The Hideaway…

Since I'm slacking on releasing the next chapter of Boy next door; I figured I owed the readers something. I don't know if this will ever become a full story, but perhaps you'll find it amusing.



~Chapter 1 - Secrets



The world was on fire

No one could save me but you.

Strange what desire will make foolish people do

I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you

And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No, I don't want to fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

No, I don't want to fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

With you

With you

What a wicked game you play

To make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do

To let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say

You never felt this way

What a wicked thing to do

To make me dream of you

And I don't wanna fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

And I don't want to fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

World was on fire

No one could save me but you

Strange what desire will make foolish people do

I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you

I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

No I don't wanna fall in love

(This love is only gonna break your heart)

With you

With you

Nobody loves no one

(Chris Isaak - Wicked Games)




There's no shortage of girls willing to bob at the end of my dick. Just… After awhile it becomes more of a scientific experiment. My seed, just another layer in a different cum bucket.

I usually picked them up at this seedy little bar in the back woods. They called it; The Hideaway… but the place was always fucking packed and rip-roaring until dawn. It had this old western saloon theme going on, complete with hourly room rentals upstairs.

To rent a room, you need only to order a Cherry Pussycat at the bar. It'll cost you thirty bucks. If you're looking for a waitress to serve it, be sure to get the Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat… she'll need a seventy dollar tip at the door.

Being a regular local, I'd dipped my cock into one orifice or another of every wait staff they had on schedule and I didn't have to buy a fruity drink to order what I wanted. I was with the band…

I tried to stay out of their pants. I wasn't naïve enough to believe I was venturing on a journey to where no man had gone before. Hell, you had to be lucky to be the first of what was always a long night. The Hideaway closed at five, just before first light.

Then you have my girlfriend Bella; who is hands down the sexiest woman in the whole mother-fucking town. She's confident, driven, passionate, devious, deceitful, whore purrs like a cat every time she nuzzles my shaft.

I love her. I hate her. Sometimes I love her so much I hate her. I'm a crack-whore when it comes to her two minute blowjobs… and she does this indescribable thing with her tongue before she swallows...

Bella doesn't tease… She worships and adores my cock, usually on her knees in a lace thong and a pair of stiletto heels… If I had to pick two minutes of my life I could relive over and over again on instant replay, those would be it. She makes me feel like I'm the only one she's ever had eyes for. And she swears on her mothers grave that I have the prettiest cock she's ever seen. When I'm with her, the world revolves around me. What I want, what I need…

I actually met Bella by chance. I'd been eavesdropping when she turned in a job application at The Hideaway and I drunkenly admitted I wanted to be the first customer she served a Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat to. She was stunning in an elegant way and her smile told me she wasn't a local; especially when Rosalie told her: Yup darlin' you're going to have to wrestle the snakes if you're going to be a Lilly Rose… When she finally understood what it meant to be on the wait staff of The Hideaway, she promptly threw a drink in my face before taking her application and storming out.

I didn't expect that we'd ever cross paths again, but I admired the fire in her eyes. I knew when she walked out of that bar, she was going places; somewhere better. She had too much pride and respect to ever demoralize herself in such a way. She was a good egg, the type of girl that didn't roll into these parts too often… So you can imagine my surprise when she saddled up at the bar beside me, some days later.

She came to me with a business agreement. This time I was more sober, but it was still very hard to comprehend. It's not everyday that a young woman approaches you with a story about needing the money but not so desperately enough to work four shifts a week at The Hideaway. A Lilly Rose by the name of Tanya catches her soliciting in passing and she's asked to leave before the authorities are called. Which was a laugh in itself. However, when she complied; I was intrigued enough to follow her out.

I know what you're thinking… Why? Why would I even waste a moment to consider paying for sex? Why pay for something I could get for free? I asked myself that several times. There was something so completely mesmerizing about her that kept me intrigued to the point where if I closed my eyes I could still see the ember sparks flaring in her rich brown eyes. She was the first female to really haunt me in a regrettable sense since our departure…

Which compelled me to dial her number two days later, if only to get her out of my head. She sung to me like a siren, in the wee hours of the morning.

Our relationship started with a complimentary tantalizing two minute blowjob; in which I promptly hired her. She got into my head just as often as she did my pants. If a guy could create the perfect woman, trust me - she was it.

