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The Rebellious Wizard 5

Apart from several more visits to Dumbledore's office where Harry had to listen to the crazy old wizard's continuing ranting about the holidays, and professor Snape's constant bullying of students and giving Harry detentions at every lesson, none of which Harry turned up for, the term passed without anymore life threatening incidents like the Troll getting in the school.

Harry had been having problems with professor Snape since his first potions lesson. Several times he had complained to McGonagall to no avail, he had even thought of simply missing the class altogether but Hermione refused to miss any classes and Harry knew Snape would take his absence out on her.

Just a week after the end of the Christmas holiday Harry sat down in the potions class and listened while the greasy haired man in front of the class said quite loudly. "Instructions are on the blackboard, begin."

Pulling out one of his note books and a biro Harry began to copy down the potion recipe from the blackboard. Snape looked around at the class and seeing Harry writing on a Muggle book he headed straight for the boy he hated with a passion. Without a word Snape snatched up Harry's note pad and tore it in two and then banished it to the waste bin.

Walking to his desk Snape stared at Harry with a sort of satisfied sneer as he said "This is a school of magic, there is no place for stupid muggle stuff here, five points from Gryffindor Potter."

Thirty minutes later after belittling Neville Longbottom for quite some time Snape vanished the potion that Harry was making and sneered "Another failure Potter, which means that once again you score zero in this class." He then walked off to the front of the class and began to examine the efforts of the Slytherin students.

Harry who was absolutely fuming about the bullying of the timid Neville watched as Snape gave praise to his Slytherin's one after another. When Snape reached Malfoy and began to praise him even before he had looked at his cauldron Harry decided enough was enough.

Professor Severus Snape head of the Slytherin house leaned over to take a look at Malfoys potion; he was just sniffing at the fumes when the mud like concoction made by Malfoy suddenly erupted like a volcano covering the potions master in hot brown gloop that really stunk awful. Harry Potter sat back with a small satisfied smile on his face as the rest of the Gryffindors smothered their laughs.

'That shut you up didn't it you shit,' he thought as he watched the professor race in to his office. Yelling class dismissed as he ran. Harry surreptitiously polished his nails on his breast pocket and smiled, doing magic silently and without a wand was truly a magical gift he liked.

It was four days before any of the students saw professor Snape again and when they did it was at dinner in the great hall. The totally bald professor sat in his usual spot and tried to look as evil as he had always done. The results though created a small ripple of laughter that grew as more and more students looked over at the head table. It wasn't long before the entire population of three of the four Hogwarts houses were roaring in laughter at the potion master who had not got a single hair on his entire body.

At the end of term staff meeting Severus Snape was missing once again. Poppy Pomfrey was trying not to laugh and to be serious as she talked to a chuckling Minerva McGonagall. "That poor boy Severus is in my ward again today, he seems to have spent an inordinate amount of time in my care this term. His first year Slytherin students seem to be truly accident prone when he is around, one of them even managed to set the poor boy on fire don't you know, and I still haven't found a cure for his hairless state. Do you realise Minnie that man has missed over three quarter of his classes this year due to being in one of the beds on my ward."

Severus Snape hated by all students ever to attend his classes had become a laughing stock within the halls of Hogwarts School and was far from happy. Every time he tried to belittle one of the pupils, or to look at them with a sneer he was greeted by laughter from all around him.

With just two days left of the end of term exams, Harry and Hermione were wandering along a corridor on the deserted third floor hoping to find a classroom where they could read their books in peace, without hearing Ron Weasley forever asking some one to do his homework or if he could copy their essays, even going as far as asking Harry and Hermione, the boy who beat him up and the girl he had still not apologised too if they would write him an essay.

Approaching the first classroom door they could hear someone talking. What made them stop to listen was the voice that answered the first voice they had heard. It was a cold hissing like voice that sounded so really evil that it made their blood drain from their faces. Harry peeked inside the room to see who was there but all he could see was professor Quirrell. Immediately Harry remembered Quirrell talking to that troll that had almost killed Hermione and he became very suspicious. Listening to the conversation about finding a stone of some sort, he could not make out where the second voice was coming from.

