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Time Line: Fifth year in Hogwarts

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Harry Potter and the Four Guardians

Prologue: The Professor's Charge

By: Elf

After Colony 196

He'd been living as a Muggle for too long, using his intelligence to build destructive Muggle weapons for a Muggle waged war. The only time he used his powers was to secretly train his little demon. Except that his little demon didn't know what he truly was or what he could do if he fell into the wrong sort of hands.

And the wrong sort of hands was brought back to life, being more powerful than he had been. And there was nothing he could do to stop him. They had already hidden his young charge in a dimension where he was miserable, despite the fact that his little demon hid everything behind a cheerful grin.

He took his wand from his lab coat. He loved his lab coat simply because of the fact that it reminded him of his wizard robes. He whispered, "Scryita." Then he ran it over the bowl of water in front of him.

Most wizards used fire, but he was perfectly capable of doing this with water.

Within moments, a youthful, elfin face with large, pointed ears decorated with dangling earings and pale violet skin with a shock of white hair appeared in the water's reflection. The youth's dark eyes widened as he looked upon the wizard. "Professor G," the youth replied in his regal voice, sounding much different from the original version.

Prof. G smiled and replied, "Hello, Kai, how are you fairing?"

"Not good actually. Majin Buu is on the loose and I'm losing time training, perhaps, the Earth's only hope," the being known as the Grand Kai answered, crossing his arms.

Prof. G frowned and stroked his long, beak nose. He could hear the little demon calling him a scarecrow from the cockpit of one of those horrid mobile suits as the Muggles called them. It was just that the Muggles didn't know that mobile suit had been enchanted with spells to protect the little demon within.

"Voldermort is alive and more powerful than he ever was before," G informed the Kai.

Kai blinked and gasped, "Not him as well. If he finds the boy . . . If Potter fails . . . He'll bind Buu to him to use as a weapon and he would be powerful enough to control him."

"Exactly. This poses a problem to all of us, Kai. I suggest that the continency plan we created fifteen years ago," Prof. G replied grimly, frowning. His poor little demon was about to be thrown into his True World, a world that he only knew about through dreams and senses of deja vu.

Kai frowned softly and sighed, "You're fight, Professor. I just need the warriors who could do this task right now to fight Buu."

"In that reality. If I'm correct, the Muggle life mate of one of those warriors sent their son in a time machine she created. Due to the laws of both magic and physics, he created separate time streams different from the one that you're fighting Buu in correct?" G proposed.

Kai nodded softly and frowned. He answered, "Of course. And he'd be perfect as well, almost the right age, his skills with a sword, and he possesses the best of his parents' qualities."

"Inform him about it and I'll arrange everything with Dumbledore," G commanded, shifting in his lab coat.

The Kai bowed slightly in respect and replied, "It's done. Let us just hope that your charge does not fall into The Dark Lord's hands."

The water faded and only reflected Prof. G's grey hair and beak nose. G repeated the incantation and the image was replaced with the face of a beautiful young woman with tanned skin, soulful, sad brown eyes, and flowing dark green hair. He smiled gently at her. She was immortal and ageless and demanded more respect than the new Grand Kai.

He bowed his head to the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto. He said, "My Lady, it is good to see you again. You still look beautiful."

Pluto smiled and asked, "Why do you contact me, Professor?"

"You must know that we've fallen on Dark Times once again, Lady Pluto, and it is time that we set our plan in motion," G answered, watching her.

Pluto studied him and asked, "Do you think you can do it?"

"My lady, for my little demon, I would do anything," he answered, looking at her head on.

Pluto nodded and replied, "Then it's settled."


Dumbledore frowned at the face in his fire. Professor G was old, powerful, and hadn't been seen on this plane of reality in more than fifteen years, after he had taken his charge, "little demon", as G fondly referred to him as, to a world where magic was just a fairy tale and nothing more. That is, until G and his charge set foot on it.

G looked agitated through his thick grey hair and even his beak shaped nose twitched angrily as he snapped, "Voldermort's alive, Albus, and you can protect my demon better than I can. If he falls into Voldermort's hands, and I know he won't go willingly, but under certain Curses . . . Not even Potter will be able to stop him."

"What are you suggesting?" Dumbledore asked gently, knowing that G was a very practical, if a little insane, and hot-tempered wizard who took action quickly.

G's eyes narrowed as he answered, "I've already contacted the Grand Kai and Lady Pluto, Albus."

Dumbledore smiled softly as he murmured, "Ah, I see now, G, the continency plan. What about your charge though?" It never occurred to G to tell Dumbledore the charge's name. The charge was always referred to as "the charge" or as "little demon" whenever G spoke of it.

G answered, "My little demon is perfectly capable of taking care of himself in any situation. Also, even though he would kill me if he found out or found me afterwards, I've been implanting the knowledge he needs of magic to be awakened at the right moment in time. Right now he's able to enter the fifth year of Hogwarts along with Potter."

Dumbledore knew that Harry would enjoy the fact that there was someone connected to Voldermort other than him. Someone who could prove as much of a thorn in the Dark Lord's side as Harry himself. An ally in a time when all were needed.

"I see. You've thought this all out very well, G," Dumbledore complemented with a soft smile, pushing his half-moon glasses farther up his nose.

G smirked arrogantly and replied, "Of course. That's what I do. Now, my little demon should be in Diagon Ally within the next few days. Don't worry. You'll get an owl when he arrives."

"Thank you. I look forward to meeting him," Dumbledore stated with a grin. Any child could make G fond of him would be remarkable indeed.

G's smirk turned darker as he added, "I'm warning you, Albus, he's quite the handful."


A day later, G found himself looking down at his young charge one last time before Aperating into London Tower for some strange reason. He felt as if he had been summoned here for some reason. Then as he met the crimson reptilian eyes of Lord Voldermort, he knew why.

"You won't have him," G told the Dark Lord with a smile.

Voldermort and his Death Eaters watched him. Voldermort pointed out his wand and asked, "Are you going to stop me, old man?"

G grinned as he pulled out his wand. "I don't have that sort of power because I chose not to dabble in the Dark Arts and I've been living with Muggles for far too long. But I'm not worried about my little demon, you see, he's turned into a real God of Death."

"What do you mean?" Voldermort asked as G pointed his wand to his head.

G only smiled as the forbidden words came out of his mouth, making him the first wizard in history to kill himself with a forbidden curse.

"Avada Kadavra," he chanted with a smile as he crumbled painlessly to the ground.