more..." he muttered to himself, lately 'work' had been keeping him up late and when he did get some sleep, he was plagued by weird dreams of someone just like him but different, well that's to be expected for one who lives close to The Gate. Thinking about it made Ellis look out the window; Hell's Gate, the giant wall that surrounded an area of supernatural occurrences and its research center P.A.N.D.O.R.A, they both appeared the day 20 years ago when the moon and stars vanished, now the fake stars in the sky represented people known as Contractors; those who could use supernatural powers each one very different than each other, and when a star falls a Contractor dies. Ellis fiddled with a strand of his brown hair as he left his apartment and got into Kevin's car.

As they were driving Kevin asked "Did you see those stars fall last night?"

" I did not"

"Well they were two that helped form an actual constellation! So the last recognizable landmark in the sky is gone!"

"Recognizable? We've seen this sky all our lives! We don't know what the actual sky looks like!" Ellis said

"Whatever man, I know I saw the Big Dipper."

As they drove down the streets of Tokyo Ellis wondered why he moved here; the school wasn't that great, and he could definitely find a good school back home in the states. Ellis felt a cold sensation on his left ankle, He gasped, and Kevin swerved and pulled over.

"What the Hell was that?" Kevin yelled

Ellis reached to his sock and drew the blade hidden there and dropped it out the window.

"Nothing, just a slight chill" Ellis explained.

"Wow dude, are you so out of it? Look over there!" Kevin pointed out the window, outside there was smoke and several crashed cars on the other side of the street. Standing on a crashed bus was man; he was laughing manically throwing strange beams of light at the passerby's, killing them. He turned to them. "Shit a Contractor."

"Drive." Ellis told him

Kevin froze up, his hands tense on the wheel and his eyes wide. "Oh man, oh man, oh man."

Ellis grabbed his shoulder "Kevin, do you want to die?" Kevin shook his head "Then drive."

It was too late the contractor had noticed them and was aiming a beam of blue light at Kevin. Ellis prepared to draw the blade he kept in his back pocket when, he heard someone pick up the blade he had dropped outside. He smiled to himself when a man wearing a black trench coat blocked the light beam.

"Run" the man said.

Kevin regained himself and put the pedal to the metal.

They stayed in the car during their first class, trying to calm down after the incident. "How did you keep calm back there Ellis?" Kevin asked

"I don't know, it's just a reflex I guess, like how you got frightened, my head cleared."

Kevin chuckled "that's kind of scary Ellis"

Ellis laughed as well "yeah your right!"

Kevin grabbed his bag and got out of the car "we should head to our next class, my sister will freak if she finds out-

"Finds out what?" said the woman standing behind Kevin.

"Oh Amy! Hi, how's it going?" she gave him a hard stare, Amy and Kevin were Twins, but the only feature they shared was the color of their hair and the style of if, Kevin had blue eyes, and Amy had Hazel just like Ellis. They came from the US as well, but from a different state than Ellis. Ellis grabbed his bag and waited patiently for Kevin to fill Amy in.

A few hours later Amy and Ellis were waiting for Kevin to finish his kendo practice. Ellis was fiddling with one of the extra wooden swords "be careful with that." Amy told him

"Hm?" Ellis said snapping out of his day dream

"If you break that, you're going to have to pay for It." she giggled and put her cell phone away. Ellis smiled and placed the sword back on the rack.

"Say, Amy…" Ellis began, he scratched his head, his face turned slightly read "have you ever…" a loud crashing noise and yelling came from the Dojo. Ellis and Amy ran in and saw a man, bleeding from his right arm, holding a beam of blue light in his left, threating the students around him. "Shit…" Ellis muttered "he should be dead."

"What?" Amy asked him

"Nothing" he said grabbing a wooden sword from the rack to his left. He started walking toward the man when Kevin moved in front of the Contractor.

"Get out of here!" Kevin shouted to the others.

"Those eyes…"the Contractor hisses "I remember them; I was going to kill you."

"Yeah well you didn't." Ellis called out to him

The Contractor pushed past Kevin and faced Ellis "so, you have an attitude huh? I'll fix that."

The wooden blade in Ellis's hand moved, the point facing the floor, the blade parallel with his body. "you know, I've heard Contractor's don't have feelings."

The Contractor smiled "yeeeah, your right, just emotionless killing machines."

Ellis grinned "that's not true, I know for a fact; contractors have feelings."

The Contractor licked the blood from his hand "come now, you lie."

"Your annoyed at me right now aren't you?" Ellis's foot moved and the Contractor tensed up. With a flash it was over, the definitive crack heard from the wooden blade hitting the Contractor's skull echoed throughout the Dojo. Ellis had moved with precision and speed, moving around the contractor's Right hand and striking as fast as possible, the man did not have a chance to react after the first step. The Wooden Blade broke from the force it was put through and Ellis dropped the broken pieces to the floor. He turned around and left the Dojo.

Amy tried to run after him, but Kevin stopped her. "He needs to be alone for a while. Did you see his eyes?"


The Cold Eyes of a Contactor

Ellis turned into an alleyway and pulled out his cell phone. Dialed a number and waited for the pick-up.

"Hello?" said the man on the other line.

"Master Hei, I think it is finally happening." Ellis said trembling

"I guess it is time then, hold on I'll find you." The line went dead.

"You think he could learn to say 'good bye' huh?" said a voice from nowhere.

"Whose there?" Ellis shouted, a strange dark doorway appeared before him, from it stepped out a man in a black hooded coat.

"Slxeil...I've come to bring you home" the man said, reaching out his hand to Ellis

"Sorry but you have the wrong guy." Ellis said backing away.

"It seems you really don't remember do you? Do not worry though you will soon enough, come now Slxeil, Xemnas will not be kept waiting."


"Yes Slxeil our boss...We must return soon, or else."

"Who are you?" Ellis asked

The man removed his hood to reveal peach colored hair and gray eyes. "It's me Slxeil, Marluxia."

Ellis was afraid, he wanted to run, but he couldn't move "Master, please help me!" he thought just then everything around him glowed blue and in response Ellis's pupils glowed red to the familiar power surge. A man in a black coat and a white mask with a purple lighting on the left side grabbed Marluxia's face and slammed him into the ground; he then let loose a surge of electricity into his brain. the man stood up and turned to Ellis.

"Are you alright?" Master Hei asked

"Yeah, thanks master, that guy was- what the hell?" Ellis's eyes grew wide as Marluxia stood up and cracked his neck

"Interesting power you have there." He said, his expression never changing "if I were a regular human I would be dead right now." Marluxia raised his hand; a rose petal floated down to it when the petal touched his hand it summoned a giant pink Scythe. Hei drew his swords and took some distance.

To be continued in Chapter 2

Ellis's Blades