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Hinata POV

I woke up the next morning, or afternoon as the sun was high up in the sky, shining brightly through the window. Naruto was sleeping soundly on the inside. I remember last night and the dream I had before Naruto woke me up. I had been having the same dream over and over, only this time I had seen the face of the girl in the fire. I didn't recognize who it was but I knew it was someone dear to me. I heard something vibrate then crash to the floor. I looked over the edge of the bed and saw Naruto's bright orange droid blinking on the floor. I looked and saw it was a message from Shikamaru. I didn't want to be nosy but I clicked View Now.

It read:

From: Shikamaru

dude, u cant go on the mission. Lady tsunade's orders.

She stricty sed u cudnt go. Not yet anyway, so dont go bein


Lazy A$$

Dec 3, 10:07am

I wondered what he meant by mission so I slipped out of the bed, tossing the phone at naruto. It hit his back but he didnt wake up. I threw on my shoes and went out the door. I ran towards the Hokage Building.I wanted to know what was up so I barged through the hokages door and saw Sakura, Shikamara, Kazekage Gaara, Sasuke, and Sakura's cousin Leyna. I was extremly confused now.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"We have a S-rank mission being planned, and it doesn't Involve you so would you please show yourself to the door," Tsunade angrily replied to getting very angry.

"I THINK IT DOES INVOLVE ME SO TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" I screamed back at her. I started to tear up but instead of crying I wiped away y tears, took a breath to calm myself and continued.

"if this mission is going to save Neji, then I am going. If not, I am going to go save him myself," I said making my mind up right here. No one responded until finally Gaara spoke for everyone.

"Sorry, we're not going to save Neji just yet," he said his smooth tone not faultering one bit.

"Fine, goodbye," I said and disappeared in a puff of lavender smoke. I ended up at narutos house. I grabbed a random bag off the floor and started stuffing it with clothes.

" fine, thats it. Im not waiting around for the last of my faimly to die," I mumbled to myself. I saw Naruto had left and the house was empty. I took Narutos kunai thinking a silent sorry to him and left. I ran to the gates of Konoha. The gards saw me and didnt llet me pass. I swiftly threw 2 punches to their guts and ran pass them darting into woods, not looking back at my village in case I got teary. I didn't look back at my friends or anything. I just left. I didn't realize I wouldn't come back for over 5 years.