There are changes to the actual storyline, based on how I thought it should go. There will be AU and OOC actions. I cannot actually follow the dialogue word for word, but will do my best to follow it as a guide line.

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Two men were facing each other over a desk. One wearing the stripes of a Colonel. The other wore no rank, only a serial number over the breast pocket.

"312, it has come to my attention that you have requested a transfer to another unit. A unit that is not under my command. I can see no reason for you to have felt the need to join a new unit, so why did you request a transfer?"

The Spartan looked up at the Colonel, remembering every time he had been used to kill insurgents, covenant and "insurgents". Every time. The final straw had been he'd been ordered to kill a living hero. He had already had the form filled in, so it was simple for him to send the form to UNSC command. The reply had come only an hour before.

"Moral reasons." The Spartan refused to meet the Colonel's eyes. Instead they were transfixed on the many medals. Medals he had won and the monster in front of him had claimed.

"Moral reasons? You were raised to have no morality, no fear, no hesitation; to be a killing machine."

"I know that better than you, sir." The way that the Spartan pronounced 'sir' made it seem more like an insult than a reference to rank.

"You have outstanding orders to eliminate someone who refuses to die and makes the entire Spartan-III corps, and me, look bad. You would abandon your orders so quickly? I doubt that any commanding officer wants someone like that under their command."

"I will not kill the Master Chief. John-117 is a hero. I don't care about your spats with him Colonel, as I have told you repeatedly. I'm joining Noble team, I received the confirmation from Colonel Holland. You have no say in my life any more."

With this the Spartan finally met the colonel's eyes. Then he turned and left the office.

"Goodbye father."

You can't leave. I sacrificed my son for the cause. I made you what you are!"

"I know sir. I know that better than you."

The door closed softly.

Then the colonel went into a rage. Knocking everything off the walls, smashing an aged photo of himself and a boy of 6 in front of a large building on Mars. A name plate bounced off the floor and landed name up. Col. James Ackerson.

Outside the office the Spartan sighed. On the outside he was calm, showing the cold face that Spartans learned early in their training to hide their pain, on the inside he was rejoicing, he was free!

He smiled at the receptionist outside the office. He had always been nice to people he met. Especially those that his father was mean to. A way of rebelling under his father.

"Jenny could you arrange a transport to the barracks for me please. Thank you."

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