Written By: James Young

Plotline By: Storylover213

Ideas By: James Young and Storylover21

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Naruto – The New Trainer

The Prologue

It was official, Naruto Namikaze was bored. But that wasn't hard for anyone to believe when you've been alive for more than a couple of centuries. It gets pretty annoying just trying to find new things to do, just to entertain himself for a while or so. It was like completing every game you've ever had and trying to do it again after having completed it so many times, no fun at all. He was wearing a red jacket, a red shirt underneath the jacket and a pair of black and red trousers.

"What to do, what to do?" Naruto asked himself as he walked down a road surrounded by trees, before he realized that he was fact near a town, but the main reason he was even near this town to begin with was due to the fact that he had found an egg, a Pokémon egg in fact. He had tried asking around towns about it, but no-one could tell him what Pokémon egg that it was, so with a few directions and pointers, Naruto Namikaze found himself going to Pallet Town, where a man called Professor Oak lived. Naruto had been told that the man could help him with the Pokémon egg that had confused the blond for so long. It didn't take too long for Naruto to find himself in Pallet Town and near Professor Oak's place, where a small crowd was waiting outside. "Hey, what's this crowd here for?" Naruto asked the nearest person to him.

"Hmm?" A woman with brown hair, wearing pink blouse, yellow shirt and blue skirt looked at Naruto with a surprise expression, clearly not expecting the blond not to clueless about the banner which said 'Go Ash Go!' "Well, my son's about to start his Pokémon adventure and we're here to cheer him on!" The woman, whose son 'Ash', told him about the reason why the people were around here.

"I see." Naruto mused, thinking about what it would have been like to have his parents doing something like this for him, before he shook his head, not wanting to think back about something like that. "Say, is this the entrance to Professor Oak's lab? I've got to ask him about this Pokémon egg that I've found recently."

"Oh my, you've found a Pokémon egg? Well, you've come to the right place!" Ash's mother told Naruto, who nodded. "My son, Ash, is with Professor Oak right now, so I'm sure that it won't take too long for you to be able to see him."

"Thank you." Naruto told the older looking woman, he did look around 16 after all, so it wasn't that surprising. "Is that him and your son now?" Naruto asked suddenly, spotting a man in a lab coat that seemed to be around his 60s and a 10 year old boy in ... was that green pyjamas? Holding a yellow mouse like creature, a Pikachu.

"Mum!" Ash looked surprised that his own mother was waiting outside for him, with a crowd that was smaller than Gary's, but it was still nice to see one at least. He put down the Pikachu and walked towards the crowd.

"Oh Ash, I'm so proud of you." Ash's mother told him, sounding really proud of him. "You're finally going to fulfil your dream and start your Pokémon training. But I ... I ... I'm going to miss you so much! Oh my little boy," Ash's mother, Delia Ketchum sobbed.

"Pikachu," Pikachu meanwhile walked up next to Ash, looking interested with what was going on. Naruto meanwhile looked on in wonder, curious about how his parents would have acted if he was doing something like this and if they were still alive. Delia suddenly unzipped the green backpack that she was holding.

"I've packed your sneakers and jeans, nice clean shirts and underwear and your favourite snacks and some hot chocolate in case you want something hot, but be careful not to burn yourself, and a pair of rubber gloves to do your laundry and a clothesline to hang it up to dry ..." Delia started telling the young boy about the stuff that she had packed in his bag.

"Mum! You're embarrassing me!" Ash told his mother suddenly. "In front of all these people, don't you know that I'm a big kid now? Pokémon trainers can take care of themselves." Ash looked embarrassed, while Naruto looked confused by the whole situation between them, he had never had a child or anything, nor did he ever know what it was like to have the love of a parent, but he did have a couple of lovers every now and then.

"I understand." Delia told the boy, before she looked down and saw Pikachu. "Hmm, that's your Pokémon?"

"Pikachu," The small electric mouse confirmed it.

"Yep! That's my Pokémon!" Ash told his mother, while Pikachu looked around stubbornly, something that told Naruto that the Pokémon didn't like Ash too much.

"Ah." Ash seemed to realize that as well, but he pumped his fist, looking determined. "With Pikachu at my side, I'll catch all the Pokémon in the world!"

"I thought all Pokémon stayed inside their Pokéballs. What about this one?" Delia noted which made Ash remember that the electric mouse of a Pokémon was at one point in a Pokeball.

"Oh yea, right," Ash took out the Pokeball that Pikachu had previously been inside off. "Pikachu, get in the ball now." Ash allowed the ball to try and get Pikachu back inside, only for the mouse like Pokémon to deflect it with its tail, much to the boy's surprise. He tried again numerous times, but Pikachu kept on throwing the ball back at the boy, as if hoping that it would suck Ash in instead.

"Oh, you're playing catch! You're friends already!" Delia seemed delighted, though Naruto looked more than a bit uncomfortable.

"Err, sure." Ash picked up Pikachu. "Pikachu and I are real pals, right?" Ash announced proudly.

"But, it's a little weird." Delia admitted, while Naruto slipped through the crowd and ended up standing next to Professor Oak, who gave Naruto a questioning look, to which Naruto gave the man a glance of the Pokémon egg that the blond had hidden under his coat, which made the old man gain a look of understanding.

"Weird?" Ash asked, before he realized that Pikachu was actually giving him a death glare, which made the boy look more than a little worried. His fear was to be proven right, as Pikachu suddenly started to shock the crowd and Ash with his electricity, only Naruto and Professor Oak were not hit.

"Those rubber gloves that your mum packed you will come in handy." Oak told the young boy.


