Hi guys. Mitsukai here. once again I bring you all an Alpha Pair oneshot, since it's been too long since I've written something about my OTP. School's also out, so this may be my chance to update some of my stories. The oneshot is influenced by the Vocaloid KAITO's "Cantarella" song, and if you know the story of this song, you would know what to expect when you read this. I've been listening to Vocaloids for quite a while now and this is the one that got me really inspired. My first time doing a 1st person POV, and Dark!Sanada this time, and I hope I didn't make him OOC while maintaining the rather dark atmosphere of this fic. Also, I've put up a poll in my profile, and please answer it when you have the time to do so. Thank you.

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I could still remember the first time we met. It was at a party, and I was standing to the side, watching impassively as couples crowded the dance floor. I never liked social activates much, and the rustling of silk and the smoky atmosphere interested me as a full man upon a great feast. I could remember sighing then, turning to leave, when I saw you, standing in front of me, clothed in soft cream and baby blue, interest glimmering in your bright sapphire eyes, and I knew I was already captivated.

Staring back at you
Staring back at me
Inside of our own closed off world

You reached your hand out, introducing yourself. Yukimura Seiichi, you said your name was. A beautiful name, I suddenly thought, befitting an angelic face that was seemingly carved by Botticelli. You smiled at me, a slight tilt at the corner of your lips that instantly took my breath away. I raised my hand, meeting with your own, silently marveling at the feel of your soft, white skin, feeling the warmth of your hand as it perfectly fitted in my own. I didn't want to let go then, wanting this moment to last forever, but I restrained myself, finally letting go, silently crying at the loss of your touch. I also introduced myself, Sanada Genichirou, the second son of the Sanada lord, and I saw your face lit up with comprehension, commenting that it was rare to see a member of a Sanada family attending such an event. I momentarily lost myself at the sound of your voice; a haunting, musical melody that I knew would start invading every single moment of my sleeping and waking dreams. I also recognized you by then, the heir of the Yukimura family, the host of the current social gathering that I was forced to attend. I never thought that now I would feel so grateful for being in this place, because it brought me to you, my human Botticelli angel.

Acting oblivious
But yet we both pretend
That our intoxication might be sensed

After the party, days eventually passed. In every major social event, an invitation would always be sent to our estate, and I would find myself volunteering to be the representative of the family, despite my distaste for such frivolities, just to see if you would be attending that particular event as well, feeling excited to see and talk to you once again. And as I arrived at the entrance hall, I would always look around and search for your midnight-blue hair, and you didn't disappoint me, as you were always present, coming up to me and exchanging pleasantries, talking about anything and everything that you wanted to, and I always found myself listening, sometimes expressing my opinion once in a while. You never got tired of smiling at me, of telling me that I was such a good companion to have, and my heart fluttered from my chest, though I didn't know what that had meant back then.

As time passed by
I feel that my heart
Must keep hidden

So that I may approach

Soon we passed the line of acquaintances to friends, and you would always make it a point to invite me over your home, receiving me gracefully, pulling me to the garden where we could both enjoy the lovely scene, you of the garden, and me of you. Soon enough, three years passed without a blur, me of the age of eighteen, you of the younger age of seventeen, and we became close as platonically as possible. As I matured I realized the extent of my conflicting feelings for you, always waking up in the middle of the night, breathless, sweating profusely, body aroused, your name on my lips, that it is nothing but platonic, and so I tried to keep my distance, putting on the mask of stoicism so I would never, even in my weakest moments, be able to act out my selfish, hidden desires. But you always made it so difficult, always finding a reason to let our skin touch, and seemingly taking an amusement to see me struggle internally to control myself. Though I would act out sometimes, just to fulfill some of my shallower, more trivial desires, by taking your hand and pressing my lips to your fingers, enjoying the sudden blush that would always appear on your cheeks, but I had never done anything more.

I heave a sigh
Because around you
I feel far from myself

And so we both continued like this. I was content by just being at your side at first, but soon my love for you had become irrational and more uncontrollable, for I wanted to be the one to make you smile, the person that you would always smile beautifully at, the only one to take you in a tight embrace and will be able to let you reach the heavens with a single kiss and touch. I wanted you to be mine. I wanted to possess all of you, your eyes, your smile, your heart, mind and soul; I wanted it to be mine. Completely and wholly mine. These feelings scared me. But I accepted them wholeheartedly; for I cannot deny that that I lusted after you the same way I loved you with all of my heart. I wanted to be the man that could make you happy, but I also wanted to claim your body as my possession, mine, and only mine.

