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"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."- Leo Buscaglia


Hermione could feel the cold, persistent wind kissing her crimsoned cheeks as she tried to hold on the edge of the state-of-the-art broom her husband had bought for her. It was even specially made for her by a professional broomstick maker. The quality and comfort of the broom was much enhanced and the speed was reduced for her safety. The cushioning charm was also increased for her assurance and there was much control when it came to high altitudes.

It was a broom made specially for a very important customer.

She always got what she wanted, anyway.

Her husband had always made sure of that.

Hermione thought that she had to finally get over her fear of flying as it was quite irrational seeing that their children were very fond of it. She'd always end up screaming and worrying on the ground every time her husband would teach them and take off with them.

He found it quite hilarious and endearing, but she told him that it was becoming quite unfounded for the children to see and they might get the wrong idea and abandon their love for flying, just like she did when she was younger.

The large field was mocking her as she looked around the different landscapes surrounding it. The place was such a beauty, with arbors, pergolas and gazebos adoring its site. Her husband had always been particular of the fact that this field should be properly maintained as his sons were going to be great Quidditch players as he was.

"You can do it, mum!" Her youngest child and only daughter, Rose, animatedly jumped as she cheered for her mother while her brother protectively held her in place so she wouldn't clumsily trip again.

Rose was the only girl among the four siblings so her brothers were very protective of her. Like Hermione, she was a very inquisitive and probing child. She'd often trip and hurt herself here and there because of her endless prying schemes and ventures making her parents worry a lot. It was a good thing she had her brothers to keep her safe all the time.

Hermione didn't honestly know what came over her by the time her husband had asked her what to name their youngest but she just had to say it…

Her old friend, little Rose, had somehow played a great part in the path she had ventured upon.

Her husband understood her, of course. He'd always wanted a girl and he was more than ecstatic when he heard the healer that they were finally having one.

They'd been trying to have one which was why they'd ended up having a bigger family than they'd intended to.

Or mostly because he liked her being pregnant.

He'd always tell her she was even more beautiful when she was pregnant and that it would make people see and make him remember that he had her, in the end. That she was his. Even after everything.

And despite of the fact in which it could have been different for her…

"It was supposed to be Draco, teaching this to me. He once promised me he would," Hermione breathed hard while closing her eyes and placing her shaky legs to the right angle before she would kick on the ground to finally fly for the first time in a very long while.

"I know," Oliver answered. "But you know that he had to go somewhere..."


Hermione sucked in a wounding breath as she guided Oliver out of his home.

Everything was set.

They were finally going away from here.

She was finally going away from Draco, for good.

Not that she needed help, though.

After their hurtful confrontation, he never showed himself and bothered her anymore.

She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that.

After just a few days, she had actually missed him.

She missed him so badly.

She missed him so badly that she had even dreamt of their latest confrontation for how many times already. And in those dreams, she would often say yes and accept him. It was as if her dreams were haunting her and telling her that it could have been different if not for her obstinacy.

And then, she would wake up, crying and calling his name, begging him to come back… because he left anyway.

It would hurt so badly, she could swear her ribcage had turned into thorns and barbs, mainly just to torture her already numbed heart.

"Herms? Are you alright?" Oliver asked when he noticed how anxious and aggravated she looked. She was trying so hard not to cry but her trembling lips and pained expression could never be concealed.

"I-I'm fine," she faked a smile. It hurt even to speak, or maybe just because she was getting so tired of lying.

"Okay. Let's sit and talk for a while, then," Oliver nodded and motioned for them to sit on the benches of his small balcony.

"Ollie, we're going to be late," she reminded him, but guided him to sit anyway.

"Are you really worried we'll be late? Or are you worried that you'd be changing your mind if we won't go as soon as possible?" He asked her with a calm smile, making her open her mouth but close it again when she realized she honestly didn't know what to say, nor did she even know what to think anymore.

Thousands of feelings were pouring out of her that it was almost impossible to do anything but just feel.

