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Chapter 6

Camille's POV

"Sophie." I croaked.

"Moose? Oh my gosh this is such a surprise!" She squealed in delight.

"Oh you have no idea." I mumbled under my breath.

"Soph Oh my gosh it is so good to see you!" Moose gushed immediately pulling her into a hug. I just glared at him. Obviously he didn't understand that hugging your ex-girlfriend in front of your fiancé is a relationship no-no.

"It's so good to see you too! What's it been? 6 years?" She said her hand still holding onto his. My blood began to coil as I saw him smile at her with the lop sided grin he's suppose to only give me.

"Too long Soph!" He said. I gave an obvious cough to break them from their inappropriately happy reunion. She finally turned her attention to me.

"Oh hi Camille, I didn't see you there." She said giving a fake smile. I faked smiled back.

"I find that hard to believe." I said and she chuckled, obviously not amused.

"I take it you guys know each other?" David interjected.

"Yes. Me, moose and Camille went to high school together."

"Well until you became a big dance star. Why do you work here?" Inquired moose.

"Tore my ACL my second year at Julliard and had to quit. Now I'm a ruthless business woman." She prided flipping that super star Selena Latina hair I envied.

"It suits you. You look great." He said admiring her. My face de-colored and I felt my nails sinking harshly into my palm trying to withhold my anger for my oblivious fiancé and the woman in front of me.

"You don't look bad yourself. You look a man now with your peach fuzz." She said leaning forward and pinches his cheek jokingly. Why are you letting her touch YOUR man? Get it together girl! I heard my inner self say.

"And Camille, you look…" She said eyeing me up and down.

"The same way you did when you were 14." She smiled arrogantly. I immediately frowned.

"So you two are getting married? I never thought I'd see the day. I'm surprised you finally opened up your eyes and saw Camille's feelings."

"Well thank God he did because then he would be with the wrong girl." I smiled linking my fingers with his as he looked at me and smiled. Sophie shifted uncomfortably and I tilted my head and smirked annoyingly at her.

"Well thank God for that." she said with an intense glare. Then she looked at David and said, "Let's talk wedding details."

"This is where the ceremony will take place." Sophie said walking us into the vast theatre. It was the most spectacular place I had ever seen. The beautiful Crystals hanging from the ceiling brought back memories of dreaming about getting married in a Castle with millions of diamonds on the ceiling. Girly dream I know, but I was a 10 year-old foster kid and dreams were all I had at the time.

"I love this place!" Moose exclaimed, his statement echoing around the room. He looked around amazed like a little kid and pulled me by my waist to him.

"Don't you love it babe?"

"I do." I smiled kissing his cheek.

"I have big plans for decorating this place." David said to us. He must of noticed my mischievous glance because he cranked his finger no.

I'm not telling you anything little missy. The wedding details are up to me and Ms. Donovan." Suddenly my stomach dropped like I was riding the Hulk at Universal Studios.

"You're helping him plan our wedding?"

"That's awesome! Someone that knows us on the inside. It'll make it more special." Said moose.

"I wouldn't use the word special." I murmured.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'm not going to sabotage your wedding or anything." She said jokingly, but that evil gleam in her eyes made me think otherwise.

"Well dear," I said mocking her endearing term, "I'm not worried about that, but about your credentials. I mean I don't want a woman whose last party I went to had a watermelon filled with tequila and dove into the pool at the end of the party only in her undergarments." I laughed. Sophie's face paled and her eyed shifted embarrassed. Oh yea, payback is sweet.

"Cam, that wasn't necessary." Moose scolded. I looked up at him with shock. Did he NOT see her taking stabs at me since we got here, and the evil glares she was giving me! And he was making ME feel bad? But as I looked into his chocolate eyes that I loved, I caved in unexpectedly feeling bad.

"Sorry Sophie. I didn't mean to embarrass you." She seemed satisfied that I apologized, as if she planned it and touched my arm.

"I forgive you. You're still naïve and don't understand the appropriate time to say things. It's understandable because of your background." My background? What now she's better than me because she grew up in the hills and me in the slums of Baltimore? I looked at Moose to see if he would defend me against her attacking words but instead he changed the subject.

"Sophie will take good care of everything Cam. I promise. Right Soph?"

"Of course. In fact, if you're still worried, I'm throwing this fabulous party here tonight for my friends from Glee and…"

"My dude Cable is on that show! His moves are mad wicked. The way he does the spin on his head and that sweet trick where he…"

"Anyway," Sophie interrupted irritated, "I invite you two to come to check out my work. What do you say?"

"We say yes!"

"We have to say no." Moose and I looked at each other oddly.

"Why not?"

"I work the late shift at the hospital tonight."

"Can't you just call in sick? This is a Hollywood party Cam!"

"If I call in I could loose my residency."

"Well Moose could just come and you could go to work." She said eyeing him and I could see the plan forming in her mind to be all over him while I was out saving lives.

What are you gonna do Camille? Let that tamp take you man? Andie's voice said.

Camille you shouldn't have to fight for your man, trust him. Rang Nora's voice.

Camille, don't be an idiot. Said DJ's harsh but honest voice.

Sorry Nora, but this was something I had to fight fire with fire.

"I'll be there." Sophie raised an eyebrow at me and gave me a look of challenge. I look back at her with more intensity. This was war.

"Good! This should be fun!" Moose said happily. Uh, boys.

"Thanks Crysta I owe you." I said hanging up the phone.

"She covering for you?" Moose asked as we drove back to the Vault.

"Yea it's the third time this month. I owe her my kidney when I die." Moose gave me a disbelieving look.

