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Jareth the Great Goblin King sat looking at the odd contraption sitting on his desk. It was black and had some type of wires coming from it. He had gotten it in hopes of finding her. Not only had he left his kingdom, but also he had come to her world. Now he sat in a tiny apartment with this strange thing.

He glanced at the scren or what ever it was called. Apparently he had something called the intercent. He had been told he could use it to look for people. Jareth clicked with what the man had called a mouse. It didn't look like one to Jareth. He opened a site. He moved what he was looking at down. This site wasn't going to help him. He then tried another site. This was called Twitter. He created his account, adding a very nice image of himself. He told the world who he was, hoping she was on this site. He then did his first tweet and waited for the world to responded and hoping she would answer.

GoblinKing: Looking for Sarah Williams.

So he sat and sat. No one said a thing. He had no replies or followers except for the guy who seemed to follow everyone. He waited days tweeting the same thing. Until after about a week he got a reply.

T_SMix: Why you looking for her?

GoblinKing: She took something from me.

T_SMix: What? Your mind. Dude, you need to really to get a life?

GoblinKing: How dare you.

T_SMix: Dude, you really need some help.

GoblinKing: I only need help finding Sarah. Do you know her?

The person called T_SMix didn't reply. Jareth sighed. Things weren't going so great. A week had gone by, and still no word from Sarah or anyone who knew her. It might help if he had a photo of her, but he didn't. He only had the pictures of her in his mind. He then noticed the search area in the top of the page. He typed in her name. Then a list of people on the site came up. Jareth grinned. Well this might help. He scrolled down. Not a single one of them were his Sarah, well at least the ones with photos. He then began to click on the ones that didn't have pictures. He sent messages to them all, well a good bit of them. Not a single one replied. He continued to go on once a day and tweet, as it was called. The get got a reply to his latest tweet.

GoblinKing: About to give up using this thing to find her. She doesn't seem to be here. I shall try another site.

PreciousQueen: Who you trying to find? Have you searched for her?

GoblinKing: Of course I have, but she isn't on this site.

PreciousQueen: Do you know her real name?

GoblinKing: Yes, that's what I used to search for her. You aren't much help.

PreciousQueen: Well, tell me and I'll see if I can help. You seem to be new here.

GoblinKing: Well, you make be of some help after all. I am looking for a Sarah Williams.

PreciousQueen: K. Let me look.

GoblinKing: Thank you.

PreciousQueen: Well, there are a lot of girls who say their name is Sarah Williams.

GoblinKing: I know. None I have tried are her.

PreciousQueen: Well she could be going by a different name.

GoblinKing: True.

PreciousQueen: Why are you so interested in finding her?

GoblinKing: She stole from me.

PreciousQueen: What did she take?

GoblinKing: My heart and she doesn't even know it.

PerciousQueen: Well that's sweet. When did you see her last?

GoblinKing: About ten years ago.

PerciousQueen: You haven't seen her in TEN years. Why are waiting this long to find her?

GoblinKing: I've been looking for her since she turned twenty.

PreciousQueen: How old was she back when you last saw her?

GoblinKing: Fifteen, I think. I really don't remember.

PreciousQueen: Look I have to go, but I'll help. I'll follow you that way I have a way of staying in touch with you. Ttyl.

Jareth looked at the last image on the screen. Someone was willing to help him. Well that was wonderful. Now it seemed he would not have to go to another site after all.


Sarah looked at her now off computer. There was no way she had spent the last hour chatting with him. It couldn't be. There wasn't any electricity in the Labyrinth and they certainly were not any computers. Sarah shook her head and laughed. No, she was just chatting to some guy who just happens to have photos of someone who looked like him and was claiming to be him. Heck it could even been another girl who ran the Labyrinth.

Sarah sighed as she closed her laptop. She would help this guy find Sarah Williams, but she doubted very much they were looking for her.

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