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October 31st, 7:45 pm.

"Hurry up, Ron! We're going to be late!" Kim's patience was wearing thin as Ron struggled with his Fearless Ferret costume.

"No worries, KP! I've almost got it ... almost …"

A huge ripping sound revealed that Ron was still far from getting it. It also revealed his Wonder Weasel boxer shorts, which were at least in keeping with the rest of his borrowed outfit.

"Ooh, Mr. North is not going to be happy about this."

Dressed in his own custom-made Wonder Weasel costume, Rufus simply chattered in exasperation, echoing Kim's frustration at the delay.

Kim zipped up her Ferret Girl outfit and frowned. "Here, let me take a look."

Quickly grabbing a needle and thread, she swiftly completed an emergency repair of the offending tear.

"There, that oughta hold for the evening."

"Thanks, KP. What would I do without you?"

Kim offered him a wan smile. "Ron, you know I love you, but sometimes I'm actually tempted to let you find out the answer to that question."

Ron looked aghast. "Kim, don't even joke about something like that! I can't live if living is without you, you know that."

Kim sighed. "Well, old pop songs aside, let's get going. Tonight isn't going to be just fun and games, especially after we got that tip regarding Drakken and Shego. They're planning some kind of heist from the Middleton Institute of Science and Technology. And with MIST's annual costume ball and fund raiser tonight, this gives our archenemies just the excuse to wear some kind of disguise to infiltrate the facility."

"Yeah, and on Halloween, their trick could turn into quite a treat if they succeed."

Kim's eyebrows shot up at Ron's clever remark. "Good one, Ron. So, since the party starts in just fifteen minutes, we should get a move on."

She activated her wrist Kimmunicator. "Wade, any updates?"

Her young super-genius friend appeared, and gave her a smug smile. "Your timing is perfect, Kim. I just got confirmation that Drakken and Shego have just rented a unicorn costume."

Kim cocked an eyebrow. "A unicorn? You mean a horse with a horn? Even for them, that strikes me as sick and wrong."

Wade continued. "Well, it was the last costume that the store had, which might explain it."

"Thanks, Wade. We'll stay in close contact until we apprehend them."

"Ooh, KP!" Ron exclaimed. "I bet I know who's going to be wearing the head, and who's going to get stuck wearing the unicorn's …"

Kim cut him off quickly before he could finish. "Yeah, Ron, the unicorn's rear end. No way would Shego agree to that, so at least we know which end will be which."

"Yeah, but which half will be wearing the wings?"

Kim shook her head. "No, Ron, that would be a Pegasus. Unicorns don't have wings. You need to keep your mythical beasts straight."

"Mythical?" Ron huffed. "They're as real as you or I, Kim!"

Kim simply rolled her eyes in response. "Sure, Ron. And the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot play pinochle every Saturday."

Ron shook his head. "No, they actually can't stand each other, Kim. And Bigfoot really prefers poker over pinochle. I learned that in my cryptozoology class that Mr. Barkin subbed for last semester. He replaced Ms. Oglethorpe after she mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle during Spring Break."

"Uh, riiiight." Kim decided that she had had enough of legendary creatures for the moment and began running toward the door. "Okay, last one to the car's a rotten Gorgon!"

As they all raced to Kim's Sloth SL coupe, a pair of glowing red eyes watched them from the bushes as they climbed into the vehicle and drove off into the night.

Drakken's Lair, 8 pm.

Meanwhile, a particular blue-skinned villain and his henchwoman were having issues of their own. Back at their lair, Drakken was having more than just a little difficulty with his half of the costume.

"Arghh! These legs are just too tight for me, Shego. I really think we should reconsider who wears which half of this."

Shego raised a hand in protest. "Not a chance, Dr. D. There's no way I'm going to be the rear end of this thing. Besides, the front legs are just as tight. I can barely fit inside this ridiculous outfit myself while still wearing my bodysuit."

Drakken finally forced his other leg inside. "Only a temporary inconvenience, Shego. We just need to get inside the Institute, then we can ditch the costume."