And it hurt.

It just hurt too much.

She had never felt so conflicted like this.

"Ollie, please… I made my decision and it won't change," she shook her head while taking his pale, cold hands.

Draco had warmer hands…

But Oliver's hands were safer.

"Are you sure that it's really the decision you want to make or the decision you made because you just needed to?" He asked.

"Oliver! Please! Stop this! We've talked about this, okay? Please… I just want to be with you and take care of you," she cried as she stood up and hugged her own arms, protecting herself from the chilly breeze of this cold place.

"Is that really what you want?" Oliver just merely asked her again.

"Why are you doing this? Why do you keep on asking me some nonsense questions?" Hermione shook her head and turned around so he wouldn't have to see the newly formed tears in her eyes.

"Because I want to know. Would it hurt to let me know?" Oliver asked.

Hermione just shook her head but didn't dare to answer nor turn around.

"I owled my parents a while ago. They already know," Oliver spoke again when she didn't.

"Come again?" Hermione just frowned and turned around to look at him. Oliver had made it a point to keep his illness a secret from his parents and she was surprised of his sudden deed.

"They want to take care of me, Herms. They want to be there for me. I was selfish to have even kept this from them at the first place. I kept on telling myself that I'm doing this for them, but in truth, I did it because of my selfishness. I didn't want to see them suffering with me. I didn't want them to get worried of me. But I also didn't know that by doing it, I was also snatching away their choice and right to be with me. Sometimes, listening to the voice inside your heart might be much better than what your mind wants you to do. It's not safer and it's dangerous, but it won't let you float on what ifs in the end," Oliver told her.

"Oliver…" Hermione sobbed as she sat down and embraced him tightly.

"I know that you're scared, Herms. I know just how unsure you are. But all I just really want for you is to be happy. Tell me the truth, do you really love him? Do you love Malfoy?" He whispered gently as he caringly stroked her hair like that of a child.

"I love him, Ollie. I love him so much. I love him so badly that I can't even breathe evenly just by thinking about him. I love him that it hurts. I love him so much that it scares me. He holds the greatest power in me and I'm so scared… I'm just so scared," she cried desperately into his arms.

"What do you want? What do you really want? Don't dare think of any consequences or of other people for a while. Think about yourself for once. What do you want?"

"I-I want… him. I want Draco. All I want is to be with Draco," she sniveled while finally looking at his eyes.

It felt good.

It felt damn good to say something that wasn't a lie, for once.

"Then go to him," Oliver nodded while smiling at her.

"But Ollie…"

"I can't take a heartbroken girl with me from the only man who can heal it for her. Do me a favour, Herms. Try to consider yourself this time. Forget about me. Forget about the people around you. Try to make all these simple for once," he smiled as he cupped her cheeks.

"But it can't be simple. Nothing is simple… If I go back to him, I'll just get hurt again, if I go back—"

"Too many what ifs, huh?" Oliver just smiled and kissed her cheek. "I'm giving you a choice then, Herms…You can be with me, and be safe, and never be hurt again. Or you can go and figure out whether you'll end up crying or you'll be the happiest girl in the world. But you know what? People will never really know unless they try, do they?"

Minutes later, Hermione found herself standing outside the Malfoy Manor's gate and wringing her hands in nervous anticipation.

She was breathing so hard while crying and laughing as well.

It was the most exhilarating and enlivening feeling in the world.

She could feel the cold wind knocking off her cheeks as she breathed so hard, it was almost as if there wasn't enough amount of oxygen in the world, if the irony would allow it.

For the first time in her life, she didn't care anymore.

She didn't care of anyone or anything, just as long as she could run into Draco's arms, kiss him and demand him to marry her.

She licked her dried lips and smoothed down her skirt by the time the gates to the manor had magically opened.

It felt as if she was on a tournament, like a huge hourglass was splayed in front of her and all the roving white peacocks were deriding her and telling her that she wouldn't be able to make it if she even thought of stopping.

