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Arthur Kirkland woke up one fine, sunny morning only to discover that he was afflicted with a mysterious ailment. Better yet, it was his long weekend because he had taken a day off from work to rest and the terrible ailment was now disrupting his plans.

It annoyed him to no end. It was disrupting his perfectly planned schedule to waste the day away. The blonde got out of bed and headed for the shower, hoping that a long, cold shower would work. Nothing happened, the ailment remained.

Flustered, he switched on the television and tried to watch the television, hoping that it would go away. An episode of 'Allo, 'Allo! and a bit of the Smurfs later, nothing happened, the ailment remained.

Arthur got back into bed again and did his best to make the ailment go away. Again, nothing happened.

Frustrated, irritated and plain tired, he changed into a shirt and a better looking pair of trousers and looked for the largest trench coat he could find in his wardrobe. Putting it on, he left his apartment and headed for the newly opened clinic a street away.

"Mr Kirkland?"

Arthur looked up sharply - it was the receptionist. She gestured towards the door. "You may go in."

The blonde took a deep breath as he knocked on the mahogany door. He wondered who the doctor was, for the sign on the door simply read 'Dr. Jones' and he had no idea if the good doctor was male or female. Either way, he had a feeling it would not be a pleasant encounter. He grimaced.

"Come in," an almost familiar contralto voice called out. Arthur frowned as he entered the room.

"Mr Kirkland," the voice addressed Arthur. "Please, have a seat."

Arthur's jaw nearly dropped. The man sitting in front of him with a stethoscope around his neck, clad in a white doctor's coat, white dress shirt and a black tie was none other than his new neighbour. "You... You're..." he began, unsure of how to react. He felt his heart beat faster because admittedly, he did find his neighbour rather cute, but finding out that he was to be his doctor on this terribly unfortunate day... He groaned inwardly as he sat down in the plush chair in front of him.

"So we meet again. I'm afraid I didn't have the pleasure of learning your name when we first met. And during our subsequent meetings," the doctor smiled. "I'm Alfred F. Jones," Alfred extended his hand.

"Arthur Kirkland," Arthur said drily as he returned the handshake. Alfred's hand was slightly bigger than his, a little warm and a little rough and he wondered how it would feel like... He gulped.

"Arthur," the doctor repeated, as if his name was something to be savoured. He pushed up his glasses. "Well, have you come to see me with a cold?" he eyed the other man's trench coat.

Arthur felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment. "No, actually its something else..." he muttered, not sure of how to begin.

"Oh?" Alfred raised an eyebrow, amused by how rapidly the blush had spread on the blonde's cheeks.

"Well um, this morning I woke up with a... An..." Arthur's voice became an almost incoherent mumble as he spoke.

"An...?" Alfred gestured for Arthur to continue.

Arthur stopped. He looked at the ground, staring at the spotlessly clean floor, counting the number of tiles as if it was the reason why he came to the clinic.

Alfred frowned. "Arthur?"

The sandy blonde bit the inside of his cheek. From the unfortunate events of the morning until now, everything had seemed impossible. No, impossible was not the right word for it, it was simply... Absurd. That was the word for it.

The other man got up from his seat and put his hand on Arthur's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

Arthur fought hard to prevent himself from saying something vitriolic. After all, Alfred wasn't the one who had caused the problem, it was just... Just... He gulped. There was no answer. Now that he had worked up the courage to leave his apartment to seek help, having Alfred as his doctor seemed like an all too cruel prank to play on him. Sure, he was gay. How long had it taken for him to come to terms with that? But that was beside the point. Even after coming to terms with his sexuality, his life stayed as it was. He was single, just as he had always been and watched his friends hook up, break up and hook up again. He hadn't done anything like that, heck, he hadn't had a girlfriend or, more importantly, a boyfriend before and now that he was in this unfortunate position... A tiny, mirthless laugh escaped him as he thought of what his colleague, Francis, would say.

Alors, Arthur, mon cheri! I told you to get yourself laid once in a while, c'est très bon pour toi, mais non! You wouldn't listen! And neither would you take some time to, mm, love yourself. Now look at the... (snicker) Position... (snicker) You've gotten yourself in... One could all most say its retribution, non? Ahh, c'est la vie!

"Arthur," Alfred's hands were on Arthur's shoulders, shaking him lightly.

The blonde took a deep breath. He was not going to have another panic attack. Having one in the morning and having another one a few hours later was definitely not a good idea and he was not about to make a fool of himself in front of someone who he had... Confused emerald eyes met sapphire ones brimming with concern.

