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"Seasons May Change"


Chapter 12: "A New Horizon"

There was a ringing silence in the room left behind the shutting of the front door, the fire crackling in the fireplace the only thing that disturbed it. Hiccup didn't know how long he stood there, feeling much the same as he did when his father had left the house not all that long ago.

It was then that it hit him what had just occurred in just a short amount of time. He wavered, noticed an ache in his leg, and moved to sit down on one of the chairs against the wall.

Both his father and Astrid knew now. He couldn't believe he'd had the courage to face the both of them, and in one night. He breathed a deep breath and slowly let it back out, trying to wrap his head around it all. Things seemed all right now, but what about tomorrow? What about a week from now? The information would surely spread at some point, and then-


The boy jumped. Toothless had somehow moved from one side of the room to kneeling on the floor in front of him without him even noticing. He was staring up at the boy with concerned eyes. Hiccup wanted to say he was fine and not to worry, but for some reason, the words wouldn't come. He wanted to smile, but his mouth remained still. His silence concerned the dragon even more, who opened his mouth to say something before Hiccup all but fell into him from his spot on the chair. The two almost fell backward to the floor, but Toothless barely held them back up as Hiccup all but buried his face in his partner's chest, clutching fistfuls of his tunic in his hands.

Toothless stared down at him in surprise. Hiccup made no sounds or movement, so was unsure for a few moments of what to do. In the end, he gently brought his arms around the boy, moving his hands in small, circular motions on his back. He wanted to say something, anything, but thought it best to remain quiet. They stayed like that for quite a while.

"I'm alright," Hiccup said at last, his voice muffled slightly by Toothless' shirt. He slowly sat himself up and away from the dragon. "I don't know, I just.. needed to take it all in."

Toothless nodded, but still looked worried. Hiccup managed a small smile. "I'm fine, I promise. A little tired, but fine." He moved to get up, and Toothless was on his feet in one swift movement, holding out his hands to assist the boy with his leg. Hiccup gladly took the help as he didn't trust his leg quite yet.

Once he was standing fine on his own, Hiccup said, "I think I'm gonna go to bed."

"I'll go with you," Toothless said with a nod. A second passed and Hiccup smiled as he realized something.

"We can actually share my bed now," he stated. "Now that my Dad knows. If he sees us then that's his own problem."

Toothless chucked, seemingly happy with this prospect, and then without even asking, hoisted Hiccup into his arms and carried him up the stairs.

Once inside the room, Toothless closed the door behind him with his foot. The moment it shut however, Hiccup suddenly had an odd feeling hit him square in the stomach. It was absolutely stupid, considering how much they'd already done together, yet somehow with Toothless holding him, and the thought of them sharing an actual bed together had him blushing. For some reason, this made things seem "official", for lack of a better term.

"I'm such an idiot," Hiccup said under his breath without thinking. Toothless blinked down at him in inquiry, but Hiccup just blushed even more and said it was nothing.

Toothless slid Hiccup from his hold just in front of the bed so that he was standing in front of him. "Do you ah, need help with the shirt?" he asked the dragon, feeling his face burn even hotter.

It proved a difficult task. Hiccup had only just noticed that Toothless had managed to tear the back of the tunic up pretty good in order to get the thing comfortably over his wings. He made a mental note that it was a good thing Toothless had chosen one of his older pieces of clothing to ruin.

"I'm gonna have to make you some shirts that tie up the back or something," he said with a small hint of amusement. Toothless laughed, but said nothing, and after about a minute or so of tugging this way and that, the clothing item finally came off.

Now, Hiccup had seen Toothless in his humanoid form without clothing quite a few times by now. However, he realized, he'd never undressed him, and for reasons he couldn't even begin to understand, his body was reacting in such a way that made him feel both giddy and nervous at the same time. He cursed his hormones.

"Would you.. take mine off for me?"

The question slipped from his mouth before he could even think it over, and he felt incredibly stupid for all of two seconds before he saw the look on Toothless' face. The dragon looked at him, at first surprised, then sort of mesmerized. Slowly, he reached out to grab hold of the bottom of Hiccup's shirt and pulled up. Hiccup raised his arms as Toothless slid it off with ease. The shirt fell to the floor without either of them really noticing.

"I could not say it last night," Toothless began, his eyes glancing up and down Hiccup's body. "But you truly are beautiful."

Hiccup thought his head might explode at this. He tried to laugh it off but the noise that escaped from him was somewhere between a high pitched giggle and a snort. Which embarrassed him even further. "I am not," he finally managed out, his gaze suddenly locked on the floor. Toothless placed a finger underneath the boy's chin and directed his gaze back to him.

"You are far too modest," he said.

Hiccup raised an eyebrow. "No, you're just biased."

"Even if I was, that would not make it any less true," was the dragon's reply, a cheeky smile appearing on his face. He didn't say anything else after that, instead leaning in and kissing Hiccup on the mouth. The sparks Hiccup felt that bounced around his insides were normal to him by now, yet just as amazing as ever.

When they pulled apart, Hiccup sat himself on the bed and slid himself over to the opposite side, beckoning Toothless to the spot next to him. Toothless more than gladly took the invitation, and hopped into the bed after him. The two of them laughed as they shifted around, trying to get comfortable. Once they were settled in underneath a number of wool blankets, the pair went silent and still.

