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Chapter 5 – What?

Naruto woke in a predicament, Hinata was on one shoulder and Azula was on the other, even worse they wouldn't move even though the alarm was blaring for their attention. While Azula wore next to nothing, Hinata wore a silk night robe, since she wasn't ready yet to take her affection with Naruto to the same level as Azula was. Naruto wore only boxers. The night before was them getting home late to Naruto's place and then Azula whipping up a quick meal that surprisingly wasn't ramen. All three ate dinner quietly and then went off to bed. Hinata had decided to spend the night for several reasons, one to keep an eye on Azula and make sure that she didn't take it too far just yet with Naruto. She also wanted to try to impress Naruto with being a little less formal and try to woo him with her feminine woes. She had to force Naruto to watch her get undressed and then into her robe.

Azula all the while licked her lips and thought of delicious ways to tempt the young heir into having a little fun with 'their' Naruto-kun. It turned into a fun make out session, where they lost their clothes, but only petting happened. Azula was satisfied, since Naruto was able to keep her entertained while they also worked on the resolve of Hinata with a shadow clone of him. She nearly had given Naruto a blowjob, but failed to go ahead at the last minute. Azula accepted this and so did Naruto. He was actually tired since he had a mild fight with their new sensei, Anko. It really wasn't that mild. It did open their eyes though…


"I hear that they're both yours, gaki," Anko commented as they headed towards the Hokage tower after going over their regular duties under her tutelage.

"No, I belong to them, since there is one of me and two of them. They had to agree to it for me to be with both of them. From what I learned from Azula and Hinata-chan, it isn't normal for there to be one man with multiple girlfriends, so while I love them both, they didn't want me to decide who would be my favorite, since it would cause us to fight and that would be dangerous for the village," Naruto explained.

"So you girls want to add another woman to the mix to train the gaki in how to treat women?" Anko said with a sly grin.

Azula grinned evilly and replied, "It would depend on the woman. I already am the alpha female in this, with Hinata-chan being the beta. I don't think you would want to be an omega… would you?"

Anko looked surprised at the girl and began to stutter out, "I… I wasn't… talking about myself." She then stopped, got her resolve back and said, "I don't think that he has the stamina or the resolve to be my boyfriend alone, let alone have enough left over for you two young vixens."

Hinata huffed and said angrily, "He would have enough stamina to deal with all three of us at the same time." She then turned bright red and pulled her hood over her head to hide her face.

Azula and Anko began to laugh, but Naruto turned bright red. Anko then poked Naruto and asked, "So do you think you can tame… I mean take me?"

Naruto steeled himself and replied, "I don't know if I could take you in bed, but I'm game to try to take you in the field."

Anko smiled evilly and said, "This training ground looks good enough. Let's go and see just how good you are. Nothing lethal, but if I win you become my whipping boy if you win than I become your omega."

Naruto shook his head and replied, "No deal, I don't know you well enough to have an intimate relationship with you, sensei, but if I win we will take you out on a date."

Anko appeared to contemplate this and then said, "A foursome might be fun…" She sauntered off on to the training field. Naruto rolled his eyes at this, since dealing with Azula had him more looking at what she was doing rather than shaking her butt, like most other males would think. Because of this he didn't miss her pulling out a kunai and throwing it at him. Had he not been paying attention it would have hit him. She smiled and then said, "Good, you're paying attention. Now let's have some fun…"

Anko adopted a feral grin and pulled out several kunai. She began by throwing one at Naruto, then two and then three. Naruto switched to his defensive stance and moved his arm as if to block, but a small gust of wind moved the kunai to the side, thus avoiding him. He did this two more times thus taking care of the six kunai and protecting himself. He wasn't ready for Anko to appear right in front of him and kick him in the stomach. Naruto reacted quickly and jumped up slightly while pushing his hands away from himself. This had the effect of propelling himself backwards, just as the blow hit and thus softened the blow somewhat. It also hit Anko with a blast of air and knocked her down and backwards several feet before she tumbled into a standing position.

"Good move gaki. You lessened the blow, but understand that you're a genin and I'm a special jounin and we are on different levels entirely, so you'd better give up now and submit to being mine," Anko explained with a feral grin that scared all three genin.

Naruto had rolled to his feet and took up a defensive stance. "Come, Anko-sensei. We shall see the differences in our ability," he exclaimed.