And so she ran.

She ran so fast.

She ran like there was no tomorrow.

Everything was a blur because of her persistent tears but the adrenaline rush inside her system wouldn't make her stop.

She wanted him.

She needed him.

She needed him too much, she was sure she was going to die if she couldn't have one glimpse of him.

The way to the Manor was ludicrously long that she even needed to take her high heels off, knowing that Draco would be there inside the door, waiting for her with open arms.

She felt like she had every power in the world to do anything without caring as she ran and ignored all the wandering white peacocks scampering off from her way.

They looked like magical clouds suddenly making way for the sun to come.

It was outlandishly breathtaking.

It was as if she was inside a dream wherein she needed to run as fast as she could but no matter what she did, she just couldn't be as fast as she needed to be.

It was as if everything was set in a faster rate but also in a melancholic slower motion.

Every drop of emotion was just too much.

And she felt good and bad at the same time…

The door to the Manor had instantly opened when she got nearer but there was no sign of her rebel blond.

"Narcissa!" She cried as she ran directly into the woman's arms, waiting for her by the door with Theo.

"My child, I knew you'd come back," Narcissa embraced her tightly. "Where is Draco?" She suddenly asked, which made Hermione stare at her curiously.

"I thought he's here," she breathed while staring at the woman's worried eyes and into Theo's troubled ones.

"Hermione, he'd never returned for days now," Theo informed her. He looked very concerned and uptight.

"He never returned after that day when he told me he was going to talk to you," Narcissa added with trembling voice.

"What?" She uttered breathlessly, still looking like a mess for all the crying and running that she did.

"Well, he sent us a letter though. He told us not to worry about him and he'd just be doing something special for you. He said he was going to fulfill some of your dreams and mentioned about a girl named Rose. I don't really understand his letter. I'm hoping that you would, but you've never really answered any of my owls. We're kind of worried about him, you know. Considering what he's going through right now, he might do something… crazy," Theo told her. Hermione noticed on how he was trying to hide his anxiousness in front of Narcissa.

"R-Rose? How did he…?" Hermione looked as if she was in a trance while pressing a trembling palm on her temple.

"Wait, who's Rose?" Narcissa suddenly asked, still looking very worried of her son's whereabouts.

"She's a friend of mine at St. Mungus. What I don't know is the fact why Draco even knows her," Hermione frowned.

"My best friend is kind of a stalker at times," Theo shrugged, though he was still looking very worried. "Why don't you just ask your friend, then? Maybe she knows what crazy thing Draco's doing right now."

"I-I can't…" Hermione suddenly felt her world spinning.


"S-She's on a surgery now. She just received a new heart…"

Hermione almost passed out when one of the healers had finally lent them some of Rose' hospital documents due to Theo's endless threats to the poor man.

She could only manage to read Draco's name outside one of the files on Rose' heart transplant donor before she had finally lost her balance and descended down the cold floor.

The feeling was horrendous and too sickening that she almost threw up.

Theo was trying to calm her down though he was also crying himself.

It was the first time Hermione had seen him cry but she couldn't care less.

Her life would never be the same anymore.

"Why did you do this? We only had so little time together!" Hermione shouted hysterically and foolishly cried on the floor just beside the counter. People were already looking at her and the healer had tried to console her but she just wouldn't have any of it.

"H-Hermione… It's alright… Come here, it's alright," Theo trembled as he crouched down the floor and embraced her.

"You're so unfair! You told me you'll never leave me! You told me you'll never hurt me again! I hate you! I hate you!" She cried into his arms as if she was talking to Draco himself.

"I know… I know. Sshh… It's alright," Theo whispered and rubbed her back, trying to calm her trembling state.

