AN: Geez, I hope I'm doing this right TT^TT Alright, this is something I wrote out on a whim after watching REPO! The Genetic Opera. Constalina helped me so much with the plot and character decisions 3 I'm still not sure where I'm going with this story, but here we go...

WARNING: This story is rated M for graphic violence and some language. Discretion is advised.

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He shouldn't have ignored the letters. He knows that now.

The man runs through the back alleys of the city, sweating pouring down his forehead. He's not supposed to exert this much energy, but he has to get away. His time is up. They're coming for him soon.

They can't actually find him, can they?

He turns a corner and slides to the floor, panting heavily. He can feel his blood pounding in his ears. He brings a hand to his chest, fingers lightly touching the long scar that resides there. After a few minutes of unending silence, the man breathes a sigh of relief. Perhaps they've given up. Perhaps he'll live.

"Hello there. Are we done running away now?"

The man's heart skips a beat. Then again, perhaps he was never safe at all.

A tall figure walks out from the shadows, his long uniform coat billowing in the slight breeze. His blue eyes, shielded behind a small pair of glasses, are cold and void of any emotion save for a vague amusement. He carries a silver case in his left hand, imprinted with the Company's logo on the side.

As the stranger walks closer, the man struggles to find his voice. "Pl-please. Don't do this! Please, you can't do this!" He attempts to move away as the stranger comes closer, but his back is already up against the wall and there is nowhere else for him to go. He is trapped.

The stranger wags his finger as if scolding a small child, his face remaining expressionless. "Now now, we gave you a two-week grace period, remember? You're still 500 short on your payments." He kneels in front of the trembling man and begins to unlatch the briefcase. "And you know what that means, don't you?"

The man's heart races wildly. "No, no!" he begs. "Please don't do this! I-I can get the money, I swear! I just need a little more time!"

The stranger takes out a surgical mask and a scalpel from the case. He smirks as he pulls the elastic bands around his ears, fitting the mask snugly to his face. "I'm afraid it's too late for that." He raises the scalpel.

The man's eyes widen in terror. "No… Please no…"

"Your heart is mine."

With one swift stroke, the Repo man brings the blade down and slices the man from collarbone to navel. He watches the man gape down at the expertly-cut incision, blood already beginning to seep into his shirt. His face pales and he whimpers weakly, too stunned to scream.

"Now," the Repo man says as he pulls what's left of the man's shirt aside. "I'm actually legally obligated to ask you if you'd like a painkiller before the procedure, but-" his mouth turns into a nasty grin, the first sign of true emotion he'd shown"-I suppose I've skipped a step, haven't I?"

His mocking words shake the man out of his shock and he begins to scream loudly. In an instant, the Repo man punches him square in the jaw, knocking his head back into the brick wall and rendering him unconscious. The man's head lulls forward with a moan.

The Repo man smirks as he raises the scalpel once more. "Or that works too." He begins to cut away at the man's chest muscles until he reaches his heart. Technically it was never his heart; rather, it belonged to the Company. The man had simply "borrowed" it for the time being.

The Repo man put down his scalpel and reached into the man's chest cavity with both hands, pulling the still-beating heart away from its temporary home with a sickening pop. The man jerks violently and a trickle of blood escapes his lips as his means of life support is ripped out of him. Blood gushes from the open wound and the man becomes still at last.

With a sniff, the Repo man glances at the man's paperwork and checks the barcode on the synthetic organ to make sure it corresponds with their records. He then seals the organ into a small plastic bag and places it inside the case. He removes his mask and bloodied gloves to stick them inside as well, along with the scalpel. To add insult to injury, he leaves a small note explaining the circumstances and reason for his repossession. As if it mattered for him anymore.

The Repo man stands up only to have his beeper go off. He glances at the number with a sigh. He is needed immediately for debriefing on his next assignment. His boss is a rather impatient man and it would be unwise to keep him waiting. With a scowl, he turns his back on the man's fresh corpse and walks away, leaving it to be found later by some unfortunate soul.

If anyone saw what transpired there in the alley, they weren't going to tell anyone. No, they were too afraid for their own lives to cross paths with a Repo man. The ability to ignite fear in everyone else seemed to be guaranteed with the job title.

As he begins his journey back to the Company's headquarters, Alfred reminds himself once more that what he did was just a job. Just a job and nothing more.

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