It's me again, with a new installment of Vocaloid Princes, also with the debut of a pair that I haven't really written yet: Dirty Pair (AKA OshiGaku). The song inspiration for this one is SPICE! by Kagamine Len, and I will apologize beforehand for making Oshitari look like a manwhore in this one. But since he's the closest thing to what Len was in this song, well... anyway, I hope you enjoy, I apologize for the OOC-ness and the random crack pairing that you will see in this one.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Not mine. Shounen-ai Dirty Pair... and others. Sexually-Ambiguous!Oshitari. Crack Pairings. Typos, OOC-ness, mature themes.

The sound of a ringing phone disturbed him from his sleep. Tiredly he reached for it, his fingers touching the cool, soft bed sheets to grope for the gadget by the bedside table. Feeling the strap within his grasp, he pulled it towards him, putting himself into a sitting position as he stretched, not really minding his state of undress.

The caller's number was particularly familiar to him, and he flipped his phone open, yawning slightly as he received the call, a hand going up to comb through his long, disheveled hair.

A call to wake me up early at 4 in the morning
"Who were you with and where?" You asked me, what does that mean?

'Where are you? Practice is starting.'

Tennis practice this early? He looked at the clock. It was six in the morning, an ungodly time for anyone to be woken up, especially for him, who was up all night doing… certain exhausting–but very pleasurable– activities.

"It's too damn early, Atobe." The Kansai burr crept into his low voice, thickened by his semi-consciousness. "Let me guess. You're the only one who's at the tennis courts now."

'For Hyotei to be the number one tennis team in Japan, certain measures must be implemented.' The haughty diva replied back with the air of superiority, almost bordering on arrogance. 'And that starts with training.'

I can only give excuses, an evasion from the truth
Why did I use to love hearing

"You do realize though, that people can't play properly once they've been deprived on sleep." He drawled back. He shifted on the bed, settling in a more comfortable position. "And Atobe, don't tell me you're cutting back on your beauty sleep?" He smirked.

'Ore-sama is most certainly not.' The heir sniffed daintily. 'Ore-sama does not need beauty sleep, because Ore-sama is already beautiful.'

"Yes, yes, Atobe-sama." He conceded with a roll of his eyes, knowing that if he didn't, he would be on the phone all morning. He heard Atobe mutter a few incoherent words under his breath, and he was almost sure that most of it contained multiple curses and swears that were directly aimed at him. He couldn't help but smirk. It's amusing to rile the narcissistic teenager, especially in the early hours of the morning.

'… Just get your ass here, Oshitari.' And the line was promptly cut, leaving him hanging in mid-air. With a slight shake of his head, he flipped the phone shut and placed it back to where it originally was, on the bedside table, his lips quirking into a small grin.

"You're the only thing that I need." What does that mean?
My body hurts… from laughing too much
It seems that they're only used to forget

"So then, what to do…" He surveyed his surroundings, contemplating on his next move. But before he could think of it, a pair of arms snaked around his shoulders, and a large, warm body pressed itself against his back, equally as unclothed as he was.

A low voice, husky from sleep, whispered closely in his ear. "It's too early, Oshitari. Too early."

Ah, he almost forgot. His grin forming into a full blown smirk, he turned around and pinned the other teen beneath him, grasping both wrists and held them over the rascal's spiky, raven colored hair, staring deep into violet eyes that were alight with a different kind of passion than the one he usually saw.

The bitter taste of hot, burning SPICE
Just this once I'll let you have some

"Again, Oshitari?" The younger teen's voice turned mocking.

"If you can keep up with it." Once again he felt desire snaking in his veins as the power player rose up to his challenge, a smirk on the other's face as his lips burned again with a fervor that couldn't be described with words.

Well, he had to give it to him. The younger teen was certainly as passionate in bed as he was in playing tennis. And Atobe didn't say anything about coming to practice quickly so…

Indigo eyes shimmered with delicious intent as strong arms pulled him down once again.

