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A Dramione Fic. She told him she loved him, he told her she was ugly. Eleven years later, he changed his mind; but Hermione Granger never forgets. Karma is such a bitch.

Chapter One

"Dragon's Gift"

Theodore Nott was grinning.

Theodore Nott was grinning, again.

It only meant one thing.

"Alright. Who's the unlucky girl this time?" Draco Malfoy rolled his eyes as he sipped on his gin and tonic.

It was Saturday night so they were at their bar, the "Dragon's Gift" as they always would. It had been their custom for years now. After the war, Theo had been Draco's confidant in everything that he did, so one could say that they're best friends, even if having a "best friend" sounded odd for both. Theo had always been independent at their Hogwarts days, so one would assume he was a loner while Draco had always been the head of a certain gang but had never actually considered him self being equal or friends with them for that matter. In short, neither of them really had a friend, so the prospect of being best friends was quite bizarre for both. Despite that, however, these former Slytherins had been really good friends for years. It was maybe, because of the fact that both of them had been victims of the war. Both of their fathers were Death Eaters and were sent in Azkaban after the final trial. Theo was left alone and Draco was left with his mother. It was remarkable, however, how both could have a similar disposition after the unfortunate trial.

After the trial; Theo and Draco, for the first time, actually received the normalcy of life.

Theo decided to finish his studies and to mend the pieces left to him by his evil father. Draco's life had also amazingly improved with the absence of Lucius Malfoy. In those years, Draco had finally been able to get closer and learn more of his mother, who was a very submissive wife to her husband before. It turned out that his mother was actually a very smart, clever and a cheerful woman. Growing up, Draco had always pictured her to be like his father, ambitious and selfish, but meek as a trained Malfoy wife should. It turned out, however, that she only did and sacrificed everything for her husband, because she was genuinely in love with him. Narcissa had opened up to her son how she had always loved Lucius and how that love had transformed into submissiveness and fear after years of being with him. The fire she once had became ashes and embers of a loveless life. The love was forgotten because of fear, until she also had taken for granted her very own son.

For a woman so beautiful and lively, she had certainly loved the wrong man.

Draco and Theo met on a wizard university outside Europe. Since they were both from Hogwarts, they somehow took comfort on each other's company. It was then that they realized they actually had a lot more in common than they thought. Due to his nature, Draco was quite popular, but he never left Theo and started on introducing him to the crowd. After they graduated, both had taken charge of their own businesses that were, perhaps, the only good and useful things that their evil fathers had left them. The former Slytherins, however, had remained friends and would often hang out with each other every Friday night on bars as it was their routine with their university friends before. It was then later on that they had the idea of owning their very own club. Thus, "Dragon's Gift" was born. "Dragon" came from Draco's name which meant "Dragon" in Latin while "Gift" came from dōron, as Theodore's name came from theGreek name Theodros, which is derived from the words theos and dōron. It had then been a custom, no matter what, to be in this place and unwind after a long week of work.

"She said yes, mate," Theo was grinning like a child.

"Said… er… yes?" Draco had his brow raised, then, suddenly his eyes bulged as if he'd be sick.

"You're getting married?" Draco shouted too loudly that even the loud music couldn't tamper his voice that some people had resorted on looking at them. The bachelors in the club seemed to grimace in fright, afraid of the "M" word.

"What? No!" Theo yelled; looking outraged that his friend would even mention that. Him? Getting married? What about the poor lovely ladies waiting for him? The crowd seemed please of his answer, thank Merlin, and started on their usual business again. He started on glaring at Draco while the blonde just snickered.

"You're such an arse, Draco. What the hell were you thinking? I happen to love my suave image, you know," Theo told his best friend, while winking at the pretty blonde girl in the corner. The blonde girl giggled and displayed her legs by crossing them seductively, hiking up her almost there skimpy skirt. Theo made a mental note on getting her number later, just in case.

"I'm sorry. It's not my fault you grinned like an idiot," Draco chuckled; "What do you mean, she said yes, anyway? Next time, get on with the details."

"Fine! It's about this really hot girl. I bumped into her yesterday at the—"

Draco raised his eyebrow.

"Alright!" Theo groaned. "I saw her going out at a café and I intently bumped into her."

"Go on," Draco smirked. Merlin, he knew him too well.