"Promise you won't laugh," Arthur began and mentally slapped himself. It sounded silly and it made him seem as if he was still in grade school, but there was no way he could take back the words now.

A look of relief washed over Alfred, glad that Arthur wasn't angry at him although he had no idea why the other man would be. "I won't," he flashed him a thumb's up sign. "Scout's honour," he added.

"Well um, you see..." Arthur trailed off, not really knowing how to begin. Calm down, you dolt, he scolded himself. After all, even though he hadn't learnt of Alfred's name until today, it wasn't as if they were perfect strangers. Arthur had spent the night in Alfred's apartment, sleeping in Alfred's bedroom because he insisted that he couldn't let a guest sleep on the couch when he had returned from overseas only to find that Francis had damaged the lock to Arthur's apartment. The next morning, when Arthur wanted to thank Alfred, he was gone, with only a note on the dining table asking him to slip the key underneath the crack in the door when he left. Subsequently, they met occasionally in the morning, waiting for the elevator together and usually it was about a variety of topics, from politics to music and the economy. Even so, the conversation was short and brief, cut short by the arrival of a taxi that Arthur would take to work. There were hardly any opportunities for proper interaction due to their busy schedules - Arthur came home early in the evenings while Alfred never seemed to return until he went to sleep.

"Go on," Alfred nodded.

"I woke up with a... An... A..." Arthur couldn't seem to bring himself to complete the sentence. At that moment, he was more concerned with what the sapphire eyed man was going to think of him after he told him about the ailment than the ailment itself. He sighed. "Forget it," he said tiredly, getting up.

Alfred frowned, pushing up his spectacles. "You're not okay, aren't you," the words sounded more like a statement than a question.

Arthur did not answer.

"Come on, I've given my promise not to laugh," he sighed. "You know, you're the most difficult patient I've ever had."

The sandy blonde glared at him. "I so am not, you git!"

Alfred laughed as Arthur cringed in horror, wondering what possessed him to say that to Alfred. "Its true! I've never had a patient who wouldn't tell me what's wrong with him!" he chuckled. "Okay, how about this. You tell me what's the problem as a friend. Sound good?"

Arthur shook his head vehemently. The prospect of that was worse.

"Oh come on! We've talked about all sorts of problems before, right?"

"Those were ten minute conversations! And they weren't even my problems!"

"Like your sink not working and your Aunt Margie coming to visit weren't your problems!"

"That's different!"

"How so!"

"There's a huge difference!"

"Oh yeah, how?"

"It just is different!"

"That's not even a proper answer! Oh stop being difficult and just tell me what it is already!"

"No, I'm leaving!"

"What! Why!"

"This is pointless! And stupid!"

"But you have a problem!"

"No I don't!"

"Then why did you come here for?"

"That's because I couldn't get my erection down in the morning!"


"Shit," Arthur buried his head in his hands. He felt his cheeks burn as if they had been scalded by an iron.

Alfred's sapphire eyes gleamed, interested. When he had first set his eyes on the blonde, he was intrigued by how he seemed to avoid his gaze and how his lips unconsciously formed an incredibly adorable pout whenever his thick eyebrows knitted themselves together, just as what was happening in front of him. "So is it still up?" he enquired, resisting the urge to lick his lips.

Arthur did not answer. He was frozen to the spot, unable to believe what he had just said.

Alfred lifted Arthur's chin up so he could look straight into his eyes, causing his emerald eyes to widen.

Arthur desperately wanted to look away, but something kept him from doing so and he had no idea what it was. Sure, he had felt some degree of attraction for the other man, but as for what Alfred had thought of him... He didn't know and at that point of time, he didn't think he wanted to know. There was no way someone as attractive as him would be attracted to someone like him, bushy eyebrows and all...

Alfred got up. "Well, I think it requires some examination then," he led Arthur to a small bed behind the curtain.

Arthur didn't follow.

The bespectacled man sighed. "Hey Artie, it'll be okay. I promise."

The sandy blonde gaped at him.

"Artie. It does fit you, doesn't it," Alfred grinned. "Well in all honesty, I'd really have to look at it to know what's wrong, so if you don't mind?"

Arthur felt his heart rate increasing as he removed his trench coat and sat on the bed. He could feel his heart hammering hard against his chest as he unzipped his trousers, wondering what his new neighbour would think of him after the entire fiasco and his heart sank in misery as he thought of how Alfred would never look at him in the same way ever again.

Alfred eyed Arthur's hardened length, lips curling upwards. "So have you tried getting it down?" he asked, doing his best to sound professional.