I didn't get to see her too often between my two full-time jobs with part-time pay. I couldn't really afford her either, but at the same time - she was priceless. Truly an exquisite masterpiece, with dimples and curves in all of the right places. She has the perkiest little taut rose nipples and a really sweet ass that fits perfectly in the palms of my hands. She was sculpted just for me… At least that's what I'd convinced myself.

At first I was paying her a hundred dollars a week, breaking it down into an hourly wage. She was more than fair to me and I rationalized that it was cheaper than courting a date. The amazing two minute blowjobs, mind blowing sex, lack of drama, and the sheer thrill of it all kept us connected. I called to order and Bella delivered.

In time I found myself working harder; and unfortunately seeing her less so I could give her more. I can't pin point exactly when I started feeling this way because on some level I think it was there from our first encounter. A lingering fear of never again. That knowing sinking feeling that while Bella gave immense pleasure, she could also take it away on a whim.

I have the cash, but she's in complete control of her finances. I realize this arrangement could end quickly if she chose to quit; not that I'd ever fire her.

As time wears on we grow more comfortable together, as most typical couples would or do. Bella started hanging around my apartment more often, even knowing I wouldn't always be there.

The fact she loves my cock and is vocal about it… Well, it's kind of hard not to fall in love with a girl who loves your cock that much. She lifts me up so fucking high and strokes my ego beyond compare. There is so much depth to her; she isn't just a hollow whore.

I fell in love with her, piece by sinful intoxicating piece. And I know what we share isn't quite right on the moral compass or what anyone would call typical by any far stretch of the imagination, but it's working for now.

My problem is communication. Sexually, we're very competitive yet blissfully compatible. We've re-written several languages with lips, tongue, and limb… I'm completely addicted, and probably misreading her body language…

While she remains a great deal of a mystery to me… I've memorized her every sigh, moan, and purr; to each varying degree of taste and touch. She bares her body and soul, but keeps most of her thoughts to herself.

I suspect my girlfriends boyfriend plays a major role in her unwillingness to share, not that I'd particularly want to know too many details about their sordid affair. I don't think there's anything she could ever say to justify being with a loser that would gamble and bet her off anyway.

On so many levels I've won and achieved greatness through their failing relationship. That fact, she doesn't have to tell me… I can see it in her eyes.

You don't know how alive it makes me feel to know that I steal the most beautiful pieces of her, from him. I may be boyfriend number two, but since I've got the wallet that gives me priority - for now. Somehow that satisfies him…

She could convince a wealthier man to buy her diamonds after a brief two minute encounter. She could have had her pick of assholes that night or any other, yet she picks me.

There you have it, I'm Edward Asshole Masen and I'm addicted to her sex…. It leaves me torn… In constant limbo between wanting to strangle her, fuck the hell out of her, and buy her the diamonds she's owed.

I realize if I kill her in a jealous rage, I most definitely couldn't fuck her anymore. And I can kiss those two minute blowjobs goodbye for certain… I'm not into necrophilia, so I've made some progress on that front…




"Buddy… This is AA, not SA!" a husky voice called out with a deep grunting laugh.

"Well then; I'll have a Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat…" If anything, week after week - I was amusing. Sharing the most intimate details of my experiences with Bella; the only proof I had that we existed as an item. To a room full of mostly complete strangers…




This was how all of my AA meetings went. Bella was a big factor in what drove me to drink on an almost daily basis. The thought of her with him; and why?

We each provided various forms of stability for her; regardless of how many times she'd deny it. I never asked too many questions and she always gave very vague answers.

She won't ever say his name, but I know who he is…

AA was free and it was the only outlet I had where others couldn't shame me. We were all ashamed to be there, even the praise for taking the first step couldn't ever re-write history.

My band mates think it's amusing that I'm getting the best sex ever from some other guys girl. Thus I've made sure that they've never really had time to get too acquainted with Bella.

Juggling all the webs of deceit, paying for something I never thought I'd come to need. I was no longer waiting for the girl I could live with; but the one I couldn't live without…

My paintings have become more distorted and violent... Those pieces sold at some of my highest auction prices. The extra attention I received for my art; pushed some media focus toward my band.