Anko ran at Naruto, but he appeared to be going through some kata and then he pushed his hands towards Anko. A small horizontal tornado began to extend from Naruto's hands. Just as it was about to hit Anko she disappeared. Naruto turned around and slid to the side and was missed by Anko's punch. He then ducked her backhand and moved behind the woman. She grabbed between her legs and pulled him under herself. He put his foot on her butt and pushed her. She flipped forward and turned during the flip. "What color are my panties?" Anko asked.

Naruto growled and replied, "Black."

"Good you have situational awareness, but can you deal with this?" She asked just before she disappeared. Naruto leaned back a little and saw Anko's left arm punch where he had just been. He then shifted the other direction and avoided her right fist. She then said, "Good, almost chuunin abilities in avoidance, but you really have yet to attack."

Naruto was now sweating from the exertion. He was playing a game of avoidance. "Airbenders are famous for avoiding attacks and then striking like lightning when you least expect it," Azula explained to Hinata who's mouth hung open.

"Time to step it up a level," Anko said. She then threw both fists at Naruto who blocked them, pushed them out and then did a double palm strike of his own. This sent Anko back a dozen meters and she rolled for a few more meters after that. She stood up and yelled, "Damn, gaki. That was a good move, but did you have to hit me in the tits? That hurt." She took a minute to adjust herself and then took an even more evil grin.

Naruto began to worry, since he was hitting his limit of ability. He now needed to get creative. He moved his hands together and then pushed them down violently. He soared up into the air just before Anko appeared through the dust and punched the area where Naruto had just been. She smiled at him and then threw some shuriken at the airborne Naruto.

Naruto smirked and pushed his right hand across his torso and he used the air he pushed to move him to his right and thus the shuriken passed him by. He then pushed his hands towards Anko and sent a blast of air at her and moved him farther away from her. He then performed a back flip and then landed softly, as if he landed with a cushion of air. He then blocked to the right and then to the left, sending kunai away from him and into the ground. He then fell to his back and spun around, fire blazed from his feet, there was a scream.

Hinata moved and most of the stream beside her flew towards Naruto and doused the area, putting out the fire. Naruto and Azula ran towards the scream. Anko had thrown her trench coat off and Naruto immediately pulled out his medical pack and a kunai from his pouch and cut her chainmail off of her. Azula took the cream from Naruto and began to apply the cream to areas that showed burns. Hinata pulled out a water skin and had it cover the burned areas. It began to glow blue and Anko began to sigh in relief.

Naruto pulled off his shirt and put in on Anko when Azula and Hinata had finished. Naruto then picked up Anko bridal style and the trio ran off towards the hospital. "I told you that you're not ready for firebending," Azula said authoritatively.

Naruto nodded, but both girls noticed him stumbling as they approached the hospital. Azula took Anko's legs, while Hinata helped with the head. This sped them up and they burst into the waiting room. A nurse looked them over and saw the headbands and showed them a gurney to put Anko on. "Put her here. What happened?" the nurse asked.

"She got burned in a training spar," Azula explained while Naruto showed a pained expression.

The nurse lifted Anko's (Naruto's) shirt and wore a confused look. "I don't see any injuries, or minor first degree burns at the worst," the nurse explained, as she continued to look she had nearly taken off the shirt to find a single burn. She only found light discoloration on the areas of the skin.

Anko chuckled weakly and said, "Guess you win, gaki. Nice job team… we have a medic in you pale eyes."

The nurse looked at Hinata questioningly and asked, "What does she mean? I don't understand."

"Hinata-chan isn't a medic, but knows some healing and can use water to heal," Azula explained.

The nurse looked on in awe. Here was a teen that might be on par with the great Tsunade of the Sannin. "Show me what you did, on this light burn please?" she asked pleadingly.

Hinata removed the cork from one of her water skins and water flowed out and on to the burn. It began to glow blue and the burn slowly healed. "I will inform the Hokage about this and see if we can enroll you as a medic when you make chuunin, Hyuuga-san," the nurse said.

