Disclaimer, I do not own any characters or places in this story except for the original characters. This story is written for fun and may contain spoilers.

The End of Days

Halloween Special 2010


Date: 31/10/1510

World: 446657p7

Era: Medieval

Townsfolk gathered round a man nailed to a cross, a brown bag was on his head and hay was laid all around him. People with pitchforks and touches yelled at him as he laughed at them, a priest then came forth holding a bible.

"Thomas Legion, you have been found guilt of practising witch craft and kidnapping and murdering thirty children, how do you plead?" asked the priest.

"Guilty as charged, if you can a revelation guilty, I merely freed those kids from life, you should be thanking me, hahahaha and I'm not finished, I only need one more child" said Legion.

"Well that is not going to happen" said a man.

"You scum" said a woman.

"Burn in hell" said another man.

"Don't interrupt the chain, if you do then I will have to start all over again" said Legion.

"You have confessed to your crime, there can only be one punishment for your crime, you are here by to be burned at the stake, my god have mercy on your soul" said the priest.

"Oh no, no, no, no, you think you can ruin my precious work, this land is now forever cursed, in five hundred years to this day I will return and kill thirty one children and then the entire world with be blessed in the glory of eternal death" said Legion as he began to laugh insanely.

Not even you can return from the grave said the priest.

A man then lit the hay and flews grew and enveloped Legion, he laughed horrendously as the flames covered and burned his body.


Lucas Murphy

Sakura Kinomoto

Syaoran Li

Snow Villers


Amu Hinamori

Maria Crescent

Lyner Barsett



Train Heartnet

Mint Blancmanche

and Shelke Rui

With Ikuto Tsukiyomi




Rita Mordio




and Thomas Legion

The End of Days

The Return of Thomas Legion