"Are you sure you are alright?" Toothless asked quietly.

Hiccup didn't say anything for a little while, unsure of what to say. He searched under the blankets for Toothless' hands, and when he found them, pressed them between his own. "I'm.. just a little scared," he finally said. "I'm glad that Dad and Astrid know, it's nice to have it off of my shoulders, but.. I just tend to be pessimistic."

Toothless looked at him. "You.. are frightened of what will come of them knowing?"

"Kind of," Hiccup said. "Chances are nothing bad will happen, though. I'm being panicky. I just don't want anything bad to happen that would come between us."

Toothless' expression suddenly became very stern. "I will not let anything come between us."

"I won't either," Hiccup responded without missing a beat. He meant it with every fiber of his being. "I just don't want it to have to come down to that."

He released Toothless' hands and inched forward so that he could wrap his arms around his partner's waist, burying his face in his chest as he did so. "I care about this village and everyone in it," Hiccup began, his voice quiet in the dark of the room. "I have a duty as the next chief.. I love my Dad, my friends, Gobber. But I told you once that I'm fine as long as I have you, and I meant it. I guess it's selfish of me, but you mean more to me than all of that put together. I'd do anything to keep from losing the people I care about here, but.. if they come between you and I, then it'll be just us."

Toothless was silent for a long time. For a little while, Hiccup wondered if he'd gone to sleep before finally the dragon put his hands on his shoulders and put just enough distance between them so he could look the boy in the eye. Hiccup was a little surprised to see a rather troubled expression on his face.

"I do not want you to give all of that up for me."

Hiccup stared up at him for a while, a little dumbfounded. All he could think of to say was, "I would, though." As if it were the plainest knowledge in all of the world. This didn't look as though it pleased Toothless however.

"You have too many people here who care for you, and your responsibility as the next leader is too great to abandon."

Again, Hiccup didn't know what to say. He knew what he felt, but there was hardly a rational way to explain it. He understood where Toothless was coming from, but.. "But I'd have you," he answered simply. "Being with you means more happiness to me than anything on this island."

"What about everyone else?"

What about them?"

Toothless gave Hiccup a half-hearted glare. "That is incredibly selfish, Hiccup."

"I said it was selfish," he retorted. "Being in love means being selfish pretty often, if you haven't already noticed."

Toothless just looked on at the boy for a while, his expression slowly softening. He let out a sigh. "You know I just want you to be happy, right?"

Hiccup smiled and brought a hand to the dragon's face. "Of course I do." He pushed himself up a tiny bit to press his lips to Toothless' in a quick kiss. "But now you know that my happiness is you."

The dragon's eyes went wide, and realizing he could no longer argue, he smiled, his large eyes glowing. He wound his arms around the Hiccup's middle, bringing him closer, and pressing their lips together once more.

Hiccup instantly moved even nearer so the two of them were pressed flush against one another. He could barely ascertain how wonderful the natural heat of Toothless' bare skin felt against his own. Longing to be even closer, Hiccup deepened the kiss, unable to suppress the quiet moan that escaped him the moment that forked tongue meshed with his own. From there, it didn't take long for their touches to turn to fire on each other's skin, their movements needier and more desperate. Toothless abandoned Hiccup's mouth, taking to leaving sloppy kisses and light nips on the boy's neck and bare shoulders. Hiccup's hands instinctively pressed the dragon harder against him.

Toothless continued further, his mouth all but mapping out Hiccup's body. Down to the collarbone, across his chest, and topped it off by slowly dragging his tongue from his navel and back up again. Hiccup gave small, feeble pushes on Toothless' shoulders, a request for him to go lower. But he wouldn't do that quite yet. Hiccup whined, but it was stifled by Toothless' mouth back on his own.

'Two can play at that game,' Hiccup thought devilishly, and made his move. Lifting his good leg, his knee automatically found its way between the dragon's legs. Toothless gasped sharply into the kiss, his head snapping back from Hiccup's to stare at him. He moved his knee just slightly, but it was more than enough. Toothless visibly began to melt above him, his eyes that had shone with surprise not seconds ago now clouding over with lust. Hiccup continued moving his leg in small increments, loving how the dragon was reacting.

Suddenly then, Toothless brought himself back to Earth, making a quick movement to still the boy's leg with his hand. There was a single moment where neither of them moved before Toothless swooped down. He swung his leg over the boy's hips and caught his wrists in his hands, pinning him to the bed. He bent down so that his lips ghosted against Hiccup's ear, his breath hot. "I want you badly, Hiccup."

It was funny how Hiccup's body reacted to those words. He swore the heat between them increased, and he finally reached the point where his brain no longer worked. Pure desire fueled every action from now on.

"So take me then," he breathed, not recognizing the voice that came from his own mouth.

Toothless faltered, remaining in his doubled over position for just a second, before sitting up. He released Hiccup's wrists and lifted himself off of him and onto his knees so he could have better access to the waistband of his trousers. He began to slide them from the boy's hips, and being mindful of the metal appendage, eventually rid of the clothing item entirely. He couldn't help but stop for a few seconds to stare, which Hiccup noticed and blushed hard. He quickly sat up and reached for the last piece of clothing that stood between them.

