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"A-Alfred..." Arthur whimpered, squirming in Alfred's arms. The other man's finger was well lubricated (he had no idea when it had happened) and slid slowly past the tight ring of muscle, stretching him.

"Spread your legs a little more," Alfred whispered and Arthur obeyed meekly as the strawberry blond explored him, probing, pressing, fingering... The sandy blond wondered if it really felt as good as his... Research had said it would be and for a moment, he started doubting what he had read when Alfred hit a certain spot that sent a jolt of electricity running through him.

"Ah yes," Alfred grinned as he withdrew his finger and thrust it in again, angled so it would hit that magic spot within Arthur, earning a yelp from him. He moved his finger upwards a little and felt the sandy blond's inner walls contract around his finger as he moaned, panting heavily.

"Does it feel good?" Alfred asked, pushing his finger just a little deeper. Arthur's nails dug into the strawberry blond's shoulders as he nodded meekly. "So how many fingers are there in you?" Alfred whispered, teasing.

"O-one," Arthur stammered, cheeks burning, wondering what Alfred was up to.

Alfred nodded as he pressed against the spot once more, then withdrew his finger, causing the sandy blond to draw closer, only to enter him slowly just as he reached the halfway mark. "You alright?"

"I... Don't know..." Arthur bit his lip as he squirmed against the other man.

"Better?" Alfred asked, coarse pad of his fingertip hitting Arthur's sweet spot and he nodded slightly. Arthur was unbelievably tight and as Alfred worked his finger he relaxed a little as he prepared to slide in another finger. Arthur whimpered as two fingers entered him and Alfred asked softly "What about now?"

Arthur gasped and his nails dug hard into Alfred's back. He was still rather tight and Alfred wondered if he would be able to fit inside him. "Um, ah, t-two," he answered, voice shaking. "A-Alfred, you git, what are you doing?" he choked out in between moans.

"Mm," Alfred muttered as his fingers resumed their movements. "Examining you, of course," he smirked.

Arthur's body tensed up as Alfred added a third finger. He felt the sandy blond's hot breath against his neck and his heart almost stopped as he took a tentative lick of the skin below his adam's apple.

"Arthur?" Alfred's fingers pressed against the magic spot, causing the emerald eyed man to hiss in pleasure. "How many now?"

"Th-three," Arthur replied, breathing harsh and ragged. Alfred knew he was ready, despite how tight he was. His fingers left the sandy blond and he held his breath in anticipation as Arthur slid off the bed, eyeing the bulge in Alfred's trousers.

Arthur touched Alfred for a fraction of a second as he unzipped his trousers, taking him in his hand a little apprehensively. Alfred's heart pounded hard and fast in anticipation of what Arthur was going to do and heard a sharp intake of breath - his own - when his hand closed around him, fingertips rubbing gently against the tip.

Alfred groaned as he felt the heat of Arthur's warm palm on him, he stroked the underside of his throbbing length so lightly that it was almost as if he didn't touch him at all.

Arthur looked at Alfred, catching his eye, hesitating as his fingers encircled the tip. The strawberry blond's sharply indrawn breath was the only sound as Arthur's fingers reached the base from tracing intricate patterns all over. He pressed his lips to the tip, then touched his tongue to it, lapping at the wetness leaking from his slit, swirling his tongue over it, enveloping it in his mouth... Alfred moaned - he had never imagined that this would someday be possible, in his office, no less - as his hips bucked forward, thrusting into Arthur's hot mouth.

The sandy blond groaned as he took more of the sapphire eyed man's length in, fingers dancing lightly across whatever he couldn't take in and when his lips left him, Alfred groaned from the loss of contact as Arthur slicks him up, spreading a sticky sort of wetness all around his shaft. The emerald eyed man looked up, uncertainty clouding his eyes and the strawberry blond pulled him up in an embrace.

Alfred kissed the emerald eyed man hungrily, tongue sliding against his, tasting the roof of his mouth and the inside of his cheek, and almost timidly, Arthur touched his tongue with sapphire eyed man's and their tongues battled for dominance. Moments later, Arthur tore his lips from Alfred's and his emerald eyes burned with an iridescent radiance, mesmerising Alfred.

"Arthur," Alfred whispered as he settled him on the bed again. "Are you..." he began and Arthur cut him off by brushing his lips against him. He knew what he intended to ask, if he was okay with things heading to wherever they were going, but he didn't know that by that, Alfred had meant to reassure him that this was not a one off thing, that he really wanted him.

"Alright then," Alfred started to ease into him, bit by bit. "Hot damn, Arthur, has anyone ever told you you're beautiful?" Alfred asked, groaning.

Arthur shook his head, gasping as the head of the strawberry blond's throbbing length entered him fully, stretching him, filling him.

The sandy blond trembled in Alfred's arms and he kissed him hard, desperate to make him feel alright, holding him closer as he entered him completely with one thrust. Arthur sank his nails into his skin, hissing in pain, muscles tensing and tightening around Alfred, making him groan, wishing he could take the pain away as he remained still in his arms. Sure, he had prepared the emerald eyed man, but being a virgin, it was quite painful for him - he felt stretched beyond belief and he felt as if he was being filled to the point that he was going to burst...

