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Hello, my name is Ahsoka Tano. When i was very young my father had died in the war and my mother was left with me. When i turned 15 i learned of a power called The Force, apparently my father knew how to use that power, stories that my mother told me was that he was a Jedi Master, and my mother told me i was very talented. I learned how to control it but when i came home from school one day, my mother was dead on the floor. I cried my eyes out and i was left on the streets because i couldnt pay the house rent. And where i come from it rains everyday so i got sick alot and alot of people treatend and hurt me. But one day it snowed. I was very shocked, but the snow pleased me. It lightly touched my cuts and bruises and i began to become numb. I couldnt feel any of my body parts and i was happy as the thought of me dieing filled my mind. But i was also scared. Then a guy came up to me. He intoduced himself. His name is Jedi Master Plo Koon. He took me to the Jedi Temple where a little green guy named Yoda told him what to do with me. I was assigned to 18 year old Anakin Skywalker. I admit he was very handsom and i still kinda think that after 5 years of training with him. Today is my first day on a mission.

"Are you ready snips?" Anakin asked me with a smirk.

"Yes master." I nodded as i put on my backpack and we jumped on a ship that was about to take off. We held on to the belts above us so we would't fall off. I looked at him with excitment. I was very happy to prove to my master how much i have improved from the first day he started training with me. My big blue eyes met his. He was so calm and he looked like he wasnt worried. So i tried to stay calm too. But the universe just had to prove me wrong. BOOM! Our engen was shot and the whole ship started to fall. And i began to panic. I saw all of the men using thier jetpacks to fly off and i looked at my master. He was about to jump off but he saw me frozen in the corner.

"Ahsoka! C'mon!" He grabbed me by my waist and we jumped off. One of the men grabbed on to Anakin and he accidently let go of me.

"MASTER!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and one of the troopers saw me falling to the floor. He quickly flew down and grabbed me.

"Thank you." I kindly said.

"You're welcome sir." He said as we flew up. I looked at my master with a pouty face.

"Sorry snips." He said with an akward chuckle. BOOM! Another gun shot was sounded and one of the men began to fall. We all looked up and we saw one of the battle ship coming down. We thought it was one of our ships but we were wrong. General Grevious was standing there, giving an evil laugh as he held up a gun. And he was about to shoot me and the guy that was holding on to me. I reacted by taking out my lightsaber and redirecting the shot back to him.

"Ouch! You little pest!" He yelled I hit his arm and he held it as he took out two lightsabers. And he let go of his arm so with his two free hands he shot everyones' jetpack. We all fell to through the endless sky.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin yelled as he grabbed me. I looked around and the rest of the men.

"What about the troopers?" I asked.

"We have to beat the to the floor to save them." He said as he somehow made us go faster..and faster. The floor became clear and we landed.

"Use the force to help them!" He commanded as he stuck out his hands.

"Yes master!" I said as i did what i was told. I also stuck out my hands and we both closed our eyes. When we felt the other troopers hearts we stopped them causing them to freeze in the air. And we lowerd our hands and we gently set them on the floor.

"That you sir." They said. I nodded and we summond our lightsabers when we saw the Grevious though the force. He landed and he walked out to all of us. The troopers had out their guns out and we pointed our lightsabers to him.

"Grevious get out of here" Anakin said but he only laughed.

"Skywalker do you really think you can defeat me?" He said as he smirked.

"Oh..who's this pretty young lady?" Grevious asked as he pointed to me. When his cold evil eyes met mine i froze. He took one step to me and my master stood infront of me.

"If you lay on hand of her..i promise you i wont hesitate on killing you." Anakin bravely said. That instently made me feel safe.

"Well..you should try right now..lets see how that works out for you." He said as he took out four lightsabers.

"Don't mistake me or my master as a low life coward like you!" I said as i stepped up with Anakin.

"Oh..little missy, how about this..i'll kill your 'master' and i'll save you for me?" He said with a cold laugh. I ran to him with my lightsaber and two of them came at me. I dodged the first one and i blocked the second. Then a third one came from behind me, but my master protected me.

"Dont worry snips..i'll never let anything happen to you." I felt safe and powerful knowing he was by my side. My master took out one of his arms and the lightsaber fell with it. I saw and i took out one of his arms too. I managed to get it off but he got mad and he pushed me hard to the floor and i felt like i broke my leg. He was about to stab me by my master came and protected me.

"Thank you master.." I said.

"You're welcome snips." He said and veryone started to shoot at him and he retreated and he left.

"Sir are you okay?" The comander of the troops asked.

"Yeah..i think i broke my leg thought.." I said. Anakin came and carefuly picked me up.

"C'mon snips." He said with a smirk. We started to walk up a hill.

"So whats our mission?" I asked Anakin.

"We have to protect Padme from the droids." When he said her name his eyes sparkled. I got alittle jelous because they both secretly liked eachother.

"Oh..cool." I managed to get out. So we contiued to walk up the hill and we saw a big castle.

"Anakin!" Padme yelled as she ran out to hug him.

"Padme!" He said as he dropped me and he hugged her.

"OUCH!" I yelled in pain.

"Oh sorry snips." He said as he was about to pick me up.

"No!" I yelled. He looked at me confused and i crawled inside the castle. I heard Anakin and Padme chuckle but i didnt know what they were laughing at. I thought they laughed at me and that emotionaly hurt me. I crawled up the starts into a room that said "Healing Room"

"Hello, how may i help you?" A bot said as he went to me.