And so when you told me that you were to be engaged in a few weeks' time, it was then and there, I decided, that it was time to finally make you my own.

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds
And I will set up my trap for you

Even though I'm eagerlyafter you
I won't leave any trace.

I sat on a chair in my private study, patiently waiting for your arrival, wearing the loosest and most comfortable clothes that I had. In my hand I held a small bottle, with a liquid as clear as water inside. I had bought it a few days prior to your visit, and, as I stared at it, your face came into my mind's eye and I smiled, knowing that you wouldn't be able to refuse. A servant came in, bringing in a bottle of wine and two long neck wineglasses, setting them on the table before me and leaving as quickly and quietly as he came. I carefully opened the stopper, quietly considering before letting a few drops fall inside one glass before closing it, and filling both glasses with wine. The concentration was potent, or so the seller told me, and only a few drops were needed to produce the intended effect. The stage was set, and I lounged back, waiting for the telltale sign of your arrival. A few moments more and it came, the door handle turning and your face coming into view, smiling angelically at me, as always.

This was the first time that I invited you to my home, and your excitement about it was understandable. I stood up and moved forward, welcoming you, and you suddenly hugged me tightly, pressing your warm body against mine, and standing in shock was all I could do to not lose my control and carry you to my bedroom, no matter what protest you gave. You finally released me, letting me breathe and thanked me for letting you come over, and, had I known what you were going to do, I would have invited you sooner. But I brushed these things off my mind, intending to enjoy your company completely, and guided you into my study, letting you sit down opposite me as you comment on how beautiful my chambers were.

Things are not this clear
My words seem all sincere
And you begin letting your guard down

And so we talked. You talked about many things, though what kinds of topics I can't remember anymore, and I kept silent, as per my nature, quietly enjoying the flush of your cheeks, the sparkle in your sapphire eyes as you talked animatedly about each subject, never losing your interest in any of them, further deepening of my own personal interest in you. Of course, I also gave my own opinions as you asked about it, but I was content to let you speak for the both of us. The evening was young, the night was long, and we have all the time in the world. I offered a toast to our friendship and you complied, letting our wineglasses clink against each other as we both took a sip. I watched you from the rim of my wineglass as you slowly finished the drink, face warmer from the dose of alcohol.

There's something you should know
About this deep drug
You thought you could drink it down

Time passed by slowly. More and more of the wine was consumed, and yet I stayed complacent, watching as it slowly works its magic on you, highlighting your features, making your skin look rosier, more delectable, as my eyes feasted on your face, resting on your lips, wondering how it would taste against mine, as your eyelashes fluttered and your blue hair swayed, framing your face beautifully. Once in a while my eyes would stray on the wall clock in the side of the room, watching its hands tick slowly, one by one. I went back to our conversation and finally noticed, as you placed the glass on the table, that your hand was trembling.

"Are you all right?" I asked, watching you carefully. You nodded back, exhaling a slow breath. "I-I'm fine." You answered back softly, your cheeks aflame. "It's just that… I feel so warm…" You continued, inhaling a shaky breath. You weren't fine, I could see that clearly. "Are you sure?" I asked again, letting the concern lace my voice, as I leaned forward to touch your hand, only for you to snatch it back quickly as if I electrocuted you. "I-I'm sorry." You apologized immediately when you saw my surprised expression. Your breaths slowly became labored. "It-it must the alcohol." You bit your lower lip, the blush on your face becoming brighter. Slowly you tugged on your collar, exposing a bit of the milky, white skin that made my mouth dry. "It's so hot…"

Rusting from time
The chains fall apart
You run away
With no place to go

I said nothing, observing with intense, lustful eyes as you fidgeted in your seat, a small groan making its way past your lips, a sound that immediately went straight to my groin. "Are you sure that you're all right?" I asked again, watching you nod and stand up shakily, the wineglass in your hand. "I-I'll be fine." You answered breathlessly, taking a slow step forward, bottom lip trembling, sweat beading down to your neck, disappearing into your clothing, looking sinfully ravishing, as you successfully tugged your collar off, showing me more of that untouched skin, tempting me to bite and see if it tasted as good as it looked. "I need… to go… somewhere." You turned toward the door, your back against me, holding the arm of the chair for support. "I need to go…"

"Go where?" I asked calmly, never leaving from my seat, eyes wandering to the clock again as the second hand showed the last seconds before it would announce the next hour. "You're not going anywhere."