Like the shirt, the trousers ended up a torn mess. Hiccup thought for a moment that he probably could've removed them without tearing them too much, but that would've taken time. Time that he'd much rather spend doing other things. So the pants now lay in an undeterminable pile at the foot of the bed.

Toothless moved his hands to the boy's shoulders and pushed him gently back onto the bed. Hiccup made a noise in protest.

"Lie back," Toothless told him. "I do not want you putting any accidental strain on your leg."

Hiccup looked as if he were about to complain, but stopped himself. He smiled and lay back as told. Toothless positioned himself between his legs, steadying himself with his hands on either side of his hips. He leaned down, nuzzling Hiccup's belly with his nose and tracing circles around his navel with his tongue. Lower and lower he went at an excruciatingly slow pace, until finally..

"A-aah!" Hiccup cried out as Toothless' tongue finally found his manhood. He tried to buck his hips, but the dragon held him firmly against the bed, continuing his ministrations without faltering. He started with short licks that evolved into him running his tongue slowly from base to tip.

Hiccup couldn't believe how good it felt. Toothless' tongue felt ten times hotter on his member than it had anywhere else on his body. He was sure he was going mad from the pleasure, and just when he thought he'd never feel anything better than this, Toothless took his entire length into his mouth. Hiccup emitted a noise he couldn't make again if he'd tried, for the heat that encased him was unlike anything he could have imagined. He could only watch with an odd sense of detachment as Toothless' head bobbed up and down between his legs, the sight of which, combined with how it felt was sending him dangerously close to the edge.

"Toothless," he managed out with great effort. "S-stop. I'm gonna.. I'm really close."

But Toothless didn't, and as if in response to the boy's plea, he quickened his pace, bringing in one of his hands to work the base of his cock.

At this, Hiccup couldn't even remember to care. About anything. A thick fog clouded his entire mind and he could register nothing but the indescribable amount of please he was feeling. His hands moved on their own, fingers tangling in midnight-black hair in an attempt to keep himself anchored to reality.

Then everything came to a crashing halt. His body seized and he was coming hard into the dragon's mouth. Toothless held his body firm against the bed as it writhed violently against him. He slowed his ministrations on Hiccup's length second by second, riding out the last of the tremors until the boy lay still once more.

Hiccup waited to catch his breath before laughing. "And to think you've never even done that before," he said, as he sat up to look down at his partner.

Toothless smirked. "I take it it was good, then?"

Hiccup laughed again. "That.. don't even ask that. That was amazing."

Toothless took the compliment with a wide grin. He licked his lips. "You are delicious, by the way," he stated offhandedly, obviously obtaining amusement from the look on Hiccup's face at his words. The dragon moved forward until their mouth's were just centimeters apart.

"Want to taste?"

This time Hiccup truly thought his head would explode. It was baffling to him how a dragon who was still learning human mannerisms was so damn good at getting him riled up. He had no idea why, and would surely look back on it with embarrassment in retrospect, but there, now, that one simple question turned him on like no other. A second passed before Hiccup all but threw himself into the dragon, crushing their mouths together with a newfound ferocity. It felt like no time had passed at all before needy desire took over his body once more.

As if sensing this, Toothless pushed Hiccup back onto the bad again, breaking the kiss as he did so. He wasted no time shifting his position, his own cock now pressing at Hiccup's entrance. Their eyes met once in consent, and he pushed inside.

There was a mutual gasp between them. Toothless was less than halfway in, but he stopped to make sure Hiccup was all right. The brunette let out a long breath, then chuckled. "I'm fine," he told him. "Incase you forgot, you were double this size last night."

Toothless emitted a small laugh as well. "Right," he concurred. So, he braced himself, then pushed the rest of the way in until their hips met. Toothless paused, letting out a long breath before slowly pulling out again. Eventually he found a slow, steady rhythm. "Is it any less pleasurable to you with me like this?"

Hiccup wanted to laugh, but his profound lack of a steady breathing pattern preventing him from doing so. "Gods no," he gasped out. "No, you.. I'm more than happy with this. But.. if you could go a little faster I wouldn't complai - ahhn!"

Toothless did as requested and picked up the pace. Hiccup reached out and held tightly onto the dragon's forearms as that odd sort of pleasure began to pool within him with each thrust. The sensation of the dragon's length inside of him, hitting that spot was still so new to him. He loved it, couldn't get enough. Above him, he could see Toothless' muscles twitching underneath his gleaming, onyx skin. Sharp, white teeth chewing on his bottom lip. The loud purring that vibrated through the both of them and the soft whines that escaped his throat.

He was beautiful, Hiccup thought as he was suddenly overcome with affection. He was one with Toothless in this moment, two halves completing each other in mutual rhythm. They moved together, breathed together, and

Toothless melted, falling into Hiccup and he thrusted faster and faster. Hiccup wound his arms as tightly as he could around his lover's shoulders, pressing their bodies together. He buried his face in the dragon's neck, unable to keep himself quiet any longer. They were both close, he knew. He could feel it. Toothless' name fell from his lips over and over and he couldn't stop it.

