The Legend of Zelda: An Old Threat, a New Era

Co-Written by Brian and Erico


By Brian and Erico

Quite a Fantastic story!


Wow, this is the first joint project Zelda story to ever be posted in the Fanfiction library. Well, I sort of got this great idea for a Zelda fanfic in my head, but I figured that I wouldn't be able to pull off writing it on my own. I realized that Erico was once a Bard at the BZC, so I realized that asking him to help me write this would be a novel idea. Erico, being the great friend that he is, fully agreed, but problems did arise: we actually didn't start the actual writing until a few months later! But, when we finally DID start around late June of 2000, it only took us a few weeks to complete. Behold the power of teamwork! The plot developed nicely from just writing whatever we pleased, but some ideas absolutely had to be brought to each other's attention. All in all, a great job done well.

Now is my time to begin thanking people. First, I would like to thank Erico for actually taking on his part of the daunting task and actually being able to finish it with his busy schedule. Next, I'm going to thank the excellent author known as Jules. She prompted me a few times to write more, and she also gave me great tips on writing to help me out. She has no idea how much it meant to me. Third, I'd like to thank…Whitney! Well, many people probably don't know her…but then maybe you do. She goes by the name of Pinkeye on the forums. She read over the story as it was being written and told me whether she liked it or not. Seeing how everything that she told me about it was good, I'd take it this is a good story. The last person I should thank is John Rogos, the webmaster of the Grand Adventures. If he hadn't allowed me to be my own, crazy self at his web site, then I would have never gotten so involved in this fanfic stuff.


And now…Erico!


Shoot. You didn't leave me much to work on here, didja? Seems like you had a lot of help on this project, Brian. And I have to agree with your strategy; getting people involved was a good idea.

As a matter of fact (Lets sparkles form, screen distorts as Erico activates the annoying flashback button) I met Brian on the Nintendoland Fanfiction board. Here I was, just bumbling about with EOAD (Boy, that's hard to remember! The bloody thing was finished months ago.) and I saw someone who went by BRIAN A on the boards, looking for help, specifically people to give him feedback on a particularly nice short story concerning (Of course) Zelda. Well, me being the bored person that I was, with a case of writer's block and all, sent him a response saying he could dump his work on me to evaluate. This was back when Brian went by I found Brian's writing to be very good, much like my own. I told him what needed fixing, and he thanked me. We kept up the E-Mailing for quite some time, until he enlisted me in this crazy idea for a joint project. So, with two projects to work on, I kept myself pretty busy over the summer.

What I found to be the greatest source of enjoyment from this is that Brian and I had very much the same ideas for plot development, concerning Zelda, Link, Malon, and several other cameos. Of course, eventually you're gonna meet a character not mentioned too often, who serves as a 'confidante' for the growing Link. That was my idea, but Brian loved it wholeheartedly. We switched off chapters, so what you are getting is two different but similar writing styles in this telling, switching every chapter.

It will be a bit different from your 'Traditional' Zelda fic, but hey…why venture into territory where you've already been?

Yet another thing I need to bring up is this; For you struggling Fanfic authors, don't lose hope. Eventually, you will find your own path in writing, and then you will bloom into a great talent. And don't judge how well people like your stuff by its score. If you got enjoyment out of it, then that's all that matters.

Getting off my high horse now, I am going to let you move on from our pathetic twin dialogues and actually READ THIS BLOODY THING. After all—

That's why you opened this 'fic. To read, and enjoy.

If you aren't getting that out of it, then move on to the boards.

AACKK! I'm doing it again!

All right, y'all. GET READING!