E/O Challenge: Hurt
A special double drabble for Deangirl1 whose birthday is upon us. She wisely selected Dean whump. The trashcan is just a little icing.
Word Count: 100 in each of two drabbles.

Sam dropped to his knees next to Dean, running frantic hands over his head, arms and legs. "Are you alright?"

A bleary green eye cracked open. "What're you doin'? Feeling me up?"

He sagged back on his heels with a huff. "The demon threw you through a wall, Dean."

Dean squirmed. "Nothing hurts.""

Sam clapped his shoulder. "That was close."

"That hurt."

"What?" Sam poked Dean's biceps. "Did that?"

"Crap. Yeah."

Sam stood, pulling Dean upright with him. "Can you walk?"

Dean took a tentative step. He muttered, "Now that hurts", before his eyes rolled up and he went down.

"Sammy? M'freezing."

"Hey. Try not to move. You're covered in ice packs."

"We in the hotel?"

"Yeah. Had to carry you."

Dean opened his eyes at that, cheeks burning. "I could've walked."

"Not passed out you couldn't."

Dean was silent for a moment. "Know how I said nothing hurt?"

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose. "Were you lying?"

"No!" Wide-eyed, Dean got up on one arm. "It didn't at first. Then it did."

"What hurts now?"

"Freakin' everything. He blinked. "I went through a wall?"

Sam gestured broadly. "Demon. Wall. You."

"Have I puked yet?"

"I'll get the trashcan."

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