"Hiccup," the dragon moaned. "My Hiccup."

Hiccup wanted to tell him that he loved him. He wanted to yell it, shout it as loud as he could, but in that instant, his voice stopped working. Everything did. His body arched into his lover's above him as he reached climax for the second time that night. His fingernails dug hard into Toothless' shoulders as a silent scream tore at his throat. Toothless came a moment later, filling him with pure, liquid heat. The feel of it on top of his own orgasm drove Hiccup insane. His entire body was pulsing, Toothless thrusting slowly in and out of him in time with it. They clung hard to one another, riding out the waves together. In unison.

Slowly. Very slowly they came back down from their euphoria. Their grips on each other loosened, breathing began to even out, and the world reappeared around them. Hiccup didn't even notice that Toothless was lying on top of him until the dragon clumsily rolled off of him and into the empty space on the bed beside him. Their eyes met in a half-lidded gaze.

"I love you," Hiccup breathed. "I love you so much."

Toothless smiled sweetly. He sat up just far enough that he could reach the blankets that had been kicked away and tugged them overtop the both of them. He pulled the boy close and planted a kiss to his sweat-slicked forehead.

"And I you, Óst min. More than there are stars in the sky."

The first thing Hiccup's mind registered was the sound of crashing waves. He looked to his left and saw a familiar expanse of ocean before him, just past the beach, which glowed almost blue in the moonlight. He looked to his right to a vast cliff that he knew held Berk high above him.

He walked forward. Odd, he thought, how he suddenly didn't have any trouble at all walking with his metal leg in the sand now. He didn't think anymore of it though, and peacefully continued his trek down the shoreline. He made his way around a corner of the island, and now able to see quite a ways down the beach, he thought he saw something. Or more like someone standing in the distance. He walked closer, wanting to know who it was.

It wasn't long before it became the answer became obvious.

The figure ahead of him became clearer, and he could now make out a long tail and large wings. Hiccup smiled and began walking faster. Once he was within fifty steps of him, Toothless turned his head to look at him. He also smiled and took a few steps forward to meet the boy halfway. Toothless held a single hand out, which Hiccup gladly took.

"Come on," Toothless said softly. He turned and led Hiccup in the other direction. They walked for what felt like a while, but Hiccup didn't mind. When they finally did come to a halt, Hiccup realized that they were near the side of the island where the ships were docked. He could see their many silhouettes in the distance.

"This is where your father and the others found me that night," Toothless told him. Hiccup looked at him, rather surprised. "I do not remember much from when I appeared here to the next day when I took this form. Well, with the exception of a particularly nice, yet fuzzy memory of you lying next to me through the night."

Toothless' smile grew as he spoke. Hiccup recalled the night in his mind as well, a smile appearing on his face as well. "I was so happy that night," he said idly, mostly to himself. Toothless looked at him. He blushed, feeling a little silly, but he continued. "I was just so glad you came back to me, that you okay."

The dragon turned the face him and cupped his face with his free hand. "I'm sorry, Hiccup."

The boy raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm sorry for all of the trouble, worry, and confusion this entire ordeal has caused you."

Hiccup emitted a quiet laugh. "Are you kidding? Everything you've done since the day I found you in the woods has made my life better, more fun, more interesting. All that we've been through, including this.. I couldn't regret it if I wanted to. Don't be sorry, because I'm not."

"Even though I almost had you banished from your village and nearly killed?" Toothless asked, but there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Hiccup grinned. "It was worth it."

Toothless smiled as well. He leaned down to plant a swift kiss to the teenager's mouth and pulled away again. He led Hiccup forward a bit to where ocean met land, stopping just before their feet touched the water.

Then, as if on queue, the water about ten feet away from them began to glow. Hiccup stared at it, wide-eyed, having never seen anything like it before. He watched as it slowly rose out of the water and glided toward them, stopping just a few feet before them. The light had taken shape, a sort of fuzzy outline of a human figure. It never did become any clearer than that, and Hiccup noticed almost immediately that even though the light was rather bright, it didn't hurt his eyes and he didn't have to squint at all to look directly into it.

"We meet again, dragon," came a soft, female voice from the light. Hiccup went rigid, almost taking a step backwards in alarm but prevented himself from doing so. Out of the corner of his vision he saw Toothless give a firm nod.

"Your trial has ended," it spoke again. "And the time has come for me to deal my judgement."

'Oh,' Hiccup thought. He suddenly felt sick as he realized what exactly was happening. Toothless must have noticed his distress for he gave a squeeze to the boy's hand and gently caressed his palm with his thumb.

"We are ready," Toothless said, his tone unwavering. Hiccup swallowed, attempting to calm down.

Silence followed for what felt like a long time, and then, "I have aided many a pair for longer than either of your minds could fathom. I have seen many things. You two however have been the strangest. You will recall, dragon, that it took you quite some time to convince me to help you."

Again, Toothless nodded. The voice continued.

"The trial set was that the boy must prove his affection was not based on the transformation alone. I admit it was intentionally cruel, for I did not think it was possible. The boy would fail, and you would realize how foolish you were for wasting my time."