"I couldn't help it, you know. She's really hot. I asked for her number but she wouldn't give me and—"

"Whoa! Wait right there. She wouldn't give you?" Draco's interest was certainly piqued now. He and Theo had never been turned down by any girl. It might sound haughty, but it was the truth. They were even featured at Witch Weekly on its Top Ten Most Eligible Bachelors of the Wizardry World. Malfoy being at the first place of course. Theo was third after Harry Bloody Potter, but still, being third was saying something! It meant he should get all the girls that he wanted.

"Well, yes, come laugh at my face now, but yes, she wouldn't. I didn't give up though," Theo replied.

"And?" Draco asked, waiting for more details. Theo and he had never been patient with girls. He was never turned down by a girl anyway, but he knew that if he was, he'd simply walk away and look for another one. The fact that Theo didn't seem to mind that this girl had bruised his ego and that he still had kept on pursuing her meant that she was really something. He'd probably hook up with her once Theo got tired and had enough of her. Draco was never fond of dating Theo's exes, because that meant he'd only be some sort of a second for recycling Theo's possessions. But hell, if this girl was that hot, then he wouldn't mind.

"I followed her on the streets until she got tired and confronted me. It was when I saw her little Hogwarts keychain that I've known that she was actually a witch. I couldn't believe my luck. I mean, usually when I go to London, I'd meet some random pretty muggle girls. But a witch, and from Hogwarts too? Yesterday was undeniably my lucky day. It was when I told her that we were schoolmates that she actually started to acknowledge me," Theo smiled fondly on the memory.

"So you got her number?" It wasn't supposed to be a question. Of course he got her number. He was Theodore Nott.

"No," Theo smiled.

Draco had his mouth temporarily opened for a few seconds.

"So why are you still so bloody happy?" He was seriously confused now.

"Well, I told her about "Dragon's Gift" and invited her to come with her friends and everything's on the house if they would. She told me she'll come with her friends if they'll have a night out," Theo explained, still looking giddy.

Draco stared at him in disbelief.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with Theo?"

Theo just shook his head and chuckled at his statement, but Draco wouldn't have any of it. He looked deadly serious.

"So you would wait for her to come here anytime on her own without getting some kind of assurance if she really would?" Draco was stressed up now. What the hell had gotten inside his friend? He clearly didn't want to know.

"I happen to know her name and I happen to have a huge group of subjects to find her. Don't be so melodramatic," Theo frowned at him, studying his besieged expression.

Draco had to clear his throat to get rid of the flush his cheeks seemed to have drawn out. It was a good thing they were inside a club.

"Damn it, man. Will you please wait for me to get tired of this girl or at least let me shag her for a bit before you start liking her?"

"What? What the hell are you accusing me about?"

"Oh come on, Draco! Look at you! I know your expression when you really like someone! And what the fuck? You haven't even met her yet, and you're suddenly—"

As if on cue, a group of girls had suddenly approached them. All of them looked so gorgeous Draco thought wonderland had suddenly decided to visit and come take him. A smirk worthy of a billion galleons was automatically plastered on his face by the time he had seen the girl who appeared to be the head of the group. Yes, all of them were really gorgeous, but goodness, this girl was glowing! He knew that statement was probably an exaggeration, but damn, she's just too beautiful. He now understood why Theo wasn't being himself by merely talking about this mystery girl. Hell, he even liked the girl just by hearing about her through Theo even if he's not that easy to please, and that's saying something! He licked his lips as he stared at the girl from head to toe, making sure to linger a little on the scrumptious places. She was wearing very sophisticated black stiletto heels. Her classy little black sleeveless cross-over waist evening dress in shimmering charmeuse hugged every curve of her body and made her glow even more. Her honey colored curls was splayed beautifully on her shoulders and back, as if tempting him to caress them and bury his nose to smell them. It was driving him insane. Her face was delicate and perfect. She also looked familiar in some way, but he was sure that maybe he'd seen her on some high class magazines. She was quite petite to be a model though, but he actually liked it. Contrary to the fact that Draco Malfoy dated a lot of models, he wasn't actually that fond of tall girls. He liked it when a girl would look up to him while they kiss. It made him feel he was in charge. He liked being in charge. Well, he was Draco Malfoy.

And Draco Malfoy was always in charge.

Screw Theo.

He needed to have this girl. He could make it up to him by giving him a lot of his model beaus later.

Theo, however, was on his feet for a blink second. He winked at the girl and kissed her hand tenderly, as if it was the most fragile thing in the world.

This act made the girl smile.

Stupid git.

"Hello Theo," she beamed at him.

"Hi Hermione."

Draco Malfoy's drink suddenly slipped from his grip.


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