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"Hi my name is David Tutera and welcome to My Fair Wedding! On today's episode, we join the dancing couple Camille Gage and Robert Alexander III A.K.A Moose. They're two best friends who fell head over dancing shoes in love and have now been dating for 4 years. Moose proposed 4 months ago after their NYU graduation and the two planned to marry at the local courthouse and have a modest reception in their creative home called "The Volt". They INTEND on getting married today, but we have a little surprise for them. They're friends and family have brought me here to give them the wedding of their dreams. Let's go and surprise the lucky couple at the courthouse now!"

Camille's POV

I looked into Moose's eyes seeing everything I ever wanted in a husband. Love, protection, loyalty , warmth, someone who laughs at my corny jokes and loves me for who I am. He smiled at me rubbing his thumbs against mine, and a curly dark lock fell in front of his eye. As the minister talked, I barely heard him totally in awe on Moose. I brushed the lock out of his eye and smiled. I was happy. But I felt something missing. There was this pang in my heart for the wedding I had been dreaming of since I was that little girl in Ms. Mayweather's Foster home. I wanted the romantic setting, the beautiful flowers, the big Victorian chapel and most of all…..the dress. The white gown as pure as snow that would make me feel truly beautiful for the first time in my life. But here I was in the a stuffy room with bullet holes in the windows and tackily lace trimmed curtains on the windows, with the justice of the peace, who smells like tacos and feet, wearing a simple white dress I'd had since I was 17, with a fake flowered bouquet the office provided. A dream come true.

This is partly my fault. Moose wanted to give me all I desired and more. But we were newly out of college and had no money and no jobs besides my temporary position at St. Mary's Hospital as a receptionist and Moose's position as a lighting director at the local theatre. We hadn't had job offers at that point, and I didn't want us to be completely broke because we spent all our money on one day that is overly commercialized and there is no need to spend thousands on a trivial day. Which is what I said, but never believed.

But I was marrying Moose and that was all I needed. Want is insignificant, but marrying Moose was the most significant decision I've ever made. Tyler, Nora, Luke and Natalie were there as our witnesses beaming at us, but I could tell something was off with them. Tyler kept looking toward the door, Nora was fidgeting with her fingers and Luke and Natalie kept smiling at each other like there was some inside joke I wasn't aware of. I was suspicious but I let it go and focused on my groom who was looking at me lovingly. I finally tuned back into the minister and heard him begin the vows.

"Camille Renee Gage, do you take Robert Alexander III to be your lawfully wedded husband? To cherish and to hold and to share your life with through sickness and through health as long as you both shall live?"

Absolutely yes was on the tip of tongue, when the double doors opened wide and the miracle I was secretly hoping for, came storming into my wedding and shocking me to my core.