"Rubber blocks electricity!" Professor Oak told the young boy, before Pikachu finally stopped the electrical shock. The crowd fall over on their back, so that only Ash, Professor Oak and Naruto were still standing.

"Don't forget to change your underwear, every single day." Delia told Ash, sounding completely out of it.

"Okay." Ash mumbled.


"We need to talk." Naruto told Professor Oak.

"I see, so you found this Pokémon egg and didn't know what type of Pokémon it was, so you brought it to me." Professor Oak mused to himself, looking curious about the whole situation that he had found himself in, thanks to the young blond that he had met by some strange twist of fate. They had both witnessed the beginning of Ash Ketchum's journey and didn't know what to think of him.

"That's right." Naruto told the old man, who was studying the egg with interest. "I've been confused by this egg as soon as I found the thing."

"Where exactly did you find this egg?" Professor Oak asked Naruto curiously.

"I found it at ..." Naruto paused before realizing something. "I don't know." Professor Oak face vaulted at that one.

"I see." Professor Oak mused. "Has the egg been moving, acting like it was going to hatch by any chance?"

"It has now that I think about it, it's been twitching every now and again, so I've been keeping in his my jacket to keep it warm." Naruto answered, looking curious. "So does that mean it could hatch any moment now?"

"Indeed it does! Such a curious Pokémon egg it is as well." Professor Oak admitted, before the egg cracked, making both of men blink in surprise.

"It's hatching!" Naruto exclaimed in excitement, the new Pokémon was trying to break the shell of its egg, before it finally broke the top of the egg and poked its head out to reveal that it was, a pink and white Dratini, which made Professor Oak gasp in surprise, before he rushed over to his computers and started looking through the data that he had. "Is something wrong old man?"

"Is something wrong? No! You my friend have found a Dratini that is not the normal colour blue!" Professor Oak told Naruto, who looked confused by this point, the Dratini was meant to be blue? "This is a rare type of Dratini, and I'm amazed that you have the luck to find a Pokémon of such rarity!"

"You're confusing me old man." Naruto admitted. "I didn't even know that I had a Pokémon egg to begin with, and now you're telling me that this is the rarest colour Dratini that there is? You lost me when you told me the name of it." Naruto admitted, before he looked at the Dratini that seemed to be studying him with interest. "Hey there little guy, how you doing?" Naruto asked the dragon type Pokémon, which titled its head at him. "Here, you want to get on?" Naruto showed the Dratini his arm, which made the Pokémon look at it in curiosity, before he slid out of its egg and up the blonde's arm, making the boy look at the Dratini in awe at its cuteness. "Cute."

"I see that you two are getting along just fine." Professor Oak came back smiling at the blond, as he carried several papers in hand. "Much better than Ash did with that Pikachu anyway."

"I could tell that the Pikachu was calling Ash a 'Stupid bastard'." Naruto told Professor Oak, who gave him a blunt look. "I could just read its expression. It wasn't that hard to see that. It's not like I can understand what the Pokémon is saying when it says its name, is it?"

"Dratini," The small dragon squeaked out its name suddenly.

"Right, it's not like I'm going to have to do anything to ... that ... idiot?" Naruto blinked, before he slowly looked at the Pokemon that had discovered that the shoulders of the blond were a nice spot to rest. "I can understand what you're saying."


"Um, old man, is it normal for a human to understand what the Pokemon is saying, from word to word?" Naruto asked slowly, hoping that this was a least a little normal.

"Not really." Professor Oak looked curious about what the blond was saying. "Are you saying that you can understand what your Dratini is saying?"

"Yea, I guess ... wait? What do you mean 'my' Dratini?" Naruto asked, catching that part of what the old man had said.

"Since you found Dratini's egg, it is by all mean your Pokémon now," Professor Oak told Naruto, who was looking at the Dratini that was actually giving him such an adorable look, it almost made Naruto squeal like a little girl and start hugging the small dragon Pokemon. "That is, if you want to keep it."

"Are you kidding? Of course I want to keep him! You would never believe just how bored I've been for the last couple of years!" Naruto told the old professor excitedly. "So, what can I do with the Dratini?"

"Well, you can keep the Dratini as a pet, or you could use it to battle, by being a Pokémon trainer, most teenagers at your age would be training or breeding Pokémon." Professor Oak told Naruto.

"Tell me about training Pokémon for battles, what is there that can be achieved by doing this?" Naruto asked, with the Dratini resting across the blonde's shoulders.

"So you're going to do this for me?" Professor Oak asked Naruto, who looked really excited.

"Of course I am! I'm been bored for years, this is the best thing that I could have done! A brand new challenge for me to conquer, a new reason for me to be called the best, proof that I can and will be able to do many things!" Naruto exclaimed, clenching his fist excitedly, before he turned to Professor Oak. "Do you have a map that I could use?" Naruto asked sheepishly. "I was lost for most of the way here."

"Of course, Naruto," Professor Oak told the blond, before giving him the map that he was after. "Now, be careful out there, I know that you love challenges, but don't do anything reckless, alright?"

"Of course old man, I'm not gonna let you down at all." Naruto grinned at the old man, who chuckled.

"I know you won't Naruto, I know you won't." Professor Oak chuckled in amusement at the young man before him.

"Alright then, I will become a Pokémon League Champion and I will win numerous Pokémon contests! I promise you, that by the time I'm done, this Pokedex that you've given me will be filled up with every Pokémon in the world!"

"Dratini," Dratini agreed excitedly, causing Naruto to laugh as he began his new journey. The journey to become the great trainer there is of all time.

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