"What…" Slowly you turned to me, eyes wide, as you struggle against the chains that were slowly binding you to myself. "What do you mean…Genichirou…?"

The seconds
Echo by
The more you try to fight

I smiled then, setting down my wineglass, emptied of its contents. "You're mine, Seiichi."

The clock struck twelve, and I finally stood up, sweeping my gaze over your fallen form as you breathed erratically, eyes closed, your form trembling violently. The wineglass fell from your hands and shattered, the bright red liquid seeping through your clothes. You moaned softly, fueling my awakened desire, and I picked you up carefully from the floor, kissing your sweat drenched hair. "Don't worry. I'll make you feel better." I whispered against your skin and you all but shuddered, opening your eyes and letting me see hazy, blue orbs filled with nothing but pure, raw arousal.

Let me just say, inside of you, I see
Hiding in your memories

Warm puffs of your breath tickled my skin, and I slowly strode towards my bedroom, holding you securely against me, soaking up the heat that radiated from your body. Entering quickly, I set you down gently on the black and grey covers, sweeping the hair from your face as I drew back and stared, finding the sight of your pale form against the dark sheets alluring and sensual. Panting, yarning for my touch, you are the fruition of my sinful dreams coming to life. Clothes suddenly became a hindrance, and I longed to tear off every single piece of cloth that separated our skin from touching. But I forced myself to bid my time, to fully enjoy your body as much I wanted to for this one night.

To be linked with the scent of your sweat
I might
Merely be affected

Guilt was starting to claw into my chest, but I was too far off in my lust to really care. Slowly I took off the silk covering your body, eyes alighting with hunger as your body was slowly revealed to me inch by inch. You trembled under my gaze, crying loudly as I tasted your skin for the first time, swirling my tongue around your collarbone, smelling pine and vanilla that clung to the tips of your hair. Your hands went up to my hair, pulling rather harshly, but I didn't mind, sinking my teeth to where your neck and shoulder meet, making sure to place it in a spot where it can be seen, and was rewarded by a choked cry. Your body was soft and pliant to my touch, your lips yielding as I took my chance to kiss you, my tongue exploring your mouth, making sure imprint your scent and your taste forever in my memories.

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds, and I
Will set up my trap for you

"Seiichi," I whispered, my lips against your chest, your cries and moans music in my ears, slowing pushing me to the brink of insanity. You don't know how much I longed for this, to see your midnight blue hair sprawled against the whiteness of the pillows, screaming my name as I help you reach the heights of the heavens. I looked up, caressing your blushing cheeks as I looked deeply into your eyes.

Only to get a jolt as I see your eyes… sparkling with unshed tears.

I was brought back to reality quickly. What am I doing? Quickly I pushed myself away, covering your nude body with a sheet, as I realized the extent of what I was doing. I exhaled heavily, cursing myself for letting my emotions take over me. This was a mistake. This was a sin. I let myself be washed away with my darker, more wanton desires for you. I drugged you, put your life in danger, and tried to take you for myself against your will. I promised myself that I would never make you cry, and here I am, outright raping you, not even considering your feelings if I had continued. I feel sick to the core. I'm not even deserving of our friendship. In frustration I slammed my fist to my knees, covering my face with my palm. I would apologize deeply, and I can only hope for you to forgive me, even if you break our friendship because of what I had done.

Even though I'm after you, all I hear...

I made to stood up, but a hand suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled, sending me sprawling back on the bed, my back on the sheets. You pulled yourself on top of me, grabbing my wrists, your eyes twinkling with mischievousness as you whispered against my lips.

"Make me yours."

At that moment, as I looked into your blue-filled gaze, clear and unfazed even with the drug circulating around your system, that you knew. You knew everything. You knew of my feelings for you, of my struggles and of my plans, and that you were just simply waiting for me to make my move.

Because you had fallen in love with me too.

Let me just say, inside of you, I see myself
Hiding in your memories

I reached out and cradled your cheek, feeling you lean against my touch. Your hands worked slowly, feather light against my skin. And you're smiling, a smile filled with both love and lust, as I pushed myself up and captured your lips in a kiss, pushing you down, intending to finish what I've started.

To be linked with the scent of your sweat
I might merely be affected

And at this moment, I completely possess you. You are mine.

Totally and irrefutably mine.

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