"We wasted too much time fighting, Theo… I never even got to kiss him enough. He never even got to fulfill his promises to me. He told me he'll teach me how to ride a broom. He told me I'll always be his princess. He told me he loves me that he'll never ever give up on me. He's supposed to wipe my tears now like he always would. He loves doing it, you know… I'd cry a thousand times to feel his hands on my cheeks again. I'll do anything. I won't try to leave again… I just really need him now… Please… Take him back to me! Please, Theo!" Hermione was too desperate now and was shaking the other man but he just couldn't do anything.

"H-Hermione, I would if I could, b-but he's—"

"No! Don't say it! Please don't say it…" Hermione shook her head as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "Draco loves me… He did everything for me. I'm just too stubborn not to see them. He's just as scared as I was but I was too selfish to even see it. I was only thinking of myself. Now he's gone and I haven't even told him that I love him. I love him. I don't care how dysfunctional our relationship was. He told me it's our thing and it is. It will always be… I just really love him so damn much that I'd die without him…"

"You would?"

Hermione almost toppled over the floor she was currently wailing and kneeling on by the time she turned around and saw Draco Malfoy, alive, breathing and undeniably handsome.

The rays from the hospital window seemed to have dramatically made its way through the opened curtains so they could playfully slither and glide on his pale skin.

Was she dreaming?

He just looked too incontrovertibly striking that she couldn't help but gasp a little.

He looked… real.

He was real.

"Draco!" She half-ran, half-jumped into his arms that he almost had lost his balance and knocked on the medicine tray being pushed by a medi-witch on the sides. "You're alright! I love you so much!" She sobbed while showering him with kisses and desperately holding into him as if he would vanish any second from her grip. "You came back! You're—" Hermione suddenly stopped and decided on punching him, hard.

"Fuck! Oh shit! What was that for?" Draco mumbled while massaging his aching jaw; in which he could swear, would earn a purple bruise in just a while. Merlin, the girl could hit.

"You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!" She shouted atrociously at him, making him think about the wonders and irony of déjà vu. Only this time, she looked like a mess with no shoes on and with her dress ruffled.

But she was still beautiful.

She was such a beautiful mess, he couldn't help but smile.

"And now you'll just smile? I almost died crying in front of these people, Draco! How dare you do this to me! You're such a jerk! I hate you!" She shouted despicably as she unabashedly threw her high heels that Theo were still holding for her, hitting Draco straight on the chest.

"H-Hermione, what's wrong? What did I do wrong now?" Draco truthfully looked confused and panicked now that Hermione couldn't do anything but be guilty of her impulsive action. But then again, hell, he almost screwed with her sanity while she kneeled and almost rolled over the floor while howling in front of nameless bystanders, thinking that he just donated his bloody heart, for pity's sake!

"You! This is your fault!" Hermione had advanced towards him but was too messed up that she almost fell down because of her wobbly knees.

"H-Hermione! Are you alright?" Draco looked worried while catching her at the same time.

"Am I alright? What the hell do you supposed I should feel? You just made me believe you offered your damn heart, you arsehole!" She shouted furiously while punching his chest again.


"And you were talking about killing yourself, man!" Theo added while nervously backing away from the raging brunette.

"What?" Draco uttered for the second time, but was also seemingly surprised of the little hint on his best friend's eyes that he had also, somehow, wept for him.



Were they seriously considering the idea that he would kill himself?

Well, it wasn't as if he didn't.

He could damage himself in the most wrecking moments of his life, but he wasn't that kind of a masochist anyway.

He wasn't that selfless, even.

If he couldn't have Hermione, he would have had tried and tried, until, well, until the other man would die or leave.

It was sick.

But damn, he was selfish and a Malfoy to boot. And Malfoys wouldn't drink a shitty potion like Romeo. They could give their enemies shitty potions first, if that was the case.

Although, he might safely add that when it came to Hermione, he seriously had no control over himself sometimes.

"You're such an idiot! All of you are!" His little muse was still crying and ranting while sending harsh slaps on him and his best friend now, who was currently bending down to cover himself with his arms as if he was a victimized resident on a civil war and looking very confused of the sudden fact that he needed to be part of this ranting madness.