Hiccup didn't know how to feel at this. His face grew hot as anger bubbled up within him, but he didn't dare move or speak.

"However," she said, her voice softer now. "The boy's behavior on the first night was enough to make me think I might be wrong, and so I was. Hiccup."

"Y-yes?" he fumbled.

"I am sure you have already ascertained most of what you were being judged for. You first had to state your love unbiased, and then you had to prove it so. The last test was for you to prove that you were not ashamed of your love."

Hiccup's mind spun with this information. He said nothing in fear that he would say something stupid or irrelevant.

"Astoundingly, you passed them all."

An immense weight flew from his shoulders at these words. He couldn't help but smile as he inwardly let out a huge sigh of relief. "Thank you," was all he could think of to say, and he prayed it was a good enough answer.

"So, dragon, as promised, you may choose to stay in this form if you so wish."

This surprised Hiccup. He immediately turned to look at Toothless, who was already facing him with a smile. "It was what I asked for when I believed you would not love my original form," he explained. "I know now how foolish that was of me, but.. I wish to know what you want."

Hiccup could barely take this all in. He stared at his partner before him, a thousand thoughts running through his mind when he needed to speak only one. "I want.. whatever makes you the happiest," he said. "Either way I'm perfectly fine. To me, you're still you no matter what, and that's all I care about."

Toothless looked thoughtful at this, his eyes drifting down to the sand. "I want to remain in this form," he finally said, looking back up at Hiccup. "Before all of this.. it hurt to not be able to tell you how I felt. But like this I can hold your hand, wrap my arms around you, tell you how much I love you as many times as I want."

Hiccup blushed and was unable to suppress the embarrassed chuckle that rose in his throat. "A-are you sure?"

Toothless looked at him for a long moment, his expression that of the utmost happiness. "I am," he said. Then he turned back to the goddess whom had remained silent during their exchange. "I wish to remain in this form."

"Very well," she said. "All I request now is the payment we agreed on."

Hiccup froze. He stared at Toothless, who suddenly seemed hesitant to meet his eyes.

"In exchange for her help," he began, his voice faltering. "I agreed to give up my wings."

For a while, Hiccup was unable to process this in his mind. He repeated Toothless' words over and over again in his head, at first not wanting to accept them, then it evolved into full out denial.

"No," he said firmly. "No, you can't do that."

Toothless gave him a rather helpless look. "There is nothing to be done about it now," he told him, putting his hands on his shoulders.

Desperate, Hiccup turned to look back at the light. "What if I gave something instead?" he blurted.

"You could," the goddess said, sounding thoughtful. "It would be a heavy price, however."

"Hiccup, stop!" Toothless shouted, startling the boy. His gaze snapped back to his partner. "I have already thought this through. It was my decision and not your burden to bare."

"But.." Hiccup gaped, at a loss for words. "Your wings are who you are, how can you just give them up like that?"

Toothless stared at him. "Hiccup, I would not be able to fly in this form anyway. Besides-,"

"I could've made something."

"Besides," Toothless pressed. "I am not just giving them up. It is a payment I will gladly hand over for having been given the chance at a life with you."

"I don't want you to give up that much for me," Hiccup persisted, his voice strained with emotion.

Toothless smiled. He moved his hands to cup the boy's face. "Did we not have this conversation just last night?"

Hiccup realized immediately what he was talking about, only the conversation was switched around this time. He didn't want to accept it, but it would only make him look incredibly stupid if he continued to argue. He said nothing.

"You are more important to me than the sky itself," Toothless said to him. "I cannot deny that I will miss my original form, my wings, flying.. but being with you like this means more to me than anything else."

They looked at each other for a long time. Hiccup felt tears begin to form, but he stubbornly blinked them back. He didn't know what to say, how to properly express the overwhelming affection that had taken over him. All he could think to do was fall forward into the dragon and wrap his arms around him as tightly as he could. Warm arms wound around his shoulders almost immediately and he felt Toothless kiss the top of his head.

A light consumed them, then. A little startled, Hiccup hid his face in the dragon's chest and clung to him even harder. The light remained, bright and blinding, for a long time.

And then,

Everything faded to black.

He awoke in the same place. Or, so he'd through at first. His forehead was pressed against something warm, his arms wrapped loosely around it as well. Toothless. It wasn't until a few seconds had passed did he realize the differences. Like how the sound of the ocean was gone, and the more obvious one being that they weren't standing on the beach, but lying down. In his bed.

Hiccup's eyes snapped open, confusion washing over him. He pulled away from Toothless and sat up on his elbow, looking around. They were definitely in his room. So.. it had been a dream? He looked down at Toothless, and


His wings were gone.

Hiccup couldn't move. He didn't know how long he sat there, gaping helplessly at the dragon sleeping soundly beside him. Then all of a sudden, a wave of emotion crashed into him and he had to remind himself to breathe. He wanted to reach out and wake his partner, tell him how much of an idiot he was and how could he do that to himself just for him, but his body wasn't working.

He looked away. The sight of Toothless without his wings was too odd. It made his stomach feel as thought someone had kicked it. Hard. Hiccup put a hand over his face and the sob that escaped his throat came without warning. Another followed, and soon he couldn't stop himself. He tried to calm himself down, but he could not stop his mind from recalling the dream - whatever it had been - the words Toothless had spoken to him, and what he'd given up.

