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Myrtle hummed to herself as she walked down the path of daisies and petunias, looking for more 'lost things' to give to Tinkerbell. Kyle was back at the water fairy location being tutored in flying and creating amazing tricks through water by Silvermist.


Oh, just the thought of him made the brunette fairy's heart swell and she hugged herself lovingly, the feeling of love boosting her happiness even more. She walked over to another 'lost thing'; it was a bracelet charm. Then she walked over to another area and picked up what she had no idea was a chain.

"Oh, this is just wonderful!"

Myrtle's head shot up, wondering where that interesting yet slightly sarcastic voice came from. Being ever so lightly on her feet, Myrtle quietly walked toward where she heard the complaining voice. Finally, entering among a huge pile of tall grass, the garden fairy separated the strands and looked down.

She gasped.

There, laying on the ground was a book. But it didn't appear like any book; it had a face.

"Who goes there?" It spoke, slightly afraid yet slightly annoyed. He looked up at Myrtle's astonished face. "Oh, creatures actually exist. Maybe now if Kyle ever gets back into Milkweed Academy he'll take his fairy lessons more seriously."

Myrtle's eyes widened before she slowly bent down to the talking book. " know Kyle?"

"Of course, I do," the book responded, "I'm his Necronomicon. His spellbook if you fairies are quite draft in the wind..."

"His spellbook..." Myrtle's mind scanned over her past conversations with Kyle. He had mentioned something about having been transported here through a spell...

Her eyes widened and a big smile plastered her face before she grabbed the book and flew into the sky.

"My, your hands are quite soft..." the talking book complimented. "And smell quite fragrant..."

Kyle lay against a spiderweb, which served as a holding spot for when garden fairies place drops of water on them, relaxing as he gazed up toward the clear blue sky. Silvermist taught him quite well, and he enjoyed the fascinating water sports the water fairies did.

But not as much as he enjoyed Myrtle...spending time with her, talking to her, kissing her.

Kyle's lips still felt tingly after that accidental kiss he and Myrtle had shared the day before, and he couldn't stop himself from gently placing his fingers across his, stroking it gently.

He felt as if he had been kissed by magic.

"Kyle!" He knew that lovely voice to well.

"Oh, Kyle, where in Great Heavens have you been, dear boy?" And he knew that voice all too well.

Kyle shot forward from the web and saw Myrtle fly toward him, his book under her arm. "My Necronomicon!" He exclaimed as Myrtle landed before him on her knees, pressing her weight gently to the web.

"I found him in the exact place where I had first found you," she told him as she handed him his book. "He's really nice..."

"And you are quite the apple of any man's eye," the spellbook told her with a leathery smile. He peered over at Kyle, whom held him gently. "Oh, dear! You have no idea how dreadful it was being on the ground for days!"

"Missed you, too..." Kyle chuckled.

"Now you can go home..." Myrtle said quietly, averting her eyes.

Kyle saw the sad look in her eyes, his fingers gently stroking his spellbook as if it were a cat. An easy spell from his book would certainly take him back.

But did he really want to go home? Was it even home?

Kyle looked down at his book, whom looked up at him expectingly. "I say, dear boy, what troubles you?"

Kyle gazed at his disheartened girlfriend, then he looked back at his book. "I just..."

Finally, Myrtle looked at him. "What's wrong, Kyle?" She asked softly. "I thought this book was your way to getting home."

Kyle sighed deeply...then he gave her a warm smile. "But I'm already home."

Myrtle's eyes widened at the statement. Kyle just smiled before he gently placed down his book and took Myrtle's hands in his. "Myrtle...this life in Pixie makes me happy." He looked into her eyes. "You make me happy."

Myrtle's face grew red as she just looked at him, dumbfounded.

"And I love you," he told her with everything his heart could muster.

The garden fairy could feel the tears well up in her eyes as she gazed at the young wizard. "I...I...I love you, too..."

They continued gazing into each other's eyes...until the Necronomicon coughed loudly.

"This is all so very beautiful," the book said, "but honestly, Kyle. Do you really want to stay here for good? Think about your education, my good man."

"What about your friends?" Myrtle asked Kyle softly. Before Kyle had a chance to retort, she cut in. "I mean, sure, by the way you've described your kind, they may seem kind of mean as well as a bit empty-minded..." She smiled as she linked her fingers into his. "But they're your family no matter what. And in a way, dare I say it, they care about you..."