Why did he even let her have her high heels back at the first place?

"Hermione, calm down… Please," Draco tried to soothe her while encircling his arms around her tiny waist but he just received another slap again.

"You're such an arse! No! You're more than that! You're worse than anything that could possibly go wrong in this damnable universe! I hate you so much! You kept on playing with me and hurting me over and over again! You don't have the right to do that! You don't have the right to do this to me, not even because I love you so much!" She cried, still sending him angry but weak slaps and punches, until she got tired and could do nothing but cry into his arms.

"Sshh… I know, princess… It's alright now. I'm here. I love you too. I promise I won't hurt you anymore. I didn't mean to," Draco whispered while burying his nose on her hair, smelling her sweet floral scent he loved and missed.

"You always don't mean it. You always think that it's okay because you don't mean it. But it hurts, Draco… Everything you do. It hurts me too, you know," she sobbed like a little girl on his chest and Draco couldn't help but nod and whisper how she was completely right and how he was really sorry, like a concerned protector trying to soothe a little lost child.

"I know… I know, princess," he said before whispering sweet nothings to her so she would stop crying.

"Your name is on the donor's files," she mentioned as she finally stared at him calmly, though she still had small hiccups due to her endless sobbing.

"I'm a donor, Hermione, but not a heart donor. You know I have a lot of subjects and I was so desperate on winning you back so I sent them to investigate on you again," Draco kissed her before she could rant on him again. He knew she hated it when he would do that.

"By then, I've learned about how you've been very close to this little girl and how much you wanted to help her. My subjects pointed out that you even had lunch with her parents to talk about her condition. I decided to be discreet about everything and give you time to calm a bit as I knew you were still very mad at me, which was why I haven't shown myself to any of you. I also talked to her parents, you know, and they told me that they needed a heart donor for their child as soon as possible or they would lost her, but they still needed to wait for their turn at the Ministry's heart transplant's waiting list. They were very scared that by the time that they'd finally have the donor, it would be too late. By then, I knew what I needed to do. I offered to help them and used my connections to place them on top of the list, which was why they got the spot for surgery as soon as possible. I also offered all the help I can give and covered all the possible expenses that they would be needing," he explained before kissing her once more and snugly holding unto her.

"I think we kind of overreacted, Hermione," Theo frowned as he snatched the discarded papers on the floor. "You've only seen Draco's name outside of the files, since he's the benefactor of all these. All the details, including the name of the real heart donor and everything are found inside."

"Damn. I can't believe you two just made a huge dramatic scene in this hall. Now I have to make sure some weird photos should be burnt before it's published to make sure that my mother won't go hysterical tomorrow morning," Draco shook his head while smiling at what just happened.

"You're such a git," Hermione sniffed into his ruffled and slightly soaked shirt.

"I know."

"A pompous, egotistical git."

"You're right."

"And and… an arsehole."


"And a jerk."

"More than that, yes."

"But I love you," she suddenly whispered before she looked up at him with an angry glare on her eyes again. "I love you and I don't know why but I do. I just really, really do. And I don't care anymore how crazy this is. You're—y-you're the greatest jerk there ever is! I know I already said that, but hell, you are! And I hate you! But you're amazing too, you know? I don't want to be safe nor be with someone who can make me secured of something but can't even make me smile and feel like this. I know I can get hurt again. But you know what? I'm ready to take that risk. I'm ready to take that risk with you so don't you dare blow it again," she looked at him fiercely before kissing him, hard.

There was no holding back now.

They didn't care if people were watching and even whistling at their heated public display of affection.

They just missed each other too much.

The world could fall to pieces but that would just be too boring of a headline compared to this.

"You know what? I don't think I still need my subjects to burn some weird pictures taken in this hall. Pictures tell a thousand words. But who really cares a shit if I have you now?" Draco uttered breathlessly at her.

"You better stick to that statement, Draco Malfoy. The next time you do a dim-witted thing just because of a photo again, I'm sure I'm really going to castrate you!"

