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E: Empire State of Mind – Glee Cast.

She twirled around and laughed, jumping into the air. The sights, the sounds, the scent – everything!

She was finally here.

They went everywhere she could think of. Broadway, The Empire State Building, and she even persuaded Noah to take the subway – he had fought to keep her away from the junkies that were rumoured to hide down there.

He was so protective sometimes, and she loved it.

When she scored her first role on Broadway, she cried. He came to every show and threw flowers to her. (She didn't even need to ask him. He was that awesome.)

They became city people, blending in with the thousands that milled past their shared apartment everyday. Every day she woke up and decided she was excited, because she was here, dammit! She was in New York, and there was nothing better. It was the dream that she had lived her life for; the distant mountain top that she was determined to conquer.

They had gotten out of Lima, all they had ever wanted. (Even though he had decided at sixteen he didn't mind.)

And every Thursday night, he would take her out onto the streets and hold her hand, wondering at the bright lights of New York.

They were Noah and Rachel, and they were taking on the world together.

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