Kyle took her words in. While he saw the people of his hometown to be dull as well as incredibly careless, his girlfriend was telling him the positive of it all. She was always bringing a bright side to everything. And that was another thing he loved about her.

"Fine," he gave in with a sigh before smiling at her. "I'll go back to Freakboy and Dumb Dumb as well as the other boobs you call the 'most caring people in the world'."

"Good," Myrtle smiled before she leaned down and planted a kiss on his forehead. "And I'm coming with you."

Myrtle and Kyle stood atop the tall Pixie Tree, both holding the Necronomicon. Tinkerbell and the other fairies as well as Queen Clarion and the other guardians watched over them.

"Please have a safe journey back," she told both Kyle and Myrtle. She smiled especially at Kyle. "Pixie Hollow will always welcome you, Kyle the Conjurer."

"I thank you greatly for your hospitality, your highness," Kyle told her with courtesy before bowing to her.

"You two lovebirds be careful, you hear?" Rosetta called to them.

"We will," Myrtle assured her, her fingers connecting with Kyle's, her heart racing with excitement at the thought of meeting other humans like Kyle.

"Kyle, wait!" In flew Terrence, the dustkeeper fairy, as he landed before them, a small leafy bag in his hands. "This is for both of you."

Kyle took the bag of pixie dust, his eyes sparkling with the knowledge that what he had experienced here in Pixie Hollow, he could do it again when he went home. "My good friend, Terrence! I thank you!"

"Better than a broomstick," Terrence winked before he flew off and stood beside Tinkerbell.

"Are you ready?" Kyle asked Myrtle, his hand tightening around hers.

"I'm ready," she told him, a determined look on her face.

"And I'm ready to get myself cleaned up and polished!" The Necronomicon whined. "Oh, all this dirt and flower dust will take long hours removing!"

Kyle rolled his eyes before he opened the book, and muttered a spell.

Soon, great strands of light emerged around him and Myrtle, engulfing them. The other fairies gasped, never having witnessed such magic before.

Though Myrtle was a bit nervous about the magic completely taking her in, holding Kyle's hand assured her and her fear slowly died down. She and Kyle smiled at one another...then they came closer and kissed.

Soon, the light took over the both of them completely, until finally, they faded into thin air...


"Just give up, dweeb..." Boog muttered as he and the others stood around a bus stop, though they weren't waiting for any bus in particular. "The wizkid's probably made a home in some volcano or whatever..."

"Never!" Fanboy barked, startling everyone. With many sleepless days as well as longtime searches, both Fanboy and Chum Chum were quite a worse for wear, even a bit more crazy than they usually were.

"Oh, please..." Sigmund rolled his eyes. "The way I see it, Kyle is probably doomed as he has always been...and how he gets out of a fix, I'll never decipher..."

"You're being a little mean..." Yo told him with a frown.

"Okay, seriously, guys..." Oz began, trying to break the arguing. "Maybe Fanboy is probably on to something here...I mean, if Kyle is not here, then maybe he's somewhere up there..." And he pointed to the sky.

Suddenly, Man-Artica landed in front of everyone.

"Man-Artica!" Chum Chum exclaimed before he and Fanboy jumped him. "Did you find Kyle?" He pleaded.

"Afraid not, tiny orange human fellow..." The hero sighed. "I've searched countless galaxies, battled thousands of space creatures...but alas, your wizard friend is nowhere..."

"Go figure..." Sigmund muttered under his breath.

"Oh, it's hopeless!" Fanboy cried as he sank to the floor. "We'll never find Kyle!"

"Radar picking up!" Dollarnator suddenly exclaimed as his sensors began beeping.

"You got Kyle?" Fanboy exclaimed hopefully, laying on his knees as if making a desperate prayer.

"Yes!" The machine responded with a robotic smile. This announcement created cheers among everyone.

"Well, where is he?" Chum Chum demanded.

"He's right..." Dollarnator said slowly as he pointed a robotic finger into thin air.

Suddenly, a great orb of light formed just above them, and it grew even bigger. Everyone quickly moved out of the way, astonished by the brightness of it.

"I say..." Sigmund muttered, actually impressed by what he saw.

"Oh, pretty!" Yo exclaimed with a girlish giggle.