"Baby, I know you don't really mean that. You enjoy me too much."


"I don't think I can do this, Oliver," Hermione shook her head while staring at her nine years old first born son, who was then currently smirking at her nervous state.

"Mother, we've been here for about half an hour. Father specifically told me that I needed to at least let you float a bit before he comes back," Oliver told her patiently.

"I know, Ollie. I'm so sorry, but I think we just have to wait for him. Is that okay?" Hermione replied as she got off of her broom, looking more stressed than ever. She didn't know she'd have this irrational phobia until she'd have her own children. Draco had tried to let her ride a broom for several times already but she would always end up hyperventilating, making him worry and postpone her needed lessons again and again.

In some way, she always had excuses, until Draco had to resort on involving their children in teaching her.

"But Mother! We have to make you float before Father comes back!" Scorpius, who just turned eight a couple of months earlier, jumped impatiently in front of her after making sure that Landon was looking out for little Rose.

"Scorpius, Mother is still a little bit nervous. Father always said we shouldn't pressure her too much," Oliver reminded his little brother.

"Sorry, mum," Scorpius sweetly embraced her mother before tiptoeing to plant a kiss on her cheek when she bent down to receive it.

Hermione couldn't help but smile on how lucky she had gotten. Draco wasn't the only one who had pampered her too much; it seemed that his sons were all willing to follow his footsteps. What she was just really worried about were her little Rosie's future suitors.

She knew that it was too early to think about that, since her little Rosie was only four years old now. But seeing just how their sons had come to be as possessive and overprotective as their father, she knew there would be so much trouble coming in the future.

All their children had also inherited the dominant Malfoy platinum blonde hair, making them look like little angels around their mother.

Oliver was the eldest of the Malfoy siblings. He was the smartest and the most responsible too. Draco was actually never fond of his name before, knowing its history but it was Hermione's wish to name him after Oliver Wood.

Draco knew that, somehow, he had owed the guy a lot. He had also seen himself in him. Oliver Wood had only loved and though it was unrequited, he accepted it and had let her go just to make her happy… and for Draco, it was very courageous.

Wood had decided to stop the treatment and had fully acknowledged his fate. He had only taken some potions for the control of symptoms and pain from his illness and just decided to wait for his time to come. He was with his family and had decided to spend his remaining time with them. Draco and Hermione visited him just a week before his death. Hermione told Draco that she had never seen Oliver this peaceful and happy.

On that day on, Draco realized the difference between surviving and living.

Draco knew he might survive without Hermione, but he really, honestly couldn't live without her.

It made all the difference in the world…

Somehow, when he looked at his son, Oliver, he remembered that he once knew a man as passionate as he was and he couldn't help but be proud of that encounter.

Oliver, also, had inherited Draco's physical attributes, but his personality was purely like his mother. This made him very special to his father knowing the amount of love he had for his wife.

Their second child was named Scorpius. Hermione had given her husband the liberty to choose a name this time since she knew just how much it had cost him to agree with their firstborn's name. Draco thought it was just proper to name their child after a constellation just as he was.

Ironically, Scorpius was just like Draco.

Somehow, he even got his father's impossible protectiveness and possessiveness towards Hermione. He was very moody and could be very snobbish to the people around him but he was the sweetest to his mother, making her very fond of him.

It was even as if he was another Draco Malfoy, born again and yet to venture the Hogwarts grounds, again.

Draco couldn't help but be sorry for the girls on Scorpius' future years at Hogwarts.

He just had to make sure to remind him not to shout and tell a girl that she's ugly when he'd freak out at a sudden confession.

Their third was their charming and charismatic little Landon. Draco wanted another name close to his name so he wanted the name "Ladon" at first. In Greek mythology, Ladon was a serpent-like dragon with a hundred heads. Draco thought it was just perfect as he himself was named from a dragon, and he was rooting on all his children to be in Slytherin, despite of Hermione's protests.

