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Typically Summer is at times, not the most quintessential and wanted season, mostly due to sneaky, overwhelming humidty and suffocating heatwaves that clench around your body as a sizzling second coat on your skin. But to The Misfits; it's days like these, where you just want to scream with a grateful leap and dive outside to be able to breathe in life. Summer and it's intoxicating fumes from wonderful sunlight and continuous cool breezes has seduced the them out from their caves to enjoy a normal early afternoon on a summer day.

Out in the park, the four misfits are gathered on a blanket settled in the middle of a small circle of large oak trees they deemed as, "The Misfit's Lair;" with Fiona Coyne sprawled on her back, her head on her boyfriend Adam Torres's lap reading out loud, along with Eli Goldsworthy sitting against an old oak with his girlfriend Clare Edwards in between his legs laying against his chest while both of them are listening to Eli's "death rock" on his ipod.

Misfits is a term the four have come to love and embrace; the title within itself shouted, "Screw you world!" They are the unique souls that thrived on rejecting the common tides that tore individuals apart; differences...intolerance...social pressure...and most of all, conformity.

Feeling a slight pain in his lower back, Eli shifted against the tree to get more comfortable; Clare who had her eyes close while lying on him took out her ear piece, "You ok?" she asked looking back at him.

"With you near me, always," he smirks putting his arms back around her holding her close, knowing the blush was about to rise on her cheeks in three...two...one...Jackpot! Red lashed on her face like a flashing siren, even to this day after eight months of dating, he could still make her blush.

Putting the earpiece back in her ear, Clare closed her eyes and tried to focus on the music again, but her mind drifted again.

By tomorrow, the four of them will be in Fiona's extravagant limo taking off for their six week rendevous out to the Coyne's newly refurbished family cabin out on Wolf Lake that's also just south of Luck Lake.

It, at first, surprised Clare, Eli and Adam when Fiona first suggested it as they were deciding where to spend six weeks away and alone from the city; at first glance you would think no way was a Coyne "forest camper" material. That's where the old saying, 'looks are deceiving' comes in; but technically it's only half true.

Fiona Coyne may be rich and appear pampered, but money did come in handy when the family would undertake, at least twice a year, camping trips when the Coyne family felt an extreme need to tuck away for a few weeks from the scorching stress of city life.

Despite with the trips, along with indoor rock climbing lessons, horse riding lessons, and just a few hikes in her life; through her happy but spoiled childhood, Fiona was only half accepting of nature as long as some 'normalcy' was around her; hence technology.

When Fiona did go over what the cabin would be like, it didn't come as a surprise to know it was newly refurbished with up to date technology; but at least the entire decor of the cabin was set in theme of the relaxing outdoors, and that itself was a thought of comfort for all of them. All in all, the whole trip itself sent a rush of thrill down all their backs, causing anxious tension curling in their toes with wanting time to stop being so teasing.

Now, Eli's mind was more focused on the music and with his beautiful Clare in his arms; but even with your eyes closed and when you only have one ear piece in, it's hard to not overhear anything else near you. In Eli's words, 'It's like listening to the world with one ear,everything just pours in without control.'

"Number sixteen; 'Name four things you cannot live without in a day.'" Fiona read from her printed quiz.

"Music...um..comics, food,and...you," Adam lists looking down at her with a grin. His shaggy hair had grown down to his neck and since summer started he had seriously began to think of cutting it, but Fiona threatened she would castrate him the moment he tried. He tried not to shudder at the irony of that; she threatened to tear off his new endowments he only just received from his surgery three months ago. But like Eli, both of them were suckers for their women.

Fiona's green eyed gaze snapped up to his in amusement, "Oh I see how it is, put me last on the list" she said her nose scrunching up that makes her look so adorable to Adam.

"It's not the order that counts, it's as long as I get you to begin with," he countered while playing with her curly dark hair.

"I know," she replied smiling back.

Adam leaned down to capture her lips in a sweet kiss. The after glow when they parted only lasted for two seconds before Eli's voice broke in.

"Oh aren't you two sweet, but just letting you know, we're here too," Eli muttered his eyes still closed.

"Don't even get me started with you Eli. Besides, payback's a bitch," Adam said.

"Touche," he smirked.

"You two are funny," Clare giggled. The four of them were a match, mirror images of each other in many different ways. Speaking of mirror images, Clare joked one day how she noticed that as couples, they were a mirror image when it came to their eyes and hair. Eli and Fiona had green eyes and dark brown hair, while Adam and Clare had blue eyes and auburn colored hair. Blue and green with blue and green; blue, green and auburn. When they all realized this fact, they added the colors among their running lists of what made their group bond special. Those were the colors of The Misfits' crest, blue, green and auburn.

"Ok, number seventeen," Fiona read on. "'How many trips out of state/country have you been on?'"

"How is that relevent?" Adam muttered under his breath. "Once, and that was to visit my uncle out in LA, California."