"Umm..i think i broke my leg." I said as i got up and it helped me walk to the bed.

"Well..okay but the healing process may take up to 2 days to heal." It said and i nodded.

"We'll begin tonight." It said and i nodded again. I layed in the bed with the blankets over me and a diffrent little robot came up to me.

"Beep beep" It said. I cafefuly studdied it and i realized it was a friend.

"Hey R-2!" I said. R-2 was a robot that Padme gave Anakin but he had to give it back because Master Yoda said to. And i looked up and i saw C-3PO

"Hello Ahsoka!" He said as he walked to me and hugged me.

"Hey i missed you guys." I said as i layed in the bed looking out the window..it was snowing. Then a vision of a memory came into my head. It was when i was a little girl. I was sitting on the side of the street and i hugged my legs and my knees pressed up against my chest. *I-it-its s-so c-c-cold* I thought as i looked at all of the happy families. Tears began to fall down my cheek and my eyes started to close. I was tierd, hungry, and i was cold. Then i felt something warm being placed on my sholders and it coverd my body and food was placed in my hand. I looked up and saw a weird looking man. "Thank you" I said as i began to eat the food. "Please come with me child." He said. He already had my trust so i followed him into a ship and he took me to the Jedi Temple. "Great force is with her. Master Skywalker will train her until force is under control." A little green man said and i turned around and i saw a handsom guy. Standing there and smiling at me. "Hello Ahsoka, i'm Anakin Skywalker." He said as he shook my hand. Then the memory faded away and i was sad for some reasson.

"Y'know..i've never seen a place this cold..nor a place this..how can i say it? Creepy..i mean when its warm..its a beautiful place..but.." I looked down at my gloves.

"Yes i know..where is Anakin?" He asked. I shurgged.

"Well..he's your master, should he be with you?" I nodded.

"He's with Padme isn't he?" I nodded again. He already knew i liked him.

"Oh..well me and R-2 need to be leaving..we are of assistances down stairs..I'll see you later." He said as he waved and left. I was left alone in the room looking out the window. Knock! Knock! Someone was knocking on the cold, and hard metal door. I looked at it.

"Come in." I said. And Anakin walked in. Just the person i "wanted" to see. To make me more sad and mad.

"What was with you back there snips?" He asked as he pulled a chair near me. His brown hair was filled with snow and his skin was turning a tad bit of light blue because he was cold from being outside. Instead of answering him. I looked at him as he talked to me but when he was done i looked out the window again.

"C'mon talk to me.." He said as he touched my arm. The coldness locked on my arm and i hit it off.

"What did i do to you?" He said alittle annoyed that i wasnt answering him.

"I think you should just leave.." I said as i looked down slowly.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what i did." Just as he said that the robot came in and it had bottles.

"Im sorry Master Jedi you need to leave." It said and he looked at me. I made a 'im right now leave' face and he got up and left.

"Is this gonna be painful?" I mumbled.

"Maybe alittle.." It said I swallowed loudly and i felt that my master had his ear to the door. I sighed then i nodded.

"AHHH!" I yelled in pain. It had put drops of liquid on me and it burned like crazy, each one felt like acid on my skin. I couldnt stand the pain. But it made me sleepy and within a few seconds i was sleep, while it performed the healing section.

~Anakins POV~

I heard her scream in pain. Each scream was a bullet going through my heart. I hope after this i won't have to hear that again. Then it stopped. I know she didnt die..i mean its just a simple broken leg not a life threating thing y'know. But when it stopped i heard foot steps and i quickly hid behind a wall. It was two people in black coats with hoods over their faces and they walked and baged on the door. Then the bot answered it.

"Make sure she gets this..it will, put an end to her." The taller guy said. My eyes widend and my heart raced as he said that. When i heard the door close and i saw the guys leave i knocked on the door. And the bot answerd.

"May i see her?" I asked. It nodded and we walked in. I saw her peacefuly asleep on the bed. I smiled because of the way she looked. She was beautiful. With the moon light reflecting off her skin and her hands were intertwined and they were resting on her tummy. *It will put an end to her.* I reminded myself. I saw the bottle hidden on the counter.

"Umm..i'll watch her tonight..if anything goes wrong i'll call you." I said and the bot nodded and left. I walked over to the bottle and i read the warning "Keep away from contact with skin, may cause poisning or worse, death." I walked to the window and i opened it and threw it out. Then i looked at Ahsoka. I went up to her and brushed her cheek.

"I'll protect you with my life snips." I mumbled. So that night i stayed there, watching over Ahsoka, making sure no harm was done to her, and there was three knocks at the door and Padme opened it.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. She walked up to me as she looked at Ahsoka.

"I heard you were up here and i wanted to see you." She said as she sat in my lap.

"Whats wrong?" I asked and she placed her hand on my cheek.

"I love you Anakin Skywalker." She said and my heart skipped a beat when she said that. I closed my eyes to see her say that over and over again, but then i felt a slight pressure on my lips and when i opened my eyes and i saw Padme kissing me. I ran my hand up and down her back and her hands were on my cheeks.

"Well..im tierd im gonna go to sleep..wanna come?" She asked me. I shook my head.

"Not tonight...i have to watch her." I said looking at Ahsoka.

"Okay..goodnight." She said as she kissed me again.

"Goodnight." I said as she left the room. *Wow..best night of my life...but who's out to get Ahsoka? Why would someone wanna kill her?* I thought. Then i just shook it out of my head. I just watched her sleep the rest of the night. Nothing happened..except she woke up and she was mad again.

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