Soon, the orb of light dropped down to the ground. Then it expanded into a wide circle, and suddenly...two glowing figures began to emerge from the circle. And ever so slowly, it began to pice together something...

...Kyle and Myrtle.

Eyes closed, arms wrapped around each other, Kyle and Myrtle deepened their kiss, which was just as good as their first one. They were so occupied with the connection of their lips...

Then Kyle's eyes slowly opened and he peered over to see everyone staring at them, surprised and dumbfounded.

Kyle quickly drew his lips away from Myrtle and the both of them stared back at everyone. "Oh, hello there..." He chuckled nervously before he and Myrtle quickly withdrew arms from each other.

"Kyle!" Fanboy and Chum Chum, and even everyone else, shouted with happiness before they raced over and hugged Kyle.

"You were actually worried about me?" Kyle asked, obviously surprised.

"You're our friend, Kyle!" Chum Chum chirped, clutching him from behind. "Of course we were worried!"

"Fanboy and Chum Chum gathered everyone and we've been searching you for days, man!" Oz informed him before playfully ruffling his red hair. "Seriously, where have you been?"

"And who's the hot babe?" Boog asked as he, along with everyone else, looked over to Myrtle, who stood before them, arms behind her back.

"Oh, that's Myrtle..." Kyle explained as soon as everyone stopped hugging him.

"Oh, my gosh!" Yo exclaimed as she gazed at her wings. "She's a fairy!"

"Well, of course, they exist..." Sigmund scoffed. "Which Kyle never really believed..."

"I do now," Kyle told him with a mocking smile.

"S'up, baby!" Boog greeted Myrtle before approaching her suavely. "I'm single, just to let you know..." And he winked at her.

Myrtle felt her face grow hot and she became incredibly nervous.

"And I'm single, famous, and rich," Sigmund informed her before shoving Boog out of the way. He wiggled his eyebrows at her with a cheeky smirk. "How do you do, madmoiselle?" And he took her hand and kissed it.

Kyle was fuming.

"Um, hi..." Myrtle said with a nervous chuckled before she took her hand back. "As Kyle mentioned, I'm Myrtle...his girlfriend."

"What?" Everyone exclaimed in shock before they all turned to Kyle, who just smiled.

"She's your girlfriend, Kyle?" Fanboy asked the young wizard, an excited smile on his face. "Dude, she's a knockout!"

"Well, yes, she's very beautiful..." Kyle chuckled in embarrassment.

"Oh, come on!" Boog exclaimed to himself. "I can't get a date but the little wizkid can?"

"Maybe if you actually worked, girls would actually notice you," Lenny told him blandly.

"I don't see you with chicks!" Boog retorted.

"She is your girlfriend?" Sigmund asked Kyle. He was very shocked, obviously, and Kyle was enjoying it.

"Yes, Sigmund..." Kyle smirked at him before he stood beside Myrtle and placed an arm around her. "Kyle the Conjurer...and the boyfriend of a fairy."

Sigmund's eye began to twitch, and he folded his arms and huffed. Kyle knew that he was definitely jealous. While Sigmund still had money and fame, Kyle now had two things he didn't have: Fanboy and Chum Chum as friends...and a beautiful as well as magical girlfriend.

"Call it fate when he first came to Pixie Hollow..." Myrtle beamed as she petted his head. "You know, we should introduce your friends to the place sometime. I'm sure Queen Clarion would like that..."

Kyle winced at the thought of bumbling idiots like Fanboy and Chum Chum causing havoc throughout the many regions of Pixie Hollow, probably ruining the gardens as well as harming the animals as well as messing with the pixie dust. Thankfully, he had his in his pocket.

"Now, Myrtle..." He told her. "It seems too soon to suggest such a thing, don't you think?"

Myrtle raised and eyebrow at him, but before she could say anything, they were quickly bombarded with questions from everyone.

"What's Pixie Hollow like?"

"Are there more hot fairies like you?"

"Do the outfits come in different sizes?"

"Where can I get a pair of wings?"

"What food do you have there?"

"Is Queen Clarion like Queen Elizabeth?"

"How do you smell so flowery?"

Most of these questions were from Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Myrtle chuckled before she playfully nudged Kyle. "Perhaps..." She said. "...'soon' may not be the best time to introduce them to Pixie Hollow."


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