Anko looked at the dejected Naruto and said, "Come here gaki." Naruto, still sulking at hurting his teacher and having used firebending, when Azula had expressly forbid him from using it, walked to the side of the gurney. Anko sat up and the sheet dropped revealing her bare chest. She wrapped Naruto in a hug and whispered into his ear, "Good job gaki. Now learn from what I taught you tonight and use it tomorrow. People have it against the both of us and we need to use all that we can to get ahead. As for the whole dating thing, you can forget about it, you're too young for me and I was just messing with you. While I think you're a good kid, I don't need to be messing with your love life and I think that Azula-chan would not get along with me too well if I did come into your love life. I got a guy on the side anyways. Remember that you can't take on a jounin alone and don't tell anyone that I told you that. Got me?"

Naruto nodded and pulled the sheet up on to Anko's chest. He then said, "Thanks, Anko-sensei."

"So do we have to date our sensei?" Azula asked. Naruto shook his head and then Azula said, "Good, I'm not sure how I would deal with an old lady like her in our bed. I mean while she has the stamina, she might change how we do things and ruin the fun."

Anko smirked and gave Azula a wink, who just winked back and the trio left the hospital.


Twenty minutes afterwards the Hokage was standing at Anko's bedside. "So do you think they will be a good team?" he asked not looking at the special jounin.

"Hell yes and the gaki will only get stronger. I have only one question… why did you assign those two to Kakashi and Genma? I just know that their going to fail them," Anko explained.

The Hokage chuckled under his breath and replied, "If that happens then you will be elevated to a full jounin and they will be your students. Otherwise I believe in the others and the children's ability to handle the situation. Now rest Anko-chan."


Naruto got home and was tired for being a usual bundle of energy. Azula had dragged Hinata along while sending a shadow clone off to inform the Hyuuga that Hinata would not be home that night.

(End Flashback)…

Naruto chuckled lightly at both memories. He extracted himself from the girls and went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. He stiffened when he felt breast touch his back and then a pair of hands wrap around his waist. "Morning Azula-chan," he called out lightly. Knowing that she wasn't wearing anything other than panties he rose to the occasion. Azula playing along gripped the outside of his boxers and slid her hand up and down him some.

"So… on the table right now, my love?" Azula asked tauntingly.

Naruto turned in her grasp and kissed her lightly, but wore a smirk that sent a chill down her spine. "If you really want to ruin breakfast and your chances at passing Genma-sensei's test, sure," Naruto answered devilishly.

Azula's eyes went wide when he grabbed her by the back of the legs and lifted her to sit on the table. She began to panic, both with excitement and with trepidation. "I… I… was just kidding, Naruto-kun. We aren't ready yet," she said in protest.

He leaned her back and kissed her passionately, but then stood up straight and turned back to the stove. "Azula-chan, you're absolutely right. We can do that later, did last night get you all hot and bothered?" he asked teasingly.

"You know if I didn't love you I would beat you down and burn you to a crisp by now," She said in a mocking tone.

"Yep, and wearing just that is more than enough to drive me to take you, but also I know that we need to wait," he said seriously.

Hinata walked in, kissed Azula on the cheek and asked, "So do I need to clean the table before breakfast, because of a quickie or were you two playing around and not letting me have any of the fun?"

Naruto turned and accepted a deep kiss from Hinata. "I think she is just in heat and doesn't know what to do," he replied teasingly.

Azula grumbled, dropped her panties and began to twirl them on the end of her finger. "So now can we go?" she asked with a straight face.

Naruto made a clone, who gathered Azula up, bridal style and took her into the bed room. "Go get cleaned up and take a cold shower, Azula-chan. We need to eat breakfast and be at the training grounds on time… well I might not need too, but you two do. I just don't know what to make of that Kakashi-sensei," he said lightly.

Azula came out of the bedroom about twenty minutes later with only a towel wrapped around her head. Naruto smiled and asked, "Better?"

Azula nodded, but also scowled and replied, "Yes, but I would have preferred you to be in the shower with me. We could have had some fun. Hinata-chan could have joined us also."

Naruto shook his head and asked, "Hormones are really hitting you right now aren't they?"

Azula looked at Naruto, while she put the towel down on her chair and scooted into the table. "You might be right. I really want to screw your brains out, but also know better than to do that," she replied thoughtfully.

"Well eating at the table nude won't help you in not getting me to have sex with you," he said with a blank face.

Azula looked down and saw that she wasn't wearing a towel around her torso and immediately got up and ran for the bed room.

Hinata sighed and said, "Do you think she did that on purpose or is just being emotional, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto shook his head and replied, "Not sure, but do you want to share the shower to save some time?"