Hermione, however, thought that the name sounded odd, so she asked Draco to make it "Landon" instead, just to make it a little softer.

Landon, however, had turned out to be a beautiful mixture of both of his parents' best attributes. He had the most beautiful light brown eyes and Hermione's breathtaking smile. He had his father's baby fine platinum hair with a little hint of soft curls from his mother. He was as intelligent and gentle as Hermione, and as cunning and magnetic as Draco.

His Aunt Ginny had always said that he was just too perfect that she even wanted to betroth her daughter to him. Draco and Theo were very much thrilled with this proposition but Hermione had often told them that her children were only going to marry for love, and love alone. Though, this still didn't rub out the possibility of their children ending up together.

Hermione and Draco's youngest was their little Rosie. People would often say that she was Landon's female counterpart as they had the same angelic features. Unlike little shy and quiet Landon, however, Rosie was free spirited and daring. She was also very curious and sometimes, could be overly confident on things. She could also be a tad bossy at times. She had always loved the attention given to her by her brothers and she liked to demand a lot. Draco had often teased Hermione that she was just exactly like her when she was younger.

And Hermione knew that she just couldn't agree more in that matter…

"But I want mum to fly now!" Rose whined while running into her mother's arms. She really wanted to fly herself and Draco just told her that he'd allow her to fly with him once her mother would finally know how.

By this time, Scorpius had let his little sister take his spot on their mother's embrace.

Just like Hermione, she always got what she wanted in this house.

"See, Mione? Even your youngest wants to see your broom riding skills."

Everyone turned around to see the head of their family, looking quite tired from his appointments but still strikingly handsome as ever.

Seconds later, Draco Malfoy was suddenly being attacked by his little angels that he had to struggle walking towards his wife.

He had Rose tucked securely on his right arm, Scorpius' arms were around his waist while he was holding Landon's hand with his left. Oliver was just beside Rose and was holding her little hand as they all went towards Hermione.

The sight could never be more beautiful; Hermione couldn't help but genuinely smile at the most important persons in her life.

"I take it you guys haven't got any improvement around here," Draco smirked teasingly while kissing his wife.

"No. Mum's still too scared," Rose explained a-matter-of-factly, making Draco chuckle in amusement.

"Alright, then. I'll take it from here. Grandma Narcissa is waiting for you at the garden's patio. Your favourite snacks had just been prepared," Draco informed them, earning cheers from the little ones.

They then swiftly kissed their parents before running for the patio.

"Be careful!" Hermione reminded them worriedly as she stared at their retreating forms. Scorpius was the fastest runner, as usual. Landon was running after him while Oliver was holding Rose' little hand as she ran as fast as she could, being as competitive as her brothers.

"You just have to relax and stop worrying for a while, princess," Draco whispered while encircling his arms around her waist from behind.

"Like I could do that with all your roguish children," she chuckled as Draco kissed her neck gently.

"Their genes are exceptional, but really, princess, you don't have to blame everything on me," her husband smirked at the crook of her neck.

"Oh yeah? So you're saying this little family didn't start a little bit crazier than the usual?" Hermione whispered while languidly turning around to face her husband.

"Hmm… Let me recall. Who asked me to elope with her and marry her straight after we just had our make-up sex?" He beamed while playfully touching her nose, making her chuckle while wrinkling it cutely.

"Didn't hear you complaining," she replied while kissing his chin.

"How could I ever complain to my princess?" He smirked before fervently kissing her lips.

Everything was just too extreme that day at the hospital, eleven years ago. Both just couldn't stop the passion and craze they had kept for too long that they needed to apparate as fast as they could at Hermione's home before they lost it, right then and there. They made love, whispered again and again how they loved each other and revel at every touch that sent electric flickers on their skins. Before they knew it, it was already dark.

While they kissed under the moonlight at the small simple veranda, Hermione couldn't help but notice the night sky and remembered the little belief she had always known ever since she was young, that if a lone star was found distinctly close to the moon, it meant that two lovers were eloping that night.