A moment I'd spent countless hours creatively bleeding myself dry for and it flew by completely wasted, with very little recognition from Bella.

I thought once I could prove I was capable of more stability for Bella, I'd look like the better option. If the money was there… But still she spent most of her nights in his bed. It wasn't hard for me to be faithful to Bella, knowing there was no comparable substitute out there…

I've wanted to slap her, yet as many times as the thought crossed my mind - I never did. Not with my hands, anyway…

I'll never understand what she sees in that guy.







I moved across country with my best friend; my long term boyfriend of several years under the assumption he had a new job. It wasn't anything new; Jake was always out of work. It was what kept holding us back from getting married or ever considering having a family together. It's never his fault, he's always under-valued for his efforts. He feeds me that same line so often, I'm beyond exhausted of eating leftovers.

By year six, I'd come to the conclusion that Jake was just lazy and the blind-love I'd held for him was never going to be enough to pay the bills. The only way this was ever going to work, was if I made it work. Except nobody was hiring in the Podunk town he dragged me to…

We've been staying in a shack out in the middle of nowhere that belongs to Jake's uncle, our gas tank has been riding on the edge of empty since we arrived, I have thirty two minutes left on my pre-paid cell… I don't know where my next meal is coming from; but somehow Jake doesn't seem too concerned. He's a dreamer and I'm a realist. Which sums up the majority of our arguments that have been building up over the past few years. The things I once loved about him are now the traits I resent in him.

Still, he's all that I have. I don't have any family left, he's created a wedge... We fight about everything leading up to how we ended up here, to all the things we can't do about it now. I'd foolishly set myself up to be completely and utterly dependant on someone who couldn't take care of himself, let alone anyone else. I always trusted because I wanted to believe he would try harder next time.

Four days with nothing to eat and Jake's growing angry; at himself, our situation… Except he takes it out on me. This wouldn't be the first time he's gotten angry nor tried to rough me up. For my own good, he says... Even his violent storms have become predictable. I can pin-point exactly when he's going to hit me. I know if it's going to be an open hand or a clenched fist. Still, I let him… If only not to cause further conflict and just to get it over with. He's always miserably sweet after when I want nothing more than for him to leave me the hell alone. But I can tell you; I will never take the simple pleasure of eating for granted ever again.

We make up or as well as one might expect given the circumstances. We're both still upset, but we try to put that focus into what needs to be done. Someone needed a job last week. We apply for work and foolishly laugh when we get home, because while we may find a job… We're not sure if there's enough fuel to start the car again.

I get a call for an interview from a run down dive where the waitresses have to dress like saloon girls in cheap lingerie. But at this point I'm so desperate, it's sounding like the job opportunity of a life time.

We coast in on fumes… Jake waits back and pan handles in the parking lot while I go in for my interview. He isn't really happy about any of it, but it's work. I know that when I go in there, it's all about sizing me up for my uniform. I'm fairly average so I pray my chances are decent.

I get hired and I'm ecstatic. This cute guy at the bar plans to order my first Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat and it feels good to see support from potential customers. Until I awkwardly realize a Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat isn't really on the drink menu. I mean, it is… But the patrons don't order them for the drink, it's what's included with the drink. Immediately I decide to resign and the patron isn't looking so cute anymore, especially after I throw a drink in his face.

Jake is pissed about wasting time and resources, but he's my biggest supporter when he hears what I did to that guy back there. After sleeping on it, Jake comes to me with a proposal… Temporary, that was the first word out of his mouth. He honestly expected me to go back there, because this - what we were doing... It wasn't working.

I don't know what led me into that bar. Not only was it something I didn't want to do… Now I'd have to go back in there and make amends, grovel for a job I wasn't sure I could stomach. I was pissed that Jake was making me do it. We'd already spent forty minutes arguing in the parking lot before I was pissed enough at him to want an escape and go inside.

I knew I had to do something for money and looking at my options… It was strange; but suddenly the guy from a few nights ago is screaming of opportunity. Blowing one man versus the possibility of hundreds, he was definitely the better option. I sized him up at the bar, he was smiling and chatting up a waitress. He was exceptionally good looking, which was the only benefit to the all time low I'd sunk to. He could have been worse…

At first he didn't seem interested or maybe he just didn't understand what I'd proposed. I thought he wanted a Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat and I hoped to make more than twenty bucks. He didn't look wealthy by any means, but at that point he was the choice I could live with. I was extremely embarrassed about the whole ordeal and surprised that he cared to follow me out after I'd been asked to leave.