Hinata turned beat red and asked, "But what if something happens?"

"We will just have to make sure that nothing does, otherwise your father will kill me. Now finish up and meet me in the bathroom. I sent a shadow clone earlier to get you a change of clothes and to talk to your father. While he isn't happy about you being naked in front of me, he said that if nothing happens it is fine, since we are betrothed," Naruto explained.

Naruto and Hinata took an uneventful shower and found a happy Azula dressed and ready to go when they entered the bedroom. Azula immediately took off the offending towels from Hinata and Naruto and said, "We're all family, so you don't need to hide."

Naruto chuckled at Hinata blushing and her constant glancing at Naruto.

All three left the apartment and headed to their respective training grounds.


Naruto yawned lightly when he found his prospective teammates both sitting in the middle of the clearing. "Hi, all," he proclaimed happily.

"Too early to be so happy," Sakura said angrily.

"Shut up dobe," Sasuke said angrily.

"What? Did you guys not eat this morning?" he asked, only to be answered by two growling stomachs. He reached into his pouch and threw an energy bar to each of them. He then said, "You better eat that or we're going to be slaughtered, by sensei."

"But Kakashi-sensei said not to eat anything," Sakura said in their defense.

"You really think that you can take on a jounin on an empty stomach? Heck even on a full one, while fully rested?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke grew contemplative, but Sakura answered, "I'm sure that Sasuke-kun could."

Naruto sighed and then said, "We're genin, probationary at best. You think we have the skill, speed or the experience to beat a jounin?"

"What is your point, dobe?" Sasuke asked angrily, while eating the bar given to him. Seeing this Sakura ate her bar.

"We need to work as a team to win, be on the team, whatever," Naruto replied in frustration. He then continued, "Get some rest and I'll wake you when he gets here, given our last meeting you have about two hours to sleep, so use it wisely."

Naruto sat down and took up a meditative pose. There was a gentle breeze that seemed to lull the others to sleep. This continued for about two hours. Naruto's eyes opened and he got up. He walked over to Sasuke and Sakura and shook them lightly. "Wake up he's here," Naruto said quietly, but got the attention of both of his teammates.

Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke and said, "Hi kids. Are you ready?"

"What is this test about, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Well to tell you the truth. You need to be tested and only about sixty-six percent pass to become actual genin, so we will have this test now. I have two bells, if you can get a bell you pass. If you don't you will be tied to the post and I will get to eat your lunch. I have a timer and you will have until noon to get a bell."

"But there are only two bells, Kakashi-sensei," Sakura said worriedly.

"Like I said, only two thirds end up passing this test," Kakashi explained.

"So how many of us can become genin?" Naruto asked pointedly.

"That is up to you, but if you don't get a bell you have no chance," Kakashi replied. He then said with some mirth in his voice, "You will have to come at me with the intent to kill to get one."

Naruto took up a meditative pose and then said, "Whenever you're ready, sensei."

Kakashi then smiled under his mask and thought, 'Too easy.' "Go," he exclaimed only to catch a kunai that came from the direction of Naruto. The kunai had been aimed at the middle of his head and he saw Naruto with his eyes closed and his arm extended, but the other two had disappeared. He then said, "I'm glad you're taking this seriously, Naruto, but you will have to do better than that."

The boy sitting on the ground opened his eyes, smiled and said, "I already have."

Kakashi felt a burning sensation under his glove and immediately threw the kunai up in the air. It exploded. He was now in a tree looking at the form of Naruto that appeared to only be a cloud at best. 'Distraction and attack, both in the same move, good, good. This might be interesting,' he thought, but then looked around and noticed each of the three's chakra signatures. 'Good they have hidden themselves well…wait,' he turned to find Naruto crouched beside him in the tree. "You know for this exercise that I'm your enemy right?" he asked in confusion.

Naruto nodded and asked, "So is this supposed to be a test of teamwork? If so, I'm not sure if they would want to work with me. We'll see if they can… or not." He then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Shadow clone? Now that is interesting," Kakashi said quietly.


On another training field Azula couldn't believe her luck. She had tried to get both of her supposed teammates to help in touching their sensei, but Ami just wanted to be in charge and Kouta was just happy oogling both girls. He had some skill, but failed to use it when they needed it. Right now she was really pissed, since she had given them an attack plan only for Ami to come in at the wrong angle and now she was wearing tattered and burn clothing, much to Kouta's joy. Luckily it didn't reveal that much. Her midriff, upper chest, and right hip were exposed, but that was all.