Because I know that you're taken with it, with my taste
And doesn't that make you love it even more?


Pushing the bridge of his glasses to his nose, Oshitari Yuushi looked up from his school work just as the bell rang for break. Sweeping his notes and lectures carefully into his school bag, he stood up and walked out of his class, mindful of the dreamy and covetous looks that the other students were giving him. Mostly they came from girls, but there were some males who thought they could hide their sexual orientation from Oshitari's watchful gaze.

Since Atobe Keigo was known as Hyotei Gakuen's heartthrob, most people easily assumed that he was the school's number one heartbreaker as well. But as people entered the campus grounds, gradually they realize that there was another person who captured not only their hearts, but their eyes as well.

Oshitari Yuushi was just oozing with sex appeal, with his depthless indigo eyes, cool, detached attitude, and his heavily accented Kansai dialect, together with low, husky tenor of his voice that always sounds as if he was about to do someone at that particular moment… needless to say, he was very popular amongst the students, almost as popular –if not equally as–the diva of Hyotei himself.

It also doesn't help that he was a hardcore flirt. Just a wink and a very sexy smirk sent every girl's panties to the floor, sometimes literally. He was just like the hero of the romance novels he always read, the dashing rouge who was able to charm anyone who stepped in his way. Add to the fact that he's the tennis club's resident tensai, it really was a no brainer that he has a fan club whose numbers were just second of Atobe's.

If Atobe Keigo was the male who could launch a thousand ships, Oshitari Yuushi was the one who sunk them.

"I want to see you now, in person not over the phone"
So you still want to take my advances again

Currently, the said teenage boy was strolling casually into the school cafeteria, always attentive to the giggles and winks the girls were giving him. Giving them a patented wink of his own, he comfortably slid into his seat, having secured a plate of his own. Pretty soon, another person entered the room and sat down with him immediately. The scent of strawberries assaulted his senses and he inhaled deeply, already knowing who the person beside him was.

"Hello, Gakuto."

The acrobat sent him a smile that left his mind reeling, although he didn't show it outwardly. The redhead affected him greatly, in more ways than one. He didn't know when he started to feel differently for his doubles partner but when he finally did it was like being hit by a cannonball.

"Yuushi!" … It also didn't help that the redhead was unnaturally clingy to him. He stiffened when he felt the lithe, warm body at his side, unconsciously biting his lips as blood started to pool towards his cheeks. "Thank god it's lunch! The morning periods are waaaay too boring!"

"You always think that morning periods are boring, Gakuto." Coolly he extracted himself from the acrobat's arms, ignoring the almost painful pounding of his heart. He lounged in his chair, catching the eye of a male second year, who immediately blushed and turned away when Oshitari gave him a small smirk. "Did you sleep through it again?"

"I couldn't." Gakuto was pouting, his bottom lip sticking out in a way that Oshitari found very adorable… and so very tempting at the same time. Inwardly he cursed at his runaway control, willing himself not to react at the body that was pressed against him. "We had a test today."

"And? How did you do?" Oshitari asked, trying to distract himself by letting that acrobat chatter loudly about how much that test sucked, but fate really hated him today, as the universe deemed it fit to fill his mind with images of the redhead in positions that he had dreamed and acted out in some point of his currently active sexual life. He coughed and abruptly stood up, body flaming with desire, leaving the cafeteria quickly like man escaping from the gallows.

The sweet strawberry scent lingered on his skin. It wasn't particularly overpowering, but still it was enough to fog his mind with lust, and he stumbled along the corridors blindly, his body craving for the much-needed release. His feet had taken him to the library, past the many shelves and lines of hardbound books that was carefully kept and organized. He stopped, running a shaking hand through his blue hair as desire snaked throughout his veins like venom.