Fiona smiled up at him and looked back to her quiz looking for the next question.

18. Name a drug you would like to try. -side note(Be honest, everyone has a curiosity)

"Hmmm," Fiona thought out loud.

"What's the next question Fi?" Adam sighed.

"Name a drug you would like to try," she said.

Eli's ears perked up at the question, curious to know what Adam's answer would be. Clare knew judging from Eli shifting his arms he was listening in, 'Boys,' she laughed inside.

"I don't understand why I have to do this 'What kind of boyfriend do you have?' quiz," Adam whined. "You accept me as I am already, so why are you going to listen to reams of paper?"

"It's just for fun, don't be such a downer," Fiona teased.

"That's grasshopper for you," said Eli.

"Shut up Eli," Adam replied smacking Eli's leg not noticing his mistake until too late.

"Ouch! Ease up bro I was joking," Eli whines in pain, though the group knows he's only faking to get Clare's attention, which he knows she'll give him.

"Aww poor baby," Clare cooed while rubbing his leg.

Adam rolled his eyes. They always did that; every time, well not every time, especially if Eli deserved it; but every time Adam would hit or abuse Eli in anyway, Clare would always play lovey dovey just to get on Adam's nerves. Then again, that was always their game, if either boy hits one another, depending how hard, PDA is punishment. It's not so torturous when it's all four of them; oh no, it's much worse and more effective when it's a couple and one third wheel.

"Hey that was your fault this time, you know the rules," Fiona laughed while moving to sit up and face him.

"Whatever, anyway; back to the question, which was...what again?" Adam asked.

Fiona smiled and shook her head a little, "Name a drug you would like to try."

"What if I never want to?"

"It says be honest, everyone has a curiosity; hell even I have a curiosity." Fiona said, an impish smile growing on her face.

"Why am I not surprised?" Eli muttered.

Now it was Clare's turn to smack Eli, which she did, but not as lightly as Adam did. "Ouch woman! I was kidding!" he whined.

"So what is your guilty curiosity Miss Coyne?" Clare asked opening her eyes and tried sitting up but Eli didn't loosen his hold on her, instead tightened her closer to his chest. She inwardly laughed, both of them unintentionally ended up with a bad habit of some kind of internal desire to keep each other as close as possible.

That desire was fresh in Eli's mind right now, that's for sure. Loosening his arms meant her body would be a few inches away from his which meant the comforting heat from her body against his chest would be gone and he was far too comfortable. No way was she moving.

"I have a curiosity, that's all I'm going to say," Fiona said while making a zipping up her mouth hand gesture.

"Aw come on honey, look I'll admit it, I am curious to try a couple things."

"Oh really?" Fiona cocked her eyebrow.

"Yeah; so come on tell us," said Adam with a light plead in his voice. Fiona bit her lip and was still silent. Adam looked to Clare and Eli, "You guys are curious right?"

"Yes," Clare and Eli said together instantly.

"Really?" they again said together. They giggle softly together then Eli nuzzles her ear, the action causing Clare to turn her head to meet his lips for a sweet kiss.

Adam rolled his eyes and groaned, "Those two are so made for each other, it's sickening."

Fiona's hand moves to caress his cheek, "Yeah well, so are we. You know we're just as bad, and get as many complaints. So yes, we are all indeed, 'sickening,'" she giggled placing her lips on his.

"Ok, we've stopped, now your turn to stop lovebirds." Eli voice hollared in the background of bliss.

Clare shaked her head and sighs in contentment. It's always going to be like this with the four of them. None of them really care of how much affection is displayed when around each other, it's just too much fun to pass up perfect moments to tease one another, who would?

"So come on," Adam pressed. "Tell me Miss Bad ass, what drugs have you been curious about?"

"No judgment guys?" she asked narrowing her eyes with a smile.

They all shake their heads.

"Marijuana and ecstasy," she said.

"I had my money on Mary-Jane, but Adams? No way," Eli said shocked.

"Care to elaborate on the nicknames you just threw out there closet druggie?" Adam quipped.

"For your limited information it's called street smart grasshopper, and Mary-Jane is the name for Marijuana while Adam is the name for Ecstasy," Eli teased back.

"Where the hell did they come up with Adam for ecstasy?" asked Adam.

"Adam is the acronym for MDMA," he shrugged.

"I'm a science geek, I should be ashamed to not see that obvious hint," he muttered. Fiona kisses his cheek, "You're my ecstasy," she whispers huskily in his ear caushing him to shiver.

"How do you know this lingo?" Clare asked looking over at Eli suspiciously.

"Cousins," was all he said at first until Clare continued to give him a look. "I haven't done anything; whenever I visit they would always talk about their drug experiences and what not. I've smoked pot with them but only a few times; I haven't visited in a while to be able to smoke anyway."

"I take that as a sign of withdrawal," Adam teases.

"Oh I have a withdrawal alright, from missing the sounds Clare makes when I-,"

"SHUT UP!" all of them shout. Eli just laughs while Clare blushes like a tomato and smacks his leg again.