She knew that Genma was a jounin and they couldn't take him individually. She was close, but she knew better. Every time she got close Genma would use a senbon to screw things up for them. Ami was stupid and wore a short skirt and no shorts under it, so when Genma had torn her skirt, she shrieked and ran for the woods. Azula rolled her eyes, tempted to fight the jounin naked if needed. She had finally take a minute to get a sewing kit out and do a quick patch job on the skirt and then berate the girl for not wearing shorts. It was funny though since she had a bear emblem on the back of her panties. This was a distraction for Kouta of course.

"So what do we do, Azula?" Kouta asked.

"We need to all rush him," Ami answered. She then waved her hand around and said, "And you can use that fire stuff, Azula."

Azula rolled her eyes and then sighed. She then asked, "So great and glorious leader, do we just rush blindly or do we execute a plan of some sort?"

"I don't know, but we need to do it soon. I'm bushed and you guys don't look that good either," Ami replied.

"I have just one question," Azula said to the pair. She then continued when she was sure she had their attention, "Can we work together as a team?"

"Sure if you do what I say," Ami replied in an arrogant tone.

"You do what you want," Kouta said angrily. He then got up and charged Genma with his wooden sword.

Azula winced when the boy fell face first and skidded to within a meter of their sensei. She also saw the senbon sticking out of his shoulder, knees, and wrists. "One down two to go, you have about twenty minutes left to actually touch me," Genma explained.

Ami wrapped up an explosive tag and threw it at Genma who just jumped away. Ami ran and attempted to circle around and attack the sensei from the rear, only to get a couple senbon in the ankles and wrists.

Azula raised her hands and left the bushes. "I give, since I couldn't get them to work with me," Azula explained.

"Well that is no fun," Genma replied. He then moved to the downed genin and removed the senbon. He then turned to Azula and said, "Would you care to explain why I'm failing the lot of you?"

Azula shrugged and replied, "Why not… like I've been trying to tell you two. We could never beat a jounin, without surprise, luck and teamwork on our side, that is." She turned to Genma who nodded agreement, so then she continued, "We were put on a three man team to learn how to work together. We work together to cover our deficiencies and when we are stronger we can then become more independent. While I might have been able to take Genma-sensei, it would have taken all my skill, all of Naruto's luck, and burning down half of this forest, more than likely killing myself in the process. What would that be worth? I couldn't even brag at that point that I had beaten a jounin."

She sighed heavily and then slumped to a sitting position. She then smirked when she heard several explosions coming from another training ground. "That your boyfriend at work?" Genma asked.

Azula chuckled and then replied, "If it isn't then I need a new boyfriend."

Genma and Azula shared a chuckle, while the other two wore confused looks.

"Oh, Ami. Next time either go without panties to distract the enemies or wear some pants under the skirt," Azula said looking in the direction of the continued explosions and smirking at the possible carnage.


Naruto couldn't believe that both Sakura and Sasuke both refused his help. He had arrived just after Kakashi had put Sakura in a genjutsu and he released her just to get a fist thrown at him. He then dug Sasuke out of a hole that apparently was the byproduct of an Earth style technique. After arguing with the pair for the better part of an hour, while his clones were playing 'tag', with real explosive tags, with their sensei, Kakashi. He was at his wits end when Sasuke finally attacked Kakashi was busy with one of Naruto's clones.

Naruto finally went to a stone that had caught his attention. While it also had their supposed lunches there, he actually looked at the stone. "Are you going after the lunches, Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto shook his head and asked, "What is this stone with all the names on it? I don't recognize most if any of these names on it."

Kakashi smiled inwardly, but wouldn't be fooled by the boy. He then explained, "It is the memorial stone, dedicated to those who have died for the village. They are considered heroes for their sacrifice."

Naruto looked intently at the stone, as if looking for a name, but he didn't seem to find it. He then grinned at Kakashi and said, "You would have probably tied me up if I tried to go after the lunches anyways. You have sort of stopped reading your book. I'm sorry if I've gotten too intense for you to be able to read."

Kakashi chuckled and replied, "You and Sasuke have given me a challenge, but not too hard of one. So did it work in trying to talk them into helping you?"

