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She used to wonder how it was she let herself get convinced to moving there, to the opposite side of the globe, for a man. To move so far away from her friends and family, from all that was familiar. Even the weather was different, the winter lacked the beauty of snow; it was harsh and cold, lacking anything to take solace in. The beaches were rough, the waves treacherous. She always wondered if things would get better, whether she would come to love her new home as much as she loved the Burrow.

As the seasons slowly became to change Ginny found her answer. She began to understand the love affair with the country she had come to call home; each town she and Draco travelled to exposed her to a new thing to love. She trekked the red dirt in the heart of the country, admiring the flowers as they begun to bloom and spread beautiful colours across the country side. She watched as the waves calmed and crashed majestically along the coast, as the lambs had the courage to frolic away from their mothers and as the clouds started to clear.

One October day would always bring a smile to her face, it was the day Draco would ask her to be his wife. Draco had organised a romantic picnic hamper, soft blanket and all in a picturesque park by the beach. Even the weather appeared to be smiling over the couple; it was a beautiful, warm day, with only a few fluffy white clouds in the sky. As he knelt down on one knee, a soft sprinkling of rain fell, the droplets catching and reflecting the sun light. She said yes of course.

Together they walked along the beach, laughing and splashing around in the water as it lapped around their ankles. He had pulled her to a stop only once, to watch the sun set over the beach. It was a beautiful array of pinks and mauves, they stood in awe, knowing that the best was yet to come. Spring really was the time of year for new beginnings.