OKAY this is my first naruto story I hope u like it. And this is naruhina .

I laid there on my bed with tears streaming down my face, my body still soaking wet from standing in the rain and still thinking about what had just happened only 10 minutes ago. I stared at the ceiling and listened to the pattern of rain drops on my window silhouetted by a light lavender curtains that matched my walls. My phone vibrated off to the side of my head and read who it was from. It was from his best friend, that faithful blonde who had always been sweet and kind to me and never a jerk like he was. I laid there thinking back to the dark gusty night…

I stood there in the damp leaves and grass next to him. I stared at the dark forest that loomed before us. I was a little nervous because this was the first time we had been together with all of our friends around. We listened as the guide droned on about the rules and what not. I just wanted to start walking but she insisted we listen and be quiet before we go. Finally she decided to start and everyone rushed forward leaving me alone next to him. The first things started popping out and I jumped at the sight of them. Soon I was holding on to the sleeve of his jacket but He didn't seem to mind. We kept walking side by side listening to the screams of everyone else. I could make out his friend Naruto, because he had a higher voice. I could also hear my friend Sakura and I saw her pink head of hair in the front next to a guy who I might have known but I couldn't tell since it was so dark out. The guide stopped every now and then telling of spooky stories about the things we saw. This only made me more scared than I was and I hadn't noticed that my fingers were holding gently on to his. The guide stopped and told us if we wanted to go back we could and a few did and the rest of us just kept walking after that. The guide was talking about some gypsy that was trying to raise her dead brother from the dead and in front of us was a big pile of leaves. There was a lady humming things that I couldn't make out. Then the pile of leaves moved and I screamed. I felt my hand and his intertwining together, his warm hand against mine. I looked over at him and saw him laughing at the people who were getting scared at the guy who had came out of the leaves. Everyone was walking way ahead of us so we had to try to catch up but then the guy who came out of the leaves popped out of nowhere and yelled in my face I screamed and buried my head in his soft jacket. I heard my cousin Neji, who was walking beside us, yell in horror also and we all started running to the others. We caught up just in time to hear a loud chainsaw revving up and saw a guy run towards the group. Neji, Saskue, and I started running too. We would have made it there but something caught my boot and I fell my face landing in mud. I heard a thump behind me and looked up to see that Neji had fallen too. Saskue grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet and I fell into his arms. I blushed and looked into his beautiful sea blue eyes as they smiled down at me. His hand , which had been on my back, moved upwards to my chin and lifted it up. My lips met his and he closed his eyes. Soon I did too and I was lifted into the bliss of my first kiss with I guy I knew I loved with all my heart and soul. We were interrupted by Neji.

"What the hell are you doing Saskue!" Neji yelled.

"What do you think? Deal with it Hyyuga, I'm in love with your cousin!" Saskue yelled back.

My thoughts ended with that as once again my phone vibrated and it was from that faithful blonde again. I checked the message he sent before .

From: Naruto

Hey wat up? I hav a huge question to ask you!

Ramen King!

Nov 24, 12:58pm

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I hit reply and said,

Nm… ur question can wait a few secs im gonna get sumtin 2 eat.

I looked at his other message and it said

From: Naruto

Seriously hina answer ur freaking fone its important!

Nov 24, 1:19am

Ramen King!

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I decided to ignore it and thought he could wait. It was 1:24am says my alarm clock. I changed out of my damp clothes and slipped on pajamas. I slid open the door to my room and shuffled down the hall, my slippers sliding beneath me. I slipped into the kitchen and got a glass from the cupboard and took a container down from the shelf. I opened it and inside was about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies I had made the other day. I took a few and got milk out of the fridge and poured a glass. I put everything away and went back to my room. I went and plopped down on my bed. I checked my phone again and saw I had another message from Naruto again.

From: Naruto

R u asleep or wat? Com on its like sooooo important!

Ramen King!

Nov 24, 1:23am

I hit reply and said

Okokokok what is it u want to ask me?


To: Naruto

Sent: Nov 24, 1:26am

I waited a few minutes and muched on my cookies while I waited. They were yummy and just a bit hard but It was still the perfect snack. I then put my emty glass and plate on the bedside table next to my alarm clock. Just then my phone vibrated. I took it and I knew it was naruto.

From: Naruto

Well ummm… wuld u go out wit me?

Ramen King!

Nov 24, 1:31am

I stared at the screen. I couldn't believe it. I hit reply and said

OMG totally:)


Sent: Nov 24, 1:35am

I didn't think about it anymore. I just fell asleep instantly… with a small smile on my face.