Co-Written by Brian A and Erico


By Erico

"That was the most critical moment of our history," said the tour guide as she led her group to the statue of Link holding the Triforce. "Because of the power of one young boy and his wish, the world was saved. His wish was for peace and life, and the power of the Triforce granted it to him—and to the world." Brushing down her red uniform, the tour guide pointed to the woman beside Link, smiling greatly at the final triumph. "Princess Zelda married the Hero of Legend shortly thereafter, and their blessed union helped to unify the world and end all suffering. Technology and magic came together, and their destructive purposes were abandoned. Thanks to the efforts of these two and their band of helpers, we can now live today in serenity, knowing that wherever we go, we can feel the love and the hope of their cause." The tour guide stopped speaking and pointed to one young boy, whose hand jumped up and down. "Yes?"

"What happened to the Master Sword?"

The tour guide smiled. "Because no evil could touch it, Link and Zelda had it placed back in the Pedestal of Time, forever revealed to the world. This museum was built around it, and it is here the sword sleeps, ever vigilant if needed. If evil returns—and it has, only to be cast back time and time again—then the chosen Hero will arise and quell the threat. The Links, it seems are forever our guardians. And they always win."

The boy smiled. "My name's Link, too!"

The tour guide walked over and kneeled down to face him. Teasingly, she prodded him in the stomach. "Then maybe one day, you too will save us."

The boy giggled. "Just like the others."

"Just like the others," the tour guide finished. She stood up and pointed to a doorway.

"And through there, lies the Master Sword itself. It's perfectly safe to look at, but its magical protection lets no one but the chosen hero touch it." The crowds moved along, mumbling happy thoughts to each other as they went to the next exhibit. But the boy remained, looking happily at the statue of Link and Zelda and the Triforce.

"Thank you, Link," the boy said. "Thank you for saving us." The boy walked away, following the group and his mother.

If he had turned, he might have seen a glimmer of light come down from the ceiling and the sky above.

Up, surrounded by love and their friends, Link and Zelda smiled at their world, and the hope and love that no force could ever touch.

The Triforce is an object of power, an object of wisdom, and an object of courage. But most of all…

It is a representation of every dream, every love, and every hope that every being has ever had.

And because these never die, neither does the Triforce.