Shego was still extremely non-plussed. "So tell me, what are we trying to pilfer this time? You know this is my day off, and I'm missing yet another really good Halloween party. You owe me big time, mister."

Drakken grinned evilly. "Not to worry, Shego. It's called the Ultra Genomic Sequencer, a new and improved version of DNAmy's clever device. It has tremendously improved memory capability with all theoretically possible combinations of DNA already formatted, so DNA sampling is no longer necessary. I'll now be able to custom build my own super soldier, then clone as many as I need to take over the entire planet!"

His voice rose in diabolical glee. "This is quite conceivably my greatest take-over-the-world scheme, ever!"

Shego quickly added, "Yeah, and if I had a nickel for every time you've said that, that just might cover all the back pay you owe me for the past year."

Drakken airily waved aside her snarky comment. "Yes, it's true that my cash flow dried up a bit during my last stint in Cell Block D, but there's no problem this time, Shego. This will just be a quick grab and then you can be on your way to your party, I assure you. You won't even miss the cocktail hour, I promise." He crossed his heart in a gesture of supplication.

Shego folded her arms and muttered in response, "Yeah, famous last words …"

Each now having donned their own half of the clumsy costume, they awkwardly climbed into Dr. Drakken's air car and began their flight toward the Middleton Institute of Science and Technology.

Middleton Institute of Technology, 8:10 pm.

By the time Kim and Ron arrived, the college-hosted party was in full swing. Students and teachers alike were costumed as either their favorite creature or sci-fi fantasy character. Several were dressed as Corpulons from the TV show Space Passage and were toasting each other with steins of faux blood beer, while singing horridly off-key renditions of Corpulon musicals. Others were dressed as the evil cybernetic Berg, and wandered around humorously threatening the other guests. One such student approached Kim.

In his mechanically altered voice, he declared, "Parties are irrelative. You will be amalgamated."

"So not," she sighed, immediately fearing what geekiness she'd be looking forward to if she decided to attend college here next year.

Ron instantly made a beeline for the hors d'oeuvre table, while Kim tried to spot anyone even slightly resembling a unicorn. After a few moments she joined her BF for a glass of punch, while Rufus joyfully scarfed down another cheese pizza roll.

"Well, Ron, no dice here. We better check the hallways in case Shego and Drakken broke in another way."

"Sure thing, KP. I'll just use my ferrety skills to foil our fiendish foes! Right, Wonder Weasel?"

Rufus responded with a cheerful "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" while Kim just rolled her eyes.

They had just turned to go when they were blocked by a large silver robot with a hooded visor, obviously meant to be Gorth from the classic 1950's sci-fi movie, The Day the Earth Still Stood. The costume's occupant flipped open the visor to reveal its wearer.

Kim immediately recognized the teacher underneath. "Professor Allenford!"

"Yes, Kim. Thank you so much for coming! Like my costume? It took me over a week to finish it!"

She hesitated, but immediately played along. "Uh, yeah, spankin'! So, can you show us where you're keeping the device that you need us to protect?"

He put a finger to his lips to quiet her as he whispered, "Shh! Keep your voice down, Kim. No one but me and Justine Flanner knows that the Ultra Genomic Sequencer is being kept here until it can be moved to another secret lab in an undisclosed location. Come with me."

They both followed Prof. Allenford out the side door and down the hall. As soon as they had turned the corner, however, Kim spotted what looked like a unicorn trotting down the other hallway.

"Ron! There they are! After them!"

Kim and Ron raced after their apparent foes, quickly cornering their prey at the end of the hall, which was fortunately a dead end.

"All right, you two! Off with that silly outfit, and hand over the Ultra Genomic Sequencer!"

But instead of hearing an evil taunt from Drakken or a snarky comment from Shego, the creature before them simply reared up, pivoted around and disappeared right through the wall. With a bright flash, it was gone, as if it had never existed.

Kim's mouth hung open in shock as she touched the still solid wall. "Ron, exactly what was it that we just saw?"

Ron cautiously replied, "Uh, Kim, either someone seriously spiked our punch, or else I think we just saw a unicorn. A real one."

Rufus fearfully jabbered, "Uh-oh …"

To Be Continued …