"No joke." He shuddered.

"I'm so pumped for tonight." He smiled like a child on their birthday.

"Mhmm. Me too." I said unenthusiastically.

"Hey." He said putting his hand on my bare knee. His warm hands in contrast with my cold leg made me shiver with delight.

"You okay?"

"Yeah it's just that…you know Sophie hates me."

"She does not!"

"And she wants you back."

"She does not!"

"Moose she was all over you with hugs and kisses on the cheek good by! What do you call that?"

"Being friendly to an old friend."

"Yea too friendly." I said suspiciously. His hand moved up and began to rub circles on my thigh.

"Is someone jealous?" He smirked. I scoffed, completely disgusted.

"Please I would never be jealous of that two-faced silicon filled bimbo." I spat. He moved his hand from leg to my neck and pulled me from my seat over to him.

"Your cute when your intimidated." He said kissing the corner of my lips. I was about to protest when I realized his eyes weren't on the road and we were about to collide with another car.

"Moose!" I screeched taking the wheel and swerving the car out of the way of our almost collision. My heart was pounding, but moose looked completely calm.

"Don't get your boy Vicky Secrets in a twist Cammie. I had it under control." This was exactly the ignorance that implored me to make sure I was keeping an eye on Ms. Sophie Donovan.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the Vault, I rushed the shaft pushing the up button about 10 times and when greeted by our crew I ignored everyone and said, "Girls. Natalie's room. NOW." I said walking to the room as they followed curious. I faintly heard one of the boys say "what's wrong with her?"

As soon as we were in the room I closed and locked it and flung myself of Natalie and Luke's bed.

"Chica what's up?" Said Anala. I started spouting out today's events but I was face down on the bed and it came out like gibberish.

"Um…repeat please? In English?" Said DJ. I flung up and exclaimed,


"Holy crap! Sophie? Satan's mistress?" Exclaimed Andie.

"She's planning your wedding?" Asked Nora in disbelief.

"And she want's moose?" Asked Natalie.

"I just said all that!"

"Girlfriend this is a major problem." DJ said.

"Your telling me. It took everything in me not to strangle her."

"Wait, who is Sophie?" Asked Anala.

"Some snobby slut that Moose mistakenly dated in high school. She's like the girl from The Ring except in a hotter body." Andie explained.

"She hates me Camille because she thinks Camille made him break up with her, but all she did was talk some common sense into him." Added Nora.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Natalie.

"Cut the bitch." Said Andie. Nora slapped her arm.


"I'm just so afraid that he'll fall right into her trap and not even know it."

"Moose isn't that stupid." Defended DJ. The room grew silent.

"This could be trouble." DJ said.

"What am I going to do?" I yelled in the bed again. Nora came to sit next to me and stroked my hair.

"Honey, Moose loves you and would never do anything to hurt you. Trust him to be careful."

"OR," Anala said, "You could go to that party, show her whose boss and fight for your man."

"That's more I like it!" Said Andie.

"What happened to trust?" Said Nora.

"Since Jen trusted Brad to work with Angelina." Said Natalie.

"Am I Jen in this scenario because I don't like that outcome." I groaned.

"No sweetie. Jen got her life back. She has a great career, a great body and she dated Gerard Butler. That's an accomplishment." Nora said trying to comfort me but failed miserably.

"No!" I said suddenly jumping off the bed. "I'm not going to let Angelina take my Brad! I'm going to fight for Brad and we're going to get married and adopt all those Asian babies! "

"Moose is Brad in this scenario right?" Asked Andie.

"Yes he is! I'm going to a party tonight ladies." I smiled with confidence with my hands on my hips.

"That's my girl! Now let's start with the basics-fashion." Anala said. My face immediately fell.

"I don't have anything."

"Leave it to us." Said DJ.

"Make-over!" Yelled an exuberant Natalie. What have I gotten into?

Moose's POV

It was 10:00 and the party was already beginning. But hey, I wanted to be fashionably late. I was a little bit worried about Cam. I wanted her to have fun and not let this jealousy of Sophie get in the way of us enjoying ourselves. I just wanted her to remember I could never love anyone like I love her. I fixed my tux in the mirror-well Luke's tux- and gelled back my curls. Oh yea, I was looking good. But in the corner of my eye I saw something-someone- who blew any other woman I'd seen out of the water. I turned around with a goofy-awe struck face at Camille descending from the stairs. She wore a deep violet mini dress that reached the middle of her thigh. The neckline went straight across her chest and her shoulders were bare, with long tight fitting sleeves. It was sparkly and tight fitting and I wanted to hold her body close to me already. She wore silver heels and her hair was down and curly. Her make up was light but had a new glow. When she got to the bottom she had a bashful smile waiting for my reaction.

"Babe, you look-you look-wow." I stammered. She smiled more confidently and turned around in a twirl as I saw the dress was backless.

"You trying to give me a heart attack Gage?"

"Maybe. I'll give you mouth to mouth." She said seductively.

"I'm not drowning." I laughed.

"Does in matter?" She said capturing my lips with hers. The kiss was hungry and fevered and it pained me when she pulled away.

"Well someone is affectionate tonight."

"You have no idea." She said sultrily.

"Shall we go my lady?" I said offering my arm. She took it gladly.

"We shall." She said. I saw her turn around to wink at the girls who were watching us the whole time.

"Privacy!" I yelled.

"What's that?" Yelled DJ. As we walked out to the car I asked Cam,

"Ready to have fun?"

"Most definitely." She said. Something in her eyes gave a look of mischief and I wondered, what was in store for tonight?

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