It wasn't surprising when the dragon began to stir, as the boy's crying wasn't exactly quiet. He hated himself a little for acting this way but it just wouldn't stop.


He peeked out from behind his hand to see Toothless looking up at him, a little tiredly at first, but once he realized, he sat up looking rather alarmed.

"What's wrong?" he asked calmly, green eyes wide. He pushed Hiccup's hand away from his face, replacing it with both of his own. He wiped what tears he could away with his thumbs. He repeated Hiccup's name one more time before he could finally calm down enough to properly speak.

As he opened his mouth however, he realized he had no idea what to say. Even he didn't know exactly why he was crying. There were a million different reasons it seemed. "You.. y-your wings," was all he got out before choking up again.

It was Toothless' turn to not know what to say now. Several emotions passed over his face, his mouth opened once or twice, but he finally decided on silence. Hiccup took a breath.

"I'm s-so.. mad at you," he pushed out. "I hate that you did that for m-me."

Toothless looked a little distressed now. "Hiccup, I-"

"But I'm happy too," Hiccup interrupted. "I am.. I can't tell you how happy, how loved it makes me feel to know that you made such a sacrifice. Which, in turn, makes me feel guilty for thinking that way. It's just a big stupid circle of emotions I'm going through right now, I'm sorry."

Neither of them made a sound for a moment before they both let out soft laughter. Toothless inched forward on the bed and pulled the boy into his arms. Hiccup gladly accepted the gesture, craving the dragon's warmth like it was oxygen.

"Please do not ever feel badly about this," Toothless said after a while. "I made the choice, which I admit was a bit rash at the time, but now.. I have you now. The endless skies, flight, freedom.. I do not need any of that as long as I have you by my side."

Hiccup recalled a night not too long ago when he'd said something similar to the dragon. With a small smile, he repeated Toothless' own words,

"You'll always have me."

That day, Hiccup decided to finally take Toothless into the village. He was nervous, but not scared out of his mind as he'd once been at the idea. Toothless wasn't scared at all, but just worrisome for Hiccup's sake. They set off down the hill when the sun was high over the island.

Coincidentally, the first person they ran into was Gobber, who did an odd sort of double take when he saw them. Then he chuckled. "Well, dragon," he said. "I haven't seen you since our little tussle in the mess hall!"

Toothless smiled. "Indeed," he replied. Gobber's eyes widened a little at this, Hiccup assuming it was because of the fact that Toothless had just answered him. But Gobber shook his head and slapped the dragon on the shoulder.

"You best take care of this talkin' fishbone here," he told him. Hiccup couldn't help but laugh, but he felt a little embarrassed at the same time.

"Of course I will," Toothless said with a grin. Hiccup glared at him for a second before turning to Gobber.

"I heard my Dad talked to you," he said. Gobber nodded.

"He did. And best of luck to the both of you, because I know he's certainly not done with you. Be prepared for day's worth of speeches from him."

"Speeches I can handle," Hiccup replied with a small laugh.

"True enough," Gobber said. "But I've got to get back down to the stall. I'll see you two around."

Once he was gone, Hiccup let out a sigh of relief.

"That went well," Toothless stated idly.

"Yeah, and let's just hope that'll be a trend for us today."

They didn't see anyone else until they made their way into the village square, where a lot of people noticed them at once. Hiccup kept his head up and kept walking. The people there had different reactions. Some kept their distance and decided to shout to Hiccup what was that thing, while others ran up to them demanding an explanation. A few thought Toothless was a new species of dragon. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but he explained to them as calmly as he could. He didn't give them all the details of course, but just that, by choice of the gods, Toothless had taken on and would remain in this form.

The two of them repeated this many, many times throughout the afternoon. Every person or group of people they came across it was the same thing. Most of the people he'd managed to tell this to didn't make much of a reaction. He could tell they all thought it was extremely odd, but past voicing said opinion, walked off and continued about their day. There was only a small handful who seemed truly alarmed that Hiccup had to try hard to convince them that Toothless wasn't some kind of terrible omen or demon.

He told no one of the nature of their relationship. He thought it would be too blunt to just mention like it was nothing, so he hoped that their clasped hands were enough to signal the truth.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this he found the twins and Fishlegs tending to their dragons at their stalls. They all stopped and watched as Toothless and Hiccup made their way closer, still hand in hand. Ruffnut stepped forward with her hands on her hips.

"Astrid already told me," she said.

Hiccup started. "Did she?"

Tuffnut took a step closer as well, thought not looking nearly as calm as his sister. He was staring at Toothless with wide eyes. "Told you what? And what in the world is that!"

Ruffnut punched him. "You idiot, that's Hiccup's dragon! And what do you think she told me? Look at them, they're holding hands."

Tuffnut grouchily rubbed his head, but looked to the two of them and seemed to only just notice what she was talking about. He continued to stare, his jaw going slack. Hiccup would've laughed if he hadn't felt so nervous; he'd never seen either of the twins rendered speechless before. Behind him, Fishlegs was having about the same reaction.