No, it's true that they don't care of how much affection is displayed, but there is most definitely a fine line when it comes to kissing and telling or even 'showing' for pete's sake.

"So..umm..back to the curious part of the discussion," Clare stammered. Technically there was not much for Clare to be embarrassed about. She and Eli haven't even gone that far in terms of a physical relationship. Fiona's voice directed at her broke her train of thought.

"What about you Clare? Any curious thoughts?" Fiona grinned.

Clare's face blushed again, she quickly turned her face away. Too slow.

"Aha! Too late to lie now Saint Clare I saw that blush!" Adam caught her. Clare's blushes always screw her in the end. They couldn't hide anything from each other even if they tried, they were open books to each other; and there were times where it just seemed so creepily inappropriate.

Clare didn't say anything, only moved to cover her face with her hands.

"Oooh, does Saint Clare have a guilty itch for naughty edibles?" Eli teased squeezing her gently his voice tickling her ear.

Clare mumbles through her hands.

"I'm sor-ry, we can't hear you," Adam said in teasing sing song voice.

"I said pot and LSD," Clare said uncovering her face then covering it back up.

When Clare didn't hear any response, she uncovered her face and took in the sight of Fiona's gaping but smiling open mouth, Adam's eyes wide with shock, and better yet, when she turned her head and saw Eli's signature smirk along with a wicked gleam in his eyes, she groaned in her head, 'Great, I'm not going to hear the end of it now.'

"You just gave me a bright idea, but first Adam, Eli, you need to answer also. It's only fair," said Fiona.

Adam shakes out of his shocked stupor and answers automatically, "Same here with pot, but I'll also admit, I've had a secret curiousness for ecstasy."

"Well I've already tried pot, but to try one, I'm definitely more inclined to LSD," said Eli.

Clare looks over at him, "Really?" she smiles.

"Sure, I hear that stuff really takes your head for a one wild ride," he smiles back. "The ones of course I'm not interested in trying is coke, heroin, meth, crack, speed, and all that crap."

"Well," Fiona clasps her hands together. "Now that we've established the curiosity bit; now the question is, are any of you interested in the idea of turning curiosity into reality?" she raises her eyebrows.

"What, you mean the reality of actually doing those drugs?" Adam asks.

The glint is in her eyes again as Fiona nods.

The group is silent for a moment, the only sounds heard were the gentle chorus of summer birds and whistles through leaves. Clare was the first to answer, "Where and when?"

"WHAT?" Eli and Adam shout.

More silence. Fiona was trying to hold in laughter from the back of her hand.

"That was...," Eli started.

"Definitely unexpected." Adam finished.

Clare and Fiona laugh together after Fiona couldn't hold any of it back anymore, of course Adam and Eli followed suit; their laughs and smiles were contagious, everything was contagious.

"To answer your question Clare, I was thinking we could do this bad behavior on our trip to the cabin." Fiona said excitement seeping in with every word. "Think about it, we'll have the place to ourselves; just us having a good time with no one there to monitor us or to ruin our experience. All we need is each other to keep us grounded, plus I'll make sure we have everything we need."

Clare was still nervous at the prospect of doing something so completely out of character and not so wise, sure she's changed a lot over the months but that didn't mean she is into crossing any serious boundaries of self preservation. Still, all in all, Clare also couldn't push back that feeling of wanting for once to just feel for a moment what it's like to live on the edge, it's always been a curious thought, and now her friends were actually considering the idea of acting on it. As for Eli and Adam, they were no where near nervous as Clare was, they were just shocked that their girlfriends are basically verbally inviting them, literally, to do drugs and who knows what else on an unchaperoned cabin trip.

"Well, that being said," Clare looks at Adam and turns to look at Eli. "You guys in?"

"This is almost too surreal," said Adam shaking his head.

"Hey, if you guys don't want to do this, then we don't have to, it's that simple," said Fiona.

"We're in on one condition," said Eli.

Adam grins, "What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin."

"Deal," Fiona and Clare say together.

They looked at each other for a moment, "So..," said Clare. "We're all in?"

With a unison of smiling nods, Clare sticks out her hand, "Hands in Misfits." That being said, they all placed their hands in that sealed their, not so white, innocence.

"How bout sealing the deal with a kiss," Eli moved his face closer to Clares, nuzzling his nose against hers giving her an Eskimo kiss. Clare blushed and presses her lips to his the same time Fiona pressed hers against Adam's for a quick peck.

"And just how are we getting these naughty edibles?" asked Adam.

"Just leave it to me," said Fiona as she raises her head up in silent message they all know and hear, 'I'm a Coyne.'


Well, there's the first chapter; hope I haven't bored you guys yet. And as for the story; as much as I wanted it to focus mainly on Clare and Eli, I think I'll throw in Fiona/Adam scenes in here as well, if enough people ask for it. :)

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