Naruto shook his head and then tilted it to the side, just being missed by a kunai that was aimed at Kakashi who just grabbed it out of the air. He then jumped away from the stone, just as Sasuke exclaimed, "Fire style: Grand fireball!" He then sighed heavily when Sasuke asked, "Why didn't you stay a moment longer, so that I could have hit him with that fireball."

"Teme, I didn't want to be hit by your attack. Like I said before… we can't beat him in a straight fight individually," Naruto attempted to explain.

"Yeah, but I touched a bell. What have you done?" Sasuke asked harshly.

Naruto pointed to the clearing where the ground was littered with smoldering holes and a few downed trees. "Nothing… not a thing, just waiting to be sent back to the academy, where you think everyone, but you belongs," Naruto replied sarcastically.

Sasuke grinned and then jumped off, but was caught by the scruff of the neck by a suddenly appearing Kakashi. The bell rang just then. "I guess time's up," Kakashi said while he dragged Sakura, who was in his other arm, to the posts a dozen meters away. He then promptly tied up Sakura.

"But Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura tried to say in protest.

"No. You're brats. All you think about is yourselves," Kakashi said, only for Sasuke to rush at him. Kakashi quickly disarmed the boy and held a kunai to his throat. "Naruto kill Sakura or I will kill Sasuke," Kakashi said angrily.

Naruto shook his head, making the pink haired girl sigh, but then she turned Naruto and asked, "Please kill me if it will save Sasuke-kun, Naruto."

Naruto growled at Sakura and said, "No, either option is wrong. Why do you think they put us on teams?"

Kakashi sighed heavily and let Sasuke stand and join his possible teammates. "Sakura, Sasuke, you just don't seem to get it," he stated and then pointed at Sasuke and continued, "You feel that the others would get in your way, but you can't do it on your own. You are genin and I'm jounin. Even if our skill levels were equal my experience would trump your skill. Sakura, you spend all your time worrying about Sasuke that you forgot to try to work with the person in front of you. Like Naruto told you, you need to work together. I've given you all a chance and the only one who passed my test was Naruto, who I'm recommending for passage on to another team. Sasuke and Sakura you both are going back to the academy for a refresher course in teamwork. While it was interesting to see your abilities, I think you all have a long ways to go. I know Naruto knows this, but Sasuke, you need to get your head out of your ass and find a way to work with others or you will be dropped from the program. You Sakura, you need to work on your practical skills. Knowledge is a good thing, but if you don't have anything to back it up in the field, you and your team will die. Naruto… I'm impressed with your skills and your raw destructive power, but you need to learn subtlety. While you can see underneath the surface, you still need to be able to see underneath the underneath. We're done here. Go home and await the Hokage's ruling on your status. Dismissed."

Kakashi disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Naruto disappeared in a cloud of dust, but they could tell that he was running very fast. Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and walked off. Sakura remained tied to the post. 'Am I so bad?' she thought to herself.

Sakura felt a strong breeze and the ropes fell away from her. Naruto walked out and said, "Sakura, don't take it too hard, but you need to focus more on your training. I know you're strong, but you need to learn focus. If you want to impress Sasuke-chan, then you need to become a strong kunoichi instead of focusing on just him. It's just a suggestion." He then jumped back into the trees and the wind covered his trail.

Sakura stood there looking down at the ropes on the ground. Naruto had returned to release her, but also advise her to become stronger. She thought he would discourage her from chasing Sasuke, but he didn't. He actually gave a possible good way to attract the Uchiha's eye. She then though hard about what she needed to become a strong kunoichi.


Naruto met Azula, Hinata and her team at Ichiraku's. Hinata smiled lightly and asked so how did it go?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "No big surprise… we failed, but I got a recommendation for advancement from Hatake Kakashi. From the look of your outfit, Azula-chan, I can assume that you failed also and caught one of your own fireballs trying to protect one of them."

Azula nodded and closed her cloak to show off less skin. She then replied, "Yeah, Ami came in for the attack at the wrong angle and I had to do a replacement with myself."

"Man, your teams sucked," Kiba said excitedly.

"That's easy for you to say, Kiba. You guys at least know how to work in a team. I had Mr. Perfect and his number one fangirl. Sasuke almost got it near the end, but I'm not sure if he realized that he needed help to complete the test. Sakura might get it now, after I told her to work on her training, instead of chasing after emo-pants," Naruto explained.

