Where was Jim?

"Jim?" Pam asks, "Oh, he's sick."

She offers the interviewer a tight-lip smile and explains, "Cecelia has had a terrible cold and a persistent ear infection for a couple of days now. Jim caught it."

She sighs and adds, "They are both home now. And hopefully Jim's not sleeping on the job." She chuckles, but says, "He's not, though. He was the one fussing over her all weekend long."

She inhales and exhales, "She's never had it this bad. So he's been so worried. I was too, but Jim?" She shakes her head, "He didn't let her off his sight. Cecelia was draped of his shoulder all weekend long. No wonder he came down with it," she says and smiles.

"The only reason I came today was because of that stupid resolution board." She rolls her eyes and says, "I should have known better than to expect the people in this office to take it seriously. Jim was right."

She adjusts herself on the chair and continues, "Although, he won't believe what Michael made Kevin do. I can't believe he missed it! Who hasn't eaten a broccoli?"

She shakes her head and says, "But I think I might slip out little early." She lowers her voice and feigns a cough, "I might be coming down with it too."

The episode was okay, but I definitely missed me some Jim! Jkras was probably filming in Alaska.