He leaned against a shelf, trying to calm his racing heart, when he heard footsteps approaching him. He hid quickly, his sharp eyes seeing a mop of brown hair and intense, dark brown eyes filtering through the titles of the books. The scent of cinnamon reached his nose, so terribly musky and masculine that he found himself groaning out loud despite himself, feeling himself lose control and already out to seduce his teammate to help him reach completion.

But know that you won't get any further than anyone else
Try to catch the key and navigate my heart

He strolled casually into view, causing the brunet's eyebrow to rise in slight curiosity, but never in question, as he was a regular concierge in Hyotei's massive library. His finger traced the spine of the books, not really reading each of them, stopping at the book just beside the one his teammate was going to take, taking it out partially, and letting their hands brush in the most innocent of gestures.

"I love you" that's what they all say
It's only a ploy I used on you in the game
Of love that I can never lose

A sharp tingle of electricity surged between their bodies. The brunet noticed it as well, because his eyes widened, letting go of the book in surprise as tanned hands snaked quickly to his wrists and pinned him to the book shelf.

"Oshitari! What the hell are you–?" The other didn't have time to react or to protest, as lips took advantage of an open mouth and a tongue curled around his own, igniting little fires that sent a shiver down his spine. As reluctant as he was, his body clearly wanted it, as a moan tore itself away from his lips as Oshitari sucked on his neck, fumbling with his tie, the feeling the proof of the tensai's unmistakable arousal pressing against his stomach.

The bitter taste of much too sweet syrup
That you choose to only take from me

"A-Ah…! N-No…!" With a herculean effort he pushed the taller teen away, quick, panting breaths escaping from his bruised and swollen lips. "I-I can't Oshitari…! Ch-Choutarou…!"

"Wouldn't know unless you told him to." Oshitari's husky, lust-ridden voice immobilized him, as his tie was unceremoniously tugged off and tossed away to the floor. "Don't worry; I made sure not to leave a mark." Hands immediately became clumsy in haste, as the brunet warred with his guilt and also his lust, pupils dilating with pleasure as Oshitari touched him, his hands silencing his mouth, as their tryst continued amidst the silence and the tranquility of the school library.

Large hands scraped the numerous spines, heart resisting, but body yielding. He thought of the boy he loved: tall, with gleaming silver eyes and kind brown eyes, and the sacrilege he was doing to him. But as he looked up into gleaming indigo eyes, with mouth and hands taking him to heights he had never reached before, he could only let tears of guilt sprang forth, and pray to the heavens above that he could be forgiven for the gravest sin he had ever committed.

Skin on skin and I know what you taste like now
For now it has me satisfied


The short brunet hadn't been able to look at him in the eye during practice, and Oshitari wasn't bothered in the least. It wasn't as if it didn't happen before, but he did sympathize when he saw the two lovebirds together: the dash specialist can't seem to look at his younger partner in the face. Shrugging off the guilt that was starting to pinprick his chest, he picked up his racket and looked toward the courts, just making a quarter of the people seeing him swoon as he did so. Shifting the glasses on his nose (again, this was purely for flirting and seduction purposes), his blue-violet eyes unwittingly sought out dark maroon, eventually finding it on the other side of the courts.

He let a small smile grace his face. His doubles partner was just too cute for his own good. Not to mention that he was the friend that Oshitari never had. Mukahi Gakuto had always been there for him ever since he transferred to Hyotei, only raised an eyebrow when he found out that Oshitari read romance novels as a hobby, and even accompanying him to watch cheesy, romantic, feel-good chick flicks (and ending up comforting Gakuto himself who managed to cry afterwards, cursing the male character to hell and back). It was the redhead who, even though loud, bad-tempered and basically a male bitch who has periods of PMS on a frequent basis (yes, he was going to be brutally frank), managed to keep him smiling and laughing these past three years, especially when he was having a bad day. As months passed, Gakuto was the only person to worm his way into Oshitari's chest, into his very heart, in a way no person (be it male or female) has never done before.