It was when Harry turned to indicate to Hermione that they should back away that things started to go wrong. Harry's elbow nudged the door pushing it open. Quirrell turned instantly to see who was at the door and drawing his wand at the same time. He had cast a spell before either Harry or Hermione had a chance to move and they both found themselves bound in tight ropes.

Quirrell levitated the two preteens into the room then closed and locked the door. "Potter! what did you hear?" he demanded loudly.

"I d…don't know what you mean sir, we were just looking for some where to study," Harry answered while feeling scared for Hermione. There was someone else in this room, they had both heard him but neither could see where he was. Harry was sure he was hiding under a cloak like the one he owned.

"Potter tell me everything you heard or your little friend will soon discover what real pain is," Quirrell demanded again as he pointed his wand at Hermione.

Before Quirrell cast a spell at Hermione all three of them heard the hissing voice demand that Quirrell reveal him and to leave the torturing to him. Quirrell having placed his wand back in his robes reached up and started to remove his turban. Harry spotted his chance and with neither sound nor movement he summoned Quirrell's wand to him without the professor noticing catching it in the only two fingers he had free. Harry stepped forward pretending to struggle and fell over breaking the wand as he hit the floor. As Harry lay on the floor Hermione used her wandless knowledge to expand the ropes holding Harry, allowing him to free himself.

Quirrell was facing away from them when he finally removed his turban revealing a truly ugly face sticking out of the back of his head. "Harry Potter, we meet again. Tell me how was it possible for such a feeble child to render me 'the great lord Voldemort' to the state I now find myself? I am without my own body forced to live by possessing other creatures and weak willed wizards and witches," the face asked.

Harry looked at the strange ugly snake like face and began to laugh. "You call your self great, have you seen a mirror recently, I really recommend you go find one and rethink all this great nonsense, no one is ever going to believe someone with a face like yours. You know, you sound as crazy as that old coot that runs this home for nuts; maybe you should go join him because the old fool said it was his job to fight with you. Me I have enough to do fighting the bullies in this place."

Voldemort's face contorted in rage at having Harry mocking and laughing at him and he yelled "Kill the boy, kill him now."

Quirrell spun around and reached into his robes for his wand. The look of shock on his face when he discovered it was not there even made Hermione grin despite the danger. Harry deciding that he would attack first and hopefully give Hermione time to escape quickly removed the ropes holding her and shouted run. He then leapt forward and grabbed at Quirrell who was still searching his robes for his wand.

As soon as Harry grabbed Quirrell's arm the professor began screaming in pain, he was quickly joined in his screaming by Voldemort as the magic of love and innocence embedded in Harry forced the evil presence out of the weak body of Quirrell. The dark ghostly shape of Voldemort was forced from Quirrell then began to cackle like a demented old crone as he headed straight for Hermione who had not moved as she watched fascinated by what was happening. Harry reached out and grabbed Hermione pulling her into a tight hug. The ghostly form of Voldemort screamed out in pain as soon as he touched the young witch held tightly in Harry's arms. What ever power it was that Harry possessed flowed quite freely through the two young ones, Voldemort recoiled across the room in pain then turned into a cloud of dark grey mist before rushing out of the window and off the castle grounds, still screaming in pain.

Harry sent Hermione to fetch professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey while he remained and watched over the unconscious professor Quirrell. Fifteen minutes later Hermione returned with the two witches and also with them came professor Dumbledore.

While madam Pomfrey checked out professor Quirrell, professor Dumbledore told Harry that he should go and wait in his office as he wished to speak with him. Harry looked at the old man with the now regularly used 'are you mad look' before he simply replied "Not tonight headmaster, Hermione and I are both very tired after what happened. We will be taking a well deserved rest thank you very much."

Madam Pomfrey remembering what healer Stanhope had said and still feeling very guilty for having listened to Dumbledore and withholding vital treatment from Mr Potter spoke up when the old man began to yell that Potter would do as he was told. "I'm sorry headmaster but both Mr Potter and Miss Granger are suffering from magical exhaustion I am afraid they will need to accompany me to the hospital ward."