"While that may be true, Uzumaki-san, didn't you try to work with both of them?" Shino asked.

"Yeah, I spent most of the time delaying Kakashi, while I also tried to get them to understand," Naruto explained.

Kiba looked at him in confusion and asked, "How can you be in two places at the same time?"

Naruto crossed his hands with his index and middle finger and said, "Shadow clone." A second Naruto appeared and walked over to Kiba.

Kiba laughed and said, "So what, a simple clone. I'm sure Kakashi would have seen through those."

The original Naruto began to eat his ramen, while the clone flicked Kiba's forehead. "I'm a solid clone and have about half the strength of the original, so the destruction was quite evident, since he can make about a thousand of me before he starts to strain himself," the clone explained.

Kiba's jaw dropped, but was pushed back up by Shino. "I do not want you to catch any of my insects in your mouth Kiba. Impressive Naruto-san," Shino said.


Naruto, Azula, Sasuke, team eight, Kurenai, Anko, Genma and Kakashi stood before the Hokage. He sighed and then said, "I'm happy, but also disappointed. Do you know why?" He glared at Naruto, who had the good sense to keep his mouth shut and find something of interest on the ceiling to look at that moment. The Hokage then continued, "I had two teams, two teams… that I thought would pass and what do I have? I have two solo members of both teams that understood the concept of teamwork, but a single member who by all rights should be put back into training, has had someone pull rank and get him posted to an apprenticeship. This frustrates me to no ends. Uzumaki Naruto and Azula…" Both turned their attention to the Hokage and nodded.

"You both according to your testers, showed that you understood teamwork, but also made an active attempt to correct and get your teams to pass the tests given to them. Also you went beyond the call to even protect them from misguided attacks meant for your testers," Hiruzen explained, while Azula blushed, but also grimaced. He then continued, "Naruto… you used a delaying tactic to try to get them to work together?" Naruto nodded. "And did considerable damage to the training grounds in the process?" Naruto then blushed, but nodded.

Hurizen sighed heavily, but then continued, "It pains me that you Uchiha Sasuke, who showed minimal in, Kakashi's explanation, aptitude for teamwork."

"They would just get in my way," Sasuke attempted to explain, only to be quieted by the killing intent from the Hokage.

"When I want your opinion, child, I will give it to you and then ask for it," Hiruzen explained. The Hokage then continued, "Both the Daimyo and the council have 'asked' Hatake Kakashi to take you on as an apprentice, but you will need to work with other teams to get the experience you will need to become a chuunin and then have more independent missions. For now you are his apprentice, but do not question his or my assignments."

Sasuke nodded his acceptance, and left when the Hokage waved him to leave. Hiruzen then looked at Kakashi and asked, "Do you think you can teach him? Or do you need him to take a refresher course?"

Kakashi stood at attention and replied, "I think I can get him to shape up, but I will need to have a team to work with him."

Hiruzen then smiled and the jounin began to worry. "He will work with other team, but he will also work with Anko's team. Naruto and Azula will be her students from this point on. She will also have rotating students help out with her team, so that they will have complete team. Sasuke will occasionally work with your team Anko, so please make sure that they do not kill him," he asked pointedly.

Anko smirked and replied, "Sure I can make sure that they don't kill the punk, but what if I do?"

Hiruzen shook his head and just said, "Anko…"

"Hurt him some?" she asked meekly.

"Only if it is in training," Hiruzen replied in an annoyed tone.

Anko then got giddy at the possibility of hurting the Uchiha boy. Naruto shook his head and then put his hand on Anko, who calmed quickly at the touch.

"Now, team eight, you will be working mostly with Anko's team, eleven. Hinata, since you've passed, you will be removed from the rolls of team eleven, but don't fret, you will get to work with them from time to time," Hiruzen said reassuringly.

Hinata seemed pleased, as did Kiba. Azula rolled her eyes at the Inuzuka's response, but said nothing.

"Now that that is out of the way, you're all dismissed," Hiruzen said to all those in his office. He just hoped that they would take doing D ranked missions so easily.


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Anko wasn't serious about being Naruto's lover, just wanted to poke fun at the trio and test his skills. Accordingly he is at low chuunin right now, but is mostly a defensive fighter.