"Holy fuck. Mels, it's been three days. I'm pretty damn sure it's all gone. PLUS, we haven't even done anything for five days and-"

"Not taking the chance." Mello concluded as he brushed some of his golden locks over his shoulder as if it furthered his point that he was trying to make.

Matt sat back on his 'sick blanket'-covered couch. He hasn't even touched that mafia boss' ass for almost a week and it was killing him, but the one sensation that took over him, besides his lust, was confusion. How the hell did Mello stand it? He was pretty damn sure Mello would crack before he would. Doesn't that kid take in sex like oxygen? As in, he can't go without doin' it for a minute or he'd explode? Apparently there's one thing that cancels out that need: his. damn. hair… and he gets pissed when people realize he's gay right away. Pah-lease.

What if Matt-

"Don't even think about bribing me with chocolate. I got my months worth in a close warehouse." Mello smirked in triumph. His little redhead was so cute when he pouted like that. No. Don't think about him like that for at least two more days. Then it's definite that he doesn't have anymore LICE. "So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be doing actual work instead of wasting time."

Mello only took two steps in Matt's opposite direction before a grunt stopped him- no. That sounded more like a… a moan. "But Mello. I'm so booored." The blonde spun around to retort with extreme sarcasm but couldn't manage the words since they were stuck right in his throat. The sight he laid his eyes on was all too appealing. Matt stretched his arms way above his head so that his stripped shirt was forced to travel a little over his navel. That enticing little fucker. "Play with me? …Sexual pun intended." That smirk just screamed lust to Mello.

Fine. Two could play this game. Mello walked right up to his now beaming redhead and lowered his head right in front of Matt's. For the other, though, it was just not close enough for- a soft whisper broke said gamer's concentration. "No." Just as quickly as he was there, Mello stood back up straight and winked.


"That's my job~"

~*_NEXT DAY_*~

"Mello! I think it's gone now." If Matt had a tail, he'd be wagging it. He woke up on the same couch he was still forced to sit and sleep on. Before he made his conscious self known, he'd observed his blondie working on his laptop. It's easy to tell when he's not focusing on his research because, well, he's just Matt. And has Mello-telepathy or some shit like that. Just don't question it.

"Mornin', sunshine." Matt showed his big, goofy grin that he knew Mello thought was a-fucking-dorable.

"Hey." He didn't even look over his shoulder during this exchange, but it was evident he tensed a bit at the new idiotic nickname.

Matt shifted in position, definitely not without little noises that came with shifting and stretching after a good, long sleep. It was quite pleasing to notice how Mello reacted, only slightly, to each individual sound. "Soooo, wanna hear my dream?"

Every fiber in Mello screamed at him to refuse. "Sure." Obviously, he didn't give a fuck about his body fibers.

"Well, you were in it." Matt bit his lip for a second to hold down his chuckle, but continued. "And you were pretty damn hot."

"Am I not always?" Cocky. But still not as engaged in the conversation as the redhead wanted him to be.

"But of course. Very, very sexy. Although, there seemed to have been a change in our regular scenery." Still nothing. "We were lounging on a hot, dry beach." Oh, he took his sweet-ass time drawing out those adjectives.

Matt almost did a happy dance when Mello swiveled in his chair to give his full attention on his little lover. "Oh, really. How original." He scoffed.

"Yes, yes. I know. But it felt so real that when I woke up a few minutes ago, I realized how sweaty I got." Target locked. Ready to fire. "I feel all… sticky…"

You don't even know what 'sticky' feels like yet- Mello needed to control himself. Fast. Where was his damn chocolate when he really needed it?

Firing. "And still do… oh, well. I'll just change into new clothes I guess…" He slowly started to lift his shirt above the nest on his head.

Control is good. Fibers are good. Chocolate is good. Walking away from Matt is good.

Mello made a beeline for Matt and sucked out all the air from the boy with a deep kiss.

Fuck fibers.

Target acquired. New mission: smex.

It has been a while, huh?

WEEEELL not only is next chapter done, but it comes with a special surprise- BWAHAHAHA