Okay, so, I'm extremely nervous about posting this, you guys. I haven't even attempted a chaptered fanfic in years. In that time, I kind of came to terms with the fact that writing was never my forte, so I stopped trying to act like it was, and just wrote drabbles every once in a while. SO, that said, I'm still not happy with my writing, but I just really really wanted to try my hand at writing a full-out story with these two since I love them so much ): I do really hope some of you enjoy this though. So obviously, reviews are extremely helpful!

EMO SPEECH ASIDE, I do want to stress something. The summary said human!Toothless, but, that's not happening right away. SO JUST, nothing even all that, er, "dirty", but Toothless is stayin' a dragon for a little bit. And with that said, happy reading~!


"Seasons May Change"


Chapter 1: "Restless"

Hiccup loved to fly.

In fact, if you asked the viking what he loved more than being up here in the sky, he'd have a hard time naming something. His whole life he'd been grounded in a place that he didn't really belong to, a place he didn't like to be. Now that he had the option to fly, fly away, he could think of nothing better. He could go as far as he wanted, for as long as he wanted. Once, he and Toothless had disappeared from Berk for three days, camping on a small island to the south. He hadn't planned it, they'd just done it. Left with no warning and came back when they'd felt like it.

He'd gotten quite the scolding from his father and girlfriend, but it had been worth it. For the first time in his life he felt truly free, and it was more than he ever could've asked for.

Another reason he loved flying so much was because of his prosthetic leg. Months after the incident, he was pretty much used to the fake limb now, but he'd grown a bit of a disliking for walking. It still ached, downright hurt sometimes, so when he had the choice between walking and flying, it was obvious what he always opted for.

But even more than any of that, flying was the one thing that was his and his dragon's. He relished the time they spent together, just the two of them. Toothless was, after all, his best friend, the one who understood him the best without having to share a single word of conversation. Just small glances, facial expressions, and they did all the talking they needed to do. Though things had gotten much better for Hiccup in the village on the social standard, he still never completely let go of the defenses he'd built up over the years of isolation. Toothless was the singular being in his life with whom he could completely relax and not have to worry about a thing. And when they flew together, it was like their own secret language, one based on movement. Toothless always seemed to know where Hiccup wanted to go, how high or how low. A lot of the time, Hiccup just let the dragon guide them, trusting that wherever he went was completely fine with him.

Today, they'd been gone for a little longer than usual. It had been early afternoon when they'd kicked off from Berk, and the sun was now beginning to set. To Hiccup though, it hadn't felt like more than an hour or two, and Toothless hadn't made any objections. They were flying quietly, smoothly, barely tearing through the wind. Hiccup reached down a little and patted Toothless' neck softly.

You tired at all?

The dragon turned his head slightly in acknowledgement and let out a soft cooing noise. Hiccup couldn't hear it above the wind, but he felt it. No, I'm fine.

Hiccup smiled, closed his eyes, and leaned back to take in the wind. He really could stay up here forever, he thought. But he promised Astrid..

Reluctantly, he leaned down and spoke into the dragon's ear, "Come on, we gotta get heading home, bud."

Toothless gave another deep rumble to let him know he understood, and with a flick of Hiccup's foot on the tail switch, the dragon turned eastward and flew until Berk came back into view, just as the last light of the sun disappeared beneath the ocean.

"Toothless-stop it, come on, you know you have to-ow!"

Hiccup sharply pulled his hand away from the dragon, glaring at the creature as he nursed his finger. He was currently attempting to take Toothless' flying gear off, and the dragon was apparently trying his best to be difficult. He did this sometimes when they came back from flying. He'd whine and refuse to stay put when Hiccup would go to take his flying gear off. Hiccup knew it was because he wanted to go out flying again later, but taking the gear off meant the last of the flying for that day. Tonight however, he was being especially annoying, thrashing about, resulting in one of the hooks snapping back the wrong way and leaving a deep cut in the boy's left pointer finger.

Toothless stopped then, his ears lying flat, staring up at his rider in a sort of apology. He stepped forward, and with a soft chirp, nuzzled Hiccup's hand with his snout.

A bubble of affection rose up in Hiccup's chest and he smiled. How could he possibly be mad at him now? "It's okay, bud," he said as he patted the dragon's forehead. "But will you cooperate with me now?"