She smiled at the little lone star and remembered everything…

She remembered the little boy, throwing stones at the Hogwarts' lake, and how she had fallen in love with those beautiful lonely, vulnerable grey eyes… She remembered the time that she had fallen asleep on his favourite spot and dreamt that he had kissed her, and when she woke up, she knew she just needed to tell him what she felt.

She remembered the extreme degree of hurt she had felt on that confrontation, but it was amazing on how after so many years, she was still so ridiculously in love with him.

She remembered everything that he had done just to make her see his love... his pained expression when he first sang to her and the moment she had known the reason why.

She remembered the summer house and how everything had started again. How he had been the gentlest when they got stuck on that beautiful dreamy place. How he saved her from nearly drowning with the canoe and how they stared in awe at the beautiful fireflies on that magical night. She remembered their late night walks and looking up at the little lone star with the lovely moon, dreaming on what it would feel like eloping with the guy holding her hand. He had very warm hands in the middle of the cold night. She remembered their secret midnight talks and how they first made love…

It had been a rollercoaster ride, but maybe it was really true that it's all about the climb and not how fast you could go at the end of the race.

She remembered crying so hard that it hurt to breathe, but she didn't care because she was in love, because when you're in love, you just have to feel it.

There was no other way.

No excuses.

No reasons.

There was neither a choice nor any other treatment and systematic handling.

You just have to take that risk.

It was that simple and complicated at the same time.

But, after all; people would never really know unless they try, do they?

And then, she suddenly realized.

His heart wasn't really meant to break young girls' hearts, after all.

It was just specially made for a complex being like her.

By then, she just needed to mock the lovely lone star and the moon, or maybe, she just needed to do it because, hell, she was in love.

So that night, with only a few clothes packed on her little beaded bag with her trademark extension charm, she had eloped with her lover.

When she was younger she had told herself she'd do it and test this little superstition. When she grew older, however, she never thought it could ever be possible and blamed herself for being childish and cliché. Who would have thought a certain Draco Malfoy could make her reassure her infamous propensity?

They wrote a simple letter to Narcissa and asked her to tell the others not to worry about them, and then, they had a secret wedding at a little church at Vienna, simply because they had first rekindled their love in there, although it wasn't really lost at the first place.

For a year, they then proceeded to travel the world. Everywhere they'd go, people would ask them why they were there or if they were on a vacation.

They would always answer they were just young lovers who had just eloped, and people would always sigh and say it was romantic.

After that year, Draco had proposed to her to marry him for the second time in front of their families and they had the grandest formal Malfoy wedding of the century.

It was just one of Hermione's magical moments, and Narcissa's too, seeing how much tears she had cried that day.

Draco would do everything for his wife and had never failed to fulfill each of his promise this time.

Well, at least, there was only one unfulfilled promise left.

"Come on. You're one tough woman to be scared of this little thing. Besides, you have the safest broomstick in the world. Look, it's even too safe to be considered as one," Draco laughed while examining her perfectly sculpted and specially made broomstick.

"Alright, fine," Hermione sighed. "I just have to face this sooner or later anyway, might as well injure myself now before our summer vacation," she added, making his husband chuckle in amusement.

"Aw, come on, princess. You don't really think I'd let you fall, do you?"

"Is that an assurance or a threat?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Just a statement. As far as I know, you've already fallen for me," he winked.

"Ha. Ha. How very original of you, Mr. Malfoy," she rolled her eyes, though she was also smiling amusedly at him.

"Face it. You just love me too much," he smirked before kissing her deeply.

"Hmm. Forgive your wife. She's just… so into you," she smiled after her eyes had temporarily fluttered because of the kiss.

She had then finally mounted the broom with him, ready to have her first flying lesson with her husband.

She might fall and injure herself, yes.

But she was actually willing to take that risk too.

So far, it always worked anyway.


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