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"But Ma-"


"Only one?"

"Damn it, Mello!" Matt got up from the couch where both him and his food-poisoned blonde lounged. That burger joint didn't know how to cook a damn burger right. He then proceeded to gather the other in his arms, throwing him over his shoulder.

A slight green tint showed in Mello's face as he was being carried to his room. "Get. Me. The. Fuck. Down. Jeevas." He made sure to say his message clearly so that it would get through his boyfriend's head… and so he could make sure he didn't upchuck in the process.

"Sounds good to me." Matt released his hold when he reached the destined spot: the bed. Mello plopped onto a tattered mattress with black sheets. "Stay." The gamer started for the living room so he could finish his Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game when he felt something clinging to his stripped shirt.

Mello's left hand was currently clasped on that shirt to prevent the man's movement while the right kept his support on the bed. He looked up, trying to keep a smirk. This way, he wouldn't degrade himself with the expression of pain that was creeping on his lips. Starring, the unspoken question lingered in the air.

Being Matt, he could see right through Mello. It was definitely obvious the little punk was trying to look tough. He sighed then sat at the edge of the bed which let the blonde release his grip, fall onto his back and close his eyes to gain needed rest. Matt took out his gameboy to pass the time. It only took a few minutes for Mello to spring out of his comfortable position to dash to the bathroom. In the background of the Super Mario theme, the redhead could hear his best friend's heaving. "And you wanted to eat a fucking chocolate bar." He was only answered with the bird that was displayed clearly in the open doorway. While chuckling, Matt turned off his game so that he could go and rub the back of his sick, mafia hottie.

L's fricken' HOT. kthnxbi