And finally, Oshitari realized that Gakuto had become his everything, and that all the notions of 'love' he read in his novels was a big pile of utter bullshit.

Despite it all I still don't know what love is
I only guess that it could be good for me

Being in love leaves you everything but happy. It makes you crazy, it makes you furious and worst of all, it makes you want that person so much that you could hardly stand being in the same room as them unless you're a masochist and you want to feel the almost physical pain of being close, but not enough to satisfy you. And Oshitari, being a healthy, full blooded teenager with the hormones to go with it, was chivalrous enough to not force his feelings on the oblivious redhead, but definitely guiltless enough to take his frustrations out on other people.

But if it's good, then why is it painful
So without it, I know I'm better off

Oshitari sighed, raking a hand through his slightly mussed sex hair. Thinking about these things usually made him feel worse, and he didn't need to be distracted now, during tennis practice, of all times. Shaking his head, he focused on the courts and sought out his partner so they could start practicing together.

And then he saw something that made an unfamiliar feeling coil in his chest, hissing madly.

Gakuto was talking to someone on the other side of the tennis courts. But that wasn't the reason why he was now seeing everything in a pretty shade of emerald green. He knew very well who the person taking to his doubles partner was, and that's what's starting to, for a lack of a more eloquent term, piss him off. He wasn't jealous. Oh no. He was feeling subsequently murderous.

Because nobody could touch Gakuto like that… except for him.

And before he knew it, his legs were carrying him as fast as possible to where his partner was, his lips set into a thin line, indigo eyes blazing as he grabbed a thin wrist and spun Gakuto around, much to the redhead's shock.

"Y-Yuushi! W-What the hell–?"

"Let's go, Gakuto." His tone of voice immediately shut the other up, as Oshitari half-dragged, half-carried the redhead off the courts, leaving the others to stare at them. The bespectacled teen couldn't care less, as he slammed Gakuto against the wall of the clubroom, both hands trapping the smaller teen's wrists in front of him as Gakuto looked up at him, a mixture of surprise, worry and slight fear in his brilliantly colored eyes.

But if it's good, then why is it painful
So without it, I know I'm better off

"Y-Yuushi… w-what…"

Blue eyes widened as lips swooped down to capture his own in a desperate, passion-filled kiss, as his mouth as attacked hungrily, almost ravenously, feeling a shiver run down his spine as a pair of large, warm hands slid down his arms to circle around his waist, as lips and tongue danced and battled with one another.

Hey, this is my very own SPICE
Just this once I'll let you have some

Gakuto felt like he was drowning. When Oshitari's lips pulled away it was like inhaling air for the first time. He breathed in deeply, lips bruised and swollen as he stared at the taller teen rather dazedly, still trying to get some level of composure.

"Y-Yuushi…" He started hesitatingly, looking at his partner who had his head bowed, unable to see the unique indigo eyes. "Are you okay?"

In his surprise, the teen looked up, wet, pearly tears pooling in blue-violet eyes as a silver of clear liquid managed to run down a cheek. He made a small sound of surprise, reaching out to wipe it away, but was quickly stopped as he found himself almost crushed against a toned chest, torso heaving as strong arms almost clung to him in silent desperation.

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" He heard the tensai murmur like a mantra, voice cracking, as fingers roughly dug almost painfully into his shoulders. Gakuto stood still, nonplussed, trying to make some sense into all of this. Finally, he raised his arms and hesitantly hugged Oshitari back, fingers curling onto the white uniform as they leaned against each other, Gakuto's cheek softly pressed against Oshitari's collarbone.

"It's okay, Yuushi…"

Because I know that you're taken with, with my taste
And doesn't it make you love it even more?

Oshitari closed his eyes, letting the soothing scent of strawberries calm him down, the simple acceptance of his feelings making him feel content.

And maybe it was also a good thing that he couldn't see the way Gakuto's lips now tugged up in a sly smirk for a job well done.

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