Arthur didn't move and his laboured breathing was the only sound Alfred heard as he nuzzled his head against his neck, shivering, afraid and slightly unsure. Wordlessly, he stroked his hair, holding him close, licking his earlobe and started to kiss a trail of heat down his neck, sucking on the soft skin near his shoulder blades as the sandy blond arched his back, giving the strawberry blond better access. He deftly undid the buttons on Arthur's shirt and he closed his mouth around one nipple, sucking gently, making him cry out under a torrent of licks.

Arthur wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck and buried his head where his neck met his shoulder and the sapphire eyed man sighed. "Shh, it's alright," he whispered in Arthur's ear as his other hand slid down to the small of his back, making him shiver ever so slightly. He looked up and crushed his lips to Arthur's, kissing frantically, tongue trailing across his lower lip and when the sandy blond moaned, granting him access, his tongue entered, mimicking his thrusting and Arthur cried out in pleasure as Alfred found the right angle and hit his prostate.

"You like that?" Alfred asked, voice low and husky and Arthur nodded, moaning as Alfred repeated his actions.

Arthur's words were an incoherent mess as he moaned again as Alfred rocked his hips forward.

"You know, I think we could switch positions," Alfred smirked, gathering Arthur in his arms as he squeaked, legs instinctively wrapping around the strawberry blond's waist. The sapphire eyed man sat down on the bed, which was just the right height for him to sit on without having to tip toe, with Arthur straddling him. "Ah yes," his eyes, clouded with lust, bore into Arthur's emerald ones.

Arthur's brow furrowed with concentration as he lowered himself onto Alfred, who groaned as he felt himself entering him, inch by torturous inch. The sandy blond's hands were fisted against his chest and he could feel the pressure from his nails digging into his flesh. His eyelids fluttered as he sighed, completely engulfing Alfred in his tight heat. His palms were flat against the strawberry blond's chest as he kissed him and he pulled Arthur close, wishing that Arthur would just remove his shirt so he could feel the sensation of his skin against Arthur's heated skin.

Alfred's heart was racing as Arthur rode him slowly, his breathing erratic, skin flushed pink. He picked up speed and a hoarse moan was torn from the strawberry blond's throat as his hot fingertips grazed his nipples through the fabric of his shirt. The strawberry blond rested his hands on Arthur's waist and as he increased the tempo, soft cries of pleasure torn from his throat as Alfred's length hit his prostate repeatedly.

Arthur leaned closer, hot breath a caress against the sapphire eyed man's neck, panting heavily when he felt something vibrate against his thigh. He gasped, asking "A-Alfred?"

Alfred groaned as Arthur stiffened, shivering, enjoying the vibration against his milky white thigh. "Shit, I think someone's calling," he reached for his pocket to throw out his phone, wishing that Arthur had stripped him completely before they had began.

Arthur moaned from the loss of the sensation and Alfred raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "So you liked that too?" he asked, brushing his fingertips lightly against the emerald eyed man's stiff nipples, leaning forward to lick at the base of his neck, just before his collarbone.

The sandy blond's cheeks flushed even darker as Alfred's tongue left a trail of wet heat from his neck to his chest, pausing to suck at the hard nub, nearly biting down.

"Mm, we'll have plenty of time to try that out after this," Alfred laughed as Arthur knocked his spectacles askew, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips to silence him as he rocked his hips, increasing his speed.

Alfred's hand snaked down to touch the tip of Arthur's hardened length, stroking, and he screamed, a muffled cry of pleasure as he clutched at the strawberry blond's shoulders, shivering as Alfred's fingers curled around him, stroking. The symphony of their gasps and moans swelled to a climax as Alfred spilled himself deep within the emerald eyed man and a split second later, the ruthless assault of Arthur's release slammed through him as he cried out Alfred's name in sheer ecstasy, forgetting that people might hear them.

Arthur lay against Alfred, snuggling close, panting heavily, languid and thoroughly spent.

"You know, Artie," Alfred began, running his fingers in Arthur's sandy blond hair absent-mindedly. "I think I really do love you."

Arthur listened to Alfred's heartbeat gradually return to normal, smiling contentedly, cheeks flushing red, limbs wrapped around his waist. "Same here," he replied.

Alfred laughed and kissed his forehead, causing Arthur to squirm.

"Git," he glared at him and Alfred smiled, wrapping him in his arms once again.


Alfred and Arthur froze, horrified.


"Oh shit, shit, shit," Alfred swore, groaning. "Uh, hang on, give me a sec, don't come in!" he yelled as Arthur scrambled to get off him but it was too late - there was a sharp knock on the door and suddenly it swung open and in walked a tiny old lady.

"Oh damn, I'm so sorry," Alfred started to apologise when the old lady's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and fell to the ground in a faint.

Arthur groaned as he stayed on Alfred's lap, burying his face in the doctor's shirt in sheer embarrassment - it was too late for him to get dressed, might as well hide his face from the rest of the world - when the receptionist came into the room to check on the old woman. Upon seeing the state she was in, she glared at Alfred and shook her head at Arthur.

"Alfred Franklin Jones," her eyes narrowed at Alfred, causing him to flinch. "You better have a good explanation for this," she carried the old lady out of the room with her strong arms.

Alfred gulped nervously. "Oh boy."

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