Ruffnut turned back to the pair. "Man Hiccup, you are some weirdo, you know that?" The statement was harsh, but she smiled as she said it. "Like, you're an even bigger freak than I thought. But you both are, so I guess it's okay."

Hiccup's laugh was full of relief. "I guess you're right," he agreed.

After that, they all took to examining Toothless and asking question after question. Hiccup could tell the dragon was becoming a little annoyed at all of the (literal) poking and prodding, but he kept up a calm visage and did his best to be patient. He answered all of their questions the best he could. Except for one.

"Wait a minute," Fishlegs said. "Where are his wings?"

Neither Hiccup or Toothless said anything. The other three teenagers eyed them suspiciously, sensing the tension that stemmed from the inquiry. Finally, Toothless stepped up to the challenge.

"Seeing as I could not fly in this form anyway, I felt I did not need them anymore," he explained. "It also makes putting on clothing easier."

At first Hiccup didn't think they'd buy it, but seconds following Toothless' lie, they resumed what they'd been doing before. He couldn't help but be glad that Toothless had come up with something. The matter of his partner's wings was between them, something special they now shared. He didn't exactly want to spew out the story to everyone.

"So uh.. where is Astrid anyway?" Hiccup finally asked in a small voice.

"Out flying," Ruffnut told him. "Since early this morning and she hasn't touched down once."

Hiccup could do nothing but nod. He said nothing in response, but then a thought occurred to him. "What about Snotlout?"

"No idea," Tuffnut answered this time.

"None of us have seen him in a few days," Ruffnut continued for him. "Probably because of his beef with you."

Hiccup looked at her. "Did he tell you about that?"

"Not exactly," she said, sounding a little irritated. "He ran panicking to all of us about a demon that tried to kill him, which was when Astrid had to explain about your dragon. She later got it out of him how he roughed you up a little, and she wasn't impressed. I guess the fact that she didn't throw herself into his arms didn't make him very happy, and he's been keeping to himself since."

Hiccup took this all in with a great deal of surprise, and it was only just then did he realize how much time he'd spent away from his friends. He was used to spending nearly every day with them, but the ordeal with Toothless had kept him more than a little preoccupied for the past several days, and all of this had happened without him having any idea.

"We think he's just embarrassed," Tuffnut added when Hiccup didn't respond.

"He should be," Ruffnut stated. "He's not thirteen anymore, acting like that just because he can't get Astrid to like him is beyond immature." Her tone was filled with so much disgust that Hiccup raised an eyebrow, but he didn't dare ask after it.

He and Toothless stuck around for a little while more, the focus fading slowly away from the dragon (much to his relief). All the while, Hiccup couldn't believe how well everything was going. Everyone in the village that they'd seen, even his friends, nooneminded. They all thought it was really weird, but he could deal with that. The fact that nothing bad had happened made him feel foolish for being so frightened before. At one point he wondered if they weren't getting a little help from above, but he didn't question it. Good fortune was good fortune, and he was just glad as could be to have stumbled upon it.

They made their way back through the village when the afternoon sky began to turn dark with heavy clouds. Toothless let go of Hiccup's hand in favor of wrapping his arm protectively around the boy's waist as they walked uphill. Hiccup was glad for this when the wind began to blow icily against them. He didn't mind the chill though, for it was still amazing to him to be able to be close with Toothless like this outside in the open. When they reached the house, they turned to face each other.

Toothless grinned. "All that fuss for nothing."

Hiccup slapped him playfully on the shoulder and laughed. "You shut up. I have no idea when those people grew to be so calm, but they sure as hell didn't use to be like that. Besides, I was only trying to keep you safe!"

Toothless softened. "I know," he said, bringing his hands to Hiccup's shoulders. "And for that I am grateful. No matter how cooped up I was being stuck inside with you all of the time."

"Oh come on," Hiccup said. "I know it wasn't all that bad. I'd say we had a pretty good time being stuck together."

They both laughed and Toothless bent down to kiss him. "I would say so as well," he said when he'd pulled away just an inch or so before kissing him again. Hiccup relished the peaceful moment. That was, until someone coughed loudly behind them. They broke apart with a start to find Stoick standing a few feet away looking rather displeased.

"Dad! I uh.. we were just.. where'd you come from?"

"The village," Stoick informed him shortly. "I saw the two of your down there earlier. It looks as though.. things went well."

Hiccup swallowed. "Er, yeah actually."

Stoick said nothing for a little while. Then, "I wanted to speak with you about.. this."

'Oh, here we go.' Hiccup thought darkly.

The older man took a long breath before he spoke. "Your nineteenth birthday is in just a few months," he said. "You know what that means."

Hiccup nodded. "The coming of age ceremony," he stated. Toothless looked interested at this information.

Stoick nodded as well. "Right, and just a year after-,"

"Is when I start.. learning to take over as chief," Hiccup interrupted. "I know." He was doing his best to sound nonchalant, but he was in fact terrified of this. He knew it was fast approaching, only a little more than a year away, but he'd been trying hard not to think about it.

"Right, well.. Hiccup I'm sure you know how much responsibility lies on your shoulders at this point in your life. You're not an adolescent anymore, this.. thing you have going on with your dragon is more serious than I think you understand."

