Bloody Chewing Gum

This is just an UGLY one shot I wrote because there was no internet for like a week and I had nothing to do, I had writers block and I had the biggest headache in the world.

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Bella sighed "Renesmee has been spending so much time with Jacob I hope she remembers who her parents are" she said leaning into Edward's shoulder.

Edward nodded "of course she will remember you, how could she forget her own Mother?"

Bella frowned "but still, she spends most of her awake time with him. He brings her back and she's tired and wants to go to sleep" she whined "I just wish I could be with her right now" she fell to the floor and started to throw a small tantrum "Renesmee, Renesmee" she cried.

Edward bent down and looked at her face "you shouldn't cry like that Bella" he said.

She sat up "but-" the door swung open and Jacob strolled in with Renesmee who was leading the way. Bella held her arms out in front of her "Renesmee…"

Renesmee rushed to her Mother "Mommy" she sang "look what Jacob got me" she said chewing.

Bella released searching her daughter "what did Jake give you?" she wandered.

Renesmee giggled "chewing gum" she started to chew "and look what he showed me to do."

Bella smiled "what did he show you, honey?"

Renesmee stood still and blew a bubble with her gum. The bubble grew bigger and bigger and bigger until it popped. Renesmee cheered ad Bella screamed.

Edward ran to Bella's side "it's okay, it's just gum…"

Bella hit the ground with her hands like a little child as Renesmee ran to Jacob "okay then, just get it out."

Edward hesitated then tried to get the gum out. He smiled at her innocently "I think there's only one way to get it out."

Bella stared at Edward and shook her head "no, no, no, no way Edward."

Edward stood up "All right then, if you want it to stay."

Bella reached out and grabbed Edward's arms. She would have cried if she could "okay then" she closed her eyes tightly "go ahead and cut it."

"Are you sure?" Edward wandered.

Bella nodded, her eyes still closed "yes, now hurry."

Edward rushed up stairs and came back down with a pair of scissors "stay still…"

He cut one strand of hair and Bella cried- literally cried. Crimson tears started to fall from her eyes. Who would have thought that a vampire could cry and cry tears of blood, how awesome? Bella shook her head "no continue" she demanded. Tears kept dripping down her face.

Edward took a deep breath then cut another piece after another. Renesmee gestured for Jacob to put her down and she tumbled to her Mother "Mommy, are you crying?" she enquired wiping one of the scarlet tears that lay on Bella's cheek.

Jacob handed Bella a box of tissues and Bella dried her tears. Renesmee helped Edward pick up the strands of hair that lay on the ground. Edward returned with a mirror and held it in front of Bella's face.

Bella glared at the mirror "I hate it! My hair is too short" she groaned playing with her shoulder length hair.

Edward kissed Bella along her neck "I think it looks beautiful" he complimented.

Bella frowned "no I'm not."

"I know" a random stranger laughed.

Everyone turned around and stared at the girl with long curly brown hair and blue-is green eyes "who are you?" Bella questioned.

The girl shrugged "a Bella hater. Good to know we agree on something."

"Agree on what?"

"You look UGLY…" she said running away.

Bella got up and chased after the girl who had disappeared. When she couldn't find the girl she cried her blood tears again "Edward…she called me ugly" she whined.

Edward patted her on the head "it's alright…" he tried to comfort her.

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