"Now, now, Poppy it is imperative that I speak with Mr Potter, he must listen to me and obey my orders to spend his summer with his family," Dumbledore said condescendingly.

Harry smiled at Hermione before speaking, "Er… excuse me headmaster, after what has happened here I intend to spend all my holidays with my family from now on, you can be quite sure of that."

Hermione knowing that Harry never referred to the Dursleys as his family, he always called them his relatives, smiled when she realised that Harry now regarded her and her parents as his family. Reaching out she took hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze to show she understood. Dumbledore could not have been any happier, 'At last the boy is doing as he is told' he thought to himself.

Dumbledore's demeanour changed instantly "Yes indeed Poppy, my apologies, Mr Potter and Miss Granger have indeed been through a harrowing experience, I shall of course leave them in your capable caring hands. Minerva could I impose up on you to help Poppy in moving every one to the hospital wing, I have much to do," Dumbledore said quite happily as he made his way out of the door.

Professor McGonagall who had yet to speak smiled at the two children before saying "Quite a show Mr Potter, I do hope you enjoy your summer with your new family. Miss Granger, do try to keep him out of trouble, well, for most of the holiday if you can." She then pulled out her wand and levitated the still unconscious Quirrell and lead the way to the hospital wing.

McGonagall had Poppy Pomfrey keep the two young ones in the hospital ward until it was time to leave for the train and their summer holiday. She also arranged for one of the school house elves to pack for the two children. Hermione was not too happy about missing the remaining exams and quickly informed her head of house. McGonagall chuckled and assured Hermione that she would deliver their test papers to them, and remain to do the practical parts of the exam with them.

They had just finished their final exam when professor Quirrell woke up and asked Poppy if he could talk to the two children who had saved him from his living death. When Harry and Hermione stood at the foot of his bed an hour later the professor had tears running down his cheeks as he tried to explain just how awful it had felt to be possessed and not be able to fight it. He told them the reason that Voldemort had possessed him was to get into the castle to find the Flamels' precious philosophers stone that was used to make the elixir of life. The stone that Dumbledore had promised would be safe in the school.

Harry almost exploded with anger, he had read about Flamel on a chocolate frog card and he knew what the stone was. "WHAT THE RUDDY HELL? Is the old fool that crazy? Did he really think hiding it in a school full of children was a good idea?"

Quirrell looked uncomfortable as he told them that Dumbledore had indeed thought it an excellent idea and as a result he had decided to retire from the craziness of this school and teaching and return home to spend some time with his elderly parents. He also thanked them several more times for saving him before they were called back to their beds by madam Pomfrey who loudly informed them it was late and that they should get to sleep. "Tomorrow will be a busy day for you, the Hogwarts express leaves at ten sharp, and you do not want to be late."

The journey back to London was peaceful apart from the fact they were joined in their compartment by all the Weasleys, who tried hard to get into Harry's good books which caused both Harry and Hermione to decide on finding another compartment. They were disturbed in that one by Malfoy, still not having learned his lesson he walked into their new compartment and tried insulting both Harry and Hermione. Bleeding and holding his nose he was dragged back to his own compartment by his only friends, two rather large but of low intelligence first year Slytherin's who were chuckling at Malfoy for being beaten up by a girl.

At Kings Cross a very disappointed Harry was met by his hate filled relatives who he had hoped and prayed never to see again. They were quick to start calling him names and threatening what they were going to do to him. His uncle Vernon was in the middle of a rant about a visit he had had from the police and how he was going to beat the freakishness out of Harry for reporting him to the law when they got home, when Harry was joined by Hermione. "Who the hell are you, another freak?" Vernon bellowed at the young girl. He was quieted by a heavy painful tap on his shoulder and a deep voice that said "That is my daughter you are insulting fatso."

Vernon spun around so fast his huge bulk over balanced him and he fell to the ground smashing his nose onto the concrete platform as he fell. Harry's aunt began to scream about her harmless Vernon being attacked and threatening revenge on Harry for it when they got him home, when someone chuckling behind her made her look over her shoulder. Standing there was a pain clothes police constable his warrant card plainly visible, who had his notepad in his hand and was jotting down some notes.