Hiccup furrowed his brow. "I know exactly how serious it is," he argued.

"Hiccup," Stoick said looking a little lost on what to say. "You have to start thinking like an adult, and that means looking at things in the long run. Decisions you make can't just be made on a whim like they're nothing."

Hiccup didn't know how to react to this. On one hand, he was just about furious that his father had just insinuated that his and Toothless' relationship was childish and fickle, yet slightly amused at how far that was from the truth. In the end he decided not to go with his anger seeing as he didn't want to start a real argument.

"I get what you're saying, Dad. Really, I do. I even understand why you think that I'm acting like a lovesick pre-teen, but.. I don't know how else to convince you that that's not what's going on. I guess you'll just have to wait five, ten years down the road to see that I mean this. It isn't going to change."

Stoick didn't answer for a long time. Father and son just looked on at each other silently, Toothless standing ever vigil next to his partner.

At last, his father spoke. "You asked me last night to trust you, and.. I do. I just want to know if you think this is what's best for yourself."

"Of course I do," Hiccup said without a moment's hesitation. His father's demeanor softened, but his expression remained stern.

"To be honest, you will have to wait a while for my blessing," he said, addressing the both of them now. "I'm still trying to process all of this. For now though, you'll have me out of your way and I won't say another word about it."

Hiccup nodded. "Thanks, Dad," he said.

"I thank you as well," Toothless said rather unexpectedly. Stoick looked a little surprised at this, but Hiccup just smiled and took the dragon's hand in his. After a moment, his father just shook his head.

"Just don't make me regret it," he said gruffly, but Hiccup could tell he was only trying to come off as angry at this point. He suppressed a smile as his father turned and made his way back down the hill.

A week passed before Hiccup could even take notice, and things remained peaceful on Berk. Everyone was used to Toothless now. He was still an object of curiosity, but not to the extent that he had once been. And even better, the dragon fit in with Hiccup's friends as though he'd been there all along. Well, Hiccup thought, he technically had been, but it was different now. He'd been fearful that they wouldn't get along, but once again it was proved a silly thing to worry about.

There was a day when Astrid finally joined in. Normally she spent time with the twins and Fishlegs when Hiccup and Toothless weren't around, so he was more than a little surprised when she sat down at their table in the mess hall one night. The twins greeted her as though nothing had changed, but Hiccup was silent. She had kept quiet most of that night, but she seemed to have no issue that she was within the same fifty foot radius that they were. It got better over time, however. As the days went by, the more things seemed to settle back to normal. She was cheerful again and had even made eye contact with him a few times.

Snotlout however, still had not returned to the group. Hiccup saw him in the village every once in a while, doing some kind of work or chore, but he kept to himself. No one in the group said anything about him, not seeming as though they missed him at all. It gave Hiccup an odd sense of guilt that he couldn't explain seeing as how he'd been the one Snotlout had gone after for no reason. Still though, it was just weird sometimes knowing one of their usual group was just gone, and it had to do with him. He just tried not to dwell on it too much.

This morning he and Toothless had joined the group down by the dragon stalls. An interesting thing Hiccup noticed was the dragons' reaction to Toothless' new form. They usually shied away from him when he was nearby, but he didn't seem to care. He didn't think much of it though, seeing as though Toothless had always been on his own, and the only Night Fury Hiccup had ever seen around. He just hoped it didn't bother him.

When everyone took off to go flying, Hiccup and Toothless remained behind, sitting together in the grass. A few feet ahead of them, the ground cut off into a steep cliff that led straight to the ocean. The wind coming off of the sea was very cold as winter was just upon them. Sensing his shivers, Toothless wrapped an arm around his shoulders and brought him closer. Hiccup smiled.

"You know," Toothless began. "You could always choose another dragon to ride if you miss flying. I would not mind."

Hiccup stared at him, surprised at the statement. He blinked a few times, taking this in, then he turned to look ahead of him.

"The first time we flew together," Hiccup said. "It was supposed to just be like.. a test, you know? To make sure you could really fly with the tail fin I'd made you. But it ended up being something so much more. It was like nothing I'd ever felt, and it became the escape from this island and all of my problems that I never had before."

Toothless had turned to look at him, taking in the boy's words. Hiccup's gaze was held to the horizon. "And even after all of that, when things finally started turning around for me here.. being up there with you was always more than just flying. You know what I mean?"

Toothless nodded. "Yes. It was.. the two of us-,"

"As one," Hiccup finished for him. He brought his knees up and hugged them to his chest, turning to look at Toothless again. "Of course I miss it, but.. it was something I shared with you and no one else. It's gone now and I'll just have to accept that."

There was a pause, and then he smiled warmly. "I think it'll be fine, though. We have a whole life together to share new things in place of that."

Toothless' smile was immediate. He held Hiccup all the closer to him, bringing their foreheads together in a silent gesture of his happiness. "I look forward to it," he said.

They leaned away from each other and looked out ahead of them to where the dark winter clouds met the sea.

"Me too."

First note: "Ost min" is old-Norse for "my love". Or so google told me, so. IF IT'S WRONG MY BAD OKAY. I just thought it sounded pretty :

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