So I give him a Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat… And we make arrangements. As degrading as those few minutes are; he finishes quickly and sings songs of praise. It didn't make me feel less dirty about the act, but there was something empowering about it. To know that someone else wanted me besides Jake; especially after he had me convinced nobody ever would…

Jake is uncomfortable with my working arrangement, but he doesn't argue about the money coming in. Edward pays me a hundred dollars a week, which is admittedly more than he can currently afford. It's enough to pay the electric and keep Jake and I fed.

It was awkward at first, but less awkward than I'd anticipated if that makes any sense. At this point I'm not quite sure what Edward expects of me. Do I give him what he wants and go home? I remind myself that it's just business and I wouldn't be there if I didn't love Jake. It made it easier going in with the logic that I was doing it for him, for us.

Edward's my boss and Jake essentially becomes my pimp. At home it's almost like Edward doesn't exist and the money just grows on trees. Granted Jake found the computer in the trash down the road and the internet wasn't too pricey, but I assumed it would benefit in some form of a job. Not a gaming addiction. Jake's currently satisfied with what I'm bringing home and makes no effort to try to salvage anything.

It was wrong of me to ever look at Edward romantically, I realize that. Everything about our arrangement is morally wrong, not to mention illegal. But Edward gives me something Jake doesn't, respect. He doesn't treat me like a paid whore, actually it's anything but. He often jokes that he's boyfriend number two; but he is. That's how I see him…

His business is starting to do well, he's an amazing artist. With his schedule my work has become limited to very part time, but he pays me more to justify it. I don't quite understand the logic or the thought behind the gifts he sometimes buys me.

He doesn't mind if I just drop by. I can come over anytime I want, he appreciates my company… Edward makes me feel wanted, but Jake needs me.

I know Jake is a parasite… I've thought of leaving him dozens of times over the years. I've just never been strong enough to do it. Even now I'm still holding on and I don't know what the hell for.

I have a mostly sexless relationship with an immature ass who's addicted to fantasy games worse than a pre-pubescent boy.

I've checked his e-mail accounts and I know that he's swapping photos with some of the women he raids with. I pray each day that one of them takes him off of my hands because I'm a victim of domestic violence and I'm afraid of what will happen if I try to leave.




"You're playing with fire girl!" Lousie has been battered by her husband for forty two years, she still isn't strong enough to leave either. Afraid she'll lose his pension…

"Let Edward save you before Jake kills you!" Alice is one of our group leaders; she was a victim and vows to never become one again. She's only a few years older than me and most days she's the only faith and hope I have left of making it in this world.

"I'm just a tall order of Wild-berry Cherry Pussycat…" If only I were anything more…




The women in my support group are always amazing. I expected to get ejected after sharing my story. Surprisingly enough, a group of women on a men bashing crusade don't tend to care how many of them you're fucking.

They're all I have, the only ones that know and understand my struggle. Alice dragged me in after spotting me sporting bruises at a missionary. She could look at any woman on the street and just know. She had a gift and on some level she will forever be my angel, if not one day my saving grace.

Realistically, I can come up with many reasons to leave and very few to stay. Living in Jake's uncles house saves us from paying rent. The money from Edward varies, but has been coming in at a steady increase. However Jake has come to depend on it and spend it as fast as it comes in…

I don't know what I'd do if Edward went back to paying me less. I know Jake wouldn't be happy… The only thing I get with that money is time. Time, that Jake thinks I'm working; so that my girls can pick me up and dust me off for another day.

Even with my life falling apart at every damn seam… Edward manages to make me feel like a woman in every sense of the word. He's the most giving lover I have ever encountered, he insists. He forces me to enjoy myself and lets me know that I deserve it, which is a polar opposite from Jake.

Thankfully Edward never comments on the bruises. With him, I can be whomever I want to be. He's really into role-playing and I've found it can be quite enjoyable with the right person. Most importantly, he calls me beautiful… when I feel anything but.

I just keep praying that with each passing day, he might consider me as something more…

Keep me, save me, love me…



~End Chapter 1 - Secrets

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