Toothless looked up at him with his large eyes, gave a rather annoyed rumble, and sat down. Hiccup let out a small chuckle and finished unbuckling the saddle. The dragon remained in his spot while Hiccup left to put it all in the shed a few feet away (newly built to accommodate his and his father's dragon riding gear).

"Alright, well I'm off to Astrid's," he stated as he made his way back toward the dragon. At the name of Hiccup's girlfriend, Toothless' eyes narrowed, which went unnoticed by his rider. "I'll see you in a few hours, alright?"

Hiccup turned to leave, but Toothless whipped his tail out in front of the boy to stop him. The boy stepped back an inch and turned to look at the dragon, eyebrows raised.

"Toothless, I don't have time for this tonight, I'm already late."

This was another thing Toothless did often, though he hadn't started until fairly recently. Whenever Hiccup left him to go somewhere without him, he became almost clingy (Hiccup hadn't known it was possible for dragons to even be clingy), and always tried to keep him from leaving. When he finally did leave, the dragon would always look sad, and it was really beginning to worry him. Toothless was behaving as though Hiccup was abandoning him or something, though he knew that the dragon knew otherwise. So why was he acting so strange?

He went to step around the tail, but Toothless just wrapped it around the boy's middle and pushed him backwards and into him. Hiccup let out a small "oof" as he half-collided with the dragon, but just looked at him exasperatedly.

"Seriously Toothless, I have to go," he said in the firmest voice he could muster. Truth was, he wasn't exactly looking forward to going, but..

That was a whole other matter entirely. For now, he had to leave.

Toothless let out a low whine and nuzzled Hiccup again, this time on his shoulder. Again, Hiccup couldn't help but smile and not feel annoyed with his friend. He really would rather stay, but he promised.

Hiccup lowered his head, and with a much softer tone, he spoke again. "I'll be back in a little while, okay? Not too long, I promise."

A moment passed, and Hiccup felt the tail around him loosen its grip. He patted Toothless in the same spot as before and turned to leave again.

Once a few yards away, Toothless gave a loud whine. Hiccup turned back to look at his friend, a little worried now, but it couldn't be helped. He gave the dragon a wave of his hand as he disappeared from his sight from down the hill.

"You're late."

"Yeah, I know."

A pause.

"Come on, the food's getting cold."

He really hadn't expected any better, Hiccup thought as he followed Astrid into her home. He was usually late for their get-togethers, and she seemed to be getting used to it. That didn't mean she liked it, though. However, he was glad for anything over the hard punch in the shoulder that she normally gave him when he annoyed her too much.

They went into the kitchen area together and sat down at the table. Once a week, Astrid's parents went down to the pub and stayed there late. So she brought back food from the mess hall, and Hiccup would come over and they'd eat together. The last couple of weeks though, Hiccup had backed out of their weekly dinner, so he'd given her his word that he'd make it this week for sure. He wasn't certain whether or not she'd noticed that he hadn't exactly been enthusiastic when he'd made that promise.

He felt bad, he really did. It wasn't as though he didn't like spending time with her. He did, but there was something.. between them now.

He shook his head. Now wasn't the time to brood about that. He'd come to the decision that he'd try to make things better when they spent time together, not worse. So he struck up a conversation about Astrid's Nadder, Skye, and the mood lifted quite a bit. Hiccup liked when they talked, it came so easily with her. Which was still a little odd to him, considering how she used to behave toward him, but it was still nice.

They continued to talk while they ate, about goings on in the village, the latest stunt the twins had pulled during training the other day, and then..

"How how's Toothless doing?" Astrid asked as she stood from her seat to begin cleaning up. "I feel like I haven't seen him in a while."

Hiccup was about to tell her that he was fine, same old, same old. But he hesitated, bit his lip, and she noticed. "What?"

"Well, he's fine most of the time," Hiccup said, his eyebrows scrunched together. "But lately, he's been.. I dunno, acting strange."

Astrid sat back down and looked on at Hiccup, who seemed to be having a staring match with the tabletop. "Strange how?" she inquired.

Hiccup shrugged and clasped his hands together. "He's been really weird every time I leave him alone. Like.. he gets upset that I'm leaving."

The blonde viking blinked at him for a moment, before a grin broke out across her face. "Hiccup," she half laughed. "He just misses you, that's all."

He looked at her. "It's not just that though. He seems downright depressed sometimes. You should've heard him when I left him tonight, it almost hurt to leave him there."