The constable's chuckle quickly faded as he helped Vernon off the floor and then began to warn the grossly overweight man of his rights. He had heard every thing that Vernon and Petunia had said. He had been following the Dursley family who were under suspicion of having murdered their nephew. He informed Harry he was there due to an anonymous phone call that had been made to the police at Greater Whinging.

Vernon found himself arrested for threatening behaviour toward a minor and public disorder. Vernon was then told he would be having further charges against him after his home had been checked out and his nephew questioned, no one missed the fact that Vernon's face turned grey when his home being checked was mentioned. Petunia was left standing alone as the policeman led Vernon away in handcuffs.

Helen Granger slapped Petunia's face hard when the woman suddenly began shriek and to call Harry and Hermione names and threatening revenge for getting Vernon arrested. Helen leaned forward and glared at Petunia. "If you want to go home via the local hospital then just insult the children once more. If you want to be able to walk from this station with that whale you have with you then I suggest you shut your mouth and do as I tell you." She grinned wickedly as she then pulled out a legal document that Richard had acquired.

It was a very frightened Petunia with one hand clutching her glowing red cheek who took the document offered. Having read the document she realised that she could permanently rid herself of her nephew by simply signing the form in her hand, she very quickly signed guardianship of Harry James Potter over to the Grangers handed the form back and then scuttled away with Dudley in tow, as quickly as she could. When she arrived home she arrived to find the house full of police officers.

Hand in hand a very happy Harry and Hermione left the station with Harry's new guardians and together they walked into a new future for the two of them. For the first time since he was a toddler Harry Potter was looking forward to the summer and all the summers that would follow.

Hermione was far beyond happy; she had a boyfriend but not just any boyfriend. He was the one who had saved her life. He was the first boy who had ever stood up for her. He was her first friend, her first boyfriend, and now he was going to live with her and her family. Yes she was truly happy and looking forward to life with Harry James Potter, she was quite sure it would always be an exciting life.

The following lunchtime Harry and the Grangers were disturbed from their meal when an angry Albus Dumbledore simply appeared in their kitchen. He tried for several minutes to get the Grangers to sign Harry's guardianship back to the Dursleys, which they adamantly refused to do. Dumbledore getting angry about once again being defied because of Potter suddenly pulled his wand out and pointed it at Helen. "You will do as I say whether you want to or not," he screamed in a crazy way his eyes blazing in anger.

Harry watched from the opposite side of the kitchen table to Dumbledore. His anger at the old man was about as strong as it had ever been in his entire life. As Dumbledore began to voice a spell Harry released the magic that his anger had built up in him. As Dumbledore yelled obliviate his wand bent into a 'U' shape. The spell hit the old man straight between the eyes. Eyes that instantly took on a blank look, Dumbledore stood unmoving with a little drool running into his beard.

Richard looked at the headmaster of Hogwarts for several minutes waiting for something to happen, but the old man simply stood unmoving and unblinking. "So what do we do about him?" he asked him self aloud.

"Leave the old fool there while we finish lunch seems like a good idea," Helen said as she started eating again. She was quickly joined by the rest of the family and they discussed what to do while they finished their meal.

Unanimously they decided to take the old man to the Leaky Cauldron and leave him there for the magical people to take care of. Arriving in London Harry and Hermione escorted the old man from the car park to the door of the rundown pub. With Hermione holding the door open in a way that no one inside could see her, Harry stood behind the headmaster and gave him a gentle push. With Dumbledore stumbling into the pub the two young ones walked back to the waiting parents and were soon on the way home.

Dumbledore had been wandering around Diagon Alley for a few hours before some one realised he needed some help and took him to St Mungo's. It was a full month before he was allowed to leave the hospital. He left there with the memory of the day he entered the Granger house uninvited, completely missing. The entire day was a blank to him as was the reason he had gone to the Leaky Cauldron.

Meanwhile Harry and the Grangers were enjoying the summer break while occasionally debating whether Harry and Hermione returned to Hogwarts for their second year or find another School to attend, when Hermione mentioned that they really didn't need the lessons now that they understood their magic, the debate turned to whether it was worth spending so much money sending them away when they could remain at home and still learn spells and charms.

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