"Y-yes," Arthur caught himself before he mentioned that he had tried various things from taking a cold shower, watching the Smurfs to touching himself while thinking of the time how he accidentally saw Alfred shirtless.

"I see," Alfred placed a finger on the blonde's swollen tip. "And nothing worked," his finger encircled the tip slowly, teasing.

Arthur felt mortified. He didn't know what to say.

Alfred wondered if this was his lucky day. He had been interested in the blonde, especially after exchanging views with him about a myriad of topics. He thought he was interesting and found his slender build and petite frame rather attractive and even though he had never had a boyfriend before, something about the man made him want to try something out with him. Of course, he had no intention to fool around with him, nor had he any intention to have just a one night stand (he found the idea slightly repulsive) but... He stroked the blonde's hardened length at a tortuously slow pace, teasing the tip with small, circular motions with his fingertips. He licked his lips and Arthur knew exactly where he wanted them, although he had absolutely no idea if they were where Alfred wanted them to be. Alfred curled his fingers around Arthur's length, squeezing gently as Arthur moaned involuntarily.

"Hmmm," Alfred started tracing intricate patterns over Arthur's exposed skin, acting as if he was still examining the latter.

"D-doctor?" Arthur asked, wondering why he had started stammering. He had never experienced that problem before, definitely not when he was talking to Alfred but then again, he had never experienced anything quite like what was happening to him.

"Call me Alfred," the bespectacled man brushed his lips against his pink, slightly parted ones.

Arthur's emerald eyes widened in shock as Alfred deepened the kiss, tongue probing, eager to gain access to his mouth. The emerald eyed man moaned, parting his lips as the other man flicked his tongue over the roof of his mouth, tasting him.

"Well, let's see what we can do," Alfred broke the kiss.

"Alfred," Arthur's eyes were filled with panic.

"Shh Artie," Alfred ruffled Arthur's hair, smirking as he lowered himself in between the sandy blonde's legs, fingers still moving up and down his length.

Arthur groaned as he felt the sapphire eyed man blowing air on his throbbing, aching length, kissing the tip, then licking, sucking at it... He started licking at an excruciatingly slow pace and it seemed as if an eternity has passed by the time his licking reached the base while his thumb brushed against the tip, driving the sandy blonde wild with lust.

"Alfred..." he moaned loudly as the other man scraped his teeth against the tip, sighing as he leaned back against the wall. He swirled his tongue on the tip; the sandy blonde groaned as Alfred took him into his hot mouth and he trembled as he submitted to the heat and friction of his tongue grinding against the underside of his length. His slightly rough, calloused hands stroked his balls, massaging them and the roughness of his palms contrasted with his gentle treatment made Arthur cry out in pure pleasure.

Alfred's mouth left Arthur as he started to lick from the slit on the tip all the way to the base, to the underside and nipped the sensitive skin of his balls. "Alfred!" Arthur screamed as Alfred's hot fingertips encircled the head, rubbing his nails against it.

"Shh," Alfred shook his head disapprovingly. "I believe we have other patients outside," he murmured while alternating between sucking and licking slowly, using his fingers to encircle the tip and scraped his teeth and fingernails against it, causing the emerald eyed man to moan in pleasure while his other hand cupped his balls, massaging gently. Although he knew that Arthur was his last patient before he took his lunch break, he couldn't help but tease him - he looked so adorable when he was embarrassed.

Arthur's breathing was harsh and ragged as he ran his fingers through Alfred's luscious locks of strawberry blonde hair, thrusting deeper into his mouth as the bespectacled man slid his hands up and down whatever he did not take in. The sandy blonde knew he was at his limit when the other man reached down to flick his thumb across his perineum, slowly applying pressure as he worked his magic with his tongue. Remembering only at the last moment that there were people outside, Arthur bit his lip hard, preventing him from screaming Alfred's name, drawing blood as he spilled his seed in the other man's mouth, which the latter gladly swallowed.

Alfred got up, glasses slightly askew as he positioned himself in between Arthur's legs. He kissed him gently on the lips, licking his lower lip clean of blood. "I believe you've been cured of your mysterious ailment, Mr. Kirkland?" he whispered in Arthur's ear, hot breath causing the sandy blonde to shiver beneath him. His fingers crept downwards, finding Arthur's entrance, lightly brushing against it. "Or do we have another problem?"

Arthur opened his mouth to protest because he was not ready for another round when Alfred's finger entered him slowly, bit by bit. He moaned as he clutched at the doctor's white coat, burying his head in the crook of his neck.

"Looks like we'll have to take care of this too..."

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