Astrid's expression turned a little more sincere at this. She was silent for a moment, then said, "Maybe it's just a phase. I'm not.. sure if dragons go through phases, but I mean, maybe it'll pass. I think if it keeps going on for a while, then you'll need to worry."

Hiccup nodded, although not entirely convinced. He couldn't just ignore his best friend's feelings, even if he couldn't figure them out. But that wasn't something he expected her to understand.

He stayed for a while longer, helped Astrid clean up a little, talked a little more about this and that. After about an hour or so though, he began to grow restless, and told her he needed to get going. She walked him to the door, and there was an awkwardness as they stood there together. Her gaze shot back and forth between him and the doorframe, and it seemed like another hour had passed before she finally swooped in and kissed him on the cheek. They then exchanged quiet goodnights, and Hiccup began his walk back home, though with a small weight in his stomach.

She always kissed him goodnight on the lips. And in one self-hating moment of realization, he knew that he had felt relieved that she hadn't tonight.

When he arrived home, he found Toothless waiting vigilantly for him in his bedroom. He grinned tiredly as the dragon hopped up and came bounding toward him in welcome.

"Okay, okay, I missed you too!" Hiccup all but gasped out, having been toppled completely over onto the floor with the dragon on top of him, nuzzling and licking his face.

Toothless eventually calmed down, but didn't free the viking beneath him. Oddly, Hiccup thought, the dragon rested his jaw in the junction between his neck and shoulder. The dragon was still, and was emitting a low purr that seemed to vibrate straight through Hiccup to the floor. A little confused now, Hiccup tried to wiggle free, but saw no opening unless Toothless got up.

Which wasn't happening.

"Uh, Toothless?" Hiccup spoke, reaching up a hand and resting it atop the dragon's front leg. "Bud?"

Abruptly, the purring stopped, and finally Toothless moved. He lifted his head quite suddenly, but didn't leave his place on top of Hiccup. He stared down at the boy, who now had room to sit up by propping himself up on his elbows. Hiccup gave him a questioning look, now really confused. Toothless never just.. laid on him like this.

"Toothless?" he repeated, and again, the dragon reacted. This time however, he was slowly moving his head closer. And then, quite unexpectedly, the dragon licked his master's neck.

Hiccup gave a small yelp in surprise, his eyes as wide as they could go. What the hell was that? Sure, Toothless had licked him before, but they were always playful, light and quick. This.. this had pressure, heat. Hiccup's entire body seemed to freeze as the warmth seemed to spread throughout him, slowly, antagonizing.

And then Toothless did it again. And again, and again, and -

Hiccup couldn't suppress the cry that escaped his throat, at which, Toothless pressed closer and resumed his purring. Again and again he lapped at the spot on the boy's neck, and Hiccup was all but writhing underneath him. His mind was spinning out of control, unable to grab hold of a single coherent thought. The unimaginable heat that was blossoming at the spot on his neck washed over him, uncontrollable, ultimately pooling in the very pit of his stomach. He pushed his hands against the dragon in a feeble attempt to free himself, but he was rendered almost powerless at this point.

"Tooth.. Toothless," Hiccup half whispered, half gasped. "St-stop-p."

But he didn't stop. Instead, he decided to bite Hiccup softly in a spot near his collarbone. And all at once, Hiccup cried out again, and the heat in his belly dropped lower, dangerously low. In that second, he realized with horrible clarity what was going on, and how his body was reacting. There was a thrumming desire inside of him, and he was scared of it. Absolutely frightened. He began to panic, thrashing underneath Toothless, beating him with his fists.


Hiccup's scream echoed through the room, against the walls, and the dragon violently jerked up and off of the boy. Hiccup threw himself back against the nearest wall, far away from the dragon. His breath was uneven and heavy, and he was staring at Toothless as though he had never seen him before.

Toothless' ears were flat against his head, something akin to shame shining in his giant eyes. Hiccup's mind was too far gone to see this though, still spinning, unable to calm down. Toothless took a tentative step forward, a low coo rumbling from his throat, an apology. The second he moved however, Hiccup violently flinched. Toothless froze in place, wide eyes staring imploringly at his master.

Suddenly, Hiccup got up off the ground, stumbling for a moment with his leg, but found his balance. He stood there for only a second before bolting from the room, from his house.. and from Toothless.