Howdy, howdy, howdy! Time for another one shot!

I got the idea for this one after watching a few episodes of an Anime that shall remain nameless so as not ruin the punchline. Though sinse this is only drabble you can probably see the entire thing without scrolling down.

You know what? Let's just cut already. Here it is...


"Haruhi, slow down!" Kyon protested as Ultra Director Haruhi Suzumiya dragged him down the halls of the school to the literary clubroom.

"Be quiet, Slave!" she said, "You're still not allowed to speak."

"But all I said was that I thought Makoto should have ended up with Kotohona!" Kyon explained.

"Ahou!" Haruhi turned to face Kyon, "Makoto clearly belongs with Sekai! I mean, they sit together in class, they hang out with each other more then they do other people, they were the first kiss of the series, how could they NOT be perfect for each other?"


So, how did you like my OH so subtle comparison to School Days? (Seriously, they have a Haruhi character, a Kyon, a Mikuru, a Yuki, a Taniguchi, and an Imotou.) You'll notice that all the arguments Haruhi make can easily be applied to